Starlight Glimmer Story

Feb 27th, 2017
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  7. Starlight Glimmer Story
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  11. >"Kidnapping, prostitution, tax evasion... this doesn't look like it's going to end right," the lawyer said to his client. He was looking at his papers, but it was obvious there was no way they could win this case.
  12. >On the other side of the steel table, Starlight Glimmer was handcuffed, wearing her orange clothing, looking at her knees.
  13. "Does it matter anymore? Man's punishment has no comparison with the penance of God."
  14. >The lawyer rolled his eyes and finally admitted defeat by closing his briefcase.
  15. >"There's nothing we can do about it, you will have to plead guilty."
  16. >Starlight Glimmer didn't even look up.
  17. "I understand..."
  18. >He sat on the other steel chair, rubbing his forehead, wondering how did this kind of case drop on him.
  19. >After talking with her for a couple of hours, he realized that this woman was both nuts and extremely depressed.
  20. >He decided to take another pick on the pictures that were on the table.
  21. >Those were of a homeless girl in a hospital.
  22. >"I didn't have time to read everything about your case, just the most important stuff. I have like six other clients I need to take care of this week. Thankfully you're the last one of them and we still have a couple of hours to talk with each other."
  23. >He relaxed and stretched his legs, sitting in a more comfortable position.
  24. >"The report said that you were the leader of a cult, their accusation, but there isn't much of context here."
  25. "It's not a cult, it's the truth that this sinful government doesn't want to see. But alright, I may find some peace of mind by telling you my sins."
  27. >It all started five years ago. God revealed himself to me in a dream.
  28. >He was the most beautiful being I've ever seen, every single part of his being made me fall in love with him.
  29. >He told me, "You must prepare this world, I will come down to punish the sinful and protect the weak and innocent. This world will be once again pure just like it was when I created it."
  30. >In my dream, I remember kneeling in front of him nude. There was nothing I could hide from him, I was at his mercy.
  31. >But the fear and the submission I felt to him in that instant, they were such beautiful feelings.
  32. >My soul and mind were his playthings because I knew he wouldn't misuse them, they were both in the right hands.
  33. >"Greed, corruption, lack of discipline, they are destroying the world I gave to you, my child. You will help me reborn in this wretched land, my daughter, my wife."
  34. >When I woke up, I found myself walking to my living room with a notebook and a pen and I began to write his testament.
  35. >I didn't come out of my house for a week. I didn't eat and I didn't sleep.
  36. >But it was finally done. How did I write it? His great love took control of my body to do his bidding.
  37. >On that week, he claimed me, his daughter. I was now his wife, prepared to bring him back to this world.
  39. "Huh? I can see you're a little uncomfortable with this."
  40. >She looked at her lawyer with a blank stare.
  41. >"I... no, I'm sorry, please continue."
  42. >"I guess I had to find a crazy one sooner or later."
  44. >Once the testament was done, I had another vision. God was grabbing my head and kissing my forehead.
  45. >"Spread the word, my child, my love. There are restless and tormented souls in this world. Protect them under your wing so they can be illuminated as well. Protect them from the greed rich and from the sinful government who only seeks to exploit them. You are all my dear children, all of you equal to each other. And you are my wife, you will unite them under my love."
  47. >That's when I decided to fund the Church of the Equal Children.
  48. >The greed demons sitting in their ivory towers will never exploit his children with money never again.
  49. >They will never tempt them with promises of wealth by trying to step on their brothers and sisters.
  50. >We are a family, his family, we shouldn't be exploiting each other for our own benefit.
  51. >Having himself as my armor and shield, I looked for the first disciples, the crushed ones, the sick ones, the hopeless ones.
  52. >I told them about the word of god and how he would save us all.
  53. >Many didn't listen, their eyes were still covered by greed and their minds abducted by the false prophets of money. They still needed time to understand his breath.
  54. >But the ones that did listen quickly realized that this was the right path.
  55. >I welcomed them in my house, where I could teach them his word without any kind of interference from their corrupted families or sinful acquaintances.
  56. >They read his word and ate my food.
  57. >I was their big sister, always protecting them from this cruel world.
  58. >In time, they realized that they were equal to each other.
  59. >But it was not enough.
  60. >Expressions of individuality would create conflict within this family, so we all had to get rid of our clothes.
  61. >The males shaved their head and the females covered her hair in a head cloth.
