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Dadonequus Discord Part 283

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  1. >You head over to Fluttershy's to seek her comforting aura, calming words, and her possibly good advice.
  2. >Though, as you actually approach her door. It donned on you that you couldn't ask her just anything.
  3. >Not anything that would or could shed light on current actual going ons in your life.
  4. >And you couldn't push it either. You got lucky that Scootaloo was not only ok, but seemed to have jumped back to her normal self...or you hoped anyway.
  5. >But...wait
  6. "Sunburst...."
  7. >He was a situation you had to deal with soon. But, the way you felt you wanted to proceed was a little too...human. And although you had watched cartoons a many times over. You felt that you were going to need to hear actual advice on how to figure out the problem between him,you, and Starlight.
  8. >And well, he was the only thing you could bring up without it seeming suspicious. Perhaps Fluttershy could help you approach this issue the pony way.
  9. >Well, in actuality...this was more Twilight's area of expertise. But you'd just take Fluttershy. You needed the more immediate nuzzle cuddles.
  10. >You knock on her door. And wait for a reply. You could hear some shuffling inside the cottage. And then...the door opens.
  12. >And out comes Angel, who looks up at you, slants his eyes in an expression of "Oh fucking god, it's this guy", and makes a cute groaning noise.
  13. >Dammit...Why did he answer the door?
  14. "Angel..."
  15. >just be patient..
  16. "Is Aunt Fluttershy around? I really need to speak to her"
  17. >Angel just leans against the door as he falsely ponders. Then he turns to you and opens his paw towards you.
  18. >....?
  19. "....uhhh.."
  20. >You gently shake his paw
  21. "Hi?"
  22. >He rolls his eyes, and points to his paw in a way that seemed rather greedy, then pointed to his head as he moved his ears to look like Fluttershy's mane.
  23. >ohhhh....he wanted to trade a treat for information.
  24. "....Are you serious? I'm just asking if she's home, I could just walk right t-"
  25. >Nooooo, relax. He's just trying to gouge you for some sort of treat.
  26. "..wait, what do you even expect me to give you anyway?"
  27. >Angel points to his mouth. Then puts his paws together in the shape of a triangle....a carrot.
  28. >Where the fuck would you get a carrot?
  29. ".....Ok no, look. I don't have time for this. And I don't even know where I'm going to get you a carrot. Will you just tell me where she is please? I said please."
  32. >Angel taps under his chin. Then seemingly comes up with something else to trade. He points to you, then to your mouth as he uses his front paws to simulate a mouth, then points to his own head as he suddenly wiggles around like a doofus, making an idiot face.
  33. >Wut?
  34. "...And that is?"
  35. >Angel slaps his face, then starts acting really dumb, then points to you, then to your mouth, and then to his ears.
  36. >.....oh...wait
  37. "...NO! I'm not going to say I'm an idiot just so you can tell me where she is. How can I even trust you'd tell me the truth?"
  38. >He does the motion of a Pinkie Promise....that damned promise
  39. >....Well...
  40. >....urgh
  41. "Fine...so...All I have to do is say it right?"
  42. >The devious little rabbit shakes his head. He points to your mouth again, then starts acting like an idiot for a moment. Then pointed back to you.
  43. "......There's a word I have for people like you you know"
  44. >You look at him as you grumpily narrow your eyes. However, he responds by slowly closing the door. Prompting you to stop him with a yell. Geez, he better be fucking accurate with his answer. Or else you WOULD have a reason to use the horn on him next chance you get. Because this? This was ridiculous.
  45. "Ok!..ok..fine"
  46. >...You make a retarded face, bite your lip, and shake your right front hoof around like an autist.
  47. "Ahh durrr, I'm so dummmmmbb. Mega super ultra duuuu-HEY!"
  48. >Angel quickly took a camera from the side and took a snapshot of your dumbest look. And then just as quickly as he snagged the camera. he pushed it aside with a satisfied grin on his face.
  49. >...the fuck did he even get that thing?!
  51. "What?!...W-"
  52. >...no seriously, he couldn't have possibly planned this in advance. Not unless he had been waiting all this time just to fuck with you. Still feeling somewhere in his heart that you were untrustworthy and thus, should be made fun off and the like.
  53. "What was that for anyway?"
  54. >Angel just holds a single digit of his paw towards you to signal you to be quiet. He then hops from the front door to the left corner of the cottage to point towards the back where Fluttershy's chicken coup was. A little beyond it. It seemed Fluttershy was tending to a bear. Or, Mr.Bear if you remember corre-...WAIT.
  55. "SHE WAS THERE THE WHOLE TIME?! That's it..."
  56. >You hold your hoof out
  57. "Give me the camera, I don't know what you're going to do with that camerOW!"
  58. >Angel quickly gets back to the door and slams it right on your hoof as you still hold it out. You can feel the slight throbbing pain of a solid object slamming into it.
  59. "O-o-o-o-o-o....ow...ngh"
  60. >You pull your hoof close and give it a rub.
  61. >Tha cocky bastard. Who the hell did he thing he was? !
  62. >You raised your hoof to slam on the door and try to get it open. But with Fluttershy now in sight. You felt a feeling of caution around you. Hurting that fucking rabbit would be pretty bad. goddammit, you didn't do anything wrong this time either. He was just being a douchebag.
  63. >Or rather, he just didn't fully trust you and just wanted you to be jerked around abit.
  64. "...next time rabbit...."
  66. >You give your hoof a rub and walk a little ways towards Fluttershy to eavesdrop on what she was doing. The rabbit? You realized you couldn't touch, not without hurting Fluttershy in some way.
  67. >"...and there we are" Fluttershy seemed to be wrapping the bear's right arm with bandages that have a soothing cream under it. "Now Mr.Bear, how many times do I have to tell you that it's not your honey, it's the bees' honey"
  68. >The bear whined, he looked like he was in some pain. He must have gotten stung for what seemed like the obvious scenario of stealing honey.
  69. >"I know you like how it tastes, but you also know that if you wanted honey so badly that you could have come to me for a cup. Now look, your big handsome paw has a few bad boo boos. But I hope it serves to remind you that stealing is wrong. You understand, don't you?" Fluttershy gives him a stern look.
  70. >The bear nods
  71. >"Good" Fluttershy gives him a gentle smile and a very loving hug. "I hope this helps make you feel better. If you want, we can go inside and get you some honey. But you have to promise, no stealing. Alright?"
  72. >The bear nods profusely, and raises his paw to make that vow. But then he holds his hurt paw towards Fluttershy and whines about it as he points to it with his other paw.
  73. >"Awww, ok." Fluttershy gives it a little peck "Now does it feel a lot better?"
  74. >The bear nods, and gives her another gentle hug, which causes her to giggle "Oh my, I really do think you learned your lesson. Now come on, and let's get you a yummy in your tummy treat and...oh!" Fluttershy turns and looks to see you beside the cottage. She tilts her head, still smiling. Her cheerfull and soft demeanor already piercing your heart "Hello Anon, It's so nice to see you. How is my little gentlecolt hero doing?"
