Secret Lesson - 29

Jul 19th, 2020
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Secret Lesson (Secret Class)


Notable Characters:

Name / Hangul Description
Dae-Ho (Daeho) / 대호 MC
Eun-Ae / 은애 Mom
Mia / 미아 Blonde sister
Sua / 수아 Short haired sister
Han Yoo-Hee (Yuhi) / 한유희 Ko-Bong's elder sister
Han Ko-Bong / 한고봉 MC's best friend
Yeong-Ku / 영구 Dad

왕강철: Author (Wang Kang Cheol)

미나짱: Artist (Mina Jjang)

Script Information:

Daeho D
Eun-Ae E
Mia M
Sua S
Yuhi Y
Ko-Bong KB
Yeong-Ku YK

{Inner talk / Thought}

Note, linked bubble and other stuffs

Chapter - 29

Y&D: !!!!

Y: Ah

KB: Hey...

KB: You two, what're you doing together?

Y&D: !!!!

Y&D: {Ah.....}


KB: Noona, why...

KB: Why did you come here with Dae-Ho?

Y&D: !!!!

Y: Ah.. Th-that's...!!!

Y: Ahaha... Ko-Bong...

Y: How did we get here together?

Y: I, your noona met Dae-Ho on my way back from downtown.

He was worried because you weren't home..

KB: !!

D: Haha...

D: That's right, I was on my way to see you, Ko-Bong.

KB: ....!!

KB: Oh..

KB: I understand.

KB: You ran into each other by accident.

Y: Come on, come on. Let's go, Ko-Bong.

Y: {You too Dae-Ho, quickly.}

D: Yes, noona.

KB: By the way,

Did you know Dae-Ho doesn't have a cellphone?

Y: Yeah, Dae-Ho already told me he broke his phone.

Y: Oh, really? Then noona, do you think you could lend him one of you spare's mobile?

D: From your noona? That would be nice.

M: I'm home.

M: Mom, is Dae-Ho at home?

E: Dae-Ho?

Oh my back...

E: He hasn't come back yet, why?

M: Ah... I see...

M: {What's going on..?}

M: {Sigh...}

M: {Dae-Ho, you... What's wrong with you..?}

M: {What time do you think it is?}

M: {You still aren't home, what are you doing...}

M: ......

M: It's annoying...

M: {No way... Are you having sex with this girl again..?}

M: {Seriously Dae-Ho, you're driving me crazy!}

M: {.......}

M: {Sigh... This guy...}

M: {What did you do when you were outside?}

M: {Actually, I can't even ask him if he had sex or not...}

M: {I mean... I already know the answer, look at this brat bright face.}

M: I don't have any appetite tonight, I'll go first.

M: Thanks for the meal.

D: {................}

M: Dae-Ho,

M: Hmm...

M: What are you doing?

M: Aren't you sleeping yet?

D: Mh-hmm

D: Come in and sit down, Mia noona...

M: Uh?!!

M: Where did this phone come from?

D: Ah, this..?

D: Hehe.

D: Yoo-Hee noona gave it to me.

M: What...?

M: Who..?

M: Are you talking about the girl who came by to see you this morning?

D: Yes....

D: Yoo-Hee noona is no longer using this cellphone, so she gave it to me...

D: Hehe.

M: {Really...}

M: {Yoo-Hee noona this... Yoo-Hee noona that... Why do you keep calling her noona?}

M: {What's so good about her?}

M: {Dae-Ho, you...}

M: {Did you forget? I'm your only and real noona!}

Wow.. Wow.. It's so good!!

This skewer is so tasty!

M: {You were always sticking to me like a gum, I've always been looking after you... All this time...}

M: Ah... You once again spilled some on your uniform...

M: Moron.

M: {Even if there's another girl how could you like her so much?}

M: Dae-Ho, would you like to play a part of Jenga with your noona?

D: Hm?

D: ...Jenga?

D: ........

D: Isn't it already too late?

D: If you really want to, why not play a few games tomorrow during afternoon?

D: I promise, I'll make time for you.

M: .......;

M: {What's going on with Dae-Ho..?}

M: {Sigh...}

M: {Why were you looking so mature all of a sudden?}

M: {Were you trying to make me understand you don't need your noona anymore...}

M: {Sigh...}

M: {So unfair...}

D: Snore...

D: {Mm-hmm..}

M: Uh-huh...

M: Ugh!!!

D: No-noona!

D: What the hell are you doing?

M: Keuk!!!

D: Ugh... Noona!!

D: Doing this.. So suddenly...

M: Sigh...

M: Finally awake, Dae-Ho?

!! !! !!

D: Mia noona... What got into you?

D: What are you doing in my room?

M: Sucking

D: Uh-huh...

M: Boys of your age have a hard time taking care of their morning wood...

M: And Dae-Ho, you aren't an exception, right?

D: Ah...

M: Your noona is aware of this problem, so I'm here to try to help you.


D: But at this hour, its...

D: Aaah!!!

M: So, want to give it a try...?

D: ....

D: Ahah...

To be continued...
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