  62. >We all shaved our bodies. God told me that body hair was a physical expression of our past sins.
  63. >Eventually, I taught them how to make their own clothes so that they wouldn't have to depend on man's industry.
  64. >I, on the other hand, had to show I was his wife, it was my duty to be the head of these unfortunate souls.
  65. >He told me to leave my hair down, a sign of his favorite daughters and wives.
  66. >On those six months of living together, we learned to love our body and to reject sin altogether.
  67. >It was the start of something beautiful, his will and wishes coming true.
  69. >At some point, my small community began to grow.
  70. >I had over 700 followers when their donations were able to buy a small piece of land on the outskirts of the city.
  71. >Finally, this would be the foundation of our holy land.
  72. >On this sacred soil, he will be reborn and will take us to a new era of peace and prosperity.
  73. >I preached every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday.
  74. >I even made myself a black dress for the occasion.
  75. >My little brothers and sisters, they were quick learners.
  76. >They understood our father's will and words without hesitation.
  77. >Without even noticing it, a whole year passed by since I began to spread his word.
  78. >The preparations for the anniversary were finally done.
  79. >It was a beautiful festival.
  80. >God told all the young girls to walk naked into our church, so he could choose the virgin that would bear him.
  81. >The were all covering their hair since the only one who can see it is God himself and his angels once on their wedding night.
  82. >Sadly, we didn't find the adequate bride that day.
  83. >So I was the only one that was able to drink his essence.
  85. >"Excuse me," the lawyer said. "His essence?"
  86. "Yes, his sacred fluid. It was a beverage meant only for his wives."
  87. >"... What is it made out of?"
  88. "I cannot tell, only his wives know the receipt."
  89. >The lawyer once again rolled his eyes and kept listening to the story.
  90. "This went on for the next four years until I found the most beautiful and innocent lamb. The brightest star in his whole creation: Sunset Shimmer."
  91. >Her eyes brightened while saying her name, but she immediately felt a cramp in her stomach, as if God himself punished her for mentioning that name.
  92. >"The girl in the pictures, right?"
  93. "... I have no right to mention her name, but you're the only one that will listen to my sins."
  94. >"How did you meet this girl?"
  95. "She was, like the rest of my little brothers and sisters, a lonely lamb looking for peace in her soul."
  97. >I met her while taking a stroll on a small town.
  98. >She was sitting on a bench, her clothes torn apart and her eyes lost on the horizon.
  99. >I immediately understood what her problem was.
  100. "What's wrong, my child?"
  101. >But she didn't answer.
  102. >I sat beside her.
  103. "Are you lost?"
  104. >She still didn't answer.
  105. "Tell me, why did you run away?"
  106. >"Wha- How did you know?"
  107. "God knows his children better than anybody. Why did you run away?"
  108. >"... Please, leave me alone."
  109. "I cannot do that. It is my mission to take care of the lost lambs like you. You don't have to tell me right now, but you need to know I mean no harm."
  110. >She didn't move or tried to run away.
  111. >The girl seemed uncomfortable at first, it was apparent it was the first time she talked with someone else in a while.
  112. >"I wasn't... happy where I was living before. Everyone kept hurting me. My classmates, my mother, people who said they cared for me... even myself."
  113. >She pulled the wrist of her old, dirty jacket to reveal multiple scars on her flesh.
  114. >"I began thinking that maybe there was another place I could go to escape all this pain... but it was nothing but the fantasy of a dumb girl. Living on the street has taught me that magic doesn't exist."
  115. "God does exist, my child, and he cares about you."
  116. >"Well if he cares so much about me, then why am I who am I?!"
  117. >I quietly held her hands and told her.
  118. "He didn't want you to suffer but this world is too corrupted by man's worst enemy: greed. I am here to help children like you."
  119. >"How can I know I can trust you..."
  120. "Well, let me introduce myself first. I am Starlight Glimmer. What's your name, my child?"
  121. >"Sunset Shimmer."
  122. "What a lovely name. I can see you are hungry, Sunset. Why don't you come to my church? We have plenty of food over there."
  123. >"Really?"
  124. "Of course, Sunset! The food we have is for those in need of it."
  125. >It was such a magnificent moment seeing her face brighten up, knowing that she wouldn't be hungry on that day.
  127. >When I took her to our church, she ate like she hasn't eaten in a whole year.
