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  1. [15:16]   Milky Slut: Hey there, just a side note. Im on for a bit here, and I also found this which might entice you~
  2. [15:17]   George Emkin: Oh yes. And want to continue on here for now then or do you want to stick to notes, I'm down for either.
  3. [15:18]   Milky Slut: Im good with either. I feel like sex scenes are easier in chat, but nice long posts are easier in note.
  4. [15:21]   George Emkin: George whistles low "A second circler? Well." admittedly not too powerful a circle, but still, a Queen. He's pulled a big one for his familiar. Already he can feel the connection settling in a she wraps one hand around a breast and gives a firm squeeze-grope.
  5. "And a Lust demon too...well, I think we're going to get on fine Milky Slut." using her old name intentionally to remind her that all she is to him is a servant, no greater than the imp she was "You'll serve me for a life time and in return maybe I can help you gain power enough to expand your pastures and become more than you, are you going to be a good girl for your master and behave yourself?" he asks as he climbs up on the desk next to the wall, taking a seat facing her, leaving his waist about the height she'd be at kneeling "Kneel down."
  6. [15:24]   Milky Slut: She moans, sounding like a moo as his hand sinks into her perky, yet almost liquid breasts. "M-my name isn't Milky Slut!" She cries and makes a visible effort to pull away. "I serve no one! Not a soul! I am a queen and I kneel to no mor-" Her shapely legs bend as she kneels before him. "Stop this! Release me at once or pay with your soul mortal!" She shouts, knowing full well that it's an empty threat.
  7. [15:27]   George Emkin: He laughs "I know you can never harm me Milky." as he pinches up her nipple and squeezes, aiming to see if he can draw milk from it "Still, I think you need to learn your place, you've gotten arrogant over the past" he pats the clear bulge in his robe "...let's start with your tits and mouth, I want to watch you serve me like a good little cow."
  8. [15:31]   Milky Slut: She moans again, and white droplets appear on her mountainous, brown mounds. She gasps when her squeezes them and shudders all over. Clearly quite sensitive there. "Learn my place!? Arrogant!? Cow! am a queen!" She snarls as her hands reach up to his pants. "My breasts, and mouth are not for someone as lowly as you!"
  9. [15:34]   George Emkin: George's robe slides open to reveal an unabashed tent in his underwear. He'll tug them down out the way to reveal a, well, moderately sized for his age cock. Nothing huge.
  10. But then again she might be able to help with that as George says "Tell me, did you enhance the male breeders you took at all?" as he wraps his legs around her hips and pinches her nipple "And behave." before giving a light spank on the breast
  11. [15:36]   Milky Slut: She yelps as her massive udders jiggle and sway from the spank. "Of course I did. They were intended to breed damned souls. Stretching them and gaping them so they'd never feel pleasure again!" She snarls before holding still. The behave command robbing her of the ability to struggle. "Wh-what is, let me go!" She cried, this time without clear signs of resistance. Only her eyes showed the fury she was displaying.
  12. [15:38]   Milky Slut: (Just a btw, we don't have to do gaping)
  13. [15:38]   George Emkin: George smiles at that "Add a couple of inches to my cock, make it worthy of owning you." he tells her "I want to make sure you feel exactly the same way when I fuck you for the first time." he tells her, before wrapping his other hand around her other tit and grope-wrapping them around his shaft.
  14. Then he lets her take over, pinching up her nipples and massaging them to see if they leak.
  15. [15:38]   George Emkin: (I'm down for a bit of it)
  16. [15:39]   Milky Slut: (Ok, just saw it on your no and maybe list)
  17. [15:41]   George Emkin: (I'll try most things once, basically as long as they can repair the damage/things heal, I'm down for it.)
  18. [15:42]   Milky Slut: She yelps, shaking her head before the cock between her tits begins to grow bigger and bigger. Soon its over a foot long, and several inces thick, looking more like a huge, hanging sausage in the butcher's shop that a normal human cock. "I'll do no such-" She yelps as milk sprays from her huge, puffy nipples. "St-stop that! I am not your dairy cow!" Despite her talk of resistance her arms move to cradle her udders and slowly work them up and down his shaft.
