Xenos Hunters Session 17

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  1. [18:31] <antoine> You stand at the entrance to the chamber as the upper body of the Norn Queen lies as ash on the flesh floor. As Cadmus returns from his sample taking the creatures in the chamber thrash around nearby. Decimus deploys his teleport homer at the entrance and begins the rites of activation, Dark Sons marines cover him.
  2. 06[18:32] * Cadmus follows this lead and does the same.
  3. [18:32] <Cadmus> *their
  4. 06[18:33] * Omniel raises his multi-melta in preparation of more xenos.
  5. [18:33] <antoine> As Cadmus runs back however the creatures slowly stop mewling on the ground or attacking each other. One by one their malevolent eyes find yours and the begin to coalesce as if someone one was playing them like a instrument.
  6. 06[18:34] * Anselm uneasily looks over the xenos, preparing his blades once again. ++It appears our work is not yet finished...++
  7. [18:34] <Cadmus> ++So be it, they will die before us.++
  8. [18:35] <Omniel> ++How long before the Teleporter is prepared?++
  9. [18:37] <antoine> The Dark Sons sergeant relays some information ++The Steel Trident is having trouble locking on to our position, the xenos bio-signs and atmospheric interference is troubling the teleportarium's cogitators.++
  10. 01[18:38] <Anselm> ++Perhaps we should move away from the core?++
  11. [18:39] <Cadmus> +Agreed, put less xenos matter between us andt he Trident.++
  12. [18:39] <antoine> ++The Techmarine informs me that movement will only increase difficulty in locking on to our precise position++
  13. [18:40] <Cadmus> ++Then we hold the line brothers!++
  14. 06[18:40] * Sinbad brings up his bolter
  15. [18:41] <Sinbad> ++Ammunition is low, and the enemy is close!++
  16. 06[18:43] * Sinbad checks his remaining ammunition and brings up his multi-melta in preparation
  17. 03[18:45] * antoine changes topic to 'Anselm, Cadmus, Sinbad, Omniel, NPC's'
  18. [18:48] <antoine> running amongst the chimneys and fissures two groups of hormagaunts come from either side of the chamber, followed by several Tyranid warriors. Slithering across the 'ceiling' are five more of those snake bodies fighters you first saw back in the spawning pools.
  19. [18:50] <antoine> You begin to feel the effects of weightlessness setting in as the gargantuan ship blazes its way across the atmosphere of Rahas.
  20. 06[18:52] * Anselm slides his blades from his sheaths and rockets forward with his jump pack screaming.
  21. [18:52] <Sinbad> "I feel light!"
  22. [18:56] <antoine> Anselm smashes into the warrior, his blades rising and falling in bloody arcs, tearing a chunk of the warriors head crest clean off but the beast remains, flicking its flesh whip and raising it's bone crafted sword.
  23. 06[18:56] * Cadmus takes aim at one of the warriors Anselm isn't engaged with and fires a hail of bolter shells at it.
  24. [19:05] <antoine> The hurricane of bolter fire slams into the warrior, pitching its body backwards suddenly as it is torn into shreds by the apothecary's weapon.
  25. [19:08] <Cadmus> "Back to the hell you came from, xenos." Cadmus spits.
  26. 06[19:09] * Sinbad quick-draws his bolter, and lays fire into the gaunt horde
  27. 06[19:15] * Omniel adds his multi-melta to the fray, backing up Sinbad.
  28. [19:18] <antoine> Omniel's and Sinbad's combined fire begin the long whittling process of destroying any Tyranid swarm, bodies melt and explode left, right and center but still they press on.
  29. 06[19:20] * Bellerophon directs his heavy bolter towards the ceiling of the vast room, refocuses his motion predictor-autosenses suite on the xenoforms, and attempts to destroy all five in a single barrage
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  32. [19:30] <antoine> The heavy round detach the leading figure of the spread out pack and send the beast to the floor where it is lost underneath the claws of the hormagaunts, the other survive by virtue of the dispersed fire over a large area.
  33. [19:30] <antoine> others*
  34. 02[19:31] * Arkias ( Quit (Ping timeout)
  35. [19:32] <antoine> Your watch captain aims and fires his plasma pistol to no effect at the slithering creatures.
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  41. [19:42] <Arkias> "LIES!"