  128. >While she ate, I began to ask her why she ended like this.
  129. >It was a heartbreaking story; her friends betrayed her, her school hated her and her mother didn't pay attention to the poor child.
  130. >Finally, when she was done eating, she sat with her hands on top of her thighs.
  131. >"Thanks for the meal, Mrs. Glimmer. I guess I should go now."
  132. "Where will you go now, my child? The streets? That's not a place for a girl like you."
  133. >"B-but..."
  134. "It's ok, Sunset. Why don't you stay for a couple of days in our friendly community? We won't be asking anything in return."
  135. >"..."
  136. "You can live with me. I have the biggest house in this little town. You'll be comfortable in it."
  137. >"... Is it really okay?"
  138. "I told you, my little sister. It is my mission to protect those unfortunate souls that wander on this Earth."
  139. >I presented her to my growing community.
  140. >The poor girl was so shy, she was obviously nervous about being in front of so many strangers.
  141. >But she didn't have to be. Everybody in my congregation was a sweet, accepting lamb.
  142. >That night, she had to sleep in my bed since I only had one.
  143. >When I was about to sleep, I could hear the poor soul sobbing.
  144. "What's wrong, Sunset?"
  145. >"Nothing... It's just that, I missed sleeping on a warm bed."
  146. >I instinctively held her head and pushed it towards my bared chest.
  147. "It's ok, you don't have to sleep in the wild anymore. If you accept, you can sleep in a bed every day once again."
  148. >She nodded while she kept crying, finally feeling at home after all this time.
  150. >"Wait a minute," the lawyer interrupted her story. "Did you sleep naked in the same bed with a minor?"
  151. "I did, but, of course, the sinful laws of this damned and corrupted institution will misinterpret my intentions."
  152. >The lawyer sighed while nervously massaging his forehead.
  153. >"Was she also..."
  154. "She didn't have any other clothes, so yes."
  155. >"Oh for the love of... just continue your story..."
  157. >Days passed and Sunset began to feel a lot more comfortable living with us.
  158. >She quickly got used to the idea of covering her hair and walking without her clothes.
  159. >I have to say, she was the most beautiful flower in his garden.
  160. >However, it did become a little problematic at times.
  161. >I was getting visits from my followers, confessing their impure thoughts while looking at Sunset.
  162. >This never happened before in the five years since I created this holy land, but it was expected.
  163. >I talked with Sunset and convinced her that she could only go to the masses until she finished making her dress.
  164. "You can read his Testament. I haven't let anyone else read it, but I can sense you're special, my little sister."
  165. >"I am? But, big sister, I just arrived here."
  166. "Everything happens for a reason, child and I know he has a special place for you, that's why you should read them yourself."
  167. >I wasn't lying to her.
  168. >There was something special in her.
  169. >My husband wanted me to meet this beautiful daughter of his on that day.
  170. >It made me so happy seeing her read the writings over and over again.
  171. >To the point that she even forgot to work on her dress.
  172. "Little sister, is your dress done yet?"
  173. >"Oh, big sister. I'm so sorry! I was too busy reading again. I just can't help it, it's such a delight understanding your mission. Being with someone as important as you is more than an honor for me."
  174. "My dear Sunset, your words fill my heart with joy!"
  175. >I held her in my arms and kissed her on the lips.
  176. >For you, it may be a shameful act, but for us, it means a deeper connection between siblings.
  177. >Eventually, when she finished her dress, she was able to walk in our community once again.
  178. >But like bees attracted to a flower, the suitors didn't stop.
  179. >I had to walk alongside her every day to stop them from pestering her.
  180. >I knew she had an important mission and I couldn't let her ruin her future with a childish romance.
  182. >By her own will, she arrived first at every mass and helped me with its preparations.
  183. >She sat on the front and I could see her passion while praying to my husband.
  184. >If only you could see her, she was glowing like a candle in the middle of the night.
  185. >Looking at her like this convinced me even more of my mission.
  186. >And my other siblings? She was another light that guided with her example.
  187. >When the masses were done, she always helped me arranging the church, preparing it for the next event.
  188. >As magnificent as her attitude was, it was her gospels that surprised me.
  189. >Even as a 15-year-old girl, she was such a bright and intelligent girl, her words speaking to the deepest corner of my soul.
  190. >If only I had them here, you'd be convinced of my mission too.
  191. >Disciplined and brilliant, this child was indeed chosen by God himself.
