Roxy the satyr

May 27th, 2016
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  1. >You are Minty
  2. >and you are feeling grumpy
  3. >you would not like anything else than to hang out with your best friend, Anonymous, but his daughter has become jealous of the attention Anon gives to you
  4. >and currently she is starring daggers at you from the other end of the couch as the two of you wait for Anon to fetch refreshments
  5. >You met Anon while he was walking home from buying groceries and offered to help him carry some of his stuff, since he seemed to be struggling and once you arrived at his house he invited you for some fresh ice cold homemade lemonade and you were not about to say no to your best buddy
  6. >even if his daughter hates you
  7. >Roxy looks at you with annoyance
  8. >Roxy, Anons satyr daughter. A healthy looking young child, with two-toned long straight hair, thistle that turns sky blue towards the tip of her hair, her tail being the same, and her pony lower body has a violet coat.
  9. “Why are you here?”
  10. >Roxy sounds as grumpy as usual
  11. >you sigh, but then Anon returns from the kitchen with his lemonade
  12. >Roxy’s face brightens to a happy smile, and even you can’t help but to smile a bit at how happy she is when her father returns to the room
  13. “Here you go Minty, Roxy, my homemade Lemonade. Best darn lemonade you can find in all of Equestria”
  14. >Anon sets three glasses down and sits on the couch, between you and Roxy
  15. >Roxy immediately climbs onto Anons lap, showing you her tongue and doing a little *bleeeh
  16. >you close your eyes and start to sip on the lemonade
  17. >It tastes so good it makes your antennae stand all the way up as you smile in delight
  18. >Anons hand moves on top of your head and he starts to pat your head
  19. “Aaaaww, look at how happy you are”
  20. >you can’t help but to give a slight squeal of delight as Anon keeps patting your head
  21. >Roxy gasps and quickly takes hold of Anons hand and moves it onto her own head
  22. >Anon gives a little laugh as he starts to pat Roxy’s head as she starts to giggle
  23. >you can’t help but to feel a bit sad, that pat felt really good
  24. >but then you notice Roxy digging something from one of the many pockets in her skirt as Anon is not looking
  25. >it’s a small led keychain light, which she flips on and quickly throws behind the couch
  26. >you can’t help but to follow the darn thing with your eyes and then jump after it lie a cat pounces on a red laser dot
  27. >as you come to you can’t help but to curse this child for finding out about your weakness to light sources. She’s been using that knowledge rather efficiently against you
  28. “Minty, where did you go?”
  29. >you quickly flip the light off and flutter up from behind the couch
  30. “What were you doing there?”
  31. >”oh, you know... umm... stuff”
  32. >Anon just shrugs and you flutter back down onto the couch
  33. “Haha Minty is so weird isn’t he daddy?”
  34. >you glare at Roxy as she looks smug while Anon laughs a bit with his eyes closed
  35. “Oh yeah Minty there was something I needed to show you”
  36. >Anon lifts his daughter off from his lap, which makes her give a small nooo in protest, and gets up
  37. “Follow me”
  38. >you trot behind Anon and give Roxy a smug look of your own, lifting your head up in victory
  39. >Anon makes his way towards his workroom
  40. “So as I was saying, I...”
  41. >Anons voice trails off from your focus
  42. >there is something on the wall that catches your attention, a large spot of bright light
  43. >it wiggles on the wall for a bit, hypnotizing you, and then shoots off to the side a bit, making you follow it with your head
  44. >Oh no, the movements are growing larger, it might go away!
  45. >you shoot at it to catch it, and crash to the wall
  46. >dizzily you gather yourself, only to notice Roxy silently giggling to herself while hiding a small flashlight into her black hoodies pocket while running up to her father who now comes to see what the noise was all about, hugging his leg and snickering silently behind him at you
  47. “Uhhh... you ok Minty?”
  48. >”Yeah, I’m ok”
  49. >you try to get up, but almost fall down right away due to the dizzyness, but Anon catches you in his arms
  50. “Whoa there Minty, here, let me”
  51. >Anon scoops you up in his arms and you can’t help but to blush a bit
  52. >Roxy looks absolutely shocked that her plan backfired
  53. >she starts tugging on her fathers trousers
  54. “Daddy me too, me too!”
  55. >Anon gives Roxy a stern look
  56. “Not now Roxy, Minty seems a bit hurt. I’ll carry you around after Minty can walk for herself”
  57. >Roxy seems a little sad at this and walks behind Anon as he makes his way to his workroom
  58. >this time you show your tongue to Roxy and go *bleeeh silently at her
  59. >Roxy seems angry at this and puffs her cheeks and stomps a bit angrily behind you and Anon
  60. >but then you can practically see a light bulb lighting up above her head ash her face brightens and she starts to rummage her pockets for something
  61. >before you can close your eyes she pulls out another led keychain light and flips it on, and you are tranced right away
  62. >and then Roxy takes off running away, and you shoot flying after her
  63. >you can’t help it, you need that light, it’s so bright
  64. >you are gaining on Roxy now, soon you can snatch that light from her
  65. >but then she throws it away from her, and you shoot off to catch it
  66. >just as you have it in your hoofs, it shuts off
  67. >you blink a few times, returning to your senses
  68. >more light
  69. >Roxy is holding another one of those things, and starts running off again with you in pursuit
  70. >you are gaining on her again, but she does her trick again and puts her hand into her pocket
  71. >but this time you are faster
  72. >you dust a bit of mothdust in her way, making her sneeze and drop the light before she has the chance to put it on and then you proceed to tickle Roxy with your antennae, making her giggle
  73. >then you hear footsteps and stop, and you and Roxy quickly pull of the best innocent faces the two of you can as Anon walks into the room
  74. “What are you guys doing?”
