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  1. /squeeeezes the bestest girlfriend in the world from behind~
  2.       Leans back into the squeeze. Then leans a bit more. And a bit more. Continues in this manner.
  3.  steadily carries the aforementioned best girlfriend in the world down into a low ballroom-dance-y dip as she leans back, then smooches her nose.
  4.       Uni giggled as she was lowered into the position, and rose one leg up high while arms looped around her lover's neck. "How romantic.~"
  5.  "What can I say? I'm inspired by you~" She giggled, lifting her lover back up to a standing position, one hand grabbing Uni's and twirling her around once or twice before returning to a standing embrace.
  6.       Ever in tune with SeeU as she was, Uni did her part for the twirl so the two were left looking like a proper pair of ballroom dancers for their audience of nobody. She blushed, and looked uncharacteristically submissive following SeeU's comment. "...Do you really mean that?" That was...definitely a serious question that she cared quite seriously about the answer to.
  7.  SeeU was a tad taken aback by Uni's sudden seriousness. She hadn't expected the comment to be anything more than idle flirtation; its veracity taken as a given. "Uni, if it weren't for you, I don't know where I be, but I know it wouldn't be anywhere near where I am right now." She lifted a hand up, gently stroking her girlfriend's silky cheek with the back of her fingers, cheeks turning red as she leaned in, forehead resting against the pinkette's, "If anything, I'm not giving you enough credit."
  8.       Uni's arms looped around SeeU's neck once again when they drew close, and a warm, glowing smile spread across her lips. Her eyes began to water a little, and she sniffled. She didn't say anything, but it was obvious as could be that being an inspiration for SeeU meant a incredible amount to Uni. She just stood there, staring into her lover's eyes. It was the kind of happiness in her own that was a special, one of a kind happiness. The sort that transcended the mundane sort. Bare and pure for SeeU to witness, and filled with immeasurable love.
  9.  "Hey... s-stop that..." SeeU's eyes watered up a tad in response. Seeing her lover, the immeasurably beautiful, strong, and perennially happy Uni filled with this much pure, unadulterated joy was enough to make anyone cry, SeeU was sure of it, "I'm trying to be all cool and romantic here, and you're making me cry..." Her arms wrapped around Uni's back, squeezing her tight, "I love you, Uni." She whispered, leaning in close, not even bothering with a kiss, she just buried her face against her lover's neck and squeezed as tight as she could, her whole body trembling now.
  10.       Uni squeezed right on back, giggling. "I love you, SeeU," she said, swaying side to side just slightly. "You're always romantic," she mused idly. "And cool. And strong. And brave. And somehow adorable, and sweet, and kind..." she sniffled again. "I'm gonna get all boogery talking about it." Another giggle. Clearly, she was overflowing with love. But, spontaneous as she always was, she put a bit of distance between them again so she could look into SeeU's eyes. "Hey. Wanna come for a walk with me?" They were still in their performance outfits from the day. It'd been an easy day, so there was no worry of being all sticky and sweaty. More on the recording and instrumental side than the dancing.
  11.  "And you're so happy and energetic and awesome and funny, but you're also sweet and sexy and loving..." They could probably spend all day just listing off positive attributes about one another if they didn't stop themselves. "Of course~" She said, sad to break their embrace, but she would never imagine denying Uni anything she requested. She grabbed one of her lover's hands in her own, lacing their fingers together and leaning against her. "Where are we going, love?"
  12.       Uni smiled, then began shuffling SeeU towards the entrance of her house. They had been basically living together for a long while, but ever since they had become a couple, they were sort of literally living together. Just moving over one outfit at a time to Uni's place. She had a nice home, one that was delightfully modern and had plenty of glass and white, at least at first, but tasteful paintings of pink hearts were drawn over walls. Nothing ostentatious or childish, but her own personal touch on the main areas. She was not an artist of any significant calibre, but pink hearts? Yeah she had those down pat, with the wavy lines accenting them and plenty of detail work on the floorboards to give them a pink floral appearance. She also had a wine rack, with exactly zero bottles of wine on it, in the kitchen on the island. It was specious, had plenty of room in the basement in the soundproofed areas for her recording at home when she didn't want to go into the studio, even if they
  13.       spent about ninety percent of their time together in her bedroom on the upper floor. Three bedrooms, three baths, plus an en suite in the master bedroom. A garage for the luxury Bentley she drove which was black, not pink, because Uni knew exactly what was TOO ridiculous. Most of the time. For now? Uni left SeeU in the front foyer for a few minutes, then returned with her bag zipped up and ready. She bounced over to SeeU, extended her hand with fingers splayed out for them to take, and then went about leaving with her lover. "We're going on an adventure!" Because of course they were.