  192. >And she was so full of love.
  194. >She suddenly took a break from the story she was telling.
  195. >"What's wrong?" The lawyer asked.
  196. "Nothing I just... Nevermind, I did say I was going to confess after all."
  197. >After hesitating, she continued.
  199. >At nights, when we were by ourselves, we used to hug each other.
  200. >I prohibited carnal relationships to my siblings except on special holidays and I, as their big sister, had to lead by example.
  201. >But having such a beautiful creature beside me, someone so innocent and naive, I had to prepare her.
  202. >You may not believe this, but she was the one that got closer to me.
  203. >We hugged for hours before we slept, it was our own tradition.
  204. >But then one night, she began to caress my leg with her fingers tips.
  205. >It was such a lovely sensation, I couldn't resist but let her do it.
  206. "Sunset, is everything alright?"
  207. >"Oh, big sister. I'm sorry, am I doing wrong?"
  208. "... No, of course not..."
  209. >She continued.
  210. "Are you, attracted to females?"
  211. >"No, of course not! I did have boyfriends before but... you are the only one that cared for me this much."
  212. >Her words melted my heart.
  214. >"Is it wrong for me to feel this way?" She asked in her sweetest and most innocent voice.
  215. "Of course not, Sunset... My Sunset. There's absolutely nothing ill in your heart."
  216. >I grabbed the hand she was caressing my leg with and coupled our fingers together.
  217. "Now I see what else I must do. I need to prepare both your body and heart for when it is time for you to become his bride."
  218. >I held her other hand too and with her big and beautiful eyes looking at mine we share the most beautiful kiss we have ever shared.
  219. >After some seconds of enjoying the purest taste of heaven, she put her head on my breasts.
  220. >I hugged her with my legs and arms, so she would feel safe inside my embrace.
  221. >"What am I doing, big sister? Isn't this sinful?"
  222. "No, my Sunset, you have to trust me. I'm just preparing you."
  223. >I slowly slipped my hand from her shoulder to her beautiful breasts, all the way down to her lap.
  224. >"I... I'm a virgin. Please be careful."
  225. "I know you are, my Sunset. However, I need to make sure."
  226. >I caressed her most private area and slipped one finger inside.
  227. >She was already wet.
  228. >While stroking her most hidden being I could feel her beautiful legs twitching in the most charming way.
  229. >I looked at her face while doing all of this and every emotion she showed was delightful.
  230. >Her final expression of confusion and pleasure made my own heart skip a beat.
  231. >Her entire body tensed. She bit her lip and hugged me with all her might.
  232. >When she finally relaxed her body, her look towards me changed.
  233. >I saw infatuation in those charming eyes.
  234. >I slowly took my hand and let her lick my fingers.
  235. "This is the taste of a virgin, my Sunset."
  236. >She smiled and kissed me once more.
  238. >"Stop." The lawyer finally said.
  239. "What's wrong?"
  240. >He was sweating bullets.
  241. >"You already have a rope around your neck. I'm not going to judge you right now, but you cannot go around telling this anecdote. You understand me?"
  242. >He punched the table in frustration.
  244. "I already told you. Man's punishment cannot be compared to what he is making me suffer."
  245. >"I don't care! My job right now is not even trying to set you free, but stopping them from hanging you from the closest tree. You cannot go around telling people something like that, especially with so much detail!"
  246. "Don't worry, then, I won't. You're the only person I was planning to confess my sins."
  247. >The lawyer took his glasses off, rubbed his forehead once again and breathed.
  248. >"Continue."
  250. >It was hard to believe, but the girl became even happier after that day.
  251. >Our siblings weren't noticing it, but the looks she gave to me were special.
  252. >She was such an innocent little girl, she always tried to walk as close to me so that she could secretly brush against me.
  253. >Every night, when it was just us and God watching from above, I opened her heart and body little by little, preparing both of them for when the time was right.
  254. >And when she was alone? She meditated and reflected on his love.
  255. >She was the ideal candidate after being with us for four months.
  256. >Finally, the faithful day came.
  257. >The fifth anniversary.
  258. >As usual, the virgins walked in a straight line towards the church.
  259. >Completely naked except for their head cloth, they were guided by Sunset, who was in front of the line.
  260. >She walked prideful and blissful.
  261. >Her amazing figure stole the glance of her brothers.
