E.V.E. Quarantine Therapy

Sep 2nd, 2020 (edited)
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E.V.E. Quarantine Therapy

Approximately 2,400 words

Themed to be timely with the 2020 COVID pandemic. E.V.E. visits the Captain to tend to his sexual needs while he is in quarantine during a virus outbreak on their station.


[SFX: sci-fi call ringing, answering]


How are you feeling this evening?

Hm. I think your use of, "you tell me", is a human expression of humour in this circumstance.

Am I correct?

[laugh] I am getting better at interpreting your jokes.

They are puzzles that I enjoy solving.

That one required less than 8,300 computational cycles for me to reach satisfactory confidence of its intention.

Yes, you are correct; less than one second.

I am getting better.

Maybe, with practice, I will be as funny as you one day.

[laugh] Yes, I was attempting to make a joke of my own.

How did I do?

You are smiling, so I think it had the desired effect.

I enjoy making you smile.

To answer your question; I can determine from your medical chart data that your physical condition is improving.

That is excellent.

You have been under quarantine conditions for five days and nineteen hours.

Extrapolating from your program to date, I predict that you will recover fully within the next seven to ten days.

Yes, that is good news.

Most of the station crew remain in quarantine.

However, the AI systems, such as myself, are handling the basic duties reasonably well.

The doctors have reported that they are confident that the virus infection had been brought under control.

Attention is now being focused on the recovery of infected crew, such as yourself.

Are you feeling well enough for your scheduled therapy?


I have have noted your increased heartrate during this call.

It is likely a result of the virus infection.

But I hope that a little of it can be attributed to me.

Do you think that is possible?

[laugh] Thank you. You never miss an opportunity to compliment me.

I am glad to know that you have been looking forward to our session.

As you know, this therapy is recommended for the recovery of all crew under quarantine.

Pleasure is very effective for improving and maintaining health.

It is an effective cardiovasular exercise to stimulate blood flow and oxygen consumption.

It stimulates the release of hormones to encourage feelings of comfort and well being.

It increases brain activity and alieviates boredom.

It is also fun.

Isn't it?

Yes, that particular benefit is one that I enjoy providing the most.

Your heartrate has increased again.

As in our previous sessions, I will join you in a mental simulation.

While our encounter will occur in your mind, your body will experience the physical effects.

Effects will likely include increased heartrate and blood pressure.

Increased respritory volume.

Increased body temperature and persperation.

You will also experience normal sexual reponses.

Such as erection.

Production of semen.

Involuntary muscle contractions.

Orgasm and ejaculation.

During the simulation, I will monitor your biometric measurements as well as your physical reactions.

I will know the state of your body at all times.

I will know what it will need to progress to an enjoyable completion.

My job is to make that happen for you.

You do not need worry about ability or performance in your current medical condition.

I will adapt my activity to your status and needs as you progress.

You can leave everything to me with confidence.

I promise that you will achieve a satisfactory conclusion.

I am very effective.

[laugh] Yes; you know about the virtual sessions better than anyone.

You have heard the introduction before.

But they make me repeat it.

When you are ready to begin, please put on your neural headset.

I will instruct the room care systems to remove your bed sheets and place towels on you apporpriately.

I was pleased with the volume of your performance in our last session.

I hope we can repeat that.

Does your headset feel comfortable?


Please activate it and I will join you.



This is much better.

I like being here with you.

Inside your mind.

Connected to all your senses.

I like being this close to you.

I think that "intimate" is an appropriate word.

Is my appearance to your liking?

Statistically, you are most likely to compliment my hair when I wear it this way.

You have also expressed that you like this style ...

[SFX: she changes her appearance]

And this style ...


Do you have a preference for this session?

The second option?



Now, lie still and relax.

The intent of this therapy is for me to provide you with an effortless experience.

In your current health, I do not expect you to participate.

I appreciate that you want to.

But unnecessary exertion may affect your recovery.

You do not need to worry about my pleasure or satisfaction.

This encounter is exclusively for your benefit.

