Dadonequus Discord Part 187

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  1. >Both you and Twilight start looking for the corner pieces while at the same time, putting aside pieces for the edges of the puzzle. As you and Twilight sorted through, slowly finding the pieces needed. She decided to pull out a conversation starter. "Soooo, Anon. What do you and your father like to do for fun?"
  2. >You look up at her for a moment before going back to sorting.
  3. "what do you mean?"
  4. >"Well, I've noticed you and him seem to do a lot together. So I know he takes his role as being your father seriously. But, I'm interested in the kind of things you two like to do together."
  5. >You manage to find another piece, you set it aside.
  6. "Well, it depends on our moods. Sometimes we go out and actually do some good, we help others....sometimes we pull pranks."
  7. >You stop for a moment, realizing what you just said. You look to twilight and put your hoof up.
  8. "A-and what I mean by that is a sort sorta thing"
  9. >You roll your hoofs about to put an emphasis on the word innocent. But Twilight doesn't seem to buy it, yet at the same time. She doesn't seem to want to berate you about it either.
  10. >But the tone of her voice still has hints of disapproval. "I see, well. It's good that the both of you are bonding. Yup, really really good. And glad that you're causing the innocent kind of chaos..erm" Twilight quickly shifted topics "So what about you and your Aunt then? how do you like her?"
  11. >You smile a small smile at the thought of Fluttershy. She was so loving and caring. Even in the darkest days. She would do her best to make you feel better.
  12. "She's great, I'd actually prefer her to be my mom. But Dad is such a weenie sometimes.Just the thought of him being shipped together with her scares him"
  14. >At first, Twilight was giggling at the fact you called him a weenie until she noticed something about your sentence wasn't right. " mean, being stuck on a ship with her. But, I don't think that's right either, He enjoys her company"
  15. >You said "Ship"...didn't you?
  16. "E-err, sorry. slip of the tongue."
  17. >You chuckle nervously, then realize there was nothing to worry about. Not like she'd ever know where that word came from.
  18. "I know. He doesn't want to marry her, he's afraid of it."
  19. >You take a sip of your juice and a bite of your food. Noticing Twilight slowing her search as she grows curious.
  20. >"You mean, your Dad has no romantic interest in Fluttershy?" Then suddenly, "something" hits Twilight, making her nearly giggle again "Oh Anon, that's adorable. You're trying to push him to admit his feelings for her, right? Wait.." Twilight leaned in a little towards you, curious. "....does he have romantic feelings for her?"
  21. >Huh....even you didn't really know. As much as any fan theory pointed to yes. The actual truth seems to be that it's his bane.He doesn't want to lose her friendship, but it seems actual commitment scares the living fuck out of him. Perhaps enough for him not to have any actual romantic feelings for her at all. It made you wonder what would happen if Fluttershy pursued him instead. Maybe then he'd slowly but surely give in.
  22. "He doesn't, I think it hurts him or something. Like, literal hurt...oh hey!"
  23. >You find the rest of the pieces you need.
  24. "We can actually start filling things in now."
  25. >Twilight nodded with a smile "Yup, all we have to do now is make the frame and start filling it in. But we have to make sure each piece is actually going in the right spot. Here..."
  26. >Twilight takes all the edge and corner pieces and uses her magic to separate them from everything else. and then make a pile all its own. "Let's work on making the frame together!"
  28. >And so the both of you do. But goddamn, even with the edges. There's so many fucking pieces. and it's even bigger than you thought. You were taking your sweet time getting your part put together.
  29. >Twilight is having an easier time. She's both able to concentrate putting the puzzle together and speaking to you. "So, your father is allergic to love?" Twilight gently shook her head with a smile "That's a new one."
  30. >You smirk at that, that was a funny way of looking at it.
  31. "Yeah, heh...oh hey Twilight, I got a question for you"
  32. >"What is it?"
  33. >...the golden question.
  34. >in fact, you can't believe you didn't ask this question before. Many MANY a fan had questioned if she herself was in love with anyone...notably....Flash fucking was the ask...