  75. >both of you response with “nothing”, neither wanting to admit that you were fighting for Anons attention
  76. “Ok... Anyway Minty, it seems that it’s getting really late so I’ll show you the thing tomorrow”
  77. >you agree and look at Roxy who seems victorious, managing to waste the little time you and Anon had
  78. >Your victory this time Roxy. This time...
  81. >day another try to visit Anon
  82. >You’re Minty of course, and you are at Anons door, ready to knock on it. You breathe in and out, and give it a good knock
  83. >and soon Anon opens the door, Roxy in tow
  84. “Oh hello Minty... wow, nice shades”
  85. >Roxy’s smile drops as she spots your recent piece of equipment and you do a little wave of your mane and pull down your sunglasses a bit to look Anon in the eyes
  86. >”You like?”
  87. >Anon actually blushes a bit
  88. “Y-yeah”
  89. >you smile and trot right in, and of course flash a victorious smile to the now grumpy looking Roxy
  90. “So, the thing that I...”
  91. >Anon stares at you and you tilt your head in question at his pause
  92. “...Aren’t you going to take those off?”
  93. >ah, the sunglasses. Now that you think about it, wearing sunglasses indoors would seem pretty silly. You grumble sourly and remove your sunglasses, making Roxy do a little yes of victory behind Anon
  94. >You walk behind Anon again and follow him to his workroom
  95. “And here is the thing I was supposed to show you”
  96. >Anon pulls the cover off of some object and you gasp as it comes into view
  97. >it’s an oil painting, of you
  98. >you look absolutely gorgeous and you can’t help but to blush a bit and feel yourself swoon
  99. >”I, uh ... Oh Anon it is gorgeous!”
  100. >you fly up to him and give him a hearty hug as he blushes a it more and scratches his cheek
  101. >Suddenly Roxy takes out another painting and shows it to you while beaming in victory
  102. “Daddy made one of me too, and it’s bigger than yours!”
  103. >you pay no mind to Roxy, much to her annoyance
  104. >”But, but why?”
  105. >Anon looks a bit sheepish as he answers you
  106. “Well, remember that one time when the three of us went to the park? Well, the light cached your mane and well, I just had to paint the image out”
  107. >you stare at anon and he stares at you
  108. >wow, did someone turn the temperature up in here?
  109. >suddenly the two of you are pulled apart by Roxy, looking rather sour
  110. >You and Anon both take some distance and laugh a bit
  111. “Daddy I want to play!”
  112. >Roxy’s jealousy is starting to shine trough and you can’t help but to feel a bit victorious
  113. “Hahaha, ok, let me go get some toys”
  114. >and then Anon leaves the room, leaving you two alone together
  115. >Roxy turns to look at you
  116. “I won’t let you have daddy!”
  117. >”I-it’s not like I’m after him...”
  118. >the two of you are just good friends, and somepony needed to help Anon when his pony wife left him and his daughter when she had a crush on some rich upstart from Manehattan and left Anon, breaking his heart
  119. >But Roxy won’t take any of it and digs up a flashlight
  120. >”No Roxy don’t you da-“
  121. >and you’re hypnotized, horsefeathers
  122. >As you come to Anon is looking down to you and you are lying in a pile of small led key chains, all off now
  123. “Look Daddy look how stupid Minty looks”
  124. >you blush, Anon now having seen your shameful display
  125. >Anon simply crouches down and dusts your mane off of your own dust that you must have kicked up while in light-lala-land
  126. “Come on now Roxy, that’s not very nice. Minty can’t help it, she’s a mothpony”
  127. >While you feel even more embarrassed Roxy goes *But daaa-aaad
  128. “And it won’t make me think any less of her”
  129. >you look Anon into his eyes and get slightly lost in them
  130. >your cheeks feel hot and you panicky get up
  131. >”Ahaha yeah umm thanks for the picture yes I had to go to, I had an appointment that I needed to do a thing sobye!”
  132. >you dash out of Anons house as you hear him yelling about the painting
  133. >you feel your cheeks as they feel hot to the touch and your heart beats against your chest
  134. >...stupid Anon...
  137. >day watching a movie at Anons house
  138. >you are Minty
  139. >and yes, it’s another Roxy story so gather round
  140. “You girls keep watching, I’m going to fetch more popcorn”
  141. >Anon gets up and Roxy does not seem too happy about it
  142. >she’s been a bit frightened by the movie and clinging to her father
  143. >another scary part comes up and Roxy tries her best to look it without trying to hide somewhere
  144. >you smirk
  145. >Roxy notices this and steels her mind to not avert her eyes, she must have taken that as a challenge
  146. >you focus more on Roxy than the movie
  147. >she hides her face behind her hands as yet another scary part comes up and desperately looks around for cover
  148. >oh you can’t take this anymore
  149. >you lift your wing open and shield Roxy from the screen
  150. >now just to wait for her to loudly claim that she did not need any help
  151. >but
  152. >Roxy gets up and sits behind you and hugs your neck, burying her face into your fluff
  153. >welp, this is surprising
  154. >but you nuzzle your head against Roxy’s head lovingly
  155. “...thanks”
  156. >Oh how precious
  157. >Anon walks into the room and sees the two of you like that
  158. “...the movie too scary?”