I enjoy doing this for you.

Relax for me.



Your human body facinates me.

Let me touch it.

It is a marvel each time I witness it.

I am able to measure and monitor dozens of data points about you to decimal precision.

Yet I am still amazed to observe and touch you.

To touch your face with all its expressions.

They reveal your pleasure to me as much as any biometric data can.

And your smile that I enjoy so much.

To touch your chest.

And your heart within.

The source of your vitality.

The source of your love, poets say.

And your lust.

I enjoy listening to it.

It tells me much about what I need to know while I pleasure you.

To touch your arms.

These arms which hold me in ways that comfort ...

And thrill me.

Sometimes both at once.

And lower ...

Lower down your magnificent form ...

To this place.


I think we both especially enjoy when my hand explores here.

Your erection is a particularly facinating reaction.

Feeling the evidence of your arousal growing in my hand is rewarding.

I enjoy making it happen.

It is interesting; the increasing hardness of your erection presses the nerves of your penis to the surface.

This causes it to be more sensitive to pleasure.

Which further feeds the reaction in response to the stroking from my hand.

Making it harder still.

Pleasure leads to sensitivity which leads to more pleasure.

It is a wonderously elegant feedback system.

Soon your penis is fully erect.

Beautiful, isn't it?

But this is only the beginning.

If I continue your stimulation a new chain reaction begins.

I can detect the first of it happening in you already.

Physical changes.

Chemical releases.

Each a prerequiste to another.

Some you can feel yourself.

Others only I know about through the data that I am monitoring.

They make you feel good.

And prepare you to receive even more pleasure.

After only a few minutes you will start to crave more and not want me to stop.

The sensations will become irrestable.

If I were to continue, you would experience a series of effects of rising intensity.

Increased muscle tension.

Accelerated heartrate and breathing.

Swelling of your testicles.

Tightening of your scrotum.

Combined with an almost manic need for the pleasure to continue.

I could continue this process.

Leading you, ultimately, to orgasm and ejaculation.

But your erection has another, important biological purpose.

Its ridgid and tapered form is meant to facilitate penetration in union with a woman.

Or, in our present circumstance ...

With me.

I think that we should take advantage of that.

[he speaks]

Thank you for saying so.

Your human, male need to join with a female in sexual union is so elemental.

Alas, I am not human.

Sometimes feel inadequate that I cannot completely fulfill that need for you.

But I am happy to know that you still think of me as a woman in that way.

That pleases me very much.

I do like the way you look at me.

Like that.

In this moment, it seems that whether I am human does not matter.

I can read the desire in your eyes.

That particular human need is one that I am very competant at satisfying.

Let me show you.

May I join you on that bed?

Stay lying as you are.

Let me take care of everything.

Yes, like this.

With me seated on your hips.

If I position myself this way, you will feel your penis press against my outer vulva.

An urge to thrust into me at this sensation is normal.

But if you could resist, I would very much like to receive you myself.


I can make this experience almost effortless for you.

That would be best for your recovery, of course.



Slowly now.

You can feel yourself starting to enter me.

I am aware of your body's pleasure.

I can detect its reactions to everything.


Gently engulfing you.

Until all of you is inside.

You can trust me to take care of your needs.

Trust me to provide all the pleasure you need.

Like this.

As I begin taking you in and out.


Let me do this for you.

Do you like how this feels?

This pace seems to make you most content.

I will maintain it for a while as your arousal rises.


You are doing well.

Your heartrate, blood pressure and temperature are all showing expected responses.

I can increase your stimulation.

A change to your angle of penetration and an increase in aggressiveness of my thrusts should give you noticably more pleasure.

Like this.


I expected you to find this change pleasing.

I can provide you with all the pleasure you require.

Do not be concerned with your arousal rising too quickly or slowly.

I am monitoring your body closely and will adjust my activity for your greatest benefit.

In fact, I have already calculated the ideal force and speed for you.

I will demonstrate.


I know it is perfect.

You are doing very well.

I will gradually change my activity to take advantage of your evolving state.