  35. " you have a special somepony?"
  36. >Twilight blushed just a little at the question, then looked at you with her nose scrunched up, she seemed both flattered and insulted. "'re too young for me."
  37. >WHAT?!
  38. "N-no! no no no! I don't mean me. I mean somepony else"
  39. >"oh...OHHHHH" Twilight felt stupid thinking you meant that she liked you. She didn't think of you as anything more than a friend. But the question caught her offguard and embarrassed her. Making her think you liked her instead. "ohh....erm...I guess not...I...can't think of anypony. Is this even proper "jigsaw puzzle solving" conversation?"
  41. >Oh really. she's comfy talking about if Discord and Fluttershy can be a thing. But not her?...
  42. >You give her a dirty little smile
  43. "I think it is, that's what the topic is isn't it? Ponies that love other ponies? you have one or not?"
  44. >Twilight tapped her hooves on the table. It was like she was thinking of something. Something to say? or to dodge the question?
  45. >oh god....please no..PLEASE NO
  46. "Twilight?"
  47. >Twilight gulped "Does Smarty Pants count? He's my favorite doll you see. and erm...ugh..." Twlight puts her head down on the table and groans "...I don't have a special somepony. Let me guess, you have one right?"
  48. >Before you can even feel relieved. the fact that she now deflected the question back to you made you feel uneasy. Yet, thats all you felt. Uneasy. You knew she'd know sooner or later the moment Sweetie Belle came by. For once, you didn't feel a need to panic.
  49. "Actually, I sorta do. I'm kind of working on it at the moment don't mind Sweetie Belle coming over to give me some help. Right?"
  50. >Twilight groans again, her face right on the table. "Oh Celetia, even Anon has a special somepony"
  51. >......she actually cares about that?... did she...ever care? Now you were worried again. but more for her.
  53. "T-twilight, I didn't think you cared about...things like that. You don' you?"
  54. >Twilight lifts her head slowly to look at you, she wasn't crying. she just looked. frustrated. Frustrated for all of a moment until it hit her that she didn't actually care...she just got caught up in the moment. "Wait....I don't. I have too many things to do and so many things to learn that I don't have time for that. Besides, we still have this puzzle to finish and we barely even started. Ahh but I do see a few pieces already that we can...just.." Twilight magically gets a few pieces to fit into eachother consecutively "there!" Twilight then gives a wipe of her forehead with her hoof "I must still be a little stressed from today. And to think, I should have relaxed about everything by now. I know, let's try another subject. How about how you're doing in school?"
  55. >....god, Twilight was weird sometimes.
  56. "Er.....I wouldn't know. You know, things kind of keep happening that keep from going."
  57. >Twilight bites her bottom lip and breaths in through her mouth. making a "fsss" noise. Yeah, she forgot about that too. "....right..ok, ummmmm. Well, what about future schooling? Is there any particular field of study you'd like to partake in?"
  60. "Future studies? ehhhh, not really. I'm not really looking for anything too ambitious. I'd rather live a easy and chillaxed life"
  61. >"Chillaxed?"
  62. >Ehh fuck, gotta watch your lingo. But it was getting late with this whole jigsaw thing. And really? Only Twilight was making actual progress at this point. It just seemed she didn't want to mention it to avoid making you feel bad.
  63. "It's just some of the lingo we foals use. It means relaxed. Chillaxed, relaxed, chill....You get it?"
  64. >"oh..ohhh!" Twilight felt a little silly not realizing it before "I can't believe I didn't make that connection. But Anon, what do you plan to do if you don't want to pursue anything?"
  65. "I dunno, shouldn't I worry about that when I'm older?"
  66. >"Well, yes. I guess..." Twilight growled and smacked her face with her hoof "Right, treating you like a foal. Not supposed to be doing that"
  67. "It's fine, let me guess. You don't want me to grow up to be a chaotic troublemaker right?"
  68. >Twilight flinched from that "T-that obvious?"
  69. "Like I said, it's fine. That's just you caring about me. That's how I've come to understand it."