  76. >....you suddenly froze. Dammit, why did you freeze. You were here to see her, weren't you?
  77. >"Anon?...is something the matter?" Fluttershy now instantly got worried the moment she noticed that you seem frightened of her.
  78. >The bear curiously walked up close to you, and went to tap your nose. But by then, you had snapped back into focus just from his sheer size and fearsome look. Causing you to dive and duck your head.
  79. "W-wait!"
  80. >The bear stopped, then looked to Fluttershy and shrugged.
  81. >"oh...Anon...Anon..." Fluttershy giggles and picks you up from the ground as she slowly hovers upwards, embracing you in a hug. "You don't need to be afraid of Mr.Bear, he's very very nice"
  82. >...Right..you knew that.
  83. >No...it was even bringing up what should have been a simple question that bothered you.
  84. >However, being in Fluttershy's warm embrace. It dulled your fear of asking as you nuzzled into her. You had to do this...think of Starlight.
  85. "A-aunt Fluttershy...I have a question. T-that's why I froze up, this question is kind of tough to ask."
  86. >Fluttershy hovers you over to the door and gently puts you down as she lands in front of you. She was curious as to what kind of question could have you so spooked. "Anon, you never should be scared to ask me any question." She giggled "It can't be that scary, if it was, I think I'd already be feeling scared too"
  87. >.....You don't think she understood the gravity of the situation. But how could she? She really didn't even know it.
  88. "I guess I should explain then. You know Sunburst, that guy who became Princess Cadence and Prince Shining Armor's magic adviser guy..right?"
  89. >"mhmm, we did meet him just today Anon...ohhh" Fluttershy smiles as she gives you a gentle pat on the head. The bear sitting behind her, just watching. "If you're worried about me not being proud of you because Sunburst was the one who helped save the day then don't worry. I know you did more than your part to help. At least I think so anyway"
  91. >awww....Fluttershy. She really did care. She just thought you felt that you needed cheering up. She personally thought you felt down over the fact that you messed up partway into saving Equestria yourself. But..no...that wasn't the case.
  92. "Thanks Aunt Fluttershy, but that isn't it. It mostly has to do...well. Umm..it's hard to mention without it seeming weird. but here I go. I think that Sunburst, may be a pony that Starlight knows."
  93. >"You think....oh..." Fluttershy suddenly realizes something, as if she knew the same thing you knew all of a sudden. "She told me at the train station. When she apologized again. I asked her why she would even take ponies cutie marks away in the first place. She told me everything, but Anon. I don't think that could be the same Sunburst. It's way too much of a coincidence, and besides. From what Starlight told me, the Sunburst she knew went on to become a very very powerful wizard. IS that what's bothering you?" She now understands why you were troubled, she let's out a small,cute,and calming laugh as she pets your head "Anon, I really don't think you have anything to worry about. That Sunburst and her Sunburst can't possibly be the same Sunburst."
  94. >....Seriously? It was kind of weird that Starlight let Fluttershy in on her past. Then again, she was probably a lot more comfortable with it now that she made friends with the mane 6. well, she still had to go through that weird friend trial thing when it came to Rainbow Dash. Still...
  95. "Uhhh...How many ponies do you know that have the same exact name?"
  96. >Fluttershy smiles and is about to speak in a matter of factly type of way "Oh, I know lots of..." until she realized she couldn't think of anypony who had the SAME EXACT name. "......Oh my" "She was now coming to the conclusion that it was indeed most possibly the same Sunburst.
  98. "Yeeeaaah. So....This is my problem. And I want to be frank. Because I want to approach this as nice and effective as possible. I want to find out his perspective on what happened between them. And maybe, well....try to fix it. I think Starlight would feel a lot better if I helped her close this chapter in her life"
  99. >"....That's a very sweet thought Anon, but...." Fluttershy looks over yonder to Twilight's castle "Why didn't you ask Twilight or maybe even Pinkie Pie?"
  100. >...huh...you didn't even consider Pinkie Pie. Weird...still. You wanted HER advice.
  101. "Because, you're my aunt and the nicest pony I've ever known. I feel if anypony could help me, it's you Aunt Fluttershy"
  102. >Fluttershy could feel a deep warmth in her heart. "Oh Anon..." She gives you a very gentle rub on the back of your right ear...ohhh...so good. "I just didn't want to give you some advice that well....that wouldn't work and make things worse. Sometimes my ideas have a problem with backfiring."
  103. "But sometimes it doesn't, doesn't it?"
  104. >"Well, yes. I think I've given more good advice than bad...But still, Anon. Do you really feel I'm the one you should be asking?" Then something donned on Fluttershy "Actually...I'm surprised the map hasn't reacted to this. That's strange considering it's definitely a big friendship problem that we know of. It did send us to Starlight before"
  105. >But now it wasn't. Which meant none of the six were suited for this job. That's what you felt anyway. That only meant you needed advice on how to proceed the way a pony would. Come on Fluttershy, come on!
  106. "Maybe that's because it's my task to get this problem fixed. That's why I need your advice. You're super nice Aunt Fluttershy. I'm not asking on what I should say. I'm asking how I should act and how I should approach the problem. Please...I need this"
  108. >Fluttershy was confused. She always felt you were such a nice and good little colt already. The fact you needed this kind of advice just baffled her. She didn't feel confident enough that her advice would help you. Not really because she felt she had bad advice. It was more that there were others better suited for this situation. And that she felt you could do this on your own. "Anon, I don't think you need my advice. The answer you need." She gives you a tickly little poke on your chest, making you flinch and smile "Is right here!"
  109. >.....no
  110. "C'mon Aunt Fluttershy, this is serious. If I mess this up then...well, major bad stuff could happen. I don't want Starlight to suffer her past anymore. But I also don't want to screw this up and have her suffer the past coming in to slam her in the face."
  111. >Fluttershy was sure that would have worked. She started to mumble, reluctant to answer given the stakes were now clear in front of her. But when she looked back, she saw the bear. And the bear gave her a smile and a sort of...thumbs up.
  112. >It...seemed to affect her mood rather positively.
  113. >"Well, if you really want my advice Anon. I think you should approach Sunburst like it never actually happened, properly introduce yourself, be nice, and maake sure he is comfortable talking about what happened. Don't get mad at him, don't interrupt him, and just listen. Maybe what happened wasn't even his fault. And if that's what it is. Then can you imagine how happy they'd both be to learn it was just one big misunderstanding and they could be friends again? Oh yes, now that I think about it, I think that's actually what it could be."
  114. >Could it? Holy fuck.....it could!....hopefully. it was a good chance though, this is a cartoon based world, and a endearing one at that. This could very well be one big misunderstanding.
  117. >You latch onto Fluttershy and give her the biggest hug you can. You had it now. The way to act and the most definite possibility it could be.
  119. >Fluttershy hugged onto you. "I love you too Anon. So so so so so so-eep!"
  120. >Suddenly you and Fluttershy are picked up and literally given a bear hug by the bear as he cries and sobs. He was struck with awe from such a tender moment.