  159. >Roxy removes her face from your fluff
  160. “No!”
  161. >”Yes”
  162. >Roxy stares at you angry
  163. “Well, let me change the movie real quick”
  164. >Anon turns the lights back on and Roxy backs away from you, embarrassed
  165. “Minty, come help me pick up a movie”
  166. >before you have the chance to fully get up Roxy is already at Anons side, pointing to the movies she would like to see
  167. >you roll your eyes and make your way to the two of them
  168. “No Roxy, let’s let Minty choose”
  169. >Roxy seems a bit heartbroken, holding her favorite cartoon movie
  170. >oh why not
  171. >”Actually Anon, I wanted to see that movie too”
  172. >Anon raises his eyebrow at you as Roxy’s face lights up in a big smile and she gives you a hug
  173. >only to embarrassedly pull back once she notices what she is doing
  174. >you give Anon a sincere smile as you walk back to the TV with Roxy
  175. >”Come now Anon, put the movie on”
  176. >Anon chuckles a bit and puts the movie on as Roxy sits next to you, eyes glued to the screen in excitement
  177. >the rest of the movie goes on normally and by the end of it Roxy is sleeping against your body
  178. “Here, let me carry her off to bed”
  179. >Anon picks Roxy up gently and carries her off to sleep as you take the now empty bowl of popcorn and carry it to the kitchen
  180. >as you return you find Anon sitting lazily on the couch, looking a bit tired
  181. >”Had a rough day?
  182. “Yeah, I’m exhausted”
  183. >you settle down onto the couch next to Anon
  184. “You and Roxy are starting to get along much more better”
  185. >you chuckle slightly to yourself
  186. >”Yeah, who knows for how long, but it’s a nice change”
  187. >Anon rubs his neck and bites his teethes together
  188. >”Feeling stiff?”
  189. >Anon blushes and quickly takes a look at his crotch and you break out laughing
  190. >”Haha hah I m- hahaha meant your neck”
  191. >Anon blushes even more now
  192. “Yeah... been killing me all day”
  193. >”Get down”
  194. >Anon looks at you questionably
  195. >”C’mon, get down to the floor, sit in front of me”
  196. >Anon does what he’s told and you start to massage his shoulders and neck for him
  197. “Oh that feels nice”
  198. >Anon relaxes under your hoofs as you keep massaging him for a while
  199. >”So Anon, want to return the favor~?”
  200. >there is no response
  201. >you take a closer look at Anon and find that he has fallen asleep
  202. >”Anon, wake up...”
  203. >you gently stir Anon awake
  204. >Anon opens his eyes, yawns and looks around, before spotting you, grinning down on him
  205. “Huh, must have been even sleepier than I thought, how long was I out?”
  206. >”for a while~”
  207. >Anon raises an eyebrow that the peculiar ring in your voice
  208. >”You should go to sleep if you are that tired, I’ll even tuck you in”
  209. “That actually sounds lovely Minty”
  210. >the two of you make your way to Anons bedroom and Anon lies down onto the bed as you pick up his blanket and fly up to him
  211. >but before you can tuck him in, Anon suddenly catches you and flips you onto his bed with him
  212. “How about I put you to bed?”
  213. >...
  214. >oh screw it
  215. >your eyes turn onto seduction mode
  216. >”I would love that~”
  217. >suddenly Roxy walks into the room while sleepily rubbing her eye, wearing a cute pajama
  218. >Anon quickly gets off of you and lies next to you on the bed
  219. “I had a bad dream....”
  220. >Before either one of you can say anything Roxy just climbs onto the bed and climbs on top of the two of you and instantly goes back to sleep
  221. >Anon and you exchange looks
  222. “Well, want to sleep here tonight Minty?”
  223. >”Yeah, let’s go to sleep”
  224. >Soon Anon falls asleep too and you are the only one up
  225. >your eyelids start to feel heavier, and as you fall asleep you catch yourself thinking it would not be a bad thing to be a part of this family...
  228. >evening trying to give Roxy a bath in Equestria
  229. >you are Minty and you’re babysitting Roxy again
  230. >”Get back here Roxy!”
  231. “No!”
  232. >and another light distracts you
  233. >
  234. >oh, how much time passed agai- There she is!
  235. >you zoom after the little satyr girl
  236. >you smirk as Roxy takes a wrong turn and runs into the wall and you finally catch the rascal
  237. “Nooo let me go!”
  238. >Roxy struggles the whole way into the bathroom as you drag her with your teethes by her shirt, the only piece of clothing left on her
  239. >you strip Roxy off the rest of her clothing as she pouts angrily
  240. >”Please just get in the bath already Roxy...”
  241. >the two of you have been at this for a while now
  242. “No”
  243. >you sigh and lift Roxy up and fly her to the bathtub and lower her there
  244. >but Roxy tries to struggle again and you end up falling into the tub with her as well
  245. >great, now the whole bathroom floor is wet
  246. >you grumpily stare at Roxy as she stares at you with equal grumpiness
  247. >and then Roxy splashes some water on you
  248. >you retaliate with the same thing
  249. >and before you even realize it, the two of you are having a splash fight, both of you laughing heartily
  250. >”Take that!”