  42. [19:42] <Arkias> "YOU LIE!"
  43. [19:42] <Cadmus> ++Who lies, Arkias?++
  44. [19:43] <Arkias> *ignore the second
  45. [19:43] <Sinbad> "...Psyker, who are you talking to?!  We're currently busy!"
  46. 03[19:43] * antoine changes topic to 'Anselm, Bellerophon, Balmung, Cadmus, Sinbad, Arkias, Omniel, NPC's'
  47. 03[19:44] * antoine changes topic to 'Balmung, Anselm, Bellerophon, Cadmus, Sinbad, Arkias, Omniel, NPC's'
  48. 06[19:45] * Arkias ignore the other Marine, roaring at the top of his vox-augmented lungs. One armoured fist slams into his helmet repeatedly, hard enough to crack one eye-lens. "I WILL NOT BE BROKEN BY YOUR LIES, XENO! THE BLOOD RAVENS SHALL NEVER FALL TO YOUR KIND!" With that, the Librarians slumps for an instant, standing there with axe in hand and other hand at their side.
  49. [19:45] <Arkias> *Librarian slumps
  50. 06[19:48] * Sinbad makes a sidelong glance at Arkias before returning to the battle
  51. [19:48] <Sinbad> "Yes, xenos tell lies, yes! Dirty xenos lies!  Why are you talking with them?!"
  53. 06[19:59] * Arkias raises his other hand, now clutching the battered psy focus. The skull gleams in the light...
  54. [19:59] <antoine> Balmung leaps into the fray, slashing left and right with his axe, butchering the small, ravenous xenos.
  55. 06[20:10] * Sinbad calmly pulls his bolt pistol, and puts it to his temple, and fires
  56. [20:11] <Omniel> ++Brother Arkias, Brother Sinbad, control yourselves. Such outbursts do us little good.++
  57. 06[20:12] * Sinbad twitches, and silently re-draws his multi-melta
  58. [20:12] <Sinbad> ++OOOOORDERS RECEIVED!++
  59. [20:12] <Cadmus> ++Arkias, i'm beginning to seriously doubt your stability.++
  60. [20:14] <antoine> You all hear echos at the edge of your mind but having steeled yourself from their prying you manage to block them out.
  61. [20:14] <antoine> The Watch Captain, Decimus and the Dark Sons all maintain their positions, apparently also unaffected.
  62. 06[20:15] * Bellerophon looks disappoint at Arkias
  63. 06[20:17] * Arkias just stands there, focus held limply in one outstretched hand. "What...What have I done?...No flames...the echoes..."
  64. [20:22] <antoine> The Dark Sons train their bolters on the slithering creatures above and drop two more of them while the dark sons sergeant enters the fray with bellerophon
  65. [20:24] <antoine> Decimus also joins the dark sons sergeant, killing a few each
  66. [20:25] <antoine> The two remaining snake bodied creatures leap, slide and crawl down to balmung in a downwards charge
  67. 06[20:43] * Balmung jumps back trying to disengage the enemy to get back to friendly lines
  68. 06[20:45] * Bellerophon keeps shooting at the tyranids
  69. 06[20:46] * Anselm swings his blades about and sinks his power sword deep into the Warrior's exoskeleton.
  70. 06[20:48] * Anselm then brings his own blade to bear and guts the monstrosity once more. Shocked to find it refuses to fall, he retracts his blades from its insides.
  71. [20:50] <antoine> Cadmus tears a good chunk out of the hormagaunts assaulting the main battle line.
  72. 06[20:51] * Sinbad jams his multi-melta into the hands of the nearest person (Arkias), and draws his power sword
  73. 06[20:51] * Sinbad charges into the hormagaunt line
  74. [20:51] <Sinbad> "أعطي الشهود ، وأنه لا يوجد إله إلا الله الامبراطور، ملك الملوك، والحاكم من رجل، وأنه هو الحامي لدينا ، لنا الله، سيدنا! انصرف الظلال من روحي ونقمة على ضعفي، بأنني قد يموت قبل أن الخطيئة قبله!"