  121. >"Awwww, you're so sweet Mr.Bear, of course we love you too. Right Anon?" Fluttershy says with a giggle as she nuzzles the back of her head into him.
  122. "c-c-can't...b-breath...."
  123. >The bear then realized he may have been hugging a little too hard. He puts the both of you down gently and gives you a pat on the head. But you were so out of breath from the sudden hug that you fall flat on your face.
  124. >"Anon?" Fluttershy looks at you with worry. "A-are you alright?"
  125. >You flip around, revealing a smile on your face. You may have been downed, but the pure excitement to help starlight meant you weren't out.
  126. "I'm super good. I got this. I know exactly what I need to do"
  127. >Fluttershy was relieved you were ok. But she noticed that you wanted do this now. Or, that's what it seemed to her. "are you going to go see him now Anon?"
  128. >You get up on your hooves and nod to her. Hell yeah you were doing this now. You had to do it now before the next day came.
  129. "Mhmm, I just have to. I don't want Starlight to somehow find out in ANY way that Sunburst is around until after I talked to him. He's like, super important..right?"
  130. >Fluttershy nodded, with some reluctance, she wasn't sure how high in the totem pole "Adviser" was. "I guess so, But still, shouldn't you wait til tomorrow?"
  132. "Super...important. Why wait?"
  133. >You tried to emphasize the "Super" in Super important
  134. >"Yes Anon but....well. I know it's important, you're right about that. But Sunburst is still settling in, and do you even know how you're going to approach him about this?" Fluttershy felt you were rushing things.
  135. "Aunt Fluttershy, trust me. I know I can handle this. And I know I have to do this now. I mean, just look at my cutie mark. It's chaos itself. My talent. If I just make a plan for it, I might overthink it or I might miscalculate something and totally lose myself if things go different. I think it's better if I roll with it"
  136. >Fluttershy looked to the bear, who just shrugged. Yeah, that didn't really make sense to her or him. "Hmmmnnnn...I still think you should plan this out. These are the lives of two ponies who have managed to make their lives better, admitingly with your help..but still"
  137. >But that was just it...
  138. "Exactly! and the way I helped was just suddenly doing my thing."
  139. >"Yes but....didn't you also get into an argument with your father that also...well..." Fluttershy tried to find a very nice way to put in the fact that it nearly could have destroyed the world "May have caused a problem or two?"
  140. >...d-dammit.
  141. "A small hitch, C'mon Aunt Fluttershy. I got this, if I go in alone, I won't really have anypony to argue this. Trust me."
  142. >Besides, since you were going to the Empire tomorrow with the captain. it may be better to avoid the castle at all costs in case this causes any kind of suspicion. You didn't know how deadly this changeling you were going after was.But if he somehow caused a ruckus, the castle could end up being closed off. That was a thing actually. You had to make sure to utterly crush him the first chance you get or else things would get bad. But there was always that small room for error.
  144. "Well, sorta. But it didn't destroy the world or anything. And besides, that was a small problem caused by Dad being a little difficult. Great great guy, but y'know dad, he can be pretty wacky"
  145. >You let out a nervous titter before clearing your throat with a cough.
  146. "But yeah, as long as I'm careful. I should be able to do this now"
  147. >Fluttershy let out a low moan of disapproval. But she had that feeling, especially with the mention of the cutie mark, that if she told you no..you'd do it anyway. Even if it irked her, she rather you be doing something good rather than just being a jerk. So all she could do was at least urge you to be careful. "...ok....B-but Anon, please put some thought into. Alright? You at least need to be prepared."
  148. >Well, a little thought might not hurt.
  149. >You reach for your map as you agree with her.
  150. "Alright, I'll be careful. Aunt Fluttershy, thanks for the advice"
  151. >You move in for a goodbye hug.
  152. "I love you..."
  153. >She holds you close again. "I love you too, I believe in you Anon. No matter what, I will always believe in you. I know you can do this"
  154. >Hold it in Anon...don't cry. Because you felt your heart swell from those words. If it's one thing you never had to worry about. Was Fluttershy lying about how she felt about you.
  155. "T-thanks...."
  156. >After that, you said your goodbyes as usual. But....Fluttershy stopped you before you could dive into the stream by her house.
  157. "hrn? W-what's wrong Aunt Fluttershy?"
  158. >Fluttershy looked worried about something..what was it?
  160. >"I just wanted to ask how your sister is doing. I haven't seen her in awhile, and I had heard that she had gotten hurt. Is she ok? Because if she's well enough to move, I wouldn't mind taking care of her. I'd love to get to know her better."
  161. >You could feel every hair on your coat and mane just go straight up from that question. utterly chilling.
  162. "U-uhhm. She's alright sorta. But, ummm. She's still getting used to things. Y'know how it is. She's probably erm...just getting used to having a real nice home"
  163. >"Oh..." Fluttershy seemed puzzled at first. But then she smiled as if everything was fine "Well, tell her I said hello and that I can't wait to spend more time with her....mnnn..I can't imagine how different things are for her now, and she must feel awfully shocked from being injured after just arriving in Ponyville. I guess she just wants to feel safe before she does anything again. That's ok. You take good care of your big sister, ok Anon?"
  164. >.......Yeah...sure....nope.
  165. "Ok, I will Aunt Fluttershy, erm...I'll be going now. Goodbye"
  166. >"Goodbye Anon, and remember. Be careful" She waved to you with a smile as you dove into the portal created by your map.
  167. >...god geez. As soon as Chrysalis was able again. You would have to go about making sure she didn't fuck things up for you. Hell, it was actually a blessing that the cannonball hit her. Too bad she was nearly well at this point. Still, if she managed to stay behaved like at the sleepover...then things could still be ok
  169. >When you jumped into your room. You actually felt that you needed to take a sit on your bed as you put some planning into your next move.
  170. >You actually take your pillow and roll onto your back as you hug it lovingly. It felt nice knowing that Fluttershy unconditionally loved you and supported you. Even if she didn't fully agree with what you were doing. All your screw ups, all your dumb shit...and still....she was there for you.
  171. >Screw ups....mnnnn...you couldn't screw this one up. That's for sure.
  172. >And as you thought of said screw ups...it made you think of Scoots.
  173. >You really should have taken the time to check up on her.
  174. >Maybe..it would be better to check up on her rather than do this. Fluttershy could be right, a day of planning could do you some good. And considering your horrid screw up from earlier today. Going two for two would certainly cause a problem.
  175. >But did Scootaloo really need to be checked on? She did seem pretty fine after she woke up. Yeah, she felt bad that it didn't go her way. But it was almost like she just shrugged it off altogether. You could make the situation worse by checking on her.
  176. >No, you'd go see Sunburst. That situation was something you KNEW had to be dealt with. While with Scoots, it was only a guess.
  177. >As for Sunburst himself? If you were going to approach him. You did have to be nice, but maybe you could add to it somehow. Hrnnn...
  178. >you then spot your alarm clock.
