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  1. Dead God of Rheelas [Master]
  3. WS 60 BS 50 S 65 (18) T 55 (10) Ag 50 Int 80 (16) Per 75 WP 20 Fel 10
  5. Skills: Awareness +20, Concealment +20, Contortionist +10, Dodge +10, Evaluate +20, Forbidden Lore (Necrons) +20, Inquiry +10, Literacy, Medicae +20, Navigation (Surface, Stellar) +10, Scrutiny +10, Search, Security +10, Shadowing +20, Silent Move +20, Speak Language (Forgotten Alien Tongue, Necrontyr), Tactics (Assault Doctrine, Defense Doctrine, Recon & Stealth), Tech-Use +20, Tracking +10
  7. Talents: Ambidextrous, Binary Chatter, Combat Formation, Combat Master, Concealed Cavity, Crack Shot, Crushing Blow, Deadeye Shot, Disarm, Feedback Screech, Ferric Lure, Ferric Summons, Frenzy, Hardy, Hatred (All), Heightened Senses (Sight, Hearing), Hip Shooting, Independent Targeting, Iron Jaw, Leap Up, Lightning Attack, Litany of Hate, Marksman, Mechadendrite Use, Mighty Shot, Paranoia, Polyglot, Preternatural Speed, Rapid Reaction, Sharpshooter, Swift Attack, Target Selection, Technical Knock, Total Recall, Unarmed Master
  9. Traits: Auto-stabilised, Dark Sight, Fear (2), From Beyond, Hoverer (7), Insane Intelligence*, Machine (14), Multiple Arms, Regeneration (8), Size (Hulking), Strange Physiology, Sturdy, Touched by the Fates (1), Unnatural Strength x3, Unnatural Toughness x2, Unnatural Intelligence x2
  11. 120 wounds, 7/14/21/42
  13. Weapons:
  15. Xenos Lascannon: Heavy, 6d10+10 E, Pen 10, 500m, S/-/-, Clip -, Rld -, Reliable
  16. Powered Scalpel: Melee, 1d10+28 E, Pen 10, Power Field
  17. Mono-saw: Melee, 1d10+20 R, Pen 6, Tearing
  18. Nanite Injectors: 1d10+22 I, Pen 6, Nanites*
  20. Nanites: The attack leaves streams of nearly-invisible nanites within the target.  If the attack deals at least one wound, the nanites will begin gestating within the target's body, and attempt to take control, leaving the target vulnerable to further attack.  In 1d5+2 turns, the target will be required to make a Difficult (-10) Toughness Test, or act as if affected by the Compel psychic power, ignoring immunities to psychic powers a character might normally have.  This effect lasts for 1d5 rounds, at which point the nanites expire.
  22. Insane Intelligence: The Dead God of Rheelas is long insane, and although it retains its massive intellect, it has no sense of reason or empathy left.  The Dead God of Rheelas is completely immune to attempts to reason with it, and will act with the single-minded determination to follow its last directive: kill everything that is not of its creators.
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