  14. /me “Details, Uni, please.” SeeU teased, taking her lover's hand and pulling her in close to steal a kiss from Uni's lips for a brief second before she followed wherever her lover led her. “much as I wish we didn't have to be, we <b>are</b> adults and all. We can't just drop everything and go on an adventure without good reason.” Despite her ever level-headed protests and requests for clarification, She didn't even remotely object to the actual adventuring part of the adventure. They were only just out the front door, and while Uni had stopped to pack her bag with god-only-knows what, it's not like she had appeared with a duffelbag over her shoulder or anything. Not like they could go too far or do something too stupid, because Uni liked doing stupid things. Amazing, wonderful, hilarious, and utterly brilliant stupid things, but stupid they were nonetheless, and SeeU, professional, collected and reserved
  15. /me while on her own, served more as an amplifier than a dampener wherever her girlfriend was concerned. How could she say no to that face, after all? Denying Uni anything she wanted was simply beyond the blonde's capabilities.
  16.       Uni gave a warm smile, waving her hand at SeeU to dismiss the notion. "Details aren't important. We're going somewhere nice. I promise you that there won't be any crazy shenanigans tonight. Okay? I can admit when I'm up to no good, or at least lie about it badly enough that you know what's going on," she said with a giggle. "But tonight is different. I just want to focus on us for a bit. Not sex, not work, not any of that. Just...Us. We've been friends for so long. We're still best friends, even though we're lovers now too," she began, her serious tone not very Uni-like but still cute, amiable and kind. She was being genuine, and she knew SeeU would know that. "I just never want to compromise that. I was so worried, petrified even, when the idea of us being a couple came up, because I thought we'd lose that friendship. I know that isn't the case now, of course...But it really means the world to me. You mean the world to me. And I can't ever be me, I can't ever be okay again without
  17.       you." The air was nice. It was a nice night. Quiet, peaceful, mild weather. A perfect summer evening if there ever was one. "I know this is probably coming out of nowhere. I just want you to know for certain that this is...Not a prank or anything. I'll go pretty far for that stuff, but...I'd never do anything that at all compromised...Us. Our friendship, or our love. I feel like I need like...A code word for when I'm being for real," she said with a giggle. "Would be a lot easier than spilling my guts every time."
  18. /me “No crazy shenanigans? Now you've got me really worried.” She was obviously joking, but Uni going without crazy shenanigans for a whole evening was like SeeU going without fussing over the light fixtures for an entire dress rehearsal. She moved from holding Uni's hand in her own to just wrapping both arms around her arm, hanging off of it and leaning against her as they walked. It was a tad impractical, but it was a far more direct way of showing her affection. “Uni, I know when you're being serious.” She almost had to roll her eyes at the notion of her not believing that Uni meant this from the bottom of her heart. “what, like a reverse safeword?” The fact that SeeU even knew what that was, much less how to use it in context like that, was a little surprising, even to her, “We haven't even gotten kinky enough to do <b>regular</b> safewords.” The roles were reversed, it seemed, with Uni
  19. /me trying to be serious for once, and SeeU providing the playful jokes. The sparkle in her eyes betrayed her teasing, though. She knew exactly how much Uni meant all of it, and she couldn't have hid her appreciation of it if she'd wanted to. “If I thought you were actually capable of doing something that compromised us, I wouldn't be able to tease you like this, I hope you know. Even before we started dating, I would have trusted you with my life. I haven't even thought about the possibility of you doing something to hurt me... ever, I don't think. Even when you made me mad or did something dumb and we got into a fight over it, I never believed for a second that you would ever try to hurt me or to drive me away as your friend. I always knew it was an accident. Now that we're together...” She smiled, eyes half-closing, not really even paying attention to the path they took, just enjoying walking along with her girlfriend wherever they felt like going, “It's even more unthinkable.”