  179. "Aha! I got it!"
  180. >The guy was an adviser now. So he had to have a much different sleeping schedule now. So, to show him good will and help him out. You go over to your alarm clock and scoop it into your saddle bag. You would give it to him as a gift. That should break the ice for sure. Yeah, he could use this to keep better track of time and get up when he needed to.
  181. >And with that, you headed off to the Crystal Empire through your portal door.
  183. >Ok, this would be easy peasy.
  184. >You looked towards the castle. then up to the sky. It was going to be night soon. You had to get this done.
  185. >Hell, the only thing negative on your mind was Angel's stupid shit. You'd have to show him who was boss later.
  186. >the city sure looked nice during the dusk. the homes glistened and reflected the smooth orange of the sun.
  187. >But as you went under the standing castle to enter it's doors. You noticed two guards placed guarding them.
  188. >But hey, you remembered you were allowed in if you let them know who you were.
  189. >One of them seemed familiar however.
  190. "Heyo, how are you guys doing?"
  191. >You say with a happy smile on your face.
  192. >One guard just waves, while the other actually responds "Oh, ya know. Just guarding the doors. You're not here about the pictures of the new princess are you? Already got word that it was already handled."
  193. >Wait a second...the pony that spoke. the one acting all nice and cool. His coat...the blue coming from points of his helmet....his blue tail.
  194. >Oh...good...christ.
  196. >...also.....what the hell? Pictures? Princess? Did he mean the pictures Discord offered? That was today wasn't it? sheesh ponies compl-OH FUCKS SAKE ITS FLASH SENTRY!
  197. "A-ahm...no actually. I'm Anon..Discord's son."
  198. >...awkwaaaaaaard.
  199. >"Oh hey." He let out a gentle laugh "how are you doing? If you're here to apologize for your dad or something, don't sweat it. Everypony in the castle seems to be pretty chill about what he did. I mean, it's not like he charged anypony, right?"
  200. >He was acting as if you and Discord had some sort of discussion about this. Though, hearing about this now. you were wondering what the result was.
  201. "Uhm, nah. But...what exactly happened? and how was it dealt with?"
  203. >"Oh, uhhmm..Well, some angry ponies came about these pictures your dad promised. And then Princess Cadence and Prince Shining Armor announced that they would let a photographer take one or two pictures of their daughter and mail copies to everypony in the empire. Pretty cool right?" Flash said, then chuckled "Oh boy, with all the things your dad could have done, I'm glad that this time it was not-...oh" Flash turned his head and coughed "sorry, didn't mean to say anything bad about your dad...mnnn..."
  204. >....that fuck. Just seeing his face makes you angry. All those twifags who couldn't protect their waifu. This right here was the ultimate evil. You knew your past mistakes. and you knew to fix them. But this right here? He was a mistake that needed to be fixed.
  205. "Oh no..it's fine"
  206. >You give him a false yet reassuring smile
  207. "But, can you take me to see the princess? I need to ask her something.
  208. >"Oh, sure." Flash seemed relieved that you didn't take offense "I wanted to do some walking anyway, and since my shift is nearly over. I guess it wouldn't hurt to take you. Hey, Spear Blade. Mind taking over for two until Rooty Tooty shows up?" Flash looks over to the silent guard. who merely nods. He had a black mane, with black coat, with red tips at the end of his mane.And he always had this scowl on his face. Who the fuck?
  209. >As Flash Sentry took you inside, you couldn't help but comment.
  210. "Uhhh, what's with that guy anyway? He seems pretty mean."
  211. >"Oh, Spear Blade? He's cool. He carves little figurines out of wood and gives them to the foals around the city. He even carved a Princess Twilight for my birthday." He seemed rather pleased about this. You could hear Twifags everywhere moaning in pain.
  212. "...uhhh...huh...so...Twilight huh? She your favorite princess or something?"
  213. >You ask as you both navigate the castle. heading towards the throne room.
  215. >Flash sentry blushed as he turned his head slightly, trying to seem a little disinterested "I guess, I mean. there's only a few right? she's pretty neat....and smart...and...uhh...y'know...cute"
  216. >BOILING 50000% MAD
  217. "...really? hrn...so, do you like her or something?"
  218. >"......ummm" Flash Sentry blushed a deep red "..w-who said that I did?"
  219. >Good god man, it was fucking obvious now.
  220. "Just saying, you sound like you like her. She's ok I guess"
  221. >"Ok? hrn" Flash Sentry didn't seem to accept your opinion, he saw your age and thought of you as too young to know "I guess if you're a kid she'd be "ok". I mean, I don't like her THAT much or anything. But, she's...well...kinda great. She did save Equestria a few times""
  222. >Oh....really? a kid?...ok wise guy. You asked for it...you fuck.
  223. "Well, yeah. I know. I get to hang out with her from time to time. In fact, I'M going to be teaching her some stuff about chaos magic later on. So yeah, I know what I'm talking about"
  225. >You act pretty smug about it. But all he seemed to react to was what Twilight was doing. "Woah wait...You're gonna teach Twilight about chaos magic? Huh...weird. I thought she studied up on all known magic in Equestria. Well, whatever. That's pretty cool dude, I mean. You get to actually hang around her and stuff. I don't see how that makes her just ok if you seem to be good enough friends to be a teacher. Buuuut...well...." He started blushing, as his words seemed to be jumbled. He was pathetically trying to steer the conversation into something for himself. "Uhh, actually. I admit..she's more than pretty cool. I kinda....well...like her. But you know" He chuckles weakly "Being a guard way up here doesn't really give me a chance to try and see her. Y'know...I kinda...well" Flash Sentry looks forward, then back. He was trying to make sure Shining Armor was not in earshot. Once he was sure, he whispered "....really like like her, if you get what I'm saying. And since you seem to be good friends with her. I kinda have this idea...that...uhh" He blushed massively hard as he stopped the rub the side of his front leg with his other hoof. It was obvious what he was going to say. And just now thought of it. "Maybe, I could take some time off. And you could introduce me to her?"
  226. >.....wut?.....but you two just fucking met.
  227. "Uhhhhh, we don't even know eachother. How does that work?"
  228. >"Well...y'know. We could. I'm Flash Sentry by the way. And uhh..it's cool to meet you...and..." Flash Sentry put a hoof to his forehead as he realized he was fucking up "I'm not very good at this...I'm usually so calm and cool. But when I think about her...I get all...wobbly. Sorry, forget I said anything.....unless, you think it's a good idea. I really do wanna meet her. Maybe...ask her out on a date"
  231. "Look, Flash? That's probably not a good idea..."
  232. >"....o-oh? why?"
  233. >He already seemed utterly crushed already....good.
  234. >But you act sympathetic and sorry for him
  235. "Because, she's always busy. You can't even get a transfer to her castle since she has no guards. All she does is study, act princessy, fight monsters, hang with her friends, and solve friendship problems. She doesn't have time for relationships."
