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SM Mod Readme

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Jan 15th, 2019
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  1. To use higher quality or bigger window:
  2. 1. Create a shortcut for the SlaveMatrixMod.exe
  3. 2. Go to that shortcuts settings
  4. 3. Add "-hd" and/or "-bigWindow" (without quotes) at the end of target location
  5. ("target" location is the text box that should be selected by default - use that one)
  6. 4. ???
  7. 5. Profit
  9. Also - turning on both hd and bigger window at once is pretty much photo mode since the frames drop drastically, blame the rendering engine architecture - it's CPU only
  12. Stats info fix:
  13. Some PC configurations seem to render text incorrectly resulting in bugged stats info (stamina, sensitivity etc)
  14. adding "-fixInfo" will make that info box a bit wider hopefully fixing the error
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