  20.       Uni felt her heart slowly grow warmer and warmer while SeeU continued. It was a beautiful thing, their relationship. Their friendship. All of it. She was happier than she knew how to express. So for a short while, she just enjoyed the silence. They were on an urban path for a while, but eventually moved onto something that had a bit more nature. At first just on one side, with trees and foliage marking the outskirts of the city. "I definitely was not expecting 'safeword' to come out of your mouth," she said after the prolonged silence. "But that definitely tells me that I need to step up my game a bit," she said, easing herself into the other topics. "...I'm glad you know all that. I'm not sure why I ever thought you wouldn't. Just...Paranoid I guess." Uni was, for someone as close to her as SeeU, certainly acting uncharacteristically uncertain of herself. Normally she didn't need a second thought on any topic, but...All of this was really hitting her. It at least made it
  21.       impossible to think she was anything less than speaking from the heart. The vulnerability was there. She smiled at SeeU. "It's cute when you hang off my arm, by the way. I want to do the same to you all the time but I feel like if I went all out, you'd have me clinging to you from the moment you woke up to the moment you went to bed. Eternal pink cling." She giggled, but held a more pensive expression following. They turned onto a dirt path at this point. Still smooth, but now with trees on both sides. "...I don't know how well you remember it, but about the only time we spent apart for any significant time, the time during high school. I know it was only about a year and a half when I went to Japan and you had to stay in Korea. I...Never stopped thinking about you for a single second when I was there. I never really explained any of that, either. Basically uh...My dad had a job offer, and didn't think my career as a singer really was going anywhere. We were pretty young of course,
  22.       so I guess it wasn't so unreasonable at the time to think I was just chasing the stars. But I just...Knew it in my heart at the time, that you and I had a future in this business. We had the best moves, and the best voices. I just...I knew it. I was pretty upset with my dad, but, well...I never really have been on good terms with either of my parents. S'why I spent so much time at your place. When I came back to Korea, they weren't with me. I had been working underage on top of school to save up enough money to buy a plane ticket back to Korea. I know that you and your family probably could have helped me, but I didn't want to involve anyone else. Even now, it's been what...Five years later that I'm admitting this?" She shook her head. "I couldn't be apart from you. And despite my father and mother telling me it was just a temporary move, they changed their tune the moment we landed in Japan. I couldn't go on without you, so I found my way back. Took a while to get somewhere that
  23.       would let someone underage work, but it was...Legal, at least. Student wage and all. Was just a job delivering newspapers, before you go thinking I was in some slave shop," she said with a giggle. "I ended up leaving without much of any notice, so that little period isn't about to appear on my references list. Better I just forget it happened, honestly. But I uh...Never looked back. Never contacted my parents again after that. I'm sure you've picked up on times where I was dodging the point about where my parents were all these years, or maybe you just accepted that I never really talk about them. In either case I'm uh...Glad you didn't say anything. Probably would have gotten kinda crazy if you did," she said, rubbing the back of her head. "I just had this weird fixation on being self-made. When we eventually went back to Japan and made it into the Vocaloids, I just wanted to leave everything else behind. Start a new chapter in life. Together, just me and you. The reason that I
  24.       bring this is up primarily so you don't freak out if you notice the ten thousand dollar cheque I'll be writing to give back to my parents. Basically one last middle finger to pay them back for the cost of raising me so I owe them nothing. I know this sounds dumb, but it's just the last little string of my past that I'm getting rid of, keeping the only thing that mattered from it right here with me," she said, squeezing SeeU's hand a little more tightly. The dirt trail they were walking along was getting a bit uneaven on the edges; they were definitely out somewhere far away from the city now. But the moon was bright, and it was a beautiful, brightly lit evening.
  25. /me SeeU listened as Uni spilled her guts about the entire side of her history that she'd never revealed before. Part of her was shocked, even a little offended, that she had never even mentioned this before. She supposed, somewhere deep down, she always had some idea; Uni and her parents had always had a rocky relationship, and when they disappeared from the picture so completely, it was really the inevitable conclusion. She held tight to Uni; the pink-haired girl could have told a story about how she killed a puppy and SeeU still wouldn't hate her. There was no way she could have anything but love in her heart for Uni, no matter what happened.  She knew it didn't mean anything that something so huge was hidden from her. Uni was always the sort to put on a brave face. The whole idol schtick of being a beacon of happiness, a symbol for your fans to believe in as perfect, pure, beautiful no matter what...
