Brittany Vincent and Stephanie Palermo

Jan 31st, 2016
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  1. Subject: Brittany Vincent and Stephanie Palermo.
  2. Sources: Twitter, , LinkedIn, TriplePointPR's website.
  3. Final version completed on: 02.21.2016
  4. Credits: Original investigation, format is more or less based on the format of @BoogiepopRobin's pastebins.
  6. Note: All dates within this document are presented in the American format; the month is written before the day.
  8. Intorduction: Gaming journalist Brittany Vincent co-founded and edited a gaming blog with Stephanie Palermo during 2010. After Palermo became a PR for video games Vincent continued to maintain friendly contact with her. The relationship was not disclosed despite of its relevance in several articles authored by Vincnet.
  10. Background: as detailed on her Linkedin profile, between April 2011 to July 2014 Stephanie Palermo worked as a senior account executive for TriplePoint, a PR agency. After leaving TriplePoint she joined Capcom, where at the time of this writing she is still working as an Associate PR Manager ( Her twitter handle is @tigresaa. To prove that both the twitter user tigresaa and the owner of the linkedin profile linked here are the same person and not two similarly named individuals, I'll note that both are connected to an obscure website called Spawn Kill. On her linkedin profile Palermo mentions having been the site's EiC ( Palermo's linkedin profile links to a linkedin profile that was made for Spawn Kill, which in turn leads to the URL ( While the site is no longer active, thanks to waybackmachine I've managed to find an old version of the site from when it was still in use. Consistent with Palermo's linkedin page, Spawn Kill's staff page listed her as an EiC. The staff page also lists her twitter handle as tigresaa (, linking this user to Spawn Kill as well .
  12. As she attests on her personal website, Brittany Vincent (twitter handle: @MolotovCupcake) has worked in gaming journalism since at least as early as 2010 ( A writer by the same name is listed on Spawn Kill's staff page. In an archived version of the page that was made by wayback machine 05.10.2010 (and then rearcvived by me on December 2015 using she is listed as co-founder and Editor-in-Chief. We can know that the owner of the website linked at the beginning of this paragraph and the Spawn Kill writer by the same name are one person as Spwan Kill links to as her personal website, hotlinked under the words "personal portfolio" (
  14. Personal ties between Palermo and Vincent: As previously noted, Vincent and Palermo both edited and founded Spawn Kill together. Archived versions of Vicnent's author page on Spawn Kill show that she contribued articles to the site on every month between April 2009 to May 2010. Presented below are said archived version along with the dates in which each archived version was originally created by wayback machine:
  16. Archived version from June 2009 (
  17. Archived version from August 2009 (
  18. Archived version from October 2009 (
  19. Archived version from December 2009 (
  20. Archived version from February 2010 (
  21. Archived version from April 2010 (
  22. Archived version from June 2010 (
  24. After Vincent's departure from Spanw Kill she maintained friendly contact with Palermo over twitter:
  26. 03.10.2011: (@tigresaa) @MolotovCupcake Just visit the hot springs when you tire of all the hard work we call video games. :} (
  27. 04.04.2011: (@MolotovCupcake) @tigresaa I probably told you a couple hundred times, PE is amazing. Play the second one too. Do it now. (
  28. 04.14.2011: (@MolotovCupcake) @tigresaa You'll never guess what I have in my kitchen. I'd be willing to ship you one. >3 (
  29. 04.14.2011: (@tigresaa) @MolotovCupcake Wtf! You have Dunkaroos? ...Chocolate frosting? I am so jealous of your 1990s kitchen storings. XD (
  30. 04.19.2011: (@tigresaa) @MolotovCupcake I have been saying I would have the same marathon for the past few years - but I want it to be over a slumber party summer! (
  31. 04.19.2011: (@tigresaa) @MolotovCupcake Seeing your tweets though is making me want to say screw it and do it alone though. <3333 (
  32. 02.29.2012: (@tigresaa) @MolotovCupcake Just got a chance to re-read an epic email from you from 2009 to research someone. Made my morning. (