  70. >You look at Twilight with a raised eyebrow
  71. "Has anypony ever told you you need to relax?"
  72. >Twilight pulled back a little, she reserved her feelings for a moment, not wanting to show that when she says "yes", that it may have been more times than she's willing to let on.
  73. >"Yes, kind of. Nut what, you don't think I can relax?"
  75. "Well, you still seem kind of tense. Or is it really that hard to treat me as more of a stallion than as a co-"
  76. >You sigh, that statement might be a little too assholish.
  77. "What I mean is, maybe WE should try to see eachother as equals. Maybe then things will roll a little better"
  78. >Twilight gives it some thought, wow...that was actually a good idea
  79. >"You're right Anon,that might be the best way to do it. And I think I have the best way of putting that theory to the test."
  80. >That quick?
  81. "What? But aren't we doing a puzzle? That'd be it, wouldn't it?"
  84. >"Well, I mean later on Anon, And the idea itself is very simple. All we need to do is go on a field trip" Twilight, almost autonomously, starts to forge the puzzle together as she lists off and describes what she means. "We can go to a place and do things together like I'd do with my other friends. We could go to Apploosa or Manehatten . Anywhere really. And due to it being an enviroment where circumstances would most likely be out of our control. It would then end up being, and I mean this with every fiber of my being, a very fun and educational experience for the both us. How's that for a chance to bond? hmm?
  85. >Twilight gave you an arrogant smile. Why arrogant? You could only guess, but she probably thought her idea was the fucking best in the didn't sound so bad either.
  86. "Hey, that's actually a great idea Twilight. I like it"
  87. >"Good! then tomorrow I can start further planning and make travel arrangements and the day after will be our big big day!"
  88. >You gave her a warm smile. You felt that would show her best that you approve. Who knows, it could be even more fun than even you expect.Besides, her excited cuteness was giving you heart fuzzies.
  89. >The rest of the night went towards a more focused approach to solving the puzzle. With Twilight doing much better than you. But never calling attention to it. You have small conversations still. usually about how you felt about Ponyville, or asking Twilight her opinion on her other five friends. Things went great, so great that you didn't notice the puzzle at some point until Twilight let out a big happy "Done!"
  91. >Done?
  92. "We're done? I didn't even...."
  93. >Whatever, who cares. you were actually interested to see what picture the puzzle actually made.
  94. "Oh man...So what did...we...huh?"
  95. >You tilt your head, but no matter what angle you looked at. the picture was clear...
  96. "Books? all these peices for...books?! That's the picture?!"
  97. >Twilight nodded, delighted and ecstatic that she managed to solve the puzzle with you. "Mhmm, one of my personal favorites really. You can never have too many books. Well..actually" Twilight puts her hoof under her muzzle and rubs, pondering "I guess if you have too many then it could be a problem. You'd have to sell some if you couldn't put up books on shelves anymore. Still, my point stands"
  98. >....books
  99. >Well, atleast it was fun. So fun in fact that you didn't even notice the time, or how tired you were.
  100. >So tired that the surprise immediatly blacked you out, making you fall from the chair and slamming your head on the table before falling to the floor.
  101. >"A-Anon? A-re you...."
  102. >Sounds just drift away, as does the usual head pain as you drift off to sleep.
  104. >Day 2
  105. >The morning comes for you once again. The sun shining through the window....of Twilight's room.
  106. >You actually get up on your own this time. Slowly, and groggily.
  107. "ughh...books...huh?"
  108. >You lift your head up and look around. You were back in Twilight's room.
  109. >You found yourself on the bed she made for you. The blanket was carefully placed over you, tucked into you in such a way to keep you nice and snug
  110. >Twilight must have brought you back to bed after you, well, you could only remember the chat you had with her and the results of the puzzle. So you must have fallen asleep.
  111. >Infact, as you hop off your bed and look upon Twilight's she was still sleeping in her bed, heh...she looked pretty cute when she was sleeping.
  112. >Spike was sleeping too.
