Emma Lazarus

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  1.     As THE CURRENT YEAR begins anew and virtually all American and Western politicians–save Emperor Trump–are desperately trying to argue that massive third world Muslim immigration is the solemn duty of every white nation, I’ve come across some rather queer and obscure historical research with regards to the left’s Patron Saint of Immigration, Emma Lazarus. Many of you will recognize Ms. Lazarus as the Jewish-American (though such a pairing is not possible) author of The New Colossus, the poem that was stamped onto the Statue of Liberty in 1903, ostensibly to promote immigration to the United States and cement America’s legacy as “a nation of immigrants.” The most famous lines of the poem are reproduced here.
  3.     “Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!” cries she
  4.     With silent lips. “Give me your tired, your poor,
  5.     Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
  6.     The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
  7.     Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
  8.     I lift my lamp beside the golden door!
  10.     This poem, and the symbol of the Statue of Liberty towering over the unwashed masses arriving at Ellis Island, are frequently invoked by liberals as proof positive of America’s dedication to taking in millions of immigrants. Indeed, when a liberal is cornered with facts about the destructive nature of mass, unwanted immigration, they’ll frequently blabber incoherently about “muh statue of liberty.” Emma Lazarus is widely reviled in rightist quarters, seen as the perfect prototype of Typical Jewish Behavior: a Jewish yenta obsessed with white deracination by way of the importation of immigrants completely unalike the WASP nativists who founded and demographically dominated the United States at the time. It seems like a pretty open and shut case: Emma Lazarus was a pro-immigration Jewish parasite.
  11.     Or was she?
  12.     As it turns out, the truth about Ms. Lazarus has largely been memory-holed in academia to maintain her popular image as Our Lady of Immigration. In reality, Ms. Lazarus had some far more nuanced views towards immigration than her famous sonnet would suggest. Certainly, she was a pro-Zionist Jewess, but that didn’t stop her from writing some eyebrow-raising realtalk about immigration. In Bette Roth Young’s biography of Lazarus, Emma Lazarus in Her World: Life and Letters, there are some discoveries about her character which I believe you’ll find intriguing.
  13.     For example, in the same year (1883) she wrote The New Colossus, Lazarus also wrote tracts like An Epistle to the Hebrews and The Jewish Problem (!). These works are thought to have been expansions upon Lazarus’ thoughts towards Jews and Zionism which she made known elsewhere. For example, Lazarus thought highly of the Spanish Jewry from which she was descended, but did not extend this kindness of thought to Eastern European Jews in the pale of settlement, saying they possessed “ignominious features” and “a shuffling gait… (they) wore the sordid mask of the Ghetto.” In fact, Lazarus didn’t want European Jews coming to America at all, instead preferring them to be moved to (then) Palestine en masse.
  14.     In her own words, “For the mass of semi-Orientals, Kabalists, and Chassidim, who constitute the vast majority of East European Israelites, some more practical measure of reform must be devised than their transportation to a state of society utterly at variance with their time-honored customs and most sacred beliefs. The only such measure that has been urged is the Re-Colonization of Palestine.” Basically, Emma considered Eastern Jews so uncivilized that their customs and beliefs would not be appropriate in America, or indeed, the West. Perhaps the most eye-opening factoid I discovered about Ms. Lazarus is that she was fiercely Darwinist in her social outlook. Again quote, “Mr. (Herbert) Spencer and Mr. Darwin, not to cite less authoritative names, have pointed out the positively maleficent effects of ignorant philanthropy, and the portentous evils of that short-sighted charity which neglects to take into account the laws of nature and of natural selection.”
  15.     The absolute madwoman! Laws of nature? Natural selection? Short-sighted charity? Oy vey! Doesn’t she know it’s THE CURRENT YEAR?! Our Lady of Immigration was not completely devoid of reason, it would seem. There is also the case of Ms Lazarus’ father, one Moses Lazarus. Moses was a sugar refiner who enjoyed healthy business with the sugar plantations of the American South, only closing his connections there once the Civil War broke out. Put another way: the Lazarus family benefitted directly from slavery in a very Jewish manner, selling the goods produced by slavery for a profit in the Northeast. It should also be noted that the Lazarus family engaged in a little bit of proto-white flight from the very immigration Emma would later canonize in her poem. In 1877, the family moved uptown from Fourteenth Street to escape vibrant diversity taking over their block.
  16.     Anyhow, this post is getting too long. The key takeaway is that the left’s darling Lady of Immigration, the pro-Zionist Jewess Emma Lazarus, was a bit less sanguine on mass immigration than her poem at the base of the Statute of Liberty would lead one to believe. In fact, some of Lazarus’ beliefs are positively conservative-tier, notably her belief in social Darwinism in the vein of Herbert “Survival of the Fittest” Spencer.
  17.     I think it is important to keep in mind that even the person the left defines as the most pro-immigration Jewess of all time probably would not have enjoyed the idea that 130 years later her work is being pushed as a reason to import millions of Muslims, Mexicans, and nonwhites of all kinds. Lazarus didn’t really seem to like many immigrants other than Jews, and even then preferred her own Southern European Jews to the Eastern European Ashkenazim, going so far to directly state that Eastern Jewish traditions were not appropriate for the New World! The fact that the author of The New Colossus also authored a completely memory-holed work entitled The Jewish Problem is really the icing on the cake. Emma Lazarus, by today’s standards, was debatably anti-immigration, anti-Semitic, and certainly anti-egalitarianism.
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