  19. [15:43]   Milky Slut: (I usually do personalized gape. Like a pussy and ass gaped to fit only your cock)
  20. [15:43]   George Emkin: (I'm totally down for that)
  21. [15:44]   George Emkin: George snorts at that...then stares in shock "Fuck me...that's-" before grinning ear to ear, he takes her by a horn and says "Oh stop talking." Before forcing her down onto the thick, cumstained tip, burying her face down between her own tits and smothering her with his cock "From now on you are my cow. Accept it and things'll be a lot easier for you, Milky."
  22. [15:47]   Milky Slut: She gasps, though doesn't gag as she buries her face between her undulating tits. Her lips are beestung and seal around his cock, her throat hot, yet velvety like a pussy. She gives a few muffled squeals of protest. She sits there a moment, cock down her throat as she jerks him off with her tits. Clearly she's thinking. Then slowly begins to bob her head, making his cock nearly slip from her lips before diving back down.
  23. [15:47]   Milky Slut: (Cool cool. I usually do it as a sign of ownership. Like no one else could pleasure those gaping holes, but George.)
  24. [15:48]   Milky Slut: (Also fine with a doughnut anus if you wanted it)
  25. [15:51]   George Emkin: (Totally down with doughnut ass as well.)
  27. George'll smile "Good girl." he tells her before letting her work down to the base between her own breasts, he even loosens his grip on her horn, letting her take control for the moment as a reward for not being too difficult. He'll squeeze his legs around her thick hips, ankles interlocked behind her as his pre lubricates her entire throat with the thick flavour of her new owner.
  28. [15:52]   Milky Slut: (Cool cool, you can decide how big. Can be just a puffy hole, or something that spreads her ass, or somewhere in between)
  29. [15:54]   Milky Slut: She groans loudly, eyes still ablaze with fury but obediently bobbing up and down his massive cock, causing her throat to visibly stretch around it. All the while she bounces her massive tits around it, hugging them in liquid warmth.
  30. [15:56]   George Emkin: George'll pull out and give her a slap on the cheek with his cock "Stop glaring. The sooner you accept this the easier it'll be for you." leaving a large, distinct cock-print on her face that smears one eye shut. He then forces her back down, face fucking her this time until the entire length glistens with mixed spittle and pre "...bend over and raise your hips, on all fours, like a cow. Oh and from now on until you start behaving, all you can say is Moo."
  31. [15:58]   Milky Slut: She raises up, releasing his cock with a wet pop. "Mooo!" She cries, eyes wide in shock and shame. "Moo! Moooooooo!" She moans and gets down on all fours, raising her gargantuan ass high. "Moooo!" She moans and shakes her head rapidly in protest.
  32. [16:00]   George Emkin: George laughs at that "Oh stop." before he lines up with her from behind and teases her with the tip "...can you get pregnant?" he asks.
  33. Before sliding into her, aiming to get hilt deep on that first thrust, after all she's a demon, she can handle it, even if it does mean her legs go out from under her. He grips the base of her tail, using it as a handle as he forces her cheek down to the stonework.
  34. [16:05]   Milky Slut: "MOOOO!" She cries as her legs tremble from his sudden hilting. Her tail swishes in his hand like a caught snake, and with his last command she can simply stare back, eyes ablaze with anger, but unable to show it. Despite this her walls are hot, and wet. Clinging to his massive cock as it trying to keep him out, but only providing a tighter fit. Inside her is like hot silk, smooth and perfect, clinging to his giant dick and defining every contour.
  35. [16:10]   George Emkin: George squeezes every last inch into her as he breaths out "I'm going to enjoy owning you." his eyes closed in the raw, unrepentant pleasure of the moment.
  36. He'll draw back out, then give her another thrust, this time his balls clap against her folds, the hefty breeders making a clap that echoes around the summoning chamber. He pushes her down by the horn and lifts her hips higher.
  37. Then increases his pace as he groans out "This doesn't have to be bad for you Milky, accept your place and I might even reward you. And start using your other name."
  38. [16:14]   Milky Slut: "Mooooooo!" She moans as her anger filled eyes roll back in her head. Every slap against her pussy caused her to jump ever so slightly. Ever clap of their hips cause her massive ass to wobble and quake like jelly. Despite her words she was clearly built for pleasure. And despite her words her hips began to gyrate.
  39. [16:17]   George Emkin: George'll use his other hand to grip her hip, barely managing to keep a handle on it as he takes her as only a horny teen can. He'll know when she's ready to accept that he owns her when she starts to make sense again. He presses his face to her broad, brown back and really gets down to work, feeling her body rocking against his.
