Nasseau - A day for life (WIP)

Jun 24th, 2014
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  3. The first thing that woke up Fluttershy wasn't another of her critter friends, just the early warm rays of the sun. She yawned and clutched her heavily pregnant belly. ''Good morning love''.
  5. The foal - she wasn't sure if it was a colt or a filly - kicked back. She smilled. If she could kiss her belly, she would. She just loved so much the little bundle of life in her belly that had grown inside her since those last 11 months.
  7. It was her most precious possession.
  9. The father was a handsome smooth-talker who walked into town one day and... seduced her. He came inside, too late he said, and left town the next morning. She would have to raise her bundle alone, but she didn't mind really much. She had plenty of critter friends, and she stayed at home most of the time anyway. She would have time for a baby.
  11. The foal resumed its kicking once she was downstairs, preparing herself breakfast. From the churning down there, she realised the foal was coming really soon. Today maybe. She wasn't surprised, her baby bump has been particularly restless these last days. The foal would come out any time soon.
  13. She just knew it, instinctively. This foal would be born today. She greeted the news with a mix of fear and mirth. Fear, because bringing a foal into the world was painful, and mirth, because... well... she couldn't explain it.
  15. She just really loved her baby.
  17. Fluttershy quietly enjoyed her breakfast. Today was a big day, but just because she had a baby on the way didn't mean she could get away with neglecting her chores.
  19. She walked into her living room, calling out the critters who stayed inside. That's when it hit her, a powerful contraction, a taste of things to come.
  21. She gasped loudly, taken by surprise. Her critter friends all looked at her, confused, and she blushed, ''Oh my... they know''. The little life inside of her was restless. It probably had the same gut instinct as its mother, it knew the birth was nigh.
  23. Fluttershy was unfazed. She had a duty to her friends. Beside, going through her usual routine chores was relaxing. It gave her security.
  25. And so she soldiered on through the churning in her belly and waddled for the pouch of animal food, pouring some in bowls and calling to dinner all the little animals running around.
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