  26. /me Nobody believed in that more strongly than Uni. All of them put on a brave face, made themselves happy and boisterous and playful for their performances. Even Merli managed to look downright cheerful whenever those stage lights went up, but when they went back down? They all became normal people again with normal problems and faults and foibles... all of them except Uni. She never let the facade down; a performer to the very end. Uni was the symbol of happiness and joy and purity (okay, maybe not so much purity now that they were sleeping together every chance they got) to the rest of the vocaloids that they were to their fans. She was finally letting the mask down. Finally being a person instead of an idol. It was something that SeeU knew was hard for her to do; Uni truly enjoyed encouraging others, sometimes to a fault. To the point that she would ignore her own issues and pretend
  27. /me like they didn't exist, even when they needed to be addressed. Any lingering offense she took at the revelation that so much of Uni's life had been kept from her was replaced by deep admiration and appreciation that she was the one who Uni felt comfortable enough with to say any of this at all. “Don't do it.” She said simply, still facing forward, she didn't feel a need to look up and lock eyes with Uni when they were walking together so closely like this. “Not like this, at least.” SeeU had none of the family baggage that Uni did; her parents had been loving and supportive throughout the entirety of her career, and still supported her to this day, showing up to concerts, flowers after shows, all that sort of stuff. She couldn't speak to what it might be like to actually deal with a family so broken and spiteful, parents who didn't support you in doing what you love, who dragged you away from everything you
  28. /me wanted in life like that. Even so, she couldn't see the value in this plan, “Don't let that control you. No matter how much you hate them, if you do this as an act of spite, then it's not something you're really doing for yourself, right?” She squeezed tight at Uni's arm, “You're doing it because of them. Not because of you or what you want. Send them the money, but don't do it like that. They're still your parents, and they might have been dumb and belligerent, but they still raised you. I know you like to do things on your own, be self-sufficient and all that, but you have to know by now that you're part of a team... even if it's not you and me, it's the whole crew and the producers and the other idols. We all work together. Just cutting ties like that for the sake of spiting someone...” She paused. She really didn't have a say in this at the end of the day, did she? She didn't know what it was like to be Uni, to deal with
  29. /me controlling parents like that, how hard it must have been to leave the way she did, “I guess I can't tell you what to do, but that just doesn't feel like <b>my</b> Uni.”
  30.       No...It wasn't like her. It wasn't the Uni that deserved to be with SeeU. That was a sobering thought. One that took a few moments to mature in her mind, but one that ultimately left her smiling. "...You're right. I'll rise above it. Send it to them and just...Wish them well. That feels better. Feels like it'll give me the closure I'm looking for," she said just as the two of them found what Uni was looking for. She walked with SeeU, now stepping over some protruding roots and under-brush. "Careful, I know we're not wearing the best shoes for this, might have been an oversight on my part," she said, giggling again. "Uh, just through here, almost...Eeeh.." she said while pushing through some more flora. She then stumbled a bit as she stepped through, ultimately revealing what she was looking for. It was a small, circular meadow. The trees were dense enough around its circumference to keep it hidden, but if SeeU had been watching (and they never weren't watching), they might
  31.       have noticed that Uni had carved a heart with the initial U into it on one of the trees on the outer edge, with the initial slightly to the left so it had room for SeeU's 'S' next to is. US, of course, being the cute, sappy, saccharine play on words (letters?) that Uni had planned. This little sanctuary had a glittering pond, flowers sprouting from the slightly long grass underfoot that could tickle their ankles, and most of all it had the perfect amount of light pouring into it to complete the romantic image. The moon's god-rays pouring through the treetops gave it that perfect feel, the one Uni had been searching for. She unzipped her bag and pulled out a small swiss army knife. Nothing particularly special about it, but something for SeeU to use. She handed it to SeeU, then pointed at the tree. "If you could complete the heart, my love," she said, smiling a warm, romantic smile. She'd...Been planning this. But it was just like Uni to spontaneously decide 'this was happening now'
  32.       instead of working with SeeU to make a plan for some later date and ensuring they were free and so on. Uni would wait for SeeU to take it, then watch them work at inscribing their best S into the tree trunk that had the perfect angle of moonlight to be highlighted over all the other trees, to be their perfect little memory in this forgotten meadow.