  75. 06[20:54] * Sinbad brings his sword about in a slow, angry, powerful cleave
  76. 03[20:55] * Cadmus is now known as Derek58_driving
  77. [21:02] <Arkias> ++...Brother Sinbad?++ Arkias exclaims disbelievingly, multimelta clutched in armoured hands. Unnoticed, his battered and seared psy-focus clatters to the deck plate, the carved skull's cap shattering into bone shards on impact. ++No! Brother Sinbad! NO! I WILL NOT BREAK THE BROTHERHOOD ASTARTES! IN THE NAME OF THE OMNISSIAH, AWAKEN, WARSPIRIT! AWAKEN AND BURN!++
  78. 06[21:04] * Arkias triggers the activation stud on the last word of the rite of firing, and the multi-melta roars to life.
  79. [21:05] <Omniel> ++In the name of the Omnissiah! Preach it, Brother!++
  80. 06[21:05] * Omniel takes careful aim and fires away, following up Arkias' shot with a second blast.
  81. [21:09] <antoine> Only a few remain now, the double melta blasts removing large portions of the swarm.
  82. [21:11] <antoine> Your Watch Captain finishes off the few remaining gaunts that pestered the group as the dark sons engage the snake bodies enemies after your Space Wolf comrade.
  83. [21:14] <antoine> two of the Dark Sons' bolters jam and they efficiently start working to clear the weapons while the last one perforates the two enemies' bodies with ease, his bolter roaring out through the darkened chamber.
  84. [21:22] <antoine> Anselm is hit hard by the relentless attacks from the tyranid warrior. Between its organic sword and whip it manages to score two good hits on the knight.
  85. 06[21:23] * Anselm snarls, then begins to laugh through the pain. ++At last! A foe worthy of my blade!++
  86. [21:25] <antoine> Suddenly from the abdomen, the womb of the dead norn queen snakes a massive creature. Taller than a carnifex and lithe on a snake-like body the massive creature gives out a birth cry as it emerges dripping in amniotic like fluid. With an elongated jaw, spikes on its hard scales and huge talons it slowly brings itself up to its full 18 meter height.
  87. [21:25] <antoine> You feel weightlessness finally take hold as you feet start to float off the ground.
  88. [21:28] <antoine> The relatively small warrior begins floating upwards above Anselm as it fails to maintain a hold of the ground. The larger creature has no such problems, slithering towards the main line. The Dark Sons also find themselves unable to get a hold of something to hold themselves in place.
  89. 06[21:36] * Anselm barks in anger, and orients himself with his jump pack towards the flailing Warrior. Propelled by his thrusters, the Knight-Brother makes contact with the Warrior and immediately cuts into it with his power sword, bringing off its head from its ruined body.
  90. 06[21:38] * Bellerophon loads in his last ammo tin for his heavy bolter, the one marked "DESTRUCTION BEYOND WORDS," levels his heavy bolter at the new xenoform, and attempts to cut it down in a single barrage of Implosion round fire
  91. 06[21:46] * Bellerophon bears his heavy bolter down on the large xenos, hitting with a percentage near 100
  92. [21:54] <antoine> Bellerophon fires continuously, round after round leaving his heavy bolter and impacting the massive creature, his shots snap off its limbs, puncture its snake like belly and perforate its hard chitinous armor. The heavy *Click*, *Click* resounds through the room as the last of the Ultramarines implosion rounds are expended and all that remains is a tattered upper body floating in a heap of...
  93. [21:54] <antoine> ichor and yellow-purple chitinous refuse that litters the area. The beast expires as you feel your body suddenly lurch as your life sign is finally locked on and you are transported to The Steel Trident's teleportarium. For a moment you are surrounded by maddness and chaos, a daemons face leering at your own before suddenly standing on a raised platform surrounded by the usual green...
  94. [21:54] <antoine> ...and white livery of the Dark Sons.
  95. [21:55] <Balmung> ++DON'T EVER MAKE ME DO THAT AGAIN! I could feel my soul being ripped out++\
  96. [21:56] <Bellerophon> ++I AM THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME!++
  97. 06[21:57] * Sinbad looks about, and sheathes his sword, then quietly moves towards the exit
  98. [21:58] <Arkias> ++From the daemon preserve us. With knowledge guard us.++ Arkias is chanting, gripping their multimeta tightly enough to leave faint lines in its surface.
  99. 06[21:58] * Anselm , still dripping in xeno-fluids, slowly scans over the chamber. "It is done, then..."
