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  1. UPDATE: So basically this is what happened tonight... once my wife arrived at her parents house, that’s when I received notification her phone was back on and charging. Some people asked about the app, it’s called Life360, it also gives battery percentage notifications when it runs low or when phone is back on.  
  3. I was already typing the long story on Reddit when suddenly that notification appeared, which I last minute checked and wrote she was at her parents house before posting.  
  5. So basically... after posting... after feeling a “bit” better by “telling someone” and having a bit of weight off my shoulders... I was pacing around the apartment while trying to give her calls after calls but it kept saying her phone was busy...  
  7. This went on for 45 mins, or forever, couldn’t focus on the time. All of a sudden the sister-in-law calls. I ignored... I was way too scared to face this. She called 5 times in a row while I just watched it ringing, then she gave up. Then just a text saying “Call me”. I left the apartment and decided to go watch a movie at the theatre, needed to get distracted, which didn’t help as I didn’t focus once on Detective Pikachu.  
  9. I received a call from my wife during the movie but I ignored. She knows I have an Apple Watch and I receive all notifications, so she knows I was ignoring. She only called once. Sister-in-law 3 more times during the movie. I left the theatre and decided to go back home....  
  11. On the drive back I received notification she arrived home. Now I was petrified... but my out of body experience just told me “fuck it, suck it up. Just get it over with it”  
  13. Arrived home... was getting ready for the shit storm about to happen. That out of body experience came back really quickly to reality as I got to the door and then had that fear again... I know she got notification I was back....  
  15. I get in the house, and both wife and sister-in-law are in the living-room on the couch.  
  17. I didn’t say anything. Wanted one of them to speak first. What if I said “sorry” but there was nothing to be “sorry” about? At this point I was trying to gauge the mood. I’m not for confrontations or leading conversations, I’m very introverted. But I know I should be the first to say “sorry”.... but didn’t know how.  
  19. Wife then says “I spoke to sister-in-law about what happened. She knows.”  
  21. Fucked up in the head of a me, out of reflex says “knows what?”  
  23. She says “don’t lie, the video”.  
  25. I was red flushed I’m sure. My heart was beating so fast.  
  27. Then wife said she has deleted the video.  
  29. This is when I apologized to both of them... so very very much. Almost crying. I saw all the Reddit comments about divorce and all, and I was really upset at myself, but deserved it, but not.... but yes... but no....  
  31. Then sister-in-law speaks... she says “you do understand this video wasn’t for you”, then she goes on for 10 minutes to tell me what I already know. I was wrong. I kept nodding.  
  33. But then this drama comes out that fucked with me, she said that it wasn’t for her husband neither. He’s been constantly traveling to Bulgaria voluntarily at any chance he could for work, but also through the years he’s been having an affair with a colleague there which works at that branch. She knew for a while and let it slide as he was still providing for sister-in-law. But the providing became less and less, wife knew too about this as she and her sister are so close, but the info was kept within the family to avoid dishonor. This is a big eastern mentality to have... and it’s not the first time family info was kept secret from me. But now they told me because of the circumstance, I was told NOT to apologize or speak to her husband as he does not know about this video.  
  35. Sister-in-law is seeing someone else, her husband and her both live as roommates “for now”. The divorce word can never go out, but she’s found someone long-distance and that video was for HIM. The reasons for all the calls was to not mention anything to her husband, sister-in-law feared that if I did, then this video would have been proof held during divorce process as if SHE was at fault.  
  37. It was a very emotional afternoon... I felt like throwing up many times. The focus was more on sister-in-law and her life though, and her shame for having kept her relationship going as long as it has, the guy is barely leaving any money on the side for her anymore so she’s been sleeping more and more at her parents house.  
  39. Me obtaining the video didn’t come up more than once. I don’t know if it was because it was too embarrassing for everyone or what. But it will come up another day for sure... maybe after everyone has relaxed and tears dried. I’ll have an honest conversation with my wife about my wrong doings and also include if VR porn is fine or not.  
  41. For tonight, my wife invited sister-in-law to stay and sleep-over. We got some food and drank a few bottles of wine to make us forget a bit, although it felt awkward as fuck. Sister-in-law seemed to be feeling better... she was smiling and laughing and slapping my shoulder or kicking me under the table every time I made a joke. She seemed more open with me now I was one of the people to know her secret, she could trust and talk to if she needs.  
  43. We will all 3 sleep in sleeping bags in the living-room like camping to keep her company during this tough time for her.  
  45. Wife seemed ok for now too.  
  47. Just in case OP realizes that posting this story was another fuck up.  
  49. ***Edit By OP's Wife:*** This is his now ex-wife.  
  51. Did he not realize, or too dumb to remember we share everything, including the same Reddit app? I logged on to see this throwaway as the default login account.  
  53. I’ve removed all of this personal story for my family’s protection and changed this account’s password. Although it might be too late and already circulated online.  
  55. I took a look through the comments and was seriously disgusted by most of the responses suggesting to sexually approach both of us last night. Which my sister did mention he tried something in the middle of the night, this guy is incredibly living in another world!  
  57. I’m only posting this to reassure everyone thinking he got away with it, that these types of scumbags DO NOT.  
  59. I came home yesterday with my sister to pack my shit. I saw his update saying I seemed alright, but I was keeping it in for the next morning.  
  61. Reason we slept in the living-room is because I didn’t want him to see my bags in the corner of the bedroom, he came home suddenly before I finished packing. It wasn’t “fun camping” or a “picnic”.  
  63. This morning, before he woke-up, we grabbed the rest of my stuff and left.  
  65. I went to the bank and froze our joint account before he irresponsibly starts taking cash out.  
  67. I’m not seeing him anymore, going to lawyer up, give away all this Reddit gold to the comments that I feel were actually reasonable, and divorce his ass.  
  69. Oh, and if you can read this, I’ve deleted the tracking app ;) my lawyer will call you to unfreeze your share and take the steps to unlink me from any other tracking apps you might have on me.  
  71. TL;DR: His life is ruined.
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