  262. >But she didn't have any interest in them, she only wanted to be with God and me.
  263. >Finally, all the girls were inside the church and ready to be judged.
  264. >When I inspected them one by one, a miracle happened.
  265. >Just as Sunset's turn came, her head cloth fell down by itself.
  266. >We all froze at the obvious sign.
  267. "Little brothers and sisters, rejoice! We found his new bride!"
  268. >The entire community celebrated.
  269. >In the five years since the foundation of this church, this never happened.
  270. >Sunset was crying, her infatuated eyes looking directly at me.
  271. >She wasn't alone, I was enamored by her too.
  273. >Glimmer's face changed after she said that.
  274. >She was now infected by a gloom sensation that traveled her whole body.
  275. >She didn't want to continue but she had to.
  276. >For what she did.
  277. >"So I guess this is the part where everything went south. I mean, more than it was already," The lawyer said in a sarcastic way.
  278. "It did..."
  280. >Once our celebration was done and everybody went back home, I stayed with Shimmer.
  281. >To start the ritual I took my clothes off.
  282. >Alone, in the middle of the church, I kissed her and hugged her, congratulating her.
  283. >Our bare breasts played with each other inside our embrace.
  284. >"I'm so happy, big sister! I'm finally becoming his bride!"
  285. "Yes, my Sunset, it's finally time for the ritual to start. Right here, under the moonlight, you will become his and only his."
  286. >We both walked out of the church and stood outside.
  287. >In the middle of the night, when not even the smallest creature could bother us, I began to play my bell.
  288. >I rang it six times and from the houses, the six chosen males walked out to meet us.
  289. >They were the vessels for the angels, their physical manifestation that would bring God into this sacred land.
  290. >These men were chosen for their physical and spiritual qualities.
  291. >Once they stood in front of us, completely naked, they vowed.
  292. >"We're honored and ready for this, big sister."
  293. "Good, let the ritual begin."
  294. >We all got into the church once again, closing it for the rest of the night and I took out the beverages.
  295. >One specially made for his wives, another for his vessels.
  296. >Sunset and I drank from the same cup while the men drank from their own individual ones.
  297. >We prayed for a couple of minutes until we began to feel our bodies become sacred.
  298. >They were now ready for such a beautiful act.
  299. >Sunset and I laid in the middle of a special bed prepared just for this occasion while the men stood around us.
  300. >And from the stained glass, the moonlight covered our naked bodies.
  302. "Can you see them, my Sunset? The angels are now inside them!"
  303. >"Yes, big sister! They are beautiful! They are glowing as if they were made out of the purest diamond!"
  304. >My little brothers were in a trance, their bodies taken and purified by the angels.
  305. >"Big sister, I can feel God touching me! His light, he is covering me, he is caressing my womb with his holiness!"
  306. >But then... Then...
  308. >Her words couldn't come out.
  309. >The weight of her sins stopped her from talking any further.
  310. >The painful memories struck her mind like a baseball bat.
  311. >She began to cry, trying to rip her clothes with her weak hands.
  312. >The lawyer was about to comfort her, but he couldn't feel any kind of sympathy towards the woman.
  313. >However, I can tell you what happened that night.
  315. >Both of them, the teenager and the woman were surrounded by these men, these vessels for the angels.
  316. >The testament said that the only way for God to come back to this world was to impregnate one of his virgin wives.
  317. >Sunset was the ideal candidate for this job.
  318. >"Big sister, I can feel God touching me! His light, he is covering me, he is caressing my womb with his holiness!" Shimmer said.
  319. >The beverage Starlight put Shimmer in a trance where she could see things she would normally wouldn't see.
  320. >Sunset could see these six men emanating a holy light while she herself was covered by God's essence.
  321. >However, the images she saw quickly changed.
  322. >The light that was covering changed from a gentle white radiance to an ominous red.
  323. >The beautiful men surrounding her transformed into hideous beings with revolting members.
  324. >"B-big sister! What's going on?!" Sunset screamed.
  325. "We're about to be touched by his might, my Sunset, rejoice!"
  326. >Sunset could see the darkness behind the figures slowly moving towards her behind the men.
  327. >"No! Sister, help! This isn't our father, this is the devil! We need to escape!"
  328. "What?! Blasphemy, Sunset, how dare you!"
  330. >"No! Big sister! Starlight, we need to run!"
  331. "You will be quiet, Sunset! How dare you desecrate this holy ceremony!"