  100. [21:59] <Arkias> ++Let purity be our shield.++ he finishes.
  101. 06[21:59] * Balmung stands up still gripping the giant gash on his abdomen
  102. [21:59] <Omniel> ++Excellent timing on the teleportarium.++
  103. [22:00] <Balmung> ++Indeed++
  104. 06[22:00] * Omniel carefully inspects his armour and weapons, wiping them clean where necessary.
  105. 02[22:00] * Arkias ( Quit (Quit: Arkias)
  106. 06[22:01] * Sinbad goes over to talk with a nearby Dark Son Techmarine
  107. 06[22:01] * Anselm looks over to the Space Wolf. ++Apothecary! Administer aid to Brother Balmung!++ he snaps.
  108. 01[22:01] <Anselm> ++And get me a damned washcloth!++
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  111. 06[22:07] * Cadmus lets out a deep sight of relief at the friendly faces and removes his helmet, taking in a deep breath of Imperial air at last.
  112. 02[22:08] * Arkias ( Quit (Quit: Arkias)
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  114. 06[22:10] * Bellerophon removes his helmet as well
  115. [22:10] <Bellerophon> "Where's Captain Oeris?"
  116. [22:13] <Balmung> "A round of fersian ale for everyone!"
  117. [22:18] <antoine> In the aftermath many conflicting reports would be made but the out of the chaos of battle a few key details emerge. While the fleet was heavily damaged the Tyranid escorts were destroyed. The Hive ship burned up due to your brave actions and the Steel Talisman survived. It is currently quarantined. the navy ratings held off a good force of tyranids that attacked them after they departed the...
  118. [22:18] <antoine> ...Hive ship. They were intercepted by a dark sons thunderhawk which commenced gene scanning, resulting in 52 'stealer infected' men to be killed while the rest, including Dark Sons dead and wounded to be returned into safe Imperial hands. The ground battle was fierce as ever, the rest of the tyranids on the planet had re-grouped and only the timely death of the Norn Queen managed to give...
  119. [22:18] <antoine> ...the Guard the opening they needed to break the enemies back. Projections now indicate it will probably be another 10 to 20 years before the world is even begun to be considered fully cleansed of the dispersed xenos.  
  120. [22:21] <antoine> You had spent a day on the planet, seeing to your immediate concerns before you were all summoned from your barracks to the nearby landing platform.
  121. 06[22:22] * Sinbad arrives, bare-skinned and bleeding profusely, save for some pants
  122. 06[22:22] * Cadmus arrives on the platform in freshly repaired armor.
  123. [22:22] <Cadmus> "Do you need medical attention, Sinbad?"
  124. 06[22:23] * Anselm steps forward, his armor cleaned hastily cleaned.
  125. 06[22:23] * Balmung arrives with a large tankard of mead and burps loudly
  126. [22:23] <Sinbad> "I...I do not.  I do not deserve that, Brother Apothecary.  My thanks, however."
  127. 06[22:23] * Ugolino arrives in full armour, head bowed and helmet under one arm. His head is newly shaven and his psy focus is nowhere to be seen. His Librarian's hood is dull and inactive, and axe in its sheath.
  128. [22:23] <Ugolino> *Arkias
  129. 03[22:23] * Ugolino is now known as Arkias
  130. 06[22:23] * Cadmus nods, feeling he doesn't want to know the details.
  131. [22:23] <Balmung> "Brother Cadmus thank you for the swift medical attention!"
  132. 06[22:23] * Omniel answers the summons quickly, having only just finished the proper maintenance on his armour. "Well met, Brothers. How are you this day?"
  133. [22:24] <antoine> As you walk along the road to the platform it is flanked by lines of Leman Russ Tanks either side of a road leading to a landing ramp. In front of them are 32nd and 33rd Scintillan Guard at parade rest, as you approach they snap to attention.  On the landing ramp is Inquisitor Tellion, Captain Manuel Lyons and Watch Captain Oeris. Close behind Oeris is Decimus while the techpriestess stands...
  134. [22:24] <antoine> ...behind Captain Manuel Lyons, her replacement lungs allowing her to breathe easily once more. To the left side of the main group stand a squad of battle sisters from the Order of the Bloody Rose. Opposite of the battle sisters is the Dark Sons squad you served with, their quartered dark green with white armor contrasting with the others present. They stand in a shallow semi-circle to the...