  40. He's almost tempted to flip her so he can enjoy her tits, but that'd mean being face to face, instead of taking her like an animal in heat. As such he instead just reaches around and gropes a tit in palm for the moment.
  41. [16:20]   Milky Slut: "Moooooo~" She moans as his fingers sink into her heavy, swinging breasts. "Mooooooooo yes~" She groans and begins bucking her hips. "Ooooh moo pussy! Moo feel so mooo!" She cries in a mixture of defiance and pleasured acceptance. Her hips begin to match his rhythm, bucking to meet him as her mind reels with what's happening. She hates him, but has never been with one of the breeder, her mind was being torn in half by his giant cock.
  42. [16:23]   George Emkin: He laughs "Just give in and you can enjoy pleasure like this every single day Excellia." rewarding her with her real name for the moment as she starts to surrender to him. He's going to fuck her, long and hard, until her knees start to ache from being pressed against the stone work.
  43. It won't be a question of if she cums first, but rather, how many times before he starts to build up towards his edge?
  44. [16:26]   Milky Slut: She moans, arching her back as her pussy clenches around his shaft. "MOOOOOO!" She screams as she cums. A spray of girl cum shooting between her legs as a puddle of milk forms under her breasts. Her hips buck as her pussy quivers and clenches tight around his cock. She's orgasming, hard. And without relief, she just keeps going.
  45. [16:28]   George Emkin: George'll ravish her until her legs give out under her and she's laying in a puddle of her own milk and juices.
  46. Then, finally, after twenty long breeder-pounding minutes he starts to edge, he slams to the hilt inside her at the end with a short, sharp gasp of raw pleasure.
  47. And cums.
  48. And keeps cumming, filling her to the point where her stomach swells with his cum, until she loos pregnant with its excess volume as he groans out "Have my children."
  49. [16:31]   Milky Slut: "MOOOO! MOOOO!" She cries, broad tongue lolling from her mouth after a twenty minute orgasm. She practically lays atop her tits cumming and mooing as he pounds into. At the feeling if him cumming however she pushes herself straight up, and turns with wide eyes. "MOOOOOOOOO!" She screams in protest only to watch her belly balloon out bigger and bigger. The same way she'd forced other souls to endure. Waddling around with a huge, sloshing belly.
  50. [16:33]   George Emkin: George'll leave himself balls deep inside her for the moment. He remains where he is, panting silently until finally he says " can spent the rest of your life moo'ing instead of talking...or-" he slips free with an obscene pop of displaced cum, the excess pours down her inner thighs "You can turn around and clean me off. Then once you have we can negotiate on what you'll get from being my familiar."
  51. [16:35]   Milky Slut: She growls softly, muttering a soft moo, before turning around, and licking his cock of her pussy juice and his cum. Clearly she's still defiant, and will probably moo from time to time, but she's at least listening.
  52. [16:36]   George Emkin: George takes her by the horn "Good girl. Now...what do you want from all of this, Your Highness?" another little hint of respect for her to cling to as he fucks his cock clean in her throat, a little excess cum dribbling down her chin to splatter over her udders
  53. [16:39]   Milky Slut: She grunts angrily, lips wrapped around his cock as she stares up at him. The sight before George would be that of a very very pregnant cowgirl, tits sliding to either side of her belly, and fat, bee stung lips wrapped around his cock.
  54. [16:40]   George Emkin: George'll give her time to calm down as he plays with her tits thoughtfully and waits for her to finish. Then he draws free from her mouth and offers her a hand up "...we'll have to get you some clothes." he considers "...and a collar."
  55. [16:42]   Milky Slut: She takes it, still glaring but stands up. "I do not wear clothes." She mutters. "And you have no need to collar me. This is quite enough." She says, pointing to the pink, womb design on her bloated belly.
  56. [16:44]   George Emkin: "Clothes are necessary, You're going to have to be presented before my mistress sooner or later after all and you being naked as you are might raise some eyebrows." he says, as he takes a seat nearby and pats the part of the desk next to him "Now...what do you want Excellia?"
  57. [16:45]   Milky Slut: "I want moo freedom." She says angrilly. "I want you to release moo and never summon moo again!" She says, faltering as her speech turns to mooing. "And I want moo powers back!"
