Half-Moon in Equestria 8

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  1. As you reach the edge of town, you nudge Twilight awake, before setting her on the ground.
  2. "Um thanks for that" She says, blushing a little, and looking down.
  3. "So" you say, looking aournd "Where does this Rarity live?"
  4. "Thats easy, she lives this way" she says, indicating a direction that is similar to the one she indicated leaded to her house, yesterday.
  5. Nodding, you and her begin your walk through town to Raritys house. On the way, you pass through a marketplace, many of the ponys clearing the way for you. Off to one side, you can see Applejack behind an apple cart. Giving her a wave, you get a nod back, before she turns her attention back to her customers.
  6. Before long, you arrive at a store, with a carousel on top. The sign out fron reads *Carousel Boutique*. Opening the door, Twilight steps in, and you crouch in after her. From the back, you hear a voice call out "I'll be there in a minute". Sitting and looking around the room, you see many pony clothes, dresses, and tuxes on pony manequins. Just from a glance, you can see they are well made.
  7. Out from the back of the shop steps a pure white unicorn, with a royal purple mane. "Oh my!" The unicorn, who you assume to be Rarity, exclaims "What are you wearing? Its simply facinating".
  8. "This?" you ask, plucking at your robe "Its just something I had made for me to help me carry, and keep everything organised." Opening it up, you show all the pockets on the inside, as well as those on the outside.
  9. "Incredible" She says "To think somepony put so many pockets on a piece of clothing, and still managed to make it look fasionable, of course I would have made it out of a nice purple, or maybe lavender. But then again the green really brings out your eyes..."
  10. "Rarity" Twilight calls out, snaping Rarity out of her tangent "We came here to see if you would be able to make Anonymous here some new clothing, because this is all he has with him currently, and im sure he would appreciate having an outfit or two made by our leading fasionista."
  11. "Of course" Rarity says "Mr Anonymous, if you would be so kind as to step on the pedastle and remove your clothing so i can begin to take measurements"
  12. Nodding, you step onto the pedastle, and start taking off your clothes, and neatly setting them aside. as you get to your shorts, you detatch your watch and hold it by the chain in your mouth. After removing your shorts, and boxers, you see Rarity come out from the back, tape measures and notepads floating around her. As Rarity contemplates where to start measuring, you look around and see Twilight look towards you, turn bright red, and look away. Continuing to scan the room, you feel the tape measures start their work. looking out one of the windows, you see a pair of unfocused yellow eyes, as well as a pair of grey wings shooting straight up in the air.
  13. Shrugging, you readjust your position at Raritys direction, and go back to scanning the room. After a few minutes Rarity says she's done, so you step off the pedastle, and begin redressing.
  14. Once dressed, you ask Rarity how much you owe her, but she dismissively waves a hoof and says "Its on the house, so long as you let me spend some quality time with that robe of yours, I would love to discover all about its craftmanship."
  15. Nodding your head, you say "Its a deal then". Turning, you see Twilight standing by the door, still a little red "Ready to go?" you ask, and she nods. Opening the door, she steps out, and you crouch out after her. Once outside you look around a bit, but see no sign of the yellow eyed grey pegasus. Shrugging, you turn to twilight and ask "Where to next Twilight?"
  16. "Well" She says contemplating "I have stuff to do at home, but I guess it would be fine if you wanted to wander around town for a bit, but be sure to get started on the stuff you need for my training".
  17. Smiling, you say "Of course. So I guess I will see you later then"
  18. Nodding she trots off to the library, as you begin looking around, before you notice a rainbow tail hanging off a cloud. You call out "Hey Rainbow, you up there?". you see the tail retreat, to be replaced by her head peeking down at you
  19. "Hey Anony, hows it goin?" She says, flying down, and then hovering next to you.
  20. "Fine" You say "And my names not Anony, its Anonymous, or at least Anon".
  21. Rolling her eyes, she says "Fine, Anon, so what did you call me for?"
  22. "Do you know if there is any rain coming up? I got an outdoor project I gotta do, and rain would really screw it up."
  23. Pondering to herseof for a moment, she replies "I dont think there is any rain planned for the next week and a half."
  24. Nodding, you say "Thats plenty of time, Thanks for the info Dash".
  25. "Dont mention it, just glad to help".
  26. "See ya later Raindow" you say, rushing off to the edge of town, not noticing Raindow being scooped up by a Pink blur.
  27. After about a 15 minute run, you find yourself in a large empty field, a few kilometers away from Ponyville.
  28. Drawing a Transmutation circle in the dirt, you turn a large amount of it into a large rock, with a rope attached. Grabbing the rope, you begin pulling it behind you, leaving a trail in the dirt. Slowly you walk in a giant circle. after an hour or so, you look behind you to see you have about half finished the circle. Releasing the rope, you sit down, pull the chocolate bar from your coat, and dig in.
  29. You soon find yourself asleep, and being woken up by soft whispers from nearby. Sitting up, you find yourself surrounded by a trio of fillys. They are a pegasus, a unicorn, and a regular pony.
  30. Seeing you sit up, they jump up and all group together in fron of you.
  31. "And who are you?" You ask, looking down at the fillys.
  32. "We are the Cutie Mark Crusaders" They say in chorus.
  33. "Is that so" You say "And what are you three doing out here?"
  34. They exchange looks, before the pony says "We are trying to find our special talents so we can get our Cutie Marks".
  35. Looking confused, you ask "What is a Cutie Mark?"
  36. With a collective gasp, the Crusaders look at you and say "How could you no know what a Cutie Mark is?".
  37. "I come from a land that is realy far away, and we dont have Cutie marks there, or ponies for that matter, we just have people like me."
  38. Turning and whispering between themselves, with the occasional glance over at you, they finaly come to an agreement and nod. "If you want Mister, we can help you find your talent, so you can get a Cutie Mark".
  39. Chuckling, you say "My name is Anonymous, but you can call me Anon, and I already know my special talent."
  40. "My names Applebloom" the pony says "And im Sweetybelle" the unicorn says "And my name is Scootaloo" the pegasus says.
  41. "Well, its nice to meet you all, but im kinda bust right now, so would it be okay if we meet to talk later?"
  42. Seeing them nod, and head back towards town, you go back to your stone, grab the rope and begin pulling again. Seeing the CMC off in the distance you grin and think 'they are pretty nice kids'. Turning back to your work, you just keep pulling. after another hour and a half or so, you finally complete the initial circle.
  43. Looking around, you see a nearby stream, and figure it would bo a good chance to cool of, and clean yourself.
  44. Stripping down, you jump in, and start cleaning yourself.
  45. Unnoticed by you, a pair of grey wings pop up from a nearby bush with a "Poomph".
  46. After cleaning yourself, you climb out and air dry, before re-dressing and heading back into town, trying to avoid sweating. As you walk through town to the Library, you notice there are very few ponys around, and the sun is begining to set. As you arive at the Library, you see the lights are out. Opening the door you crouch into the darkness.
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