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May 14th, 2015
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  1. >you will never have an impossibly restrictive set of rules that you can't possibly hope to follow as a janitor, on pain of being sentenced to public use if you break any of them
  3. >while mopping up the mess someone would inevitably have made to spite you, you will never have shitcurity dunk your head into your water bucket while they're slowly unzipping your jumpsuit (groping at your crotch all the while)
  5. >you'll never be dragged into maintenance to be "searched for contraband"
  6. >you'll never be fucked and beaten in a central hallway
  8. >you will never accidentally misplace your nullification certification in time for a random search, and so will never be sent to the brig (to be raped and absorbed by a changeling Syndicate operative who prior to being searched himself had forgotten that he was carrying Syndicate contraband) on account of being a sexual threat to the station
  9. >even having not misplaced your nullification certification, it will never be identified as a cunning forgery by the officer inspecting it, who won't as just punishment for a scheming lizard like you strip and beat you in an unlit maintenance corridor before then tidying you up to be hauled to the brig
  11. >an active stun baton won't ever be probed inside your slit (if you even have one) for the horrible lizard cock that must be hiding somewhere within
  12. >a shitcurity officer won't ever, on inspecting (but certainly not on having personally made use of) a deep, bleeding hole in your groin that he may or may not have created himself, declare you an unnullified cuntboy and hence a threat to the station's moral well-being
  14. >you will never be held against a wall in maint and violated roughly until the officer inspecting you is confident that you've accepted your proper place on the station
  15. >said officer won't be vigilant afterwards of the constant danger of your returning to your natural beastly state, and won't be ever ready with stun baton and lube for your next round of corrective treatment
  17. >a shitcurity officer will never perform a nullification inspection (maybe with extras) on you himself, then despite a positive result report you as an untreated sexual threat because you're a cold-blooded job taker who deserves to be taken down a notch
  18. (imagine if the shitcurity officer inspecting you had become a scalerot carrier from defending the station against the lizardman threat all the time :3 )
  20. >everyday procedures for you (getting your nullification certification renewed, getting your hormone supplements and suppressors injected, getting your ration stamp payments) will never start to require increasingly depraved service to your masters
  22. >you will never have your urethra dilated to be used as an additional service hole by station crew
  24. >you will never be hobbled and made a station pet
  26. >you'll never be fed to a slime, used to test viruses, or used to test genetic alterations
  28. >you will never receive your rations (which will never be prepared as often by the geneticist and virologist as by the chef) directly at work's end, to be eaten from a dog bowl
  30. >you won't ever be forced to eat nothing but clones of yourself that you have to kill, gut and eat raw
  31. >you won't ever be given rewards (less frequent beatings) if you play with your dead clone (make out with it, finger it, eat it out) every time before you eat it
  33. >publicly available recordings of some pathetic nullo lizard rutting against its own corpse won't ever become an anti-lizard propaganda smash hit
  35. >you will never be bled and mutilated regularly, knowing that you can be easily replaced should you bleed out
  37. >you will never be used as a source of meat by the chef
  39. >a xeno will never impregnate your ass as it tears out your throat
  41. >lizard execution by plasma injection into the slit/peehole will never be space law recognized (assume you'd be suspended upside down during the process)
  43. >you will never be put in your proper place in life
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