  58. [16:46]   George Emkin: "Now-now, you know you're not going to get that." he tells her "Apart from what, what do you want...I might give your powers back, after all they're going to be used to help me from now on." he points out
  59. [16:49]   Milky Slut: Her big bovine ears perk up. "Oh? And exactly how am I going to help moo?" She asked, crossing her arms over her belly. "Explain that too me."
  60. [16:51]   George Emkin: "Well, you're an incredibly powerful demoness, even having you as my familiar has given me incredible potential for magic compared to someone that calls up an imp or something. Just as importantly I'll gain something of your magic." he considers "You said you created breeders...why? Did it give you power?"
  61. [16:54]   Milky Slut: She frowned, tapping her plush lips in thought, weighing how best to respond. "Not exactly. A demon's influence is measured by how many he or she can own. Breeders are souls destined to spend eternity pregnant, popping out demons for me. By expanding my herd, I expand my influence. So simply making breeders doen't give me power, but their offspring do. So long as they swear fealty to me."
  62. [16:58]   George Emkin: George listens then whistles "...well, we share that now, that's...very interesting." he leans in "Basically the more children are born in our name, the more powerful we'll be is what I'm hearing." he smiles "...sounds like we've got a way to proceed. You get power from a place other demons can't, here in the mortal worlds and I get my own advantage as well."
  63. [17:02]   Milky Slut: "Essentially." She sighs. "But its in my name. My name holds sway over fertility, lust, even motherhood. But if you hold sway over moo." She stops and composes herself. "Then you'll get power too."
  64. [17:03]   George Emkin: He smiles then pats his lap "Well, that's very, I'll have to think of a way to get a group of women together for that." he sighs "Still given my successful summoning of you is the end of my apprenticeship we can travel out into the world and start searching soon as I've presented you to my Mistress." he doesn't even consider the fact that having his powerful mistress as a slave might be an option
  65. [17:06]   Milky Slut: She smiles, instead of sitting down she spreads her cum soaked legs and straddles his lap. "Foolish mootal. Blinded by your own ambitions." She practically purrs, voice dripping with lust. "You have a moostress hm? She is a human yes? Why not start here?"
  66. [17:08]   George Emkin: George freezes at that "That's-She's-"
  67. He goes quiet for a long moment then says "...her familiar isn't as powerful as you." that's important "She's just a Gateway Demonness." he looks over and wraps both hands around her ass "If we can we will, but no point getting too ambitious too early. After all I've not half the experience she has."
  68. [17:10]   Milky Slut: She smiles, leaning in, pressing her huge belly and breasts against him. "Find out her familiar's name. I'll take care of the rest." She purrs softly, lips just brushing his ears. "Do that and I can assure you of victory."
  69. [17:11]   George Emkin: "Her true name or the name she uses for her?" he asks as he squeezes her backside in both hands and says "And I'll get on it right away. A gateway demoness would be very useful to support us, after all, being able to get back to your Pastures in hell would be...very useful."
  70. [17:14]   Milky Slut: "The name she is called by, is useful. Her true name would be most useful. But a sigil, or her circle would be equally useful." She sighs as his fingers sink into her ass. "Should you wish it, I can send her to my circle as well."
  71. [17:20]   George Emkin: "Well." he nods to the circle in the middle of the room "We could lure her down here and trap her in there." he says "That'd probably do it...still." he considers "Do you have any way to control breeders? Maybe it'd be better to start with my Mistress, if we can control her her demoness comes to heel easily enough."
  72. [17:23]   Milky Slut: She blushes and looks away. "Get her aroused, and I can make her dance like a puppet. Or...milk me." She squeaks. "My milk is a powerful aphrodisiac. A few drops could get her aroused. A glass could get her cumming for hours."
  73. [17:25]   George Emkin: "...perfect." he smiles "I make the meals around the tower, we can start there." he grabs one of the alchemist beakers and gestures for her to bend over the counter, warming his hands as he does so "I'll make sure she eats a sweet made entirely with your milk."
  74. [17:27]   Milky Slut: She blushes, muttering a soft 'moo' before obeying and bending over to let her gargantuan udders hang free. " gentle. Moo breasts are sensitive..."