  33. /me SeeU squeezed her lover's arm tight. She may have had a happy-go-lucky affectation, and she might have been completely bonkers in the head sometimes, but that was only part of the Uni that SeeU loved and admired so much. The other part, the part people never really got to see, was the one here  in front of her now. The one who was mature and sentimental and caring, who thought of everyone else's happiness before her own. After being led through the underbrush into this secret little oasis, she smiled. It was a perfect little private getaway. The exact sort of place where they would have built a fort as kids... they were probably still gonna build a fort here, weren't they? “You are such a hopeless romantic, and I adore you.” SeeU was grinning like an idiot at the sight of the tree. She reached one hand over, grabbing her girlfriend's hand where it held the knife and turned it away enough that she
  34. /me could grab Uni by the waist and pull her in, stealing a long, deep kiss from her lips, here in this perfect, idyllic little meadow, just for them. If they were going to spend a little time here, she determined that skinny-dipping in the pond was the next logical step.  After she broke the embrace, face flushed, breathing heavy, eyes glittering with adoration for her lover, she took the blade and strode over to the tree, reaching up and scraping the bark off with a few quick strokes in each direction. It was angular, as most of these initial-signing-type things were, a series of straight lines marked out to form an 'S' right next to the 'U'. “Should I add an A? And maybe a couple exclamation points? We do have a big show in L.A. Next month, could use it as some promo material.” She grinned as she turned around, waggling the knife off to the side of the heart to indicate where she might add it in.
  35.       And when SeeU turned around, they'd find Uni down on one knee. She had the most uncertain, terrified look she'd ever worn. Her head was tilted upward to look at her lover. Her heart was pounding, and not from the kiss and the hug they shared. No. It was because her hands were before her, one with palm raised, and something stunning resting in said hand. A jewellery box, with a gorgeous golden ring complete with three diamonds set at the top, with the flanking and smaller ones raised slightly off centre to hang on the corners of the larger diamond, cut with a flawless brilliance cut. The others? Triangles. Cat ears. Like everything SeeU owned. All three diamonds sparkled with immeasurable beauty in the moonlight. Her hand was trying desperately to stay steady, but it was clearly hard. The other hand was still curled around the top of the box, because she had no idea what else to do with it. She was there, at the most vulnerable moment in her life, and ready to start another new
  36.       chapter with the most important person in her life. "SeeU..." she began, voice very clearly requiring a great deal of focus to keep from shattering. She had entirely ignored the bits about promos, and work, and any of that. This was her moment. This was the moment she had been meticulously planning and dreaming for. She swallowed. SeeU already knew what she was going to ask, but she had to ask it: "...Will you marry me?"
  37. /me SeeU froze, eyes going wide. Her fingers became stuck halfway open and the knife dropped to the ground at her feet. The empty night sky was completely silent. She couldn't move, couldn't speak. Her heart felt ten sizes too big, and each of its pulsating beats, speeding up by the second, felt like it was about to burst her ribcage. Her lungs were compressed, unable to hold air, forcing her breaths to be short and rapidfire. Her fingers and toes were numb, trembling, her whole body shook from top to bottom. She was just frozen in place, staring at Uni, the most intense, most meaningful sight one person could ever show to another laid before her. She had seen Uni naked, splayed out on the bed, begging to be ravaged, they had shared the most intimate embrace of all countless times, confessed their love to each other over and over and over again and meant it every single time from the bottom of their hearts.