  33. 04.08.2012: (@MolotovCupcake) @tigresaa Just saw your Valentine cosplay in a photo gallery at Blast ( …). Lookin' good! Did you make it yourself? (
  34. 12.07.2012: (@MolotovCupcake) One can never have too many schoolgirl skirts in all patterns and colors to go with snarky T-shirts. Or maybe that's just me. (
  35. 12.07.2012: (@tigresaa, responding to the above tweet) @MolotovCupcake Just wait till you can get snarky BUTTON-UPS to go with your schoolgirl skirts. You'll be a full-on sex <machine>. (
  36. 12.07.2012: (@MolotovCupcake, responding to the above tweet) @tigresaa WHY hasn't someone invented this yet? Think I just stole your million-dollar idea. (
  37. 08.08.2013: (@MolotovCupcake) I've never been to San Francisco. That's about to change soon. :) (
  38. 08.08.2013: (@tigresaa, responding to the above tweet) @MolotovCupcake Yay! It's my new home, and it ain't bad. :) (
  39. 08.08.2013: (@MolotovCupcake, responding to the above tweet) @tigresaa Maybe I'll be saying that same thing soon. (
  40. 08.08.2013: (@tigresaa, responding to the above tweet) @MolotovCupcake That'd be all kinds of rad. Let me know if you end up having free time and want to do something. ♪ (
  41. 08.08.2013: (@MolotovCupcake, responding to the above tweet) @tigresaa Will do! :D (
  42. 08.08.2013: (@tigresaa, responding to the above tweet) @MolotovCupcake We can get tasty ramen in Japantown with @ManaDrake! (
  43. 08.12.2013: (@MolotovCupcake) @ManaDrake @tigresaa I will have one evening to fit both of you in this coming Monday. Make it count! Let's meet up for dinner if possible. (
  44. 08.12.2013: (@tigresaa, responding to the above tweet) @MolotovCupcake @ManaDrake I have a work event until a little before 8pm. Let me know if that's too late for dinrarz. (
  46. Summary: in addition to having had a proffessional relationship while working together on Spawn Kill, both Vincent and Palermo maintained freindly contact with each other through twitter and were even to hanging out with each other, as can be seen in their conversation from August 2013.
  48. Articles with potential disclosure issues:
  50. *The Testament of Sherlock Holmes has been represented by TP since at least as early as 01.17.2012, as on that date they released a press release for the game ( Palermo herself released a press release for the game on 05.03.2012 ( Vincent reveiwed the game on 10.03.2012 (
  52. *Outlast is a game which has been represented by TriplePoint since as early as 10.17.2012, a conclusion inferred from the fact that date TP issued a press release for the game ( Palermo herself wrote a press release for the game on 07.24.2013 ( According to Mobygames, Palermo's name appears in the credits for Outlast: Whistleblower (, an Outlast DLC for which TriplePoint started issuing press releases on 10.31.2013 ( A YouTube video featuring O:WB's ending and end credits (warning: contains spoilers) shows that indeed Palermo was included in the credits of the game (her name appears on the screen around mark 8:20 of the video: Vincent has written several articles about Outlast and Whistleblower:
  54. 09.18.2013: Why The Horror of Outlast Works (HardcoreGamer)
  55. 10.30.2013: Beyond the Shock in Horror: Changing Up the Game (USGamer) Commentary: Mentions Outlast.
  56. 11.01.2013: Huntsman: The Orphanage (PC) Game Review (POPZARA) Commentary: Mentions Outlast.
  58. A press release for Super Monkey Ball Bounce that was written by Palermo was published on TP's website on 05.19.2014 (, showing that by that date Palermo was already involved in the game's PR work. On the same day Vincent wrote a short article about the game (
  60. *On 11.15.2012 TP's website published a press release for Candy Crush Saga written by Palermo (, proving she was involved in the game's PR work by that point. Vincent has written two articles in which the game weas mentioned:
  62. 04.26.2014: Candy Crush has a bizarro nationwide ad campaign in Japan (Destructoid)
  63. 07.15.2014: 5 Sweet Games You Should Abandon Candy Crush Saga For (Modojo)
  65. After Palermo became a PR for Capcom Vincnet continued to cover the company without disclosure. Presented below are the articles in question:
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