  75. [17:28]   George Emkin: "Oh that makes me less likely to be gentle." he tells her before he squeezes her tits nice and slowly, groping them down into the beaker, her nipples pointed square into its depths. He grins to himself and says "You know, in this position it'd be easy for you me with your hands, wouldn't it?" he says, not commanding it...yet
  76. [17:33]   Milky Slut: She blushes and looks away. "Mooo." She moans, and closes her eyes as her nipples harden against the cool glass. Without a word she wraps her delicate fingers around his cock, doing nothing more to try and pleasure him. She wanted a bigger circle, but being a sex slave was degrading for a queen like herself.
  77. [17:34]   George Emkin: George leans into her ear and says "You know your highness...if you just let go and enjoy yourself, then you'd have a lot more fun out of being here." he points out "Go on, just give it a go, as if I were any other well hung man that was enjoying you." then again he doubts she's ever really let anyone do that since she became more powerful, after all, demons can't trust anyone when they have a scrap of power.
  78. [17:39]   Milky Slut: She blushes and looks away. "Moo are the first man I've had in over 2000 years." She mutters. Slowly her hand works his shaft, hands like warm silk, gliding across his sensitive cock. "But I am not your sex toy. I'm not your mooo whore."
  79. [17:41]   George Emkin: George smiles "No, you're my familiar. You're a partner in all of this." a lesser partner of course, one he can do whatever he likes with, but demons are proud, better to let them have their ego as he kisses her cheek "And I wouldn't have it any other way."
  80. [17:46]   Milky Slut: She narrowed her eyes, enjoying the sound of that. Slowly her strokes increased in speed. Even taking time to run a finger around the tip, or fondling his balls. "Partner's hmm?"
  81. [17:48]   George Emkin: "Partners." he tells her "...I won't pretend I'm going to let you get away with whatever you want, since I've got ambitions, but we're going to be working together. After all, my fate is bound to yours from now on, Your Highness." he draws her in against him with his free hand leaving a trail of cum running down her inner thigh and over her fingers as she jerks "And I'd rather have you on my side rather than trying to trick me the entire way."
  82. [17:55]   Milky Slut: "Mooo, I suppose...there are worse fate to get mooself into." She muttered. "And we are bound moogether." She sighs and nods. "  But do not forget who or what I am to you."
  83. [18:01]   George Emkin: "My dearest pet?" he kisses her cheek and cums on her hand "And don't forget who I am either." as he finishes filling the beaker with her milk then draws back from between her fingers, leaving them coated in fertile cum
  84. [18:04]   Milky Slut: "My annoying mootal." She grunts and sits up, holding the cum covered hand out as if its a vile creature. "You got what you wanted. Can I go now, and get rid of this belly?"
  85. [18:05]   George Emkin: "You can and don't forget to lick your hand clean." he adds casually, not commanding it but letting her opt into it if she will "After all, it'll be a good source of mana for your magic going forward." then he adds "I'll pretend I haven't called you up yet for the moment so I can catch my mistress."
  86. [18:06]   Milky Slut: She grunts, taking a solid minute before licking her hand clean with her broad tongue. "Go then, and let me get rid of all...this." She motions to her wobbling belly and sighs, knowing she'd probably orgasm again as the cum flows out.
  87. [18:09]   George Emkin: George won't comment on it, he heads on upstairs, leaving her to tend to her needs as she will.
  88. He'll pretend to be giving up for the evening if his mistress catches him as he heads straight to the kitchen and prepares dinner, he takes advantage of his magic to make something for his mistress, combining ice magic with fire magic he creates an iced cream with a caramel sauce, the perfect temptation for a Sorceress with a sweet tooth.
  89. The question is, do either his Mistress or her familiar come to check up on him?
  91. (Your call, could have a scene with one of them before he dominates them to get a feel for who they are)
  92. [18:11]   Milky Slut: (Well here is what I was thinking and you tell me yes or no. If you dismiss milky and find out the familiar's name, she could appear with it as a cowgirl. Or, George can seduce his mistress or the familiar, and we go from there. Your call.)
  93. [18:12]   George Emkin: (I'm thinking George seducing his mistress could be fun, but if you fancy Milky going off and ambushing the familiar off screen then we could go all in with a threesome, George brings his mistress under his control only for Milky to come with her cow-familiar onto the scene, each having captured one)
  94. [18:13]   Milky Slut: (That works. Got a pic of what you want the mistress to look like?)