  38. /me All of that combined did not mean as much, did not convey the depths of Uni's feelings, the force that drove her to be with SeeU, half as well as that single simple motion of falling to one knee, hands held up, with a ring on her palm. She stepped forward, her gait unsteady. She felt like she was about to topple over, she couldn't feel her feet, everything was spinning. She wasn't thinking, there was no conscious decision being made, no direct thought being put into this. No instinct, either; it wasn't some autonomic response made in a split-second decision. No, it was something entirely separate from that. Something at the core of her very being, beneath conscious thought and beneath even instinct and reflex, drove her to place one foot before another, closing the distance between them. Her expression didn't change; her mouth hung open, slack-jawed and dumb, her eyes were stretched as wide as they
  39. /me could go, staring directly at Uni. Once she finally crossed the gap, standing directly over Uni, she reached one trembling hand out and grabbed the ring between thumb and forefinger, pulling it from the jewelry box. Wordlessly, she brought her other hand up, finally removing her eyes from Uni to look at her hands. She spread her fingers out, and lined the little golden loop up with the third one. She continued shaking, her mind was blank, white noise. There were thoughts somewhere in there, but they ran over top of one another so rapidly that they made no coherent sense. Some portion of her questioned this; was she really ready for it? To commit her entire life to this? Could she make that kind of a decision right now, on the spot? And yet... there was no decision to be made. It wasn't a question of whether or not she <b>wanted</b> to be with Uni forever. Uni was already a part of her. She had been
  40. /me for years. It was impossible to separate the two, not just in the typical sense that they were always together, but also in that they had changed each other so much, had such and impact on one another for so long that for one to exist without the other simply wasn't possible. Her hands moved on their own, even as some corner of her mind still debated with itself; the eternally rational, level-headed SeeU had her rationality and reason completely drowned out not by sheer emotion, but by the very core of her being demanding that logic sit down, shut up, and let her do what she <b>needed</b> to do. By the time she came to, had a chance to recognize that she was still here, in this clearing, with Uni's question still unanswered, the ring was already on her finger. Her jaw finally managed to work again, and she closed her lips together for the first time in what felt like a century. Her hands moved forward, one
  41. /me closing the empty jewelry box, the other going underneath Uni's upturned palm, pulling up, guiding her lover to stand as she drew in one breath, “Yes...” it was a broken whisper, but as her lips formed the words, her eyes teared up, her lips spread wide, grinning as wide as she could. She couldn't have stopped smiling if she tried, her body, her soul, the very core of what made SeeU SeeU was so overflowing with joy that smiling, grinning like an idiot as tears ran down her cheeks, was the only option. “Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes yes yes!” She couldn't repeat it enough, there weren't enough 'yes'es in the universe to illustrate her conviction in this answer. She threw herself forward, throwing her arms around Uni's shoulders and practically tackling her girlf-- her <b>fiance</b> to the ground with a kiss.
  42.       Uni had never been more terrified in her life. Her heart was in her throat and her body was numb from head to toe. She couldn't breathe. She couldn't think. She could just...Kneel there on knees that couldn't support her as she waited for SeeU's answer. She knew this might have been a little soon. She knew that this might be out of nowhere. But she had gone from convincing herself that she and SeeU would never be able to be in love, and would forever need to remain friends, to this. She had spent so long trying to contain her love that now, finally allowed to express it, she couldn't. She was going to spend the rest of her life with SeeU, and if she wasn't good enough for that, she needed to know so she could stop trying. It would never have been fair for SeeU to know how much of Uni's sense of self rested on this single decision. It was a given that saying no would crush the other, but for Uni? It would have destroyed her. SeeU was her everything. She couldn't think of any way to
  43.       prove it other than this. There was no going back. This was the defining moment of her life. She'd never be this vulnerable again. SeeU's surprise, dropping the knife, and slow approach to pick up the ring were torture. Uni's mind was racing a mile a minute. Slowly, it went on their finger. It was uplifting, it gave her hope. But she couldn't know for sure. She needed to hear it. She envisioned how SeeU could remove it seconds later and run off crying for reasons unknown. But that...That isn't how it happened. No, she saw the love in SeeU's eyes, and she saw it. Slowly, the box came to close, she was brought to stand, and she heard it. Time froze. When did she start crying? She wasn't sure. But she could no longer hear, nor think or be aware of anything but her lover standing in front of her. The fact that she hadn't collapsed at this point was a miracle. It was just a quiet realm, where SeeU's broken whisper resounded in her mind again and again. 'Yes'. SeeU said yes.
  44.       She said YES. And then she said yes again, and again, and she didn't stop saying yes until Uni found herself toppling backwards while arms willed themselves around SeeU to hold her tight. Her heart was beating so fast it was probably at risk for a heart attack. The jewellery box ended up rolling out of her hand a few feet away to rest on the ground, and she landed on her back with SeeU on top of her, their lips together. Tears were streaming out of her eyes, and she squeezed SeeU as tight as she could. She kissed them with every fibre of passion she possessed, and when their kisses broke she had to force her face into SeeU's shoulder where she began to weep tears of overwhelming joy. "Gods, SeeU...You said yes.." she wept weakly, sobbing like a baby. Her entire body was trembling, she was a mess, but...She was smiling the most beautiful, genuine smile she'd ever smiled in her life while she sobbed out another weak, sobbing vocalization of her reality: "I'm gonna make you my wife.."