  332. >Starlight grabbed Sunset by her arms.
  333. "You were chosen by our husband, receive his seed as you were meant to do!"
  334. >Why did Sunset begin to see these demons?
  335. >Was it because her young body wasn't prepared to such a powerful drug?
  336. >Maybe Starlight was already used to the beverage and it didn't affect her like it did Sunset?
  337. >Or perhaps, it actually made Sunset see the truth behind our material world?
  338. >Whatever the reason, she was terrified.
  339. >"No, Starlight! Please! Big sister, for the love that unites our souls and hearts, let me go!"
  340. "Enough! Angels, grab her!"
  341. >Two men held her arms while Glimmer grabbed her from behind.
  342. "You have risked this ceremony, my Sunset, we need to keep going with or without your consent."
  343. >Tears were coming out of Sunsets eyes while her legs were desperately twitching.
  344. "She's the important one, angels. Once you're finished with her we can continue with me."
  345. >One of the men who was in a deep trance, grabbed her legs with almost inhuman strength and slowly pushed his hip against hers.
  346. >"No! Stop! Starlight, help me! God! Someone!"
  347. >In her mind, the member of this men mutated into a giant worm violently writhing.
  348. >And then, she felt the pain of her virginity stolen by such a vile creature.
  349. >Like an animal, the man humped her body over and over again, snorting like a wild animal.
  350. >Sunset felt every single painful hit of his pelvis.
  351. >However, even if it hurt her, she could only concentrate on the worm twisting inside her.
  352. >To her disgust, she could feel the creeping creature divide inside her again and again until there were millions of minuscule worms swimming inside her.
  353. >Impregnating here.
  354. >The only thing Sunset could do was cry in pain, disgust, and terror.
  355. >After ejaculating, the man moved away from him and then it was the turn of the next "angel."
  357. "There, isn't that better?"
  358. >Glimmer said with a warm smile on her face while she caressed Sunset's pelvis.
  359. >Sunset was crying, still trying to get away with what little strength she still had.
  360. >But then the second, third and fourth angels raped her.
  361. >Each one of them expelling their own filth inside Sunset.
  362. >From infected blood to animal sperm, Sunset felt every single instant and every single movement inside of her.
  363. >She finally lost her will to fight when the fifth demon had its way with her.
  364. "There there, enjoy it, my Sunset. Now, angels, it's my turn to be one with my husband."
  365. >Glimmer finally said, letting the men that already had their way with Sunset make love to her.
  367. >The next day, Starlight woke up in the middle of the church.
  368. >She felt amazing, truly touched by God himself.
  369. >However, when she turned to see Sunset, she was horrified by what she saw.
  370. >The girl was laying on the floor in a pool of her own vomit.
  371. >Her crotch was covered with blood and dried semen.
  372. >She didn't sleep at all that night.
  373. >Suddenly, the memories of that night crashed inside Glimmer's mind.
  374. >How Sunset kept screaming about the devil and how she forced her pupil to have sex with the angels.
  375. "S-Sunset?"
  376. >But she didn't move. The only movement she did was blink.
  377. "Come on, my Sunset, answer me."
  378. >"... I'm pregnant..."
  379. "What?"
  380. >"I'm bearing the devil inside of me, big sister, not God."
  381. "C-come on, my Sunset. How can you say that? Our partners were angels! I had the same partners as you!"
  382. >"You're not a virgin, big sister... he didn't want to be inside your body."
  383. "Stop it, Sunset. Stop talking."
  384. >"I feel it, he is feeding from me, growing from me. I am his tool now, his mother and wife for the rest of eternity."
  385. "Sunset! I said stop!"
  386. >"I made a terrible mistake, big sister. I wasn't ready to bear God. And for my sin, I'm bearing a behemoth."
  388. >Glimmer finally came to her senses after crying silently for several minutes.
  389. >The lawyer kept staring at her.
  390. >"Are you feeling better?" He said.
  391. "Yes, I think so. I'm sorry, it looks like I still don't have the strength to tell you this part of the story. However, you should know that something bad happened to her on that day and it was all my fault."
  392. >The woman sighed.
  393. "And it kept getting worse and worse. Let's continue the confession."
  395. >For the next six weeks, Sunset didn't come out of a small room she locked herself in.
  396. "Sunset please, come out."
  397. >"...No."