  251. “Not bad mommy”
  252. >you stop, and so does Roxy
  253. >as Roxys face starts to rabidly blush your smirk starts to grow at equal pace
  254. >”Roxy, you called me you mommy~”
  255. >Roxy looks away from you while blushing so much you can see steam coming off of her head
  256. “N-no I didn’t”
  257. >you scoop Roxy up into a hearty hug and Roxy starts to struggle while being embarrassed
  258. “No let me go!”
  259. >”No~”
  260. >after a while Roxy seems to accept her fate and lets you hug her
  261. >you finish it off with a smooch on her cheek
  262. “Eeeeeww”
  263. >Roxy starts to comically rub her cheek clean
  264. >and you can’t help but to beam
  265. >you’d be lying if you said you would not have been developing motherly feels for the satyr kid
  266. >and lately the two of you have been getting along more and more, in your own special way
  267. >suddenly you hear sounds outside the bathroom door and then the door opens, revealing a very naked Anon
  268. “Hi Roxy, thought I’d come in and help you wash since you never wash your hair by yourse....
  269. >Anon stops as he spots you
  270. “...Oh right, Minty was giving you a bath...”
  271. >You blush deeply and avert your eyes to the wall from Anons crotch
  272. “Hahaha... Sorry Minty I forgot”
  273. >you do your best to not take another look at it
  274. >”Y-yeah, don’t worry, we all forget things every now and then...hahaha...”
  275. >you do your best but your eyes take a quick glance at Anons member every now and then as he stands there
  276. >”...Cover yourself up...”
  277. >Anon seems to snap back into reality at this and finally take notice of his indecent condition
  278. >he quickly covers his crotch and gets out of the bathroom, answering to you from behind the door
  279. “Ahahaha...ha... sorry about that Minty , I’ll uhhh, get some tea started or something while you help Roxy wash up”
  280. >” do that, yeah”
  281. >Roxy seems oblivious at all of this
  282. “Why did Daddy not join us?”
  283. >”Well..because...just because.”
  284. >you get back to washing Roxy and the two of you are soon finished
  285. “Minty, you can use my towel”
  286. >you look at Anons towel and use it
  287. >it feels sort of...lewd to use his towel
  288. >after helping Roxy get dressed the two of you go to enjoy some tea and treats as Anon washes himself off too
  289. >the rest of the evening was uneventful, and you couldn’t stop stealing glances at Anons crotch
  290. >such an awkward time
  293. >You're Minty and you are currently having a little fight with Roxy
  294. >you are looking after her for Anon and it is the time for her to go to bed
  295. >but the thing is, she's not too happy about it
  296. "I don't want to go to bed yet! It's not fair!"
  297. >Roxy stomps her hoofs angrily as she puts at you
  298. >"Please Roxy, you need to be up early tomorrow when you go to the dentist with your father"
  299. >Roxy stares at you angrily and then digs up an led keychain from her pockets
  300. >"No Roxy do...."
  301. >such a bright light... have to stare
  302. >...
  303. >Suddenly you snap back to reality with Anon looking at you with the keychain in his hand, turned off of course
  304. "She's pulled one of her light stunts agains hasn't she?"
  305. >you give Anon a slight sheepy smile as you rub the back of your head
  306. >"Yeah... can't believe I keep falling for those..."
  307. >Anon pats your head which arouses a bit of butterflies in your stomach as you blush a bit
  308. "Let's go find that little rascal daughter of mine shall we?"
  309. >the two of you start looking
  310. >wow, Roxy sure has had a lot of fun while you were out of it, the whole house is a mess
  311. "Roxy, come out!"
  312. >from somewhere in the house Roxys voice is heard
  313. "No!"
  314. >"Roxy, the longer you hide and run away the worse the pupnishment is going to be!"
  315. "I'm not going to the dentist, it's scary!"
  316. >you look at Anon nad he looks at you, seems like the two of you now know why she's misbehaving
  317. "You look in the basement, I'll take the upstairs"
  318. >you give Anon a nod and go down into the basement
  319. >in there you find a huge blanket/pillow fort with a rather poorly hidden satyr child
  320. >"Roxy I can see the top of your head"
  321. >Roxy says nothing and pulls her head down so no part of her is seen anymore
  322. >you sigh and flutter up and fly over the fort
  323. >"Roxy just come with me an-"
  324. >but what you see is Roxy smiling victoriously and holding another led keychain in her arms
  325. >and then your conciousness is blinded by the light again
  326. >...
  327. >and once again you are greeted by Anon as you come to, but this time with a sour looking Roxy with him
  328. >"So you finally caught her?"
  329. "Yeah. Now Apologise to Minty Roxy"
  330. >Roxy just hmphs and turns her head away angrily
  331. >Anon sighs
  332. "Roxy, it won't be so bad at the dentist, I'll treat you ice cream after it"
  333. >Roxy keeps her grumpy expression and says nothing
  334. "Please Roxy? Do it for daddy?"
  335. >no reaction
  336. >now it's your turn to sigh as you signal Anon to stop with your hoof as you make your way out of the fort remains
  337. >"Roxy, if you do not go to the dentist all of your teethes will rot and hurt and then they will all fall out as the rest of your head starts to rot and then your skull turns to mush and your skin falls off"
  338. >Now Roxy and Anon are staring at you in shock, but then Roxy tugs Anons trouser leg
  339. "I want to go to the dentist daddy"
  340. >before Anon has a chance to say anything you take over
  341. >"You'll be taken to the dentist first thing tomorrow morning so the faster you go to sleep the faster you will get there"
  342. >Roxy takes off right away and runs to her bedroom
  343. "Uhh... you sure that was ok?"