  45. /me A pair of lovers lying on the grass, pristine crystaline pool reflecting pale moonlight from the glittering night sky above. A golden ring on her finger. It was something out of a fairy tale, this moment as they kissed. It was like their first kiss all over again, but a hundred times more intense, more meaningful, more beautiful than it ever had been. SeeU had a head start on the crying, and was able to collect herself sooner, moving her arms to cradle her fiance against her shoulder, smiling, sighing heavily, alternating between choked sobs of excitement and breathless laughter. “H-hey... I'm the husband, aren't I?” There wasn't anything in her heart to dwell on, no reservations, no long introspections on what she felt or what this meant for her. There had been a maelstrom of thought and emotion clouding her mind all the way up until the moment that ring had slid onto her finger, but the instant it was there, she felt like she'd been wearing it for years. This was as natural as breathing, there was nothing to think about, just her love for Uni. “You're the one who I'm going to make into my wife.”
  46.       Uni could appreciate SeeU for a multitude of reasons. And indeed she did. One of said reasons was that SeeU was able to inject levity into serious situations, and even when the pair of them was overflowing with love, they still had that reminder that no matter what, they were friends at the core of it. The best, closest of friends. That also happened to be so incredibly in love that Uni still couldn't feel a single muscle in her body. She lowered her head to rest on the grass again, staring up at her lover. She was already smiling, so she couldn't...Really smile any wider. But if she could, she would have. "What? Are you trying to figure out which of the chopsticks is the fork here?" she said, giggling. "You might have the bits that I don't, but you'd better not think you're allowed to show up in anything but a dress. I can walk down the aisle to you if you want, but...You don't suddenly stop being the woman I love because of that, you goof, ehehe.~"
  47. /me “Awww, come on, I think I'd look super fancy in a tux~” SeeU giggled, staring down at Uni, straddled over her, the obvious physical repercussions of their intimacy pressing against her lover's thigh, though she paid it no heed. There would definitely be sex. Lots and lots of sex. So much sex that even the insatiable, unquenchable Uni would be walking bow-legged with wobbly knees afterwards. That was an inevitability, but it wasn't an immediate one. She didn't care about ripping Uni's clothes off or kneading her breasts or penetrating her or any of that, she just wanted to be here, close, holding her lover tight until the sun came up. Her hands stroked through those thick, luscious locks, naturally bubblegum pink... Uni was a quirk and a half of genetics, and SeeU loved every last bit of her. “I think you'd look pretty good in one too. Maybe not as good as a wedding dress, but you could wear a potato”--
  48. /me “sack and still make it sexy, so I'm not going to complain.” her eyes glittered, the remains of her tears sparkling under the moonlight. “God... I'm going to <b>marry</b> you...” She said it with such reverence, such excitement and hope and anticipation that it couldn't be misinterpreted as the thoroughly depressing statement it could have been with the wrong tone. “I'm going to marry the <b>hell</b> out of you.” She leaned down, once more capturing Uni's lips with her own, the soft, plush petals of their lips gliding across one another, pressing, squeezing, massaging, the simplest, most straightforward, most pure way to express how she felt right now.
  49.       Uni was a bundle of giggles and happiness, and kisses were given and returned liberally. They wouldn't be able to keep their lips off one another for a while. That was fine. This was always fine. But now it was especially fine. "We can cosplay with tuxes and stuff some other time. The wedding ceremony has to be special. And one of these days you're going to learn that saying things like that will actually make me show up in a potato sack." She smirked. "...But...Not this time. If there's one day that I'm going to be serious from start to finish, it's going to be our special day." From goofy to extra heartfelt in two seconds. Another kiss. Another giggle. "I'm gonna marry the hell outta you too.~ We're gonna have to keep it low-key, just our closest friends and family and stuff but...Ugh, is it weird that I can't wait to start planning this with you? I know you're going to probably go crazy to make it's all perfect but...Gods I just love you for that."