  236. >".....oh...." Flash Sentry looks down in terrible defeat and depression "....I guess that makes sense. She is a princess after all. I don't even know what I was thinking. I mean, she's a princess...and I'm just some guard"
  237. >...yep
  238. "Sorry man...I mean, I'd help if I could. You seem like a cool guy and all."
  239. >"Yeah...well" He forces a smile and gives you a gentle rub on the head. Twifags rejoice. You saved their eh waifu. "can't blame a pony for trying, huh? Thanks for not getting creeped out. You really are a cool dude. Come on, we're almost to the throne."
  240. >..........dammit
  241. >DAMMIT....WHY DID HE HAVE TO SAY IT LIKE THAT?!...now you felt awful.
  242. "......yeah...."
  243. >But what could you say now? What if you did encourage him to see Twilight? This Twilight didn't go through the mirror. What if she didn't like him?...eh...just...just stick with it. Your guilt would leave you soon enough.
  244. >A downtrodden Flash leads you towards the doors of the throne room and opens them. then, with his ears perked down. He takes off his helmet and sighs "You take care of yourself little guy...I'm gonna go home and do a little guitar playing. Good luck..." And off he went.
  246. >I-it was better this way...right?
  247. >...it had to be.
  248. >Then again, what if sometime during Equestria Girls that he did end up with Twilight? What about that Scilight chick at the end of the second movie? You never did get to watch the third one..would he end up with her instead?
  249. >Huh...hard to imagine him not ending up with either Twi. He didn't seem the type to get utterly cucked.
  250. >You try to get it out of your mind. Only taking in the lesson that you REALLY REALLY REALLY need to make sure your priorities are in order. Angel deserved that...not Flash. God, even thinking that made you feel somewhat dirty.
  251. >You then look ahead. You only Spotted Shining Armor and Cadence , the baby's crib at their side. But the baby herself was latched onto the back of her father's head. cooing and cuddling into it as he just walked about, a big happy grin on his face as he just kept moving to give her a sense of movement and excitement. It kept her happy despite his slow pace. Cadence just sat at her throne. Grinning at her husband and child. "She really has a thing for grabbing onto other ponies, huh?"
  252. >"Yup, she does. It's cool. Means she has a mean grip like her dad." Shining Armor said as he started to speed up his circling pace just a little.
  253. >"Come on Shining, don't go too fast. What if she let's go?" Cadence gets somewhat worried. But stays relaxed.
  254. >"It'll be fine, she's already got a good hang at flying. Besides, you know me. I'd never EVER let her come close to hitting the ground and..." That's when Shining noticed you "Anon? Yo hey, you asked the guards this time around to come visit huh?"
  255. >.....goddammit...it was a mistake..geez. You didn't know it'd be that easy the last time you came here on your own.
  257. "..Yeah...hey. So....uhh...huh. I kinda expected you guys to be sorta suspicious about me being here actually."
  258. >You kinda really did. You didn't think you'd be greeted so casually.
  259. >Cadence got up from her throne and raised an eyebrow at you as she approached you. "Why? Should we be suspicious of something? Or was it because of what your father did? If it was that, we totally got it handled" Cadence then reverted to a smile, and even a small laugh. She thought that you thought that they were mad at you.
  260. >...right
  261. "Oh yeah..that. hah, I was wondering how that all went down...thanks for getting that handled."
  262. >Well..with that out of the way. Perhaps you should cool down, slow down, and keep it casual.
  263. "So then..um...that's Flurry Heart right? She's a real cutie"
  264. >...she was kinda cute. in her own way. She was happy at least.
  265. >"Oh, you didn't really get to see her at all did you? Would you like to meet her?" Cadence asked with a smile. She didn't know why. But she could feel a tenseness about you. And wanted to be friendly, she thought you meeting the baby would calm your nerves. She found it odd too. She knew you for being rather dorky and full of yourself. now, you didn't seem that way.
  266. "Sure, why not. I wonder..."
  267. >Could you make her say your name maybe? Could she say words?
  268. "Can she talk yet?"
  269. >"Not really" Shining said as he drew close and lowered his head and neck to get you a better view of Furry Heart "but she's pretty smart anyway. She's probably gonna be as smart as my sister when she grows up. I might have to ask Twily for a couple of her books if she picks up on reading super fast....heh...Flurry Heart, look, this is Anon. He's a pretty nice guy and hero in Ponyville, do you want to say hello?"
  270. >Awww..
  272. >You approach a little closer and hold out your hoof to pet her head
  273. "Heya Flurry Heart, how you doin?"
  274. >You give her a gentle smile. But as you draw near, she grew uncomfortable. And as your hoof came ever closer. She started to frown, and sputter in discomfort. Hiding her face into the back of her father's neck.
  275. >Hmmn?
  276. >...wut?
  277. >You try daring a little closer with your hoof. But then she started to whine. She shook. She was scared of you.
  278. >You drew your hoof back.....and you felt awful for some reason. You were just rejected by a baby. An alicorn baby at that. It felt....wrong to you.
  279. >Shining Armor raised his head and stepped back. Letting Cadence pick up Flurry Heart with her magic so she can grab her with her hooves and gently cradle her.
  280. >Shining Armor then turned to you with a confused frown. "Sorry Anon. I guess she doesn't like you. Weird though..didn't think that would happen. She usually likes everypony she sees."
  281. >"Yeah, it is weird. But I guess you must have looked like a scary monster to her." Cadence raised her baby to look her in the eyes and gave her a gentle kiss on the nose. Raising the baby's spirits again. Putting relief back into Cadence's heart. She then looked to you again and giggled "Maybe you should take care of your mane more often. It looks like you never really comb it or anything."
  282. >that......that's because you didn't. Did you really need to?...goddammit. Was your hygiene just made fun of by a baby and her mother?...christ...
  284. >...That baby though. Was definitely scared of you. Why? The real reason? Probably because it was a baby and didn't know any better. It'll be fine.
  285. >"So Anon, joking aside. What are you here for? Or did you want us to mail you a picture of the baby too?" Cadence asked as she cradled Flurry Heart.
  286. >.....here we go.
  287. >Were you ready for this? You just fucked up with Flash Sentry....and yet, you semi felt he was kinda creepy and deserved it. And still, you felt bad about it.
  288. >No, this was actually important. Just...be polite.
  289. >Be courteous
  290. >Act as if nothing is wrong or went wrong.
  291. "No, actually. I came to see Sunburst. I know that already sounds weird. I can see it in your faces. But, just to let you know. I'm not here to see him about today. This isn't a jealousy thing. I'm here because he's has a relation to a friend of mine."
  292. >"...relation?." Cadence didn't understand at all. "Anon, are you sure? Didn't you just meet Sunburst today?"
  293. >You nod, you did
  294. "Mhmm, but. well...let me explain. I figure since you're royalty and all. You won't tell anypony else, right?"
  295. >Both Shining Armor and Cadence nod.
  296. >"You have our word as prince and princess Anon" Cadence tells you, she wanted you to be confident in their secret keeping abilities.