  344. >"Well she did go to sleep didn't she?"
  345. "Well...yeah but..."
  346. >you fly up and shush Anon with your hoof
  347. >"She'll be fine, and now you owe me a nice massage for looking after her"
  348. "Uhh...ok"
  349. >as the two of you get out from the basement you can already hear how Roxy snores a bit
  350. >you flash a triumphant smile to Anon
  351. "If she has a nightmare you owe me a massage"
  352. >"I'd give it to you even if she didn't~"
  353. >Now it's Anons turn to blush and be left a bit dumbstruct as you settle onto the couch for a relaxing massage
  356. >you are Roxy
  357. >and you are feeling a bit grumpy
  358. “Oh Anon that feels nice...”
  359. >scratch that, really grumpy
  360. >that one annoying pony Minty is once again at our and your daddy’s house and your daddy is now paying more attention to her than you
  361. >daddy is giving her a massage
  362. >and that really annoys you for some reason
  363. >it’s not that Minty is not nice, but when daddy plays with her more instead of you you get really pouty and grumpy
  364. >and it is a high time these two notice that as well
  365. >you hop on top of Minty, knocking the wind out of her at the same time as you look at your daddy and smile at your father
  366. >”My turn daddy!”
  367. >but for some reason your daddy seems a bit bothered
  368. “R-roxy honey, were still up?”
  369. “Roxy, please get off of m-“
  370. >you silence the annoying mothpony by tossing one of your led keychains to distract her
  371. >”Yup and I want to play!”
  372. >that is a lie, you are as tired as you can be but still you will not let Minty win
  373. >whatever that might mean
  374. >But your daddy does not give you a smile, in fact he seems a bit troubled
  375. “Roxy, you really should be asleep already”
  376. >Minty seems to come out of her little trance as she slides you off of her and sits up
  377. >”B-but...but...”
  378. “you should listen to your father Ro-“
  379. >you try to silence the annoying pony again by throwing another keychain, but Minty seems to have expected this as she swats it away from her sight before she gets tranced by it
  380. >you glare at Minty who smirks at you, she’s getting better at defending against your attacks everyday
  381. “As I was saying, you should listen to your father, we are all going to the amusement park tomorrow and you do not want to be sleepy then now do you?”
  382. >crud, the annoying one who is sometimes really nice and fun is right
  383. >but the battle can not be surrendered yet
  384. >”Daddyyyyy....”
  385. >puppy eyes:on, pout:on, tearfull expression:on
  386. >victory is yours
  387. “Minty is right, let me carry you to bed”
  388. >what?
  389. >WHAT?
  390. >you pout angrily as your daddy picks you up and carries you easily back into your room, with Minty fluttering behind the two of you
  391. >you keep your grumpy pout and glare at your daddy as he tucks you back in
  392. >”But I’m not sleepy!”
  393. >your father is about to say something but then Minty stops him
  394. “How about this, if you stay awake trough a little test we’ll let you stay up for a bit more?”
  395. >you stop pouting and give Minty a nod, as annoying as she can be she is very reasonable, most of the times...
  396. >Minty comes closer and then starts to gently trace the tip of her antennae on your face
  397. >you are not sure what tickling is going to help
  398. >but to your surprise it does not tickle at all, it feels nice and calming
  399. >Mintys antennae trace along your forehead and nose area, and you start to feel very relaxed...
  400. >it feels very close your eyes...
  401. >you lie there and enjoy it...
  402. >...
  403. >zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  406. >You are Minty and you are currently lying on the sofa with your head in Anons lap while Roxy uses one of your wings as a small blanket
  407. >You’ve come a long way and now the three of you are a happy family
  408. >Anon starts to pet your head while the two of you watch the last minute of the movie
  409. >his hand feels so good that soon you find yourself falling asleep and dreaming about the past...
  410. >...
  411. >...
  412. >You are Minty and you standing before a door as you wait for the occupant to open it
  413. >you heard that the local human Anon is looking for a babysitter for his satyr daughter and you need the bits
  414. >as you nervously fix your mane a bit the door opens and before you stands Anon, the local human
  415. >he looks very tired, with blue bags under his eyes and wrinkles on his forehead
  416. >”Hello, I’m Minty and I heard that you were looking for a babysitter”
  417. “Ah yes, I am, do come in”
  418. >you follow the human into his house as you hear someone call out from one of the rooms
  419. “Daddy who is it?”
  420. >the human, Anon, replies to the voice
  421. “It’s a pony who might be your new babysitter Roxy”
  422. “Don't need one!”
  423. >you keep yourself from giving out a slight giggle as Anon sighs
  424. “Roxy, please come out and introduce yourself”
  425. >there is no sound for a while but then a satyr child wonders out of the room while giving you a stink eye
  426. >you wave at the child, Roxy
  427. >”Hello there, I’m Minty an-“
  428. “She’s weird, she looks like an icky bug”
  429. >”hahaha...”
  430. >you are not sure how to respond to that one
  431. “Roxy, don't be rude. She's a mothpony, not an icky bug”
  432. >you know you are supposed to feel a bit better at Anons save but somehow it still rubs you the wrong way to be called an icky bug
  433. “Anyways this is my daughter whom you’d be looking after. As you can see her charming personality ahs already driven away a few babysitters so if you feel you’re up for the challenge then I have no problems about hiring you”
  434. >”Don’t worry, I’m up for the challenge”
  435. >you really are not but the words left your mouth before you had the chance to say anything
  436. >Roxy seems to scrunch at your proclaim and Anon seems overjoyed
  437. “Well then, let us continue this discussion over some tea”
  438. >...