  50. /me “Tuscany. In Florence. Or... no, maybe Murano? Definitely Tuscany, though.” SeeU had a bit of an obsession with Italy ever since one of their European tours a couple years prior. If there was anywhere she wanted to get married, it was there, “On a bridge over the canals... oh, but the cathedrals there are <b>soooo</b> pretty too... We're definitely getting some special glass accessories made special for the day. Did you ever go with me to see the glassblowers in Murano? They're so amazing. And the cake is going to be <b>covered</b> in strawberries,” SeeU's switch had gotten flipped, and she was thinking at a million miles an hour of every single way she could make it perfect, her excitement mounting with every second, “I'll have to talk to Miss Sakamoto about getting a special dance set up from the other girls. Lapis and Merli and Cul and Neru and Miku can give us a private show as their wedding gift,”--
  51. /me “right? Of course the dresses will be white, but I'll have to work with the tailors to get gold accents on mine and pink on yours,” She slowed down a little, realizing she had just taken the base concept of 'planning' and run with it, leaving Uni in the dust, metaphorically speaking, “Sorry, I just... Oh my god, Uni, we're getting <b>MARRIED!!</b>” She bounced up and down a little, unable to control her grin as she lay atop her lover, imagining possibility after possibility for the big day, each more grand, more opulent, and more perfect than the last.
  52.       Uni just laid there, with a slowly broadening grin, as SeeU went on doing what SeeU did best. She knew she was going to take a back seat to this planning stuff. SeeU was way better at it anyway. That was for the best. She captured SeeU's lips one more time. "I love you, SeeU. We're getting married!~ And I know that it's going to be perfect. You always make everything perfect for me." She squeezed them a little more tightly. "...Let's just lay here together for a while longer, okay? We'll go home in a bit. I just...Don't want this moment to end until it has to. My heart just...Won't stop exploding, eheh.."
  53. /me “I love you too, Uni.” SeeU smiled, returning the kiss with vigor, squeezing her lover tight. “I... kinda want to stay here all night. I was about to suggest that we try skinny-dipping in that pond before you... y'know...” She lifted her hand up and wiggled its new adornment about... It had only been on her finger for a minute or two, and yet she couldn't imagine how naked she would feel taking it off. “I don't care if we go home or sleep in a ditch or take a rocket ship to space, as long as I'm with you, it doesn't matter.”
  54.       "That rocket ship into space sounds pretty nice. I already feel like my whole body has been stuck in the clouds for a while," she said, giggling. Seeing SeeU's ring on their finger had Uni biting her lip. "...I really hope you like it. I had it custom made, because anything less was just not good enough for you. It's...It's gonna take some getting used to seeing it on you. Having it hidden to admire for these past two months was a whole different world from it being on your finger." Yeah, just subtly admit you've been planning this for two months. Good job, Uni. That meant they hadn't even been together that long before Uni had her heart set on proposing. Hopefully that didn't come off as creepy.
  55. /me “It's perfect. You're perfect.” SeeU's hand rose up and gently rand across Uni's cheek once more, she leaned down, their foreheads touching, that big, goofy smile hadn't left her face this whole time. “I need to get one custom-made for you, though. I know we're gonna have proper wedding rings too, but I feel like we should each have a special one, right? Maybe a ruby cut to look like a strawberry? Or maybe just a heart would be better...” Her whole body had relaxed by this point, her weight resting atop her lover's, “for some reason, I imagine... a pink diamond, cut into a crescent moon. I don't know why, but I just... feel like that symbol fits you for some reason.”
  56.       Uni gave a broad smile. "You weren't supposed to spoil it on me, you dork,~" she said, giggling. She clearly didn't actually care, and seemed to be quite flattered by SeeU's mental image of what was perfect for her. She tapped SeeU's nose, then kissed her fiancee once more. "A pink diamond is ideal. I know that much is a given. And crescent moons are pretty. You have my full approval.~ Strawberry would be a bit uh...Facetious for a wedding ring. There's nothing wrong with us each having an engagement ring on top of our wedding bands. Perks of being in lesbians with each other,~" she said, giggling again. One more kiss. There'd be more. But just. One more. And then another. One more for good luck. "Mmnh.." One little nuzzle. Yeah. This was perfect. They were perfect. [end scene]
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