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  1. ______________________________________
  3. ---[ New Jedi Order ] Application v1.3---
  4. ______________________________________
  6. "There is no emotion, there is peace."
  7. "There is no ignorance, there is knowledge."
  8. "There is no passion, there is serenity."
  9. "There is no chaos, there is harmony."
  10. "There is no death, there is the Force."
  12. A Jedi is a member of the mystical and ancient Jedi Order, a sect of warrior monks who study the mysterious ways of the Force, and have done so for thousands of years. Jedi strive to inspire peace and justice in the galaxy, and must be prepared to fight to do so.
  14. Only several years have passed since the great Jedi Purge and the few survivors now muster together to rebuild the Order. Much knowledge and tradition was lost, but what was not endures, and what is missing will be rediscovered with the aid of a new generation of Jedi.
  16. A Jedi initiate in the New Jedi Order can expect to receive demanding training in discipline, martial arts, in using the Force, and an developing into a character that is both humble and strong.
  18. When this application has been sent, the applicant can expect a reply within several days (or much sooner). If the application didn't meet the requirements, the reasons for that can be discussed and the application can be re-submitted. If the applicant passed, they will receive an invitation into the New Jedi Order group in the role of a Jedi Initiate.
  20. Welcome, and thank you for your interest in the New Jedi Order.  By the time you fill this out,  If you have any questions, feel free to message any council member.  Council members are as follows:  Katoro Theas, Dremat Resident, StevenABC Albert, Toshiro Tigerauge, Jaster Berkmans, TytosZepher Resident, or Snipe111 Resident.
  23. ______________________________________
  25.             ---OOC Section---
  26. ______________________________________
  28. SL Username: Azulskye
  29. What roleplay experience do you have?  Please detail it here:
  30. Many years of RP in online and offline forums.  Tabletop,  heavy into SW RP in SW Galaxies days ( starsider ftw)  various other RPs here in SL
  31. Do you belong to any SWRP Groups? (This will not necessarily disqualify you from joining):  
  32. No
  34. ______________________________________
  36.                 ---IC Section---
  37. ______________________________________
  39. Character Name:  Skye
  41. Character Age: 23
  43. Gender:  f
  45. Species: Human ( Corellian)
  47. Family (Siblings, parents, guardians, etc.): Father.  One Sister One Brother
  49. Homeworld:
  50. Corellia
  52. Physical Appearance:  Dark hair crystal blue eyes.  
  54. Personality: Inquisitive and friendly
  56. Short background: Born to a merchant family on Corellia, left home after getting in some trouble with local gangs.  always had a way with people not really knowing she is force sensitive, just put it down to good luck.  now down to her last few credits trying to make her way and find a path.
  58. Strengths:  Very determined and strong will to survive.
  60. Significant Weaknesses (Please have at least one of these, they're good for character development!  And things like "Too handsome for his own good" don't count!):  
  61. Too trusting for her own good.  Easily accepts information given by authority figures.  a bit naive.
  63. What type of role would you like to play in the New Jedi Order?  Feel free to be creative:  would like to play a more advanced padawan,  maybe on the verge of trials.  have done a lot of RP in the past and although fun  it is something I have done many times.
  65. Is your character Force Sensitive:  If so, what sort of training / experience have they had: ( open to negotiations would prefer some)
  68. ______________________________________
  70. Once completed, please send this application through to a member of the council.
  71. ______________________________________
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