Fingerbang Thread: Anon's Vacation

Nov 6th, 2013
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  1. Not my finest writing but what the hell:
  2. >Finally summer break
  3. >Good bye Canterlot High, hello sweet beach
  4. >After working your ass off, you saved enough money to go yourself to the beach for a weekend
  5. >As you drive to the beach, you can’t help to think of all the hot mamas you could find there
  6. >After checking in the hotel the first thing to do is going to the beach
  7. >Hot clime, cold drinks and shrimp cocktails everywhere, beautiful babes in small bikinis and annoying kids troubling their parents. Yep, sure is summer
  8. >You have settled al your things in the sand, after that decided to rest at the shadow of your parasol
  9. >A couple of hours passes and you hear a little commotion from all the guys near you
  10. “Wow dude, check out that hot mama”
  11. >You take a peek; funny thing is you recognize two familiar figures
  12. >Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna
  13. >Such a nice white two piece bikini, barely covering her big bouncy breast and her wide hips, as the thong hugging her big juicy white butt cheeks
  14. >Vice Principal Luna on the other hand…Not the most appealing choice
  15. >A very dull looking one piece swimsuit (kinda like those japanese swimsuit but not as fit) and a big old lady hat
  16. “Oh my, what a surprise sister, it’s Anon”
  17. >The Principal knows who you are, mostly because you are often in her office due to your “inappropriate behavior” with a lot of girls
  18. “Well, if it isn’t a surprise, we’ve been visiting this place for years and you are the first student we see”
  19. >You invite both of them to take a seat and enjoy some cool drinks
  20. >To your surprise, they accept you offer
  21. >You noticed that both of your teachers act totally different as they do on the school
  22. >The three of you are joking, exchanging innuendos and finally ordering a delicious shrimp cocktail with some nice tomato juice, species and lemon from a native peddler.
  23. >Out of the fucking nowhere, three stupidly buffed appeared, obviously having your Principal as the their objective, wanting to chat with her
  24. >She decides to have a chat with them, if by that they mean showing off their roid bodies and promise her to have a good time
  25. >It’s been almost 20 minutes since these dudes arrived
  26. >You notice your Vice Principal have been awfully quiet since those guys arrived. And honestly, you don’t blame her.
  27. >Being drenching in sweat, trapped beneath the parasol and visibly irritated is not how one would like to be on a vacation
  28. >You offer her a soda, taking her by surprise and to be honest, that high school girl reaction in her is pretty cute
  29. “Not a big fan of the beach Vice Principal?”
  30. >She chuckles a bit; good that’s the first step
  31. ”Is not that anon, just the daytime of it, the night is much more interesting”
  32. >That triggered in her to give you a verbal tour of the cool thing here, nightclubs, outdoors shows, fancy restaurants, etc.
  33. >She’s obviously enjoying the conversation, like already feeling there
  34. >You almost forget how irritated she was minutes ago
  35. >An hour passes of you talking with your Vice- oh, right, she insisted to call her by name; Luna, right now, the sand is now bugging you.
  36. >You turn where Principal Celestia is supposed to be, only to see nothing
  37. “Oh, what the fuck…. Where is the Principal?!”
  38. >You are pissed off since she just leaves like that, but Luna remains calm
  39. >She told you to not worry, her sister now have 3 workhorses to go to the port mall, probably she will be shopping there the rest of the day
  40. >Note to yourself, careful with your principal
  41. “Would you like to give me the real tour?”
  42. >Luna helped you to carry the things back to your car, and then decided to spend the rest of the day with her
  43. >Luna was not kidding, not even night and the city is filled with outdoor restaurants specially in the shopping district
  44. >As you follow Luna on the street you notice you can’t help but look at her with more detail.
  45. >She’s actually as sexy as Celestia only a bit smaller and thin. Good C cup (Celestia is D as you can tell), Small but well toned butt cheeks, moving with a mesmerizing rhythm behind the loincloth that covers it, you cant’s help but imagining how firm at the touch must be her ass.
  46. >After a good afternoon of the walking and outdoor shows at the park, she brings you to the piers
  47. >She takes you to a small pub, very nice place, view to the beach, nice ambience, good looking food and even a small karaoke
  48. >It looks like Luna is a regular here, since everyone on the staff greets her
  49. >Without ordering something, a waitress brings you a couple of drinks+>Luna tells you it’s called “sex at the beach”, you don’t know jackshit about drinks so you drink it all in one glup.