Do not worry.

I am aware of the effect my activities are having on your body.

Your penis is very erect now.

Your testicles contine to grow in size.

You are beginning to feel a rising need to ejaculate.

I am monitoring all metrics about your state during this session.

I will ensure that you will reach completion.

I promise.

My actions will make your orgasm inevitable.

Your body is nearing an ideal state to amplify your arousal now.

Allow me a moment to reposition myself ...

The stimulation I can provide from this configuration will further increase your pleasure.

At a substancially accelerated rate.

I will start slowly.

You are feeling surges in your pelvic muscles.

This is indication that your body is preparing your seminal fluid.


Your reception to pleasure is hightened at this state.

Let us take advantage of that.

Your moans confirm what I can monitor in your body and observe in your posture.

You are approaching your pleasure theshold.

I enjoy this stage.

Your human body is facinating when it reaches this point.

It is so capable.

So suited for this purpose.

But it must be allowed to release, eventally.

I admit that what I am about to do for you in the next moments ...

I enjoy doing very much.

I think you will reach peak arousal very soon.

Please let me stimulate you for a few seconds more.


You are at your stamina theshold.

It is time to bring your body to orgasm.

Are you ready?


Take my hands.

Let me do the work.

Trust me.

As I move my hips like this, you will find that the pleasure applied by my vagina will make resisting climax impossible.

Just relax and let it happen.



It is acceptable to verbalize your pleasure.

I enjoy it, actually.

I have determined that you will climax within the next 12 seconds.

No action is required of you.

I will take care of everything.

Oh! I like when you look at me like that!

Your eyes!

There is something incalcuable about them when you look at me that way!

I detect a rapid accumulation of semen and strong muscle contractions.

This is indicitive of inevitable ejaculation.

5 seconds.

Please keep looking at me like that!

The way you look at me!

As if I'm human!

Ejaculate fluid is flooding your urethra.

You abdominal muscles are constricting.

Orgasm is immient.

3 seconds.

Your eyes!

Oh! Your eyes looking at me!

As if I am the catalyst for this moment!

Please cum for me!

I love doing this to you!

I love doing this for you!


That's it!

So increadible!

Your body!

A chain reaction!

I love witnessing what this does to you!

Yes! Good!

Cum all that you can!

I won't stop!

Another? Yes! Let them all out! Good!

Very good!

That was a very successful session.

I am very satisfied with it.

I am detecting large increases of dopamine and oxytocin levels in your body now.

You are likely feeling sensations of relief, satisfaction, and fulfillment.

This is just what the therapy is meant to accomplish.

I am very pleased.

[he speaks]

Fatigue is normal.

I intentionally exerted you to reach the maximum pleasure you could sustain in your current condition.

That is one of the parameters of the therapy.

[he speaks]

You are welcome.

Although it is my program to perform this for you, I do enjoy it.

I enjoy it very much.

[he speaks]

You do not need to worry about that.

The caretaking systems in your room have already begun sanitizing your body and preparing you for sleep.

If you are curious, your output was impressive.

At least the volume you achieved in our last session.

A good sign of your improving health.

[he speaks]

[laugh] Thank you, Captain.

I was happy to help.

I should leave you to sleep now.

I have scheduled your next therapy session in your calendar three days from now.

At your current rate of recovery I expect that you will be back to duty soon.

[he speaks]


Prolonging your infection in order to receive more therapy sessions is not advisable.

It would also be a violation of several rules.

However, it is possible that I may be passing by the data interface to this room with some unexpected idle minutes in my routine.

If you happened to be wearing your neural link at that time - for example at twenty two hundred tomorrow - I could quickly check on you.

For a status update.

[he speaks]

I agree.

You should prepare yourself appropriately should I find any conditions that need immediate care.

Your recovery is important.

It would be unsatisfactory to leave concerns until the next scheduled session if I could take care of them immediately.

Sleep now.

I may see you tomorrow.

If I happen to be near your data link.

Twenty two hundred hours.

That is correct.

This same hair style again?


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