  95. [18:15]   Milky Slut: (Gonna hop in the shower real quick, brb)
  96. [18:20]   George Emkin: (How about one of these, I'm leaning towards the third for the whole 'dark mistress' feel before he tames her Obviously a bit more clothed...for the moment)
  97. [18:25]   Milky Slut: (Oh yes, I like the third one best too)
  98. [18:27]   Milky Slut: (Just one sec and I'll write a response.)
  99. [18:28]   Milky Slut: (Does she have a name?)
  100. [18:29]   George Emkin: (He just knows her as Mistress, how about Miranda?)
  101. [18:29]   Milky Slut: (Works for me)
  102. [18:31]   Milky Slut: Mistress Miranda waltzed into the kitchen, her dark robes fluttering around her as she moved. On a whim she had lowered the cowl of her robe, allowing her raven black hair to spill down her shoulders, framing the keyhole to her heaving bosom. "Ah, George. Done for the day I see." She said in a crisp, curt tone.
  103. [18:33]   George Emkin: George sighs and nods "Yes Mistress. I've hit a bit of a road block in my translations." he says as the scent of caramel cooking wafts on the air "Besides, I'll think better on a full stomach." he looks her way, wondering if she'll notice the doctored sweet already half cooked on the side
  104. [18:35]   Milky Slut: She nods, slowly and sagely as if she knows his pain. "The important aspect is to keep trying. Though, it may take you quite some time." The implications were clear. She saw him as a cook, not a mage. "I see you're already starting on dessert?"
  105. [18:38]   George Emkin: "Yes. I thought I'd make something enjoyable for the moment." He glances her way "After dinner do you think we could sit and talk for an hour or two?" perfect reason to be around when the aphrodisiac starts to kick in, after alls he's meant to be helping him as he draws dinner from the oven with a small gesture. If she's paying attention she might notice he's finding it far easier than usual.
  106. But he doubts she'll be paying attention, she's never been the best of Mistresses
  107. [18:40]   Milky Slut: "I suppose I could spare an hour. You should feel honored though, my schedule is very busy." She knew it was a blatant lie, but she had to keep appearances. "Simply finish dinner and then perhaps we can talk." She takes the desert and a bottle of fine wine, before sweeping out of the kitchen.
  108. [18:42]   George Emkin: George warns "Don't forget the caramel sauce." making sure to drizzle it all over, saving some of it for later...after all, how better to get a blowjob off her than with it. He'll give it fifteen minutes before he goes after her with dinner, having already eaten his own on the quick to prepare.
  109. He knocks on the study door and lets himself in, braced for the result of her eating demonic lust milk laced with demonic lust milk, concentrated through heating into a thick sauce.
  110. [18:48]   Milky Slut: The results do not disappoint. She sits in her study sweating, and blushing. Her cloak is gone, and only her more lacey day clothes remain, though its doubtful that her panties are on. She yelps when he enters, trying to compose herself, despite the musty smell of sex hanging in the room. "Ah, mister Emkin, please come in."
  111. [18:50]   George Emkin: George tries not to grin, he's brought his own ice cream and the sauce jug of course as he walks on in, ignoring the scent in the air. Still she can't hide the blush with her light skin "How was the ice cream Mistress?" he asks, he heads up and takes a seat on the chair next to her, already getting turned on by the smell of her lust. God, it's good to be him right now, he's lived with her for a long time and always resented her not treating him with respect.
  112. he's going to turn her into a plaything.
  113. [18:53]   Milky Slut: "What? Oh f-fine." She manages glancing not at him, but his groin nervously. "How was yours? Good as well I hope." She squeaks. "What dick-did! Did you want to talk about?" She asks blushing deeper and deeper.
  114. [18:55]   George Emkin: George'll split the ice cream "I thought you'd want seconds." before he glances her way and asks casually "Or do you want something else." spreading his legs subtly, pretending to be entirely innocent as he pours the caramel on her ice cream...and 'accidentally' turns when she next speaks, pouring some over his lap "Shi-"
  115. [18:55]   George Emkin: (Actually let me edit that, far more fun to drop it on her lap)
  116. [18:55]   George Emkin: George'll split the ice cream "I thought you'd want seconds." before he glances her way and asks casually "Or do you want something else." spreading his legs subtly, pretending to be entirely innocent as he pours the caramel on her ice cream.
