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Nov 23rd, 2016
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  1. [b]Other useful LoL related websites![/b]
  2. [spoiler] - For all the latest LoL news and a sneak peak at any upcoming content on the Public Beta Environment.
  3. - A more advanced and polished version of Mobafire. Solomid offers intricate guides on champs that've been tried and tested by the community. Best for more advanced players of lvl 20+
  4. - A site useful for looking at skins, as their splash art can be quite different from their in-game appearance. It's also good for looking up summoners, statistics about the game, and guides for champions.
  5. - The standard LoL website! Info on the game can be found here.
  6. - Wonder what the Pros build on your favorite champ? Check here! Just remember that these guys are pros and you should always try to find whatever build works best for you!
  7. - Wonder how other top players (Plat and higher in ranked) build their champs? Check here!
  8. - A site that can help you break down a game by the numbers. Just plug in your summoner name and reap delicious match history.
  9. [/spoiler]
  11. [b]What's this crafting nonsense I hear about?[/b]
  12. [spoiler]To sum it up: play games to get keys and boxes. Once you earn a box on a champion, regardless of how you earned it, you cannot earn another on that champ. After games, you have a chance to get key shards. 3 shards = 1 key with which you can open 1 box. Boxes contain shards for champions or cosmetics (champ and ward skins, icons) that you can make permanent on your account by spending essence. Earn essence by breaking down shards for things you don't want.
  14. Basically, play games, receive loot. Hope its loot that you actually care about. Repeat.[/spoiler]
  16. [b]Dunks?[/b]
  17. [spoiler][/spoiler]
  19. [b]How do you kill Zilean?[/b]
  20. [spoiler][/spoiler]
  22. Stuff You Should Know
  23. - Yes, a promo skin will unlock that champion for free.
  24. - Some promo codes will work on multiple servers. Some will not. Yes, this is confusing.
  25. - Map vision wins games - USE WARDS.
  26. - It is a team wide effort, everyone uses wards.
  27. - When in doubt, take Ignite/Flash.
  29. For emergency use only: open in case of shipping chat:
  30. [spoiler][img][/img]
  31. Brought to you by Infidel.
  32. Instructions: replace the "WhiteShark" portion of the url with the name of the intended target.[/spoiler]
  38. [b]PENTAKILLS[/b]
  39. facetious / Bonhomie
  40. [spoiler][/spoiler]
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