  297. "Ok...so"
  298. >You explain Starlight Glimmer's past to them. It had appeared they already knew of her, Twilight no doubt being the one to tell them. But they knew not of her past. So you explain how she went bad when a friendship between her and Sunburst suddenly just....ceased to be.
  299. >Shining Armor was the first to respond, he wasn't sure about one thing. "Anon, are you sure this Sunburst is the same Sunburst? It's possible can be another pony named Sunburst"
  301. >But Cadence was more understanding, and looked to her husband to explain her reasoning on that "Honey, he's a unicorn like in Anon's story. The Sunburst he's talking about went to Princess Celestia's school. While our Sunburst told us he used to attend there. Unless Anon is making this all up, I'd like to think that it's more than a coincidence."
  302. >"Right...that does make sense. But, woah. Still...what are the chances?" Shining Armor seemed rather impressed at the odds.
  303. >"Yeah, though. It's a good thing that it might actually be him. Though, I don't think he's the type to just abandon a friend like that. I've only known him for the day and he seems kinda...well...scatter brained at times. But dutiful and caring. So, let's not jump to conclusions huh?" Cadence wanted to be careful with this. She wasn't fully sure on the story you just told. But if it was true. Then she was interested to know the truth on the matter since she was entrusting him as the royal adviser in magic.
  304. "Yeah, I know. No jumping to conclusions. But, like I said. I need to speak to him alone. One on one, since I know Starlight the most. Please...I really need to do this for her."
  305. >"What do you say honey? I need to put little Flurry Heart to bed anyway." Cadence said, using that as a reason to give you alone time with Sunburst
  306. >Shining Armor shrugged "I don't see a problem. He is the hero colt after all. It's not like he's got some ulterior motive or is friends with the changelings or anything."
  308. >Shining Armor walks over to his daughter and gives her a peck on the nose "Don't give your mother any trouble now"
  309. >Flurry Heart giggles and pats her father's nose happily. giving it a little hug.
  310. >"You're such a good dad, you know that?" Cadence moves over to give a kiss on Shining's lips.
  311. >"Yeah I know, but that's just because I have an awesome wife" Shining compliments her
  312. >And with that, Shining starts to lead you to Sunburst's chambers.
  314. >As he led you down the crystalline hallways. Shining couldn't help but ask you a few questions. "So Anon, I gotta ask you a question. Something has been bugging lately"
  315. >Hrn?
  316. "Really? and it has to do with me?"
  317. >"Yeah" Shining makes a turn at the corner, taking you down yet another hallway. saluting any guard you both happen to cross paths with. "I didn't think about it too much until I noticed Princess Luna acting weird too. You see, whenever the subject of you comes up whenever Princess Celestia and Luna come to visit, it always seems to kill their mood. Like, I get really off vibes from them. They also have been visiting more often, which is also kinda weird.Then it got even weirder when Luna visited by herself."
  318. >....you gotta be kidding.
  319. "...seriously?? I mean, I'd have no idea why they'd be acting that way. They are probably just nervous because...y'know...my dad"
  320. >"I guess. They asked me to tighten security a few days ago. But wouldn't tell me why. And Luna asked me if we noticed anypony acting off. We haven't....it's so weird"
  321. >....why would you even be brought up?
  322. "Ok, but why bring me up that much?"
  323. >"Well, it wasn't THAT much. They brought you up asking if you had been by lately. We said you haven't, and we brought you up once or twice only because you were mentioned in my sister's letters. And their reaction wasn't bad. Just, well...they just didn't seem to want to talk about it"
  324. >Or maybe they were keeping your secret while not being pleased about it. But Luna? Was she taking more of an interest? That wasn't good....maybe.
  326. "I guess they are just on edge that I might do something bad or something. I've heard of some things my Dad did but..I dunno, he seems like a super cool guy. And me? I don't wanna do any bad stuff"
  327. >"Yeah..." Shining Armor let out a small laugh of relief "Why would you? haha, ok. I guess that's a pretty good reason too. No offense, but your dad can get on somepony's nerves. Trust me, Twily has sent me A LOT of letters about him. oh...hey..here we go." You both stopped at a pair of gigantic doors. "This was Sombra's old study. we kinda haven't been doing anything with it for the longest of times. Now? It's more of a library and a bedroom in one. Kinda reminds me of Twily to be honest." He starts to knock on the door. "Hey, Sunburst! You got a visitor"
  328. >The doors slowly open as Sunburst pokes his head out, some strands of tape stuck to his horn. "what, huh? hmm? Oh, your highness, it's you" Sunburst does a bow "Did you say I have a....oh my" He looks down at you, confused, but smiles politely nonetheless....what the fuck was up with the tape? "Hello..Anon was it? Is he my visitor? I hope I didn't do anything to upset him...that's not why he's visiting is he? Because I upset him?"
  329. >Shining gives him a warm smile, keeping himself from chuckling "No, come on dude, it's alright. How's the room coming by the way?"
  330. >"The room? Oh, you mean this room. It's coming along fine. I have all my books in order, my bed is set up just the way I like it. I am having trouble keeping up one of the candles though. So much tape, so little grip." Sunburst said as he nervously brushed off some of the tape from his horn.
  331. >"Did you try just....bolting it to the wall?" Shining asked him
  332. >"Hmmm...no, but I will get on that." Sunburst replies.
  333. >"Actually, I was wondering if you're willing to have a one on one with Anon here. He says he has something very important he wants to talk to you about" Shining tells him, stepping back a few steps to get out of the way of the door.
  335. >"Very important? Hmm" Sunburst had no idea what could be that important. But he also didn't want to turn you away. If it was important, he wanted to keep in the loop. "I don't mind, but if it is so important. Shouldn't you and the princess be here for this?"
  336. >Shining Armor shook his head "No, it'll be alright. but just stay chill, ok? Anon is gonna drop some heavy stuff on you. I know it all of a sudden, but it sounds pretty important."
  337. >Sunburst bows "Your highness, as your adviser, I must face down any challenge that comes before me But, is it really that bad?" Sunburst adjusts his glasses, removing a few pieces of tape from it "I barely know Anon, so it can't be anything too terrible. U-unless he's here to be my interior decorator. Which, wouldn't he be too young for that?"
  338. >"Just trust me, and trust in him. You'll see what I mean when he tells you. So uhhh...later. If you want to talk about it with us afterwards, our door will be open" Shining Armor was trying to be courteous by leaving his door open in case Sunburst felt uncomfortable with anything you had to say. But he also wanted to leave so it could get started.
  339. >And as he left, you found yourself alone with Sunburst. He still looked kinda cute...for a guy pony.
  340. >"..so then, umm..would you like some tea Anon?" He stepped aside so you could step in
  341. "No thanks...hey, this all looks pretty nice"
  342. >You step into the room and noticed how neat and organized everything was compared to his old home. There was even a magically powered fireplace at the end of the room. His bed, which was odd to see in a study of all things. Was over in a corner. in between a couple of bookcases. Probably used to house his favorite books.
  343. >"Thank you, I had a lot more room to work with compared to well....my entire house. Funny how that works, right? S-so, a one on one talk, right? come over to my desk."
