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Jun 2nd, 2014
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  1. 1-01 S&M.m4a
  2. 1-02 What’s My Name? (feat. Drake).m4a
  3. 1-03 Cheers (Drink to That).m4a
  4. 1-04 Fading.m4a
  5. 1-05 Only Girl (In the World).m4a
  6. 1-06 California King Bed.m4a
  7. 1-07 Man Down.m4a
  8. 1-08 Raining Men (feat. Nicky Minaj).m4a
  9. 1-09 Complicated.m4a
  10. 1-10 Skin.m4a
  11. 1-11 Love the Way You Lie (Pt. II, feat. Eminem).m4a
  12. 1-12 Love the Way You Lie (Piano Version) [Bonus Track].m4a
  13. 1-13 Only Girl (In the World) [Bonus Video].m4v
  14. 2-01 Only Girl (In the World) [Mixin Marc & Tony Svejda Mix Show Edit].m4a
  15. Digital Booklet – Loud
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