  398. >She said it was her penance for committing such a horrible sin, but I knew her well. She was scared of me.
  399. >I didn't want to force her again to do something against her will, so I let her be for the moment.
  400. >I left food for her outside the door and I even let her skip our masses.
  401. >I had to tell my brothers that she had to reflect becoming a mother.
  402. >From the few words she told me while she was in there, she said that her period didn't come.
  403. >She was indeed pregnant.
  404. >I was happy, he was finally coming to us.
  405. >But, she said that it was the devil inside her.
  406. >I tried to convince her that she was actually bearing our father and his husband but she didn't believe me.
  407. >She didn't want to believe me.
  408. >And then, after the sixth week, hell broke upon us.
  409. >When I woke up that day, I saw the door of that room open.
  410. "Sunset, are you out now?"
  411. >But after saying that, I noticed the blood on the floor.
  412. >Scared as I was, I ran, following the trail until I found her naked, looking outside the window.
  413. "My Sunset, what's wrong?"
  414. >She turned around to look at me and what I saw horrified me.
  415. >Her crotch, thighs, and legs were covered in blood.
  416. "S-Sunset?!"
  417. >"I did it, big sister... I saved us all. The worm inside me is no more."
  418. >I ran back to the room and in a pool of blood, there was...
  419. "How could you?! Sunset, you killed... you killed God..."
  420. >"No, big sister, I killed the devil."
  422. >I was blinded with rage.
  423. >I don't know why God let me act the way I did but, I committed the biggest mistake of my life.
  424. >Infuriated by Sunset's actions, I grabbed her by the arm, filthy as she was and took her out of our house.
  425. >In the middle of our town, in the middle of our brothers, I threw her into the dirt.
  426. "Everyone, listen up! This, this tramp killed God!"
  427. >My community didn't take any time to reunite around us.
  428. "Look at her legs and vulva, covered in the dirtiest of blood! he committed the ultimate crime!"
  429. >Sunset desperately tried to explain herself.
  430. >"No! You must believe me, it wasn't God but the devil! Please!"
  431. "Ignore her words! She willingly killed God!"
  432. >The anger of my community was palpable.
  433. >Before she was the most beautiful flower in our garden, an angel sent by him to save us all.
  434. >Now, she was nothing but a dog with scabies.
  435. >My brothers and sisters began to throw everything they had on their reach at her.
  436. >Rocks, food, sticks, insults.
  437. >The poor girl was only able to hide in between her arms and legs.
  438. "That's enough! It's time for the biggest punishment, exile!"
  439. >I grabbed her by the arm and dragged her all the way into the entrance of our town.
  440. >"P-please, big sister, Starlight... don't throw me into the cold again, for his love, don't do it..."
  441. "You did this to yourself, you tramp!"
  442. >It was the most painful thing I have done.
  443. >I received this poor girl wearing only her clothes.
  444. >And I kicked her out with less than she had.
  445. >The entire town, like a rabid pack of chimps, kept throwing projectiles at her while she slowly walked the path of exile.
  446. >I was crying for many reasons. Her betrayal, the pain of doing this to my loved one, the death of my husband.
  447. >But I had to stand strong on my decision, for my brothers.
  448. >When she finally disappeared in the horizon, one by one, my followers began to cry and lament themselves, all of them realizing that we have done something terrible to our most precious sister.
  450. >The next couple of weeks were the grimmest moments in my community.
  451. >I received news from some of my followers that some had taken their own lives.
  452. >Others had fled back to their old lives of sin and excess.
  453. >Siblings stopped coming to the masses.
  454. >The community grew thinner and thinner.
  455. >And I? I missed Sunset.
  456. >Her bright smile and her warm embrace.
  457. >To cope with the pain, I, I even pleasured myself on those lonely nights thinking on her.
  458. >It was a sin, but I couldn't resist.
  459. >My Sunset was no more.
  460. >To top it all, the government came into our land with the excuse of investigating some rumors about "my organization."
  461. >The followers that remained tried to stop them but to no avail.
  462. >They eventually arrested me.
  463. >Broken, but still faithful in his love, I knew that I would be alright.
  464. >Until they showed me, those.
  466. >Starlight Glimmer pointed at the pictures of Sunset Shimmer.
  467. >The lawyer picked them again to see them.
  468. >There were pictures of Sunset in a hospital bed, with reports saying that she was suffering from certain mental disorders and that she kept talking about carrying the worm that would destroy the world.
