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Ghost Armed Lore

xXDreamlessXx Aug 12th, 2017 66 Never
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  1.     Ghost Armed was created by John Lewis (iiSxmualPlayz) in 2036. We have been aroubd for 3 years in total so far. We are a milita of sorts. We are normal people trying to make keep civilians safe from bandits, raiders, and mutants. We do not let any military forces come into the bar, however, welet civilians in, we keep them safe, and we give them food and water. Normally, we ask the military to leave before we shoot them, but if they refuse we will not hesitate to shoot them. If we see a mutans coming, then we will shoot them as we see them (Rad 4+ and feral mutants are the only one with APTK.) If a civilian messes up in our base, we will throw them out. If they are hostile to any one of us, or any of the people living with us, we will shoot them, fix their wound, then throw them out. If it is a group of people in a fight, we shoot them, fix all of their wounds, then throw the person who started the fight out. If we cannot tell who is the guity party, we will throw them out. If we catch anyone trying to steal from us, we will kill them. We tie a noose around their neck, tie the other ends to a pole stiicking out from the roof of the bar, and then we throw them off the bar. We do not take anything lightly.
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