  117. [18:56]   George Emkin: (brb, dinner)
  118. [18:58]   Milky Slut: (Ok no prob) She shudders, watching it flow over the ice cream. "W-w-well you b-brought it. I suppose I" She manages, while glancing at his spread legs.
  119. [19:16]   George Emkin: George'll go to pass it to her...only to let it slip at the last moment and drop the ice cream on her lap "Oh shi-sorry Mistress." he turns and spills the same on his, waiting to see which she goes for first, if she'd rather have an excuse to dive face first between his legs or strip off her panties in front of him as he prepares a cleaning spell.
  120. [19:19]   Milky Slut: She stares a moment, skin visibly showing goosebumps. Rising from her seat she catches the melting mess and slowly licks it from her fingers. With that done pulls off her top to reveal she wasn't wearing panties.
  121. [19:20]   George Emkin: George stares for a moment then says "...maybe you'd rather have something else to eat Mistress." he draws his robe open, fully erect and shameless. He looks her square in the eye.
  122. Then pours a helping of the sauce onto his cock, leaving it glistening as he lets his eyes flick down to it, then up to her.
  123. [19:24]   Milky Slut: She stares, eyes wide and hungry as her pussy begins to visibly drip. She's practically awash with lust and trembling all over. "It-it-it is highly unpro-profess..." before she can finish she's kneeling and licking the sauce from his cock.
  124. [19:38]   George Emkin: George runs his hand into her hair "And?" pressing her down the length as he groans out "I've seen the way you've looked at me Mistress, you should enjoy yourself." working deeper as he says it while his other hand wraps around a breast
  125. [19:41]   Milky Slut: She gasps, mouth going wide as his cock slides in. She's not even fighting it. Her lips seal around his cock as her other hand begins pawing her own breast.
  126. [19:42]   George Emkin: George gropes without a shred of shame, fucking her mouth. He rides deep and long, only pulling out long enough to say "On the bed, now." as his pre trickles down the underside, his length is free of the caramel and that means he can put it in her.
  127. He's been waiting for this for years
  128. [19:44]   Milky Slut: She eagerly scrambles up to the bed just as the floor bursts into flames and his cow demons stands there...holding the horns of another cow demon. "Hey lookit-" she trails off and grins. "Well, having fun without me hm?"
  129. [19:46]   George Emkin: George has almost mounted his Mistress as she appears. He draws in a sharp breath, cocktip against his once teacher. He has to wonder if she'll realize what's happened.
  130. To distract her from trying to buck him off and take revenge, he pushes into her, sliding deep.
  131. Of course, he's not to know he's got the wrong hole as he slides firmly into her back passage
  132. [19:50]   Milky Slut: She cries out, arching her back as he slides into her. She clings to the bed and pants. "Um...if you're looking to breed, you've got the wrong hole." Excellia chuckles. "Though I must say you picked a beauty, anything about her you want to change?"
  133. [19:51]   George Emkin: "Well, making her more fertile would be grand." he glances down and says "...know what? I'm good, I'll just fuck her twice." he decides as he gives her ass a spank and then pulls her back by the hair, riding hell for leather as he looks to the Gate Demoness "So, you caught her off guard? Or was she just weaker than you?"
  134. [19:56]   Milky Slut: "Actually she told me by accident." I shrug. "I just started asking if any guards didn't show for duty. Then found ones that were behaving strangely. Not hard really. From there I just snuck up on her."
  135. [19:59]   George Emkin: "...huh." he blinks in surprise at that before shrugging "So they're both under our control? Fantastic, that means we can use the tower as a base of operations from now on." he smiles "Think you can give her some cute horns for me to grip onto?"
  136. [20:01]   Milky Slut: She laughs. "If that's all then I've wasted my time." She taps Miranda on the head, and two small horns sprout out."
  137. [20:02]   George Emkin: "Well what else can you do?" he asks as he adds "Submissiveness is a given, my Mistress tends to be rather strong willed most the time, I'd rather that wasn't a problem when the milk wears off." he admits as he pounds away "...and a bigger ass." before squeezing the mages rear "More than two handfuls, thick thighs, the works"
  138. [20:05]   Milky Slut: "Much better." Excellia purrs, holding his Mistress's cheeks before kissing her deeply. Soon her body was changing, shifting both physically and mentally. A long, low moan, burst from Miranda's lips as the cow demon pulled away. Wisps of pink smoke trailed from her lips as she smiled. "Just give it a sec to work."
