/nmp/ - You and your mare

May 1st, 2020
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  1. >You used to be so full of doubt
  2. >Never confident, always hesitant
  3. >You had no idea what you wanted from life
  4. >Or what life wanted from you, for that matter
  5. >Failed projects, educations pursued and abandoned
  6. >All around you were happy couples, but the dating scene was everything but kind to you
  7. >And as the end of your twenties approached on the horizon, all you really had was a shitty job that gave you a shitty roof above your head
  9. >Spare time? Barely, your job was chronically understaffed
  10. >When you weren't breaking your body on menial labor you played the same old videogames that ceased being fun a decade ago
  11. >Sometimes you would get drunk in your tiny apartment, and sit in the window and just stare at the sky, for hours upon hours
  12. >You would never admit it to anyone, not ever, but you would wish upon the stars for something else
  13. >Something better
  14. >Something to look forward to, that wasn't just 40 more years of work and then death
  16. >When someone asked you what you thought of your life, you would always dodge the question
  17. >Mask your pain with ironic humor, or say something overly cynical
  18. >It never failed to get a laugh
  19. >Better that than having people worry about you
  21. >But to yourself you couldn't lie
  22. >And the answer was always the same
  23. >Your life sucked, and you had neither the willpower nor the tools to fix it
  25. >That all changed one day
  27. >You had no idea when you walked into your home, groceries in hand, that it was the most important day of your life
  29. >A small, pink envelope sat on your doormat
  31. >Even now, years down the road, you shudder when you imagine what could had been 
  32. >What if you'd just thrown it away?
  33. >Or put it in the ever increasing pile of junkmail in the closet?
  34. >Or what, god forbid, if you had read it, and dismissed its content?
  36. >Fortunately, you did neither of those things
  37. >You read it, and then you read it again
  38. >And then a third time, just to be sure
  40. >Admittedly, you were never the believing kinda person, so honestly you thought it was some sort of prank
  41. >But something inside you told you otherwise
  42. >A nagging feeling that you really, REALLY should do what the letter told you to do
  43. >So you did
  45. >You signed the dotted line, and took one more look at the picture that was included
  46. >Female, clearly
  47. >Long brown hair, big eyes, a few freckles
  48. >And a big smile on her non-humanoid face
  49. >Even though the writer described themself as "ponies", she was quite different from the horses you knew
  50. >Admittedly a bit alien-looking, but not in a bad way
  51. >...she was cute
  52. >Like, really cute
  54. >You placed the photo back in the envelope, and put it beneath your pillow
  55. >Not knowing what to thing about the whole ordeal, you went to bed early
  57. __________________________________
  59. >The next few weeks of your life you can only discribe as a whirlwind of emotions and discoveries
  60. >Ranging between the panic and fear of being awoken in the middle of the night by a small horse dressed in tactical combat gear, to the mindboggling awe from seeing Canterlot the first time, you truly went through every single possible emotion a human can feel
  62. >The trip between dimensions filled you with a dread so deep and black you thought it would swallow you whole
  63. >The week of medical tests and chrash courses in the Equestrian language and way of living left you confused and drained
  64. >More than once you questioned your own sanity, convinced that you had completely lost all of the marbles
  65. >A few days in you woke up in the middle of the night, fully certain that everything around you was but a hallucination, and you were really locked up in some mental ward 
  66. >It took the kind nurse-mares almost an hour to snap you out of it
  68. >It was definitely a tumultuous time for you, and you even started to doubt if it was all worth it
  71. >And then you finally got to meet her for the first time
  72. >Your match
  73. >Your reason for coming here
  74. >Your mare
  76. >You were both so awkward
  77. >So afraid of making a mistake, to fuck up the most important moment of your lifes
  78. >It took a little while, but once you got started, you never stopped
  80. >You talked all the way to the train station, and through the entire journey to her home
  81. >Before you knew it, it was long past midnight, and you still sat in her couch, just talking and laughing
  83. >She offered her bed to you
  84. >Not wanting to take things too fast, you optioned for the couch
  85. >As the night slowly turned to day, and laid awake and pondered just were life had taken you
  86. >Your old life felt a million miles away
  87. >And the future was now filled with possibilities and excitement, instead of monotony and pain
  89. >It would take the two of you three days of ever-decreasing awkwardness until you hugged for the first time
  90. >Five days until your first kiss
  91. >And after a week, you held her close as you slept together
  93. _________________________________
  95. >This was all a long time ago
  96. >And yet it feels like yesterday
  97. >A few years ago you couldn't even imagined where you would be today
  98. >How happy you are
  99. >How blessed you are
  101. >Your reminiscing is abruptly halted by movement beside you
  102. >Your wife stirs beneath the covers
  103. >The morning light hits her right in the face, and she shifts towards you to escape it
  104. >You put one arm around her and slowly pull her into a hug
  105. >Her pregnant belly, still just barely noticable, touches yours
  106. >With a pleased sigh she burrows her muzzle in your neck, still half asleep
  108. >Softly brushing away a stray lock of hair from her face, you look at your wife
  109. >She really is the most beautiful mare in the world
  111. >You took a huge gamble, leaving everything behind for a chance at love, for a chance at a decent life
  112. >And you got it all, and more
  114. >Hugging your mare tight, you once again think through all the choices and events that occured, and where you are today
  115. >And as the sun slowly rises outside and a new day of endless possibilities begins, you come to the same conclusion as always
  117. >You could not be happier
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