  345. >As he leads you to his desk. You take note a lot of dark and sisnister books on top of it....that was creepy. They screamed EVIL.
  346. >Sunburst slid them to the side as he grabbed his seat behind the desk and put it in front for you to sit on as he stood behind his desk.
  347. >...huh...
  348. "Don't you need this chair?"
  349. >"Oh it's fine, you're the guest. I'm fine just standing here. Now, what is it you want to talk about?" Sunburst sounded as polite as possible. not wanting to offend.
  350. >.....firstly..these books and notes..
  351. "Umm, before we get to that. What's all this?"
  352. >"Oh these? These are the old king's notes and journals. Very very interesting reads. He had some rather..ahrm" He tried to think of a nice word for it "Well, I don't think I can come up with anything nice to say about this, no, I think I cannot. These are all rather diabolical, and even downright evil. Not a king I'd like to be under, no siree. But, my duties here in the castle demand I learn everything I can about this empire. And these journals and notes are instrumental in learning on how to deal with with the dark arts or anypony who uses them against us. Very important work indeed." He says as he notices one of the books were out of order and quickly rearranged them.
  353. "Oh, that's actually pretty cool. Heh..but erm..yeah"
  354. >That was actually pretty interesting. And if it wasn't for the fact that this was important. You'd actually want to have a few reads through those journals and notes.
  355. "I'd like to know more, but uhhh....oy..how do I open up with this?"
  356. >"Oh, I'm sure it won't be that hard." He giggles calmly and gently, unaware of what he was about to hear "we are both sensible ponies here.And do not worry, I will take whatever you say at one hundred percent face value"
  357. >...ok...then
  358. "Ok...so then, do you know a pony named Starlight Glimmer?"
  360. >it was like he didn't hear it. It just....flew by him. "What was the question? I had trouble understanding it...." He was starting to sweat
  361. >...that fuck.....
  362. >...ohhhh, he better not end up being an asshole afterall...or you know what. Let him be, you'd love to blast him and feign innocence.
  363. "Ahrm...Do...you...KNOW...Starlight...GLIMMMMEERRR"
  364. >You say in a very condescending and elongated way.
  365. >His face was glistening at this point. He had to start dabbing his hoof on his cheeks and forehead just to wipe it off, and it wasn't helping. "S-Starlight Glimmer?....I..I haven't heard that name in so long. Y-you know her?"
  366. "I do.....and she told me about you"
  367. >You lean in on the desk, holding back a nasty scowl.
  368. "She told me how you just up and left her. You just got your cutie mark and left. When I found out your name, I knew you had to be the same Sunburst she talked about. So I'm here on her behalf to find out your side of the story. And let me tell-"
  369. >you stop yourself, you were getting angry. You lean back to your seat and cross your hooves. looking deep into his eyes.
  370. "....let me ASK you...what happened? Start from the beginning"
  371. >"Well..." Sunburst was shaking, he had to take a moment to calm himself, he took off his glasses and laid them on the desk. "You're not wrong, that happened. I did up and leave...and I suppose, I made no attempt on letting her know how things were...So yes, I g-guess that would mean I left her."
  372. "...mhmm.."
  373. >"I'd er...like to ask how she's doing. I...really would like to know. Is she alright? Is she ok? How has she been?" He asks sheepishly. He felt an immense shame from his past catching up to him. Because just from your demeanor, he could tell something was wrong.
  375. "She's doing alright, she's pratically a mayor of a town at this point, made friends with Princess Twilight and her friends...."
  376. >"T-that's good then....right?" He had no idea what you wanted from him now. He was confused and frightened
  377. "Yup, but before that she was trying to take over Equestria by taking away everyponies cutie marks because her best friend in the whole world abandoned her the moment he got his. I'm sure you know who that best friend is, right?"
  378. >"......." His eyes went wide. Then he started to feel absolutely miserable inside. "....is that true?"
  379. " It is, so that's why I want to know....why?"
  380. >"....." Sunburst sighed, and started to collect his thoughts and memories "...it's rather simple actually. I got very very excited when I got my cutie mark. And during the time I got it, I was showing exemplary skill in magic.Next thing I knew, my parents had taken me to Celestia's school on the very next day. I didn't even get a chance to say goodbye."
  381. >But then..
  382. "What about sending her letters? Couldn't you have communicated with her in some way?"
  383. >".....no...I was too ashamed to." He was looking forlorn, as if things went awful for him as well....did it?
  384. "Ashamed?...mnnn"
  385. >Maybe you shouldn't have pressed him too hard. did he also have a tragic past? well, tragic as far as ponies go.
  387. >"Yes, you see. My burst of magic, it only lasted until the end of the entrance exam. Pretty soon after, I realized my magic was actually mediocre...no, less than mediocre. And, well. You see....I really looked up to Starlight, her magic? Well, it was well beyond my own, beyond any foal's really. She was amazing. So when I had a chance to be just as good. I wanted her to be proud of me. I mean, I thought soon she'd be right up here with me. And we could spend our time at the school and everything would be great....but. After I realized my own mediocrity, my own failure, I felt too ashamed to write anything to her. I thought to myself "She must be so proud that I got into Celestia's school. But if I tell her I'm actually no good at magic, and that sooner or later, the teachers would realize it. She would just find me a big big joke and never want to be friends again." I even feared she'd come to the school sooner or later and realize how big of a joke I was. I wanted tot ry though, so while I was there, I studied up on as much magic as I could. But, heh...of course. When it came time to actually show off said magic. I failed. I was a laughing stock, I even ended up shaming my parents. I was no good...no good to anypony. I never did see Starlight at the school, but I guess, at that point, I had just forgotten. I just wanted to make my parents proud, I wanted Starlight to be proud..."
  388. >....oh good lord. He failed so badly that he became a recluse.
  389. "....but you ended up being a hermit instead, and then you started calling yourself a wizard?"
  391. >Sunburst nodded "Yes on the hermit, no on the wizard. Other ponies just sorta called me that because of how I dressed and how the house I was living in when I came here looked like. And I just sorta...rolled with it, as one would say" Sunburst laid his head down on his desk. Feeling miserable "But I guess none of that excuses anything, does it? I should have made more of an attempt to talk to her. But...it was all so sudden....all that pressure. I feel.....maybe I'm not even cut out for a job like this"
  392. >And just like that, you had come to realize you were still ruining lives. God fucking dammit, you couldn't let that happen. Not only because it was bad, but because Cadence would fucking chastise you and hard. And then Celestia and Luna would know..and good god...good fucking grief.
  393. "No, don't think that. You did the best you could. Look, I'm sorry for being so abrasive. I just really wanted to learn the truth."
  394. >"But,,,I caused her life to go into a total tail spin because I simply did not think to do a simple action as writing her a letter." Oh yeah, he was miserable, his tears were finally coming out, flowing like small waterfalls.