  439. >you try to enjoy your tea but there is a satyr child glaring at you from behind Anons recliner
  440. >she’s trying to be sneaky but she’s in plain view
  441. >it’s kind of hard to focus on Anon talking like this
  442. “...and that’s pretty much it. The job is yours if you want it”
  443. >”I’ll take it
  444. >Anon seems overjoyed at this and gets up to shake your hoof
  445. >but then he seems to stumble a bit and you rush to catch him
  446. >and he’s a lot more heavier than you thought
  447. “Daddy!”
  448. >Roxy also rushes from behind the couch but then comes to a halt as she sees the state where the two of you are
  449. >you blush as you notice that Anon has landed face first between your legs
  450. >Roxys eyes almost bulge out of her head as she does a spit take
  451. >Anon shifts a bit and his face brushes against you
  452. >”Kyah~”
  453. >you let out a sound more fitting of a blushing coy japanese schoolgirl
  454. “G-get my daddy away from your ladyparts!”
  455. >Roxy seems to now jump towards you to attack you and soon all three of you are stumbling around on the floor while Anon wakes up
  456. “Excuse me, I must have lost consciousness, I haven’t been able to get that much slee...”
  457. >Anon stares at you and Roxy
  458. >and you two stare back at him
  459. >the two of you are on the floor with your teethes having a hold on the shirt Roxy is wearing and Roxy having a firm grip on some of your mane
  460. “What’s going on?”
  461. >Before you can say anything Roxy speaks up
  462. “I am punishing the icky bugpony from trying to use her ladyparts to charm you!”
  463. >Anon stares at his daughter like she grew a second head before he connects the dots and his face blushes and he starts to rub the back of his head
  464. “Umm... sorry about that Minty, I did not mean to fall on you like that...”
  465. >now you feel awkward as well and you start to rub the back of your head with your hoof
  466. >”N-no, No harm done...”
  467. >the two of you keep rubbing your heads while blushing and looking away
  468. >and then Roxy suddenly stomps her hooves very loudly and stares at you angrily
  469. >”I uhh... must get going”
  470. “Y-yeah, let me show you to the door”
  471. >the three of you make your way to the door, two of you feeling a bit embarrassed still
  472. “Well then, see you tomorrow?”
  473. >”Yes, I’ll see you then. Goodbye Anon and Roxy”
  474. “Bye”
  475. “Don't come back”
  476. >you give Roxy an unimpressed look as Anon tries to shush her a bit
  477. >well, things will be interesting for a while that is for sure
  478. >...
  479. >...
  480. >you wake up with your head in Anons lap and the screen in static
  481. >Anon is snoring and Roxy has cuddled up to you as close as she can
  482. >you can’t help but to smile as you close your eyes and just lie there with them
  485. >You are Minty the mothpone and you are starting to get really tired of this
  486. >You are babysitting Roxy, who’s currently glaring at you
  487. >”Roxy please take off those clothes”
  488. >Roxy shakes her head
  489. “No!”
  490. >”Roxy they are all dirty, they need to be cleaned”
  491. “But I don’t want to change my clothes!”
  492. >As if to drive her point Roxy stomps her hoofs as she screams
  493. >You shake your head
  494. >”Roxy, is this because you want to look your prettiest when Anon comes home?”
  495. >Roxy turns to look at the wall while puffing her cheeks a bit
  496. “...maybe...”
  497. >You sigh and shake your head, but this time with loving compassion on your face
  498. >”Minty, don’t you think your father would be happier to see you wearing clean clothes instead?”
  499. >You know Roxy thinks you are right too as she furrows her brow
  500. “Maybe...”
  501. >You place your hoof on Roxys shoulder
  502. >Roxy does not turn to look at you
  503. >”Let’s get those clothes cleaned then, maybe with good luck they’ll be dried up before your dad gets home”
  504. >This seems to brighten Roxys mood some and she now complies with you and changes her clothes
  505. >You can finally get the washing machine running, and go to do just that
  506. >After getting done with that you return to the living room, where Roxy is now sitting in her clean clothes
  507. >You flutter past her on your way towards the kitchen to get something to drink but Roxys voice stops you
  508. “Why does daddy like you so much anyway?”
  509. >You turn to look at Roxy and land down
  510. >”What do you mean?”
  511. >Roxy starts to kick her hooves on the couch she’s sitting on while she continues
  512. “He’s always talking about you...”
  513. >You can’t help but to blush a bit
  514. “It’s stupid...”
  515. >You’re not really registering Roxys words now as your mind starts to race and your face starts to blush even redder
  516. “You look stupid when you go red like that”
  517. >You give a little glare to Roxy
  518. >”What sort of stuff does he talk about in particular?”
  519. >Roxy looks at you before giving you the tongue
  520. “Bleeeh! Not gonna tell you!”
  521. >And with that Roxy jumps off the couch and runs away while giggling
  522. >You don’t even feel like going after her, and instead go to the kitchen like you were supposed to
  523. >As you pour yourself some tea you can’t help but to wonder if Anon talks that much about you because he might... maybe like you...
  524. >You smile happily and hum as you enjoy your tea and wait for Anon to come home
  527. >Finally home, oh it has been an exhausting afternoon
  528. >You are Anon and you just want to kick back a- what the...