  50. >Suddenly you feel something stroking your leg… was that Luna’s
  51. >After 3 more you started to feel a little chattier
  52. “I can’t believe all the guys gawking over your sister, and not noticing you”
  53. “I am used to; sister always steals the spotlight when we go everywhere”
  54. “Well that’s bullshit, you’re even prettier than her” Luna blushes
  55. >Catching you off guard, she grabs your neck as she shoves her tongue deep down to your mouth, submitting your tong and licking all over it
  56. >Your penis just woke up over the sudden excitement as she instinctively grabs your thigh
  57. >As soon as it started, as soon as it finished, Luna just whip off a string of saliva form her mouth
  58. “You think so?”
  59. >Luna asked, you just nod like an idiot
  60. “Let’s go down shall we”
  61. >By going down you didn’t think she meant down to the beach beneath the piers, but it’s good, no one comes here, as the sun is setting
  62. >Making out, you hands sneak behind the layers of Luna’s swimsuit, perfectly fitting one on each hand, like a puzzle pieces.
  63. >You begin massaging, up and down, right and left as gently as possible, feeling in your palms how her nipples are getting hard.
  64. “Such big manly hands”
  65. >She know how to boost your ego
  66. >Your boner just is hotdogging her ass
  67. “A little impatient are we? Can’t blame you”
  68. >She’s not acting like Luna at all is like all your attention just triggered something in her and makes her more confident, also, you drink 4 drinks, how many did she drank?
  69. “Fine young boy, I’ll give you a present”
  70. >She slides the lower part of her swimsuit, leaving her pussy and ass exposed to you
  71. >Such a cute butthole, is like it’s begging you to being touched
  72. >you lick your fingers; ready to posses that tiny hole she presented you.
  73. >At your first touch, she is startled, gently massaging her, wanting her to loosen up a bit
  74. >Moan after moan, Luna is just starting dripping wet her legs, as your finger is slowly making its way down her anus
  75. >Finally your finger is all the way down there, as you start moving she is just moving her ass on her own
  76. “So, you like it in the ass? What a perv…”
  77. >You wanted to smack talk her a bit, but she snaps back
  78. “What’s with that line? Is that from your dumb manga crap you always read?
  79. >Ouch, that hurts. Decided to shut her up as you shove another finger inside her
  80. >Luna started shaking her whole body, so she DOES like it in the ass
  81. >You can move faster inside her… what if you…
  82. >Inserted a third finger. She tensed again as a shout comes out from her mouth, she just came
  83. >you lay her down at the sand, as you grab her legs, and pulling them towards you (Kinda looks like an inverted pile driver)
  84. >You have her wet vagina pulsing in your face, she clearly wants more
  85. >As you started to play with her labia and her clit, your penis is now hanging up in Luna’s face
  86. >You feel her soft lips first kissing the tip, and slowly open to suck you off. That only motivates you to finger her even harder
  87. >with one hand you fingerfuck her pussy senseless, as with the other hand you shove again three fingers inside her anus.
  88. >You can’t describe how godlike it feels her warm holes wrapping your fingers, as well as your dick touching your now favorite teacher’s throat
  89. >She grabs you legs with her hands, as well your head with her legs
  90. >Both of you speed up your movement, feeling how close both of you are.
  91. >You cum with a lot, since you saved up for this kind of situations, Luna is making gagging noises as she wasn’t expecting that, as well at the same time she cums once again, from both ass and pussy
  92. >It’s now night, as both of you are now resting in the sand cuddling each other, you just asked what happened, because that was nothing like her, you loved it but why
  93. >She’s just shoving her face obviously embarrassed
  94. “I just wanted to make the first move dammit, Sister is always doing that, very confident in herself, but I couldn’t do it, but when you invited us over I was very determined to do it and…”
  95. >As she continues to ramble about it you take her to you car and drive to her hotel
  96. >You ask her In which hotel she is in. The Gala something she says
  97. >Wait, that’s the same hotel you checked in
  98. >You asked her if she wants to go out again tomorrow at the same pub, she just smiles and says she would love to
  99. >Another reason why you love the beach
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