  395. "And that's because it looked like you were under a lot of pressure. You were put on this pedestal to be some big shot magic pony and it just was never in the cards for you. You were scared of everypony looking at you like a failure, I mean, at the end. It seems like that's exactly what happened. You were ashamed. And...well. I guess nopony can blame you for secluding yourself like that. You didn't know what was going to happen to Starlight. Nopony can fault you for it at all."
  397. >"...But she hates me, doesn't she?"
  398. >...oh lordy..she did..sorta..maybe? That was primarily your fault in all actuality.
  399. "No, she doesn't. In fact, the other reason why I did this was becauseI wanted you two to meet and get back together. So she can stop being troubled by what happened, and...apparently..so can you. Y'know, close on the final chapter of this misunderstanding"
  400. >"...So..." He slowly raises his head, and wipes his tears "A-are you saying, there's a way to fix what happened?"
  401. "Well, they don't call me the hero colt for nothen."
  402. >You give him a gigantic grin, ohhh god. You were going to need some time to talk to Starlight and get this fixed big time. Well, you were already going to need to do that anyway.
  403. "Just give me some time, and I'll let you know when it will happen. Also, don't..please don't...let this affect your work or anything. I can promise, and guarantee that everything will be ok."
  404. >"....I believe you Anon." He already seemed to feel a sense of hope, faster than you expected. So much so that you had to ask.
  405. "Y-you do?"
  406. >"Well....yes" He put his glasses back on after giving them a quick cleaning with a part of his cape. "You're the hero colt, and as I understand it, you are capable of amazing and miraculous things. Well, that's how the stories go anyway. A young colt, who even bettered his father and saves ponies, even stopping devilish criminals who wish to do harm. How could I not believe you when you're just standing there, telling me about Starlight. I could have never predicted you would have known her. Yes, clearly this is a strange twist of fate. And, well, how could I not put my faith in you with all that presented to me? So...yes, I shall await further word from you Anon...and of course" He gets off his chair and bows to you "I appreciate your help, I really do."
  407. >Woah....it was rare, but it always felt overwhelming
  409. "N-no problem...um..Well, that's it then. I'm glad to know that none of this was your fault either. It was just really bad circumstances."
  410. >"It seems so, but..." Sunburst gives you a hopeful and cheerful smile "I have my full faith in you. I have no doubt that this can all be fixed. Ohhh, I'm already getting excited. There's so much I'd like to catch up with her on. Oh, I need to ask. Did she end up being as good at magic as I imagined?"
  411. >Oh boy, did she.
  412. "Welp, she was able to actually make a spell that ACTUALLY removed cutie marks. How does that sound? She's also able to fly around with her magic."
  413. >"Amazing, I've never even heard of a spell like that. And self levitation is one thing. But being able to fly? Wow, just...wow. I'm proud of her, and I haven't even repaired my friendship with her yet. Oh, yes, yes, I simply can't wait." He giggled giddily.
  414. "Well, it won't be for awhile. Anyway, I can see it's already getting dark. I better get going."
  415. >"Ahh yes" Sunburst looks out the window, it was dark out now. "I wouldn't want to keep you and worry your father, no, no indeed. Alright then, you have a good night Anon. I'm going to be spending it studying up on evil King Sombra."
  416. "And uhh..a good night to you Sunburst. Hey, you got any water around or anything?"
  417. >"I do actually." Sunburst reaches under the desk to pull up a huge pot of soup "Or rather, it's soup to keep me subtly filled until I go to sleep. I was offered a full dinner but that would just make me sleepier, you know how it is when it comes to late study, need to stay awake as much as possible."
  418. >Uhhhhhh......why would he even keep it under his desk?
  419. "Sure....Can you pour a small puddle of it on the floor please?"
  420. >".....uhm...ok...may I ask why?" He seemed very puzzled.
  421. "Oh.."
  422. >You pull out your map
  423. "It's how I get home, since I live in another dimension and all, I use liquids like water to be able to pass through and go straight into my room."
  425. >"Oh, well now, how very intriguing! I'd like to see how that works...let's see" Sunburst wastes no time in pouring some of his soup on the ground to make a puddle. "There we are"
  426. "Alright, now check this out"
  427. >You actually felt he was being endearing now. Or maybe that was because he was enamored with the fact you could open a portal with your map.
  428. >You toss in your map into the puddle of soup. Making a hole right into your room.
  429. >Sunburst gets up from his chair and moves to the puddle, looking directly through it. "A portal opened with soup using an artifact that is clearly not of normal make. Fascinating! So this must be the work of chaos magic, right?"
  430. "Yep. Pretty cool right?"
  431. >"Yes, and convenient. I wouldn't mind having such an easy way to return home. Oh well, I mustn't complain, I am the adviser of the Prince and Princess of the Crystal Empire...hmm..But before you go. I'd like to thank you once again for all of your help and understanding." Again, Sunburst does a bow.
  432. "N-no problem. And thanks for keeping it together. You take care Sunburst, and remember. Wait for my word, alright?"
  433. >"There will be no issue on that Anon, farewell" He waves to you as you go and dive into the portal.
  434. >......And as you land on your bed. You lay there, staring straight up.
  435. >....holy fuck, you nearly ruined things again...nearly. You were just glad your own title was there to give the guy hope or else you would have been utterly fucked. You need to be more fucking careful. Super careful now since you had to go see Starlight and get this fucking fixed.
  436. >But before that...you had a changeling to catch? didn't you?
  437. >...god your head. It was swimming with stress.
  439. >But it was fine, it was ok. Things went better than you thought. You had time, you can fix that. All you had to worry about now was tomorrow. Get through that and you were home free.
  440. >Yeah...
  441. >You cuddled into your blanket, and began to try to sleep whatever stress you had. Tomorrow would go fine. Scootaloo, yeah, she had to be fine. Everything was fine.
  442. >Fiiiinneeee....
  443. >...That is..
  444. >Until you opened your eyes from your rest. And found yourself in a jungle.
  445. >A jungle?
  446. >A fucking..what/
  447. >In fact, as you stand and look at your legs. You could see yourself in your familiar "Big Boss" costume.
  448. >But you were lucid, which meant.
  449. >Luna...God..what did she want now?
  450. >She had to be around here somewhere? Why was this dream MGS related? God, did she finally become what the fans back home would call. "Gamer" Luna?
  451. >Well, you couldn't give it much more thought as a fucking bang rang in your ears as you saw a bullet from a goddamn sniper whiz by your head.
  452. >Fuck this. NOPE! Dream or not. You had no fucking clue if Luna was capable of killing you within a dream. What the hell was she even doing? or maybe this was all just a lucid dream. Was it?..WAS-OH FUCK ANOTHER SHOT!
  453. >You dive behind a fallen tree trunk, panting hard as a voice. Luna's voice. Can be heard from all around you.
  454. >"Welcome Anon, I hope this dreamscape gives you a sense of comfort. For we have a few things to talk about."
  455. >A few things...? God, she did not sound pleased despite her welcoming you.
  456. >...oh no...that's right....
  457. >......fuck....She now knew about what happened today. Didn't she?....With Scoots...
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