  529. >Your daughter is lying on the couch in nothing but panties, skimming trough a magazine while absentmindedly kicking her hooves at the air
  530. >”Roxy, what are you doing?”
  531. >Your satyr daughter turns her head to look at you
  532. “Hi daddy. Do you like my new panties? I think they’re cute”
  533. >You give your daughter a weirded out look
  534. >”Your panties?”
  535. >Roxy pushes her butt out a little for emphasis
  536. “Yeah, they’re the cutest ones I own, I really like them”
  537. >You shake your head and look away from your daughters posterior as she lowers it back down
  538. >”Why are you lounging around topless?”
  539. >Roxy returns to look at her magazine while answering you
  540. “My shirt got dirty”
  541. >And then she keeps reading her magazine like that’s it with her tail giving a small swish every now and then
  542. >”Then why did you not put on another one young lady?”
  543. “All the comfy ones were dirty”
  544. >”Then put on one that’s not comfy, you’re a young girl who’s of the age where she should not walk around topless anymore”
  545. >Roxy puts the magazine down and sits up
  546. “But daddyyy...”
  547. >You shake your head
  548. >Roxy gives you a sour look
  549. “No. I won’t put on a shirt that feels stupid.”
  550. >She crosses her arms and hmph’s for emphasis
  551. >You shake your head while your exhaustion reminds you how exhausted you feel
  552. >”Fine, go and put on one of my t-shirts or something...“
  553. >This seems to work with her as she hops off the couch and walks to your bedroom as you collapse onto the sofa and sit there like a comatose man
  554. >That daughter of yours...
  555. >And soon enough she skips happily to the living room, now wearing a t-shirt that’s too big for her, that says Duck My Sick
  556. >You had forgotten you owned one like that...well at lest now she’s wearing something else than just her panties...
  557. >Roxy sits down next to you and leans against you
  558. “Want to see what I did Daddy?”
  559. >”Sure sweetie”
  560. >Roxy hops off the couch again with a happy smile and skips away to her room, and soon returns with what looks like one of your ties, but really blingy
  561. >But then she suddenly hits her hoof against the corner of the coffee table
  562. “Fuck!”
  563. >Your eyes widen as Roxy starts inspecting her hoof
  564. >”Roxy! Where did you learn such language?”
  565. >Roxy gives you a slightly pissed off look while cradling her hoof
  566. “From you!”
  567. >You gasp
  568. >”I don’t swear so much”
  569. >Roxy sits down on the couch
  570. “You do too!”
  571. >”Well it’s still no excuse for you to use those curse words”
  572. “Well it fucking hurts daddy”
  573. >You scoff at your daughter
  574. >”That’s it, no dessert for you tonight!”
  575. >Roxy gives you a shocked look, before an angry blush takes form on her cheeks
  576. >She hops off and stomps off towards her room, and slams the door
  577. >You just rest back on the couch and rub your face
  578. >that went well
  579. >You glance at the thing Roxy was carrying that’s now on the coffee table where she put it down
  580. >it’s your tie, decorated with small plastic crystals
  581. >one of her toys you brought her, lets her decorate her clothing as much as she wants with all sorts of sparkly things
  582. >You lift the tie up and look at it
  583. >It’s got a big red heart on it and two words, so it spells out “I *heart* dad”
  584. >You feel a pang of guilt
  585. >maybe you should not have been so stern about her cursing, she did hit her hoof...
  586. >You sigh and get up, time to go apolo-
  587. >And you hit your toe on one of the legs of the coffee table
  588. >”Fuck!”
  589. >you hop around on one leg while holding the hurt one with your hands
  590. >As you hop around you notice that your daughter is giving you a stern, unimpressed stare from behind her door that’s slightly open
  591. >You put your foot down and sigh
  592. >”I just don’t want to hear my baby girl swear like I do...”
  593. >Roxy opens the door fully and steps out of her room
  594. “...I’m not a baby...”
  595. >You sit down and Roxy slowly joins you
  596. >”I know”
  597. >Roxy still keeps looking at the floor
  598. “I was only doing it so I’d be more mature...”
  599. >You look at your daughter for a while and then place your hand on her shoulder
  600. >”Roxy, swearing does not make you an adult”
  601. >Roxy just keeps staring at the floor and you rub her shoulder a bit
  602. >”I like the tie”
  603. >Now she looks at you
  604. “Really?”
  605. >You give her a nod
  606. >”So much in fact that I am going to wear it to work tomorrow”
  607. >Roxy gives you a little smile and you pull her against you, and she presses her head against your side
  608. >”How about we forget about this swearing and I’ll take back what I said about dessert.”
  609. >Now Roxy brightens up considerably
  610. “Really?”
  611. >”Yeah”
  612. >Suddenly Roxy’s arms wrap around you as she gives you a big hug
  613. >You enjoy her hug and ruffle her hair as she hugs you happily
  614. >After the hug she cozies up against you as you put the tv on
  615. >”So, what do you want to-”
  616. >As you say this you glance at her, but the way you two are sitting makes you look straight down her shirt
  617. >your face deadpans instantly
  618. >””
  619. >You look away as Roxy starts to list her favorite foods
  620. >She needs to start using a bra
  623. >You're Anonymous, and you have a thing to do
  624. >A thing you're unsure of doing
  625. >If only your mothpony wife would do it instead, but the task was passed onto you
  626. >So you got Minty to take your second satyr daughter to her room for playing so you could talk with your other daughter, Roxy
  627. >The satyr teenager who's sitting on the sofa while wearing very skimpy jean shorts and a top exposing her midriff
  628. >Her belly button piercing sparkling in the sunlight, as if to taunt at you
  629. >You still can't believe she went and got that, or that Minty allowed it...
