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  1. [color=darkseagreen][b]“Oh, of course!”[/b][/color] The Dryad replied. [color=darkseagreen][b]“I only wish I could do more. Really, all the thanks I need would be people reading. I hope that before long, enough of you Humans will be familiar enough with Aetherian to have the chance to enjoy our collection. What remains of it, at least…”[/color][/b]  The Dryad sighed, glancing upwards at the roots of the great garden above.   [color=darkseagreen][b]“There’s a lot of adapting to do, I suppose.  Maybe eventually we’ll start translating human literature. I just wish you lot had a little more magic, or were a bit more <^%#@->. Then maybe one of the Oaken could just <!@$%^(>... Still, I’m glad that at least there’s some way for you to learn on your own.”[/b][/color]
  3. After looking from the aether to the offered notebook and back, Charlie blinked.  After a moment of hesitation, she signed  [color=darkolivegreen][b]* Could you repeat that part (at) the end(?)  If we were a bit more what, the Oaken could(..?)* [/b][/color]    
  5. [color=darkseagreen][b]“Ah, it’s just that if you were  <^%#@->, I figured that the Oaken could maybe  <!@$%^(>.  Does that make sense?” [/b][/color]
  7. Wide-eyed, Charlie shook her head. Briefly, she glanced at Caleb for affirmation, but the expression on his face was very far from one of comprehension. [color=darkseagreen][b]*No, that(‘s)... Lost in translation(?) Sound(s) like nonsense. *[/color][/b]
  9. The Dryad frowned.  [color=darkseagreen][b]“ This is what I meant about a lack of nuance… Let me try and rephrase that.  If you were… <skilled at deeply touching the concept,> one of the Oaken might be able to <insert the theory of the expressive notion>.   Some of you humans have an affinity for one form of magic or another, yes? Aetherian can be learned through study, but also magically.  That’s how most of us were given it, after all. Through <inserting the theory of the expressive notion>.  It’s only possible if you really are quite <skilled at deeply touching the concept>, though.  I’m admittedly not even sure what I’d recommend.  Practice, maybe?  Meditation?  Or maybe some aether with a similar sort of magical prowess might be able to help…  I’d offer to assist, but I’ve a strong feeling neither of you has the sort of plant-oriented affinity with which I’m familiar. Although, that said, your < #$^&%&>, miss, is… How do I put this?  <Pleasing to the senses.> I’m looking forward to your future visits once you’re a bit more <^%#@->.  Maybe you could even give me a hand. ” [/b][/color]
  11. Hints of a yellow flush creeping into her complexion, she beamed at Charlie, who hesitated a few moments before formulating a reply. How did one react to that, exactly?     [color=darkseagreen][b]* Uh… Thank you.*[/b][/color]  That’d have to suffice.  Clearly pleased, the Dryad hoisted herself back onto her boughs.
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