  469. >She was examined and they found that her uterus was infected.
  470. >Sadly, it couldn't be saved.
  471. "She will never be able to carry another life ever again."
  472. >If the lawyer ever felt sympathy towards this woman, that sentiment completely died.
  473. >"So this homeless girl, Sunset. It looks like her mother has been looking for her for quite some time. I can't imagine what kind of household she had to come from to choose your option but, it has to be better than what you offered."
  474. "I offered her peace! I loved Sunset! I didn't want this to happen to her!"
  475. >The lawyer didn't even look at her eyes.
  476. >"It's time for me to go. I'm not sure there is much I could do to help you now with all these evidence against you. You better wish for your God to save your neck if it's worth saving it anyways."
  478. >Weeks later, Starlight Glimmer was sentenced to life in prison.
  479. >There wasn't much her lawyer could do except save her from the death penalty.
  480. >Life in prison was rough for Glimmer.
  481. >Rumors spread quickly in such a close space, so everyone knew she was the crazy cult bitch.
  482. >Everyone knew what she did to Shimmer.
  483. >She was beaten up by the other convicts and was ostracized every day for the next five years.
  484. >The only ones that tried to treat her as some kind of human being were the prison guards, but that was because it was their job.
  485. >This was man's punishment, as Glimmer said, but it still couldn't compete with God's punishment.
  486. >Regret.
  488. >Five years later, Glimmer was surprised by someone wanting to talk to her on the phone.
  489. >Who could it be? She had no family, no friends and everyone in her cult already forgot about her.
  490. >There was no one that could care for her anymore.
  491. "Hello?"
  492. >"Is it really Starlight Glimmer?"
  493. "Yes."
  494. >"My god, Glimmer, what happened to you."
  495. >That voice.
  496. >She recognized that male voice.
  497. >She thought that she had forgotten about him after so long, but it was only buried in the deepest corner of her mind.
  498. >The only person she didn't want to see her in that situation.
  499. >Her heart skipped a bit.
  500. >Her throat closed and her hands began to sweat.
  501. "H-hi, Sunburst..."
  502. >"What happened? You never answered my calls or replied my letters after I had to move away to study."
  503. "I-I..."
  504. >"I know how devastating it was for you to fail the exam, but open a cult?! You were never like this!"
  505. "Please, Sunburst. Why are you doing this to me..."
  506. >"Doing what? I'm worried about you! You're in prison now and there is no way I can get you out. I need to know the truth!"
  508. >Glimmer was frozen by the voice of her ex-lover.
  509. >They have been friends for all their lives.
  510. >She thought that they were going to be together until they died.
  511. >But that damn exam separated them.
  512. >"Please, I need to know what happened."
  513. "Life happened, Sunburst."
  514. >"Life doesn't make you open a cult and make you, r-rape a teenager, Starlight!"
  515. "I just saw the light."
  516. >"Starlight, please, this isn't funny."
  517. "Of course, it isn't funny, it's the truth."
  518. >"Stop it, it's like talking to a brick wall! Starlight, I've read everything about your case. I tracked every single newspaper that had a note on what you did. It even states the date you created your cult."
  519. "Oh?"
  520. >"Starlight... Why is it the same date I left home to study abroad..."
  521. "..."
  522. >"Answer me, Starlight. Please."
  523. "..."
  524. >"Please! For our old friendship, just tell me what happened!"
  525. "...I saw the light".
  526. >And then she hanged down.
  527. >The guard grabbed her by her shoulder and pushed her into her cell.
  528. >She didn't have the courage to tell him,
  529. >She didn't have the courage to admit it to herself.
  530. >The day that he had to take the airplane to move away from home.
  531. >That same day, Starlight didn't say goodbye to him.
  532. >The reason?
  533. >She was drinking the night before, trying to drown her sorrows.
  534. >Starlight never drank as much as she did on that faithful night.
  535. >Just remembering what happened made her remember the same regret from what she did to Sunset.
  536. >The logic behind this was because deep inside her there was always a spec of a doubt.
  537. >She was afraid of discovering something that would make her entire life pointless.
  538. >She was afraid that, on the day of her enlightenment.
  539. >Everything she dreamed of, God choosing her as his wife and the testaments she wrote were nothing but a product of a hangover from when her ex-boyfriend was moving away.
  541. The End
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