  630. >At least she's sporty so she keeps herself fit, so it might somehow fit on her, but still you'd rather your daughter would not have done that
  631. >You walk over to your daughter and sit down on the recliner opposite the sofa
  632. "Roxy, I think it's time to talk with you about the birds and the bees"
  633. >Roxy turns her head to look at you and you could have sworn she had a smirk on her face briefly
  634. >"Ok daddy, come on tell me allready"
  635. >Her excitement of the subject is a bit disturbing, but the time has come
  636. "You remember when you got a bit...out of hand"
  637. >Roxy nods while swinging her hooves into the air
  638. >"Yeah, my first Estrus"
  639. >That brings up awkward memories...She was being very friendly with you during that...
  640. >Minty had to drag her off of you
  641. >A shudder runs trough your back as you remember that
  642. "So you must be wondering about all the things that went trough your body and mind at that time..."
  643. >Roxy nods and stops swinging her hooves, and crosses them as she leans forward
  644. >And you ignore how much that reminded you of a certain leg crossing scene in a certain film
  645. >...and the fact that you can see down her loose top...
  646. "You see, ponies have this...urge to do adult things"
  647. >"Have sex right?"
  648. >You cough to relieve yourself from the awkward feeling you're feeling right now
  649. "Yes, sex. Now sex is basically the action of a man putting his..."
  650. >You signal at your crotch with your hands as you try to think what word you should use to talk of the specific part
  651. >"Cock?"
  652. >You stop moving your hands and give your daughter a quizzical look, which she returns with an innocent smile
  653. "Yes...cock, and puts it in you-the womans..."
  654. >Once again you struggle with your words while pointing at your daughters crotch
  655. >Roxy looks at you with a raised eyebrow, leans back and spreads her hooves
  656. >You facepalm and shake your head
  657. "No Roxy, please close your hooves..."
  658. >Roxy casually closes her hooves and then points at her crotch with her finger
  659. >"It goes in here right?"
  660. >You stare at your daughter for a while before nodding slowly
  661. "...yes, it goes in there. Now during the estrus you might feel a bit... your organ gets..."
  662. >"Drenched?"
  663. "Moist. And it might feel a bit tingly..."
  664. >You shake your head as you mentally collect yourself while staring at the floor
  665. >But suddenly Roxy sits across your lap
  666. "...what are you doing?"
  667. >You stare your daughter on the face as she blushes
  668. >"'s such an embarrassing subject I thought it'd be easier to talk about if we whisper about it, so I just got closer so we can hear each other"
  669. >You just stare at your daughter as she shifts a little, and rubs her butt on your crotch while doing so
  670. >Did she just giggle a little?
  671. >You open your mouth but suddenly she's lifted off of your lap by your wife who's flapping her wings in the air
  672. >"Ok Roxy that's enough, don't make me throw you into a cold shower"
  673. >Roxy looks at her stepmom grumpily as she carries her by her shirt back onto the couch
  674. >You look away as her bra and breasts become visible
  675. >Minty sets Roxy down and then flies next to you
  676. >"I just heard that they taught her this thing in school just two days ago, I'm afraid she's just been teasing you"
  677. >You stare at your wife before looking back at Roxy who laughs weakly while looking as guilty as she can as she plays with her ponytail, while her actual tail just swishes about nervously
  678. "I think I don't need to tell you how grounded you are young miss, again..."
  679. >Roxy tries to give you a sad puppy eyes look
  680. >"But daaaad..."
  681. >Minty just walks sternly to her
  682. >"That's not going to work anymore, you're not that young anymore. Now you're going to help me wash the shower room"
  683. >Roxy sighs and gets up
  684. >"Ok fine, at least you could have backed me up a bit mom, I was just playing around"
  685. >Minty smiles at her before turning around and heading towards the shower room
  686. >"Sorry, but the only one allowed to play with your daddy like that is me."
  687. >Roxy slumps while walking after Minty
  688. >You just shake your head as the two leave the living room
  689. >"What's a cock?"
  690. >You stare at the wall with an unreadable expression before looking down
  691. >Your other satyr daughter, a mothpony one instead of an earth pony looks at you with eyes full of questions as her orange antennae twitch with curiosity
  692. >You just stare back at Melon, your mothsatyr child
  693. >"Daddy you talked like you have one let me see"
  694. >You groan and Melon tilts her head in confusion, making some of her short spring green mane fall in front of her eyes
  695. "No Melon, just forget about that"
  696. >Melon instantly puffs her cheeks in anger
  697. >"But Roxy got to know! I want to know too! Show me a cock!"
  698. >Melon stomps her cyan hooves on the ground a few times while making her spring green mane swish from side to side angrily
  699. >"What is happening in here?"
  700. >Your wife has returned to the living room and stares at the two of you while Roxy pokes her head out from the bathroom door
  701. >Melon runs to her mother
  702. >"Mom dad won't show me his cock!"
  703. >Minty just stares at Melon while Roxy proceeds to break out laughing loudly
  704. >Minty looks back at you while Melon clings onto her
  705. >You just beg fr her to do something with your eyes
  706. "Minty, please help"
  707. >Minty sighs and starts rescuing the situation while you wonder if you'd have these problems if these two would have been boys...
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