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  1. ТЕКСТ 1
  2. What was before. The first books.
  5. The invention of writing and further book printing are the greatest achievements of civilization.
  6. Without books civilization itself would be impossible.
  8. Before the invention of the technology of printing books in different parts of the world as material for the recording of knowledge several materials were used such as the finest leather, papyrus, clay tablets, silk (China, Japan).
  9. But at all times and in different cultures the book  treated like a shrine.
  10. The books were copied by hand, decorated with precious stones and gold.
  16. ТЕКСТ 2
  17. And what about today?
  20. Today the book has firmly entered into the life of every person. From the earliest childhood, tales and books with pictures are taught to read, understand, to know the world.
  23. A lot of genres of books like romance, science fiction, novel,  fantasy, biography and other  are waiting for their readers and fans.
  25. The books became available. Books are sold in stores. Books can be ordered in online stores
  26.  Books can be taken in libraries. And most of them are free, unless of course you will not lose a book
  27.  There are many trends that organize a free exchange of books named book turnover. In large shopping centers, in cinemas, just in parks there are special points where you can take the book for free, and also bring your books to other people if you no longer need them.
  30. ТЕКСТ 3
  31. The most important purpose of the book
  33. The most important purpose of the book is to preserve the knowledge that has been accumulated over the centuries and transfer it to the next generations. Thanks to this the rapid progress of mankind in the last years in all fields of science has become possible. Most scientific discoveries are now made on the basis of previously accumulated and systematized information of research results from all corners of the world at all times. So thanks to the books, we have access to both the achievements of the ancient scientists Archimedes Newton Pythagoras Euclid and the latest developments in the lab somewhere in New Zealand.
  36. .
  39. Scientific books come into our lives as children. At first it's just school textbooks.
  40.  And beginning with the alphabet to the textbooks on higher mathematics and organic chemistry lead us to adulthood. Thanks to books, dictionaries and directories learning foreign languages became available to us.
  42. We are imbued with the knowledge our parents and our more distant ancestors have obtained for us and are preparing on the basis of them to find new knowledge, write new books, solve problems that have not been solved yet.
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