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  1. Alias: Mesmerotica
  2. Legal Name: Jessie Miranda
  3. Morality: Chaotic Neutral
  4. Inspiration: Hypnotica (Metrobay Comix)
  5. -
  6. Demographics
  7. -
  8. Gender: Female
  9. Age: 24
  10. Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
  11. Occupation: Hero, Programmer
  12. Height: 7’ 6”
  13. Weight: 110 lbs
  14. Hair Color: Dirty blonde with dyed red tips
  15. Hair Type: Long and messy
  16. Eye Color: red (left) and silver (right) eyes
  17. Skin Color: Pale
  18. Race/Species: Elf
  19. Nationality: American
  20. Voice: Quiet, British accent
  21. Distinguishing Features: Large ass and breasts, different colored eyes, faint spiral pattern in her eyes, pointy ears
  22. Costume: Black leather jacket, red goggles, red and black skimpy school uniform.
  23. -
  24. Powers and Abilities
  25. -
  26. Powers: Can use hypnosis with her breasts and ass
  27. Power Limitations: Cannot work on those wearing glasses, sunglasses, goggles, etc, lasts an hour
  28. Abilities: Martial arts
  29. Weapons: Yo-yo pocket watch (Doubles as a hypnosis device, can be broken in pocket watch mode), Doll-Ray (Makes another mindless, takes 15 minutes to charge, is reflective against all surfaces)
  30. Gadgets/Tech: Goggles (that block hypnosis)
  31. Physical Weaknesses: Is extremely sensitive when it comes to tickling or other stuff, can accidentally use powers when aroused
  32. Mental/Emotional Weaknesses: Is not immune to hypnosis, even to her own; Is shy so she doesn’t use her powers unless absolutely necessary, has a secret evil side that can be triggered by fits of rage
  33. -
  34. Personality and Relationships
  35. -
  36. Primary Traits: Shy, kind and caring
  37. Likes: Singing, writing, musicals
  38. Dislikes: Horror, villainy, her other self
  39. Habits/Quirks: She tends to, when acting on instinct, grab an awkward area of the body (the crotch, chest or ass)
  40. Fears: Spiders, her evil side
  41. Motivation: To be the opposite of her father
  42. Family: Unknown Superheroine (mother, former, deceased), Unknown Villain (father, arrested)
  43. Romantic Interests: Yet to be stated
  44. Allies: Superheroines (her good side)
  45. Rivals: Yet to be stated
  46. Enemies: Supervillains, Superheroes (her evil side), herself
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