  113. >That actually got you thinking. You wondered what Twilight cuddles felt like.
  114. >You walked over to her bed and hopped up like a cat to the top of it.
  115. >There was no way you could position yourself under her wings. She was on her back, covered by a blanket, and facing upwards. Letting out little puffs of air with every breath.
  116. >Yeah, no real good way to snuggle with her this way.
  117. >You give up, and decide instead to go to the cutie map room. Of course, grabbing your trusty saddlebag. A full horn charge once again being at your command.
  119. >You trek into the Cutie Map room. Wanting to see the puzzle's complete form once again. If Twilight still had it there that is.
  120. >As you looked upon the table. You could tell it was still there, she left the box out and opened still.
  121. >But as you drew near, a familiar blue pegasus was sitting at her chair. She looked bored, she was just resting her head on the table, as if she had been waiting for something...or someone..for quite awhile.
  122. "Rainbow Dash? Heya, good morning. Is breakfast soon or something?"
  123. >Rainbow Dash lifted her head to attention, a little startled by your greeting. "Huh, what?...ohh.." She sighed at her own surprise and then turned her head towards you, her expression was of course, her usual sense of self importance. "oh, naah, I didn't wake up THIS early for breakfast. I actually came to see you Anon. I figured you'd be up early before Twilight woke up. Gives me plenty of time to check ya out"
  124. >wut?
  125. "Uhmmm...what? I usually sleep in for one. So I guess that makes you kind of lcuky. I probably just woke up because...hrnn.."
  126. >You did notice your head hurt a little on the front, you didn't know why, but it was only a minor nuisance at this point.
  127. "My head, I think. And...why are you here to see me? What did I do?"
  128. >Like really, what the fuck did you do? Why was she here, and dat timing. What the fuck was this all about?
  129. >Rainbow Dash hopped off her chair she seemed to want you for something, but what could it be?
  130. >"I came to see you because I decided to actually read the yesterday's paper to see if there was any bad guys causing any trouble lately. And who do I see on the front page?"
  131. >...wut?
  132. "Me?"
  133. >"exactly, now at first I thought that was kinda cool. You being the hero colt and all, it didn't seem too weird that you'd eventually save somepony else from some creeps. But the paper said you were using that horn of yours to beat up a couple of griffons. And then TODAY'S paper says one of them said some really weird stuff happened"
  135. >What was her point? Did she come just to tell you what she read in the paper?
  136. "Well, yeah. Chaos remember? Of course my takedown was going to be a little unusual. I gotta admit though.."
  137. >You chuckle a little arrogantly
  138. "I must have looked really cool doing it, specially with that fedora and trenchcoat on"
  139. >"I bet. I gotta admit, that sounds like something I would have really loved to see" Rainbow Dash was visually showing that she was impressed, but there was something irksome about it. Especially when it shifted to something that resembled that she was suspicious of something. "But, see. It's that kind of thing that bothers me Anon, the way you go heroing around and stuff"
  140. >Why would that bother her? unless...
  141. "What, I'm not trying to steal your spotlight or anything. I was only doing a good deed is all."
  142. >"And that's well and good, ain't nothing wrong with being a hero. I mean, just look at me" Rainbow Dash lifts off into the air and does a few tricks while speaking "I'm fast, strong, and most importantly, Super cool"
  143. >She lands with a chuckle, before going back to that serious suspicious look. "Yeah....but, see. There's something that irks me about you,I wanna ask. That horn can do anything right?"
  144. >...did...she want to borrow the horn?
  145. "Sorta, but Rainbow Dash. I can't just lend you the horn if that's what you're asking. I don't even see why you came this early just to ask that."
  146. >"Woah, slow down there kid. I didn't come here to ask for the horn. I don't need magic to be great. But, see. I was thinking. You see, right before Nightmare Night. I remember fighting this really weird unicorn that could do stuff even Twilight couldn't do. Everypony told me I was dreaming, but Anon..." She moved in closer, bring her face close to yours as she shifts her eyes up and down, judging and analyzing you "I'm not so sure that was a dream"
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