  139. [20:07]   George Emkin: George won't bother pulling out, letting her transform while he's balls deep, after all, it's part of the fun as he sighs "So what can you do exactly?" as he gestures for the Gate Demoness to come over and join him "And what's her name?"
  140. [20:13]   Milky Slut: "This is Daisy." Excellia says. "She can do whatever you say. Little cow doesn't have too many thoughts of her own." Excellia leans in and delivers a slap to Miranda's ass, watching it balloon out.
  141. [20:15]   George Emkin: George whistles "Well, very interesting." He looks the short, curvy Gate Demon over, his excess cum is already dribbling down his new slaves inner thighs as he groans out "So Excellia, how do you suggest we go about getting more children made?" clearly he's decided she's worth trusting enough to actually ask, as he uses the girl between his thighs and adds "You can of course have Daisy eat you out while we talk if you like." a bit of a reward for her
  142. [20:18]   Milky Slut: She nods, ordering her own slave between her legs as she talked. "Well first moo need to find the right hole. But then once filled I can speed up her pregnancy. Or just give her the look of a woman nine months along for eternity. Plenty if room for babies." She moan as her slave begins working.
  143. [20:19]   George Emkin: He whistles "Pregnant forever...well." he pulls out, presses tip to slit and gives a few hard pumps, cumming in his Mistress pussy without giving her the respect of an actual fucking. She can earn that right as her gaping asshole winks desperately for more cock. He'll make sure that enough ends up inside her folds to impregnate as he groans out "Let's see what she looks like as a pregnant cow."
  144. [20:22]   Milky Slut: "Mmmm of course." Excellia holds out her hand and smiles. Miranda moans, writing beneath the unseen spell as her body begins to change. At first it seemed she was gaining weight. Then her belly began to round out, her breasts growing soft and heavy, with dark nipples. Soon they rested atop her belly as it swelled to look nine months along, complete with stretch marks, and a navel that had been pushed out.
  145. [20:25]   George Emkin: George stares in silence. He's really hit it big with this one. He's always had a bit of a kink for pregnancy after all. He'll rest his length between her buttocks as they slowly come back together. Then he rolls her onto her back and stares.
  146. "...that's the hottest thing I've ever seen. She can be our nurse maid from now on and look after any kids born."
  147. [20:28]   Milky Slut: "She'll need lots of milk." Excellia chuckles as the once proud mistress's breasts inflate. The look heavy, and soft, like those of a mother who's had many children. Still, her body looks as fertile as possible. Curved and swollen with life.
  148. [20:31]   George Emkin: "Maybe even some extra breasts." he replies as he sucks a nipple hard between his lips, getting it stiff and leaking as he runs a hand over her swollen stomach. God he's never been turned on like this as he groans out "She'll still need to be able to be a mage though."
  149. [20:33]   Milky Slut: "Well naturally." Excellia moans, placing a hand on her slave's head and gasping. Snapping her fingers Miranda's breasts appear to be pushed up, as a second identical pair grow beneath them. Each one swollen with milk and dripping cream from fat dark nipples. "Anything else?"
  150. [20:34]   George Emkin: "Hm, any suggestions?" he asks as he mounts Miranda's face, giving her something to suck on while she's entirely out of it with lust and desire for him. He'll press deep into her cheek, resting his nuts on her nose
  151. [20:37]   Milky Slut: "A tail naturally." Excellia said as if it were perfectly noramal. "Maybe some rings in sensitive places? Makes them more obedient when you can lead them by the nose."
  152. [20:39]   George Emkin: "Oh gods yes." he grins "Nipple rings, we can put a leash through them." he decides "And a tail is a given, after all it's the perfect handle to fuck with." as he turns and takes a seat before gesturing for the Gate Demoness to crawl over "Come here Daisy. Now...Excellia, once these two are pregnant and have given birth...I do have an idea how we can get more. Most monster races breed rather quickly."
  153. [20:41]   Milky Slut: (Gah, i want to keep going but I gotta go. I'll write a note asap)
  154. [20:41]   George Emkin: (Catch you later, I'll send the logs via note)
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