  135. [22:24] <antoine> ...right side of the main group.
  136. 06[22:24] * Bellerophon swaggers up to the landing plat
  137. 06[22:24] * Anselm keeps his helmet tucked under his arm.
  138. 06[22:25] * Cadmus walks up onto the platform and stands at attention before Oeris.
  139. 06[22:25] * Sinbad walks in his curious "swish-swish" walk to the platform, re-donning his robes and face-wrap
  140. 06[22:26] * Arkias strides alongside his battle brothers, boltgun held across his chest in parade rest. Coming to a stop, the Librarian performs the Imperial salute towards the Captains, fist clanging off his aquilla in a gesture as ancient as the Imperium itself. His head inclines in a bow, and then the young Librarian is in parade position.
  141. [22:27] <antoine> Out of nowhere Patriclus has somehow striding alongside his lord, joining the group at the platform.
  142. [22:27] <Arkias> *stands in formation
  143. 06[22:27] * Sinbad hands Patriclus his combat knife sheath, to hold as his ceremonial squire
  144. 06[22:31] * Omniel smooths out an errant wrinkle in his tabard and scans the crowd, slightly surprised to see the TechPriestess attending as well.
  145. [22:33] <antoine> Your Watch Captain turns his helmet's voice up to project it over the crowd "Those who stand before you this day have been The Emperor's Fist. They have smashed aside all xenos before them and have maintained the highest traditions of their respective chapters. They have honored themselves, their Order and their Chapter. Most of all they have honored their Emperor who guides us all."...
  146. [22:33] <antoine> ...Inquisitor Tellion steps forward "Rahas has been bloodied but we have prevailed, we have throw back the alien menace, in space on on the ground you have spat in the eye of the beast!" A raucous cheer goes up. "We meet here today to honor those who have been at the heart of this endeavour."
  147. [22:33] <antoine> Your Watch Captain motions to Bellerophon to step forward.
  148. 06[22:35] * Bellerophon steps forward, beaming with his perfect Ultramarine teeth
  149. [22:38] <antoine> The watch captain holds out a finely crafted banner, the Victorex Maxima a highly regarded banner of honor of the Ultramarines. On it is the depiction of a ultramarine driving a spear through the heart of a Tyranid.
  150. 06[22:38] * Bellerophon graps it firmly
  151. 06[22:39] * Bellerophon holds it up for all to see
  152. [22:40] <antoine> Inquisitor Tellion motions for Cadmus to approach her as Captain Manuel Lyons taps his cane and waves Sinbad towards him. Finally the techpriestess also lets off a screech
  153. 06[22:40] * Sinbad gives Patriclus a quick wrist movement to follow, and proceeds towards the Captain Lyons, and goes to a knee
  154. 06[22:40] * Omniel nods and steps forward in a stately manner, head bowed towards the speakers.
  155. 06[22:40] * Cadmus steps forward to stand before the Inquiisitor, the Prime Helix on his shoulder spotless.
  156. [22:41] <antoine> The Watch Captain then turns to Anselm, motioning for him to come forwards.
  157. 06[22:42] * Anselm hesitantly steps forward, keeping a sober face, then slowly kneels, bowing his head to Oeris.
  158. 06[22:42] * Bellerophon steps backs
  159. [22:42] <antoine> The techpriestess adds an embellishment to Omniel's Machina Opus. She attaches two chains linked in the middle by a golden cog.
  160. 06[22:44] * Omniel accepts the award humbly before lifting his head.
  161. [22:44] <antoine> Inquisitor Tellion attaches a red aquila on a chain that hangs from Cadmus' Prime Helix badge.
  162. [22:45] <Cadmus> "You do me great honor, Inquisitor." Cadmus says with a bow of his helmetless head.
  163. [22:46] <antoine> Captain Manuel Lyons hands a metal Aquila token to Sinbad, a representation of the favor of the Imperial Navy.
  164. 06[22:46] * Sinbad takes the token in both hands with his head bowed with a prayer of blessing and thanks, stands, and returns to formation
  165. [22:47] <antoine> The Watch Captain takes an Imperial Laurel and places it on Anselm's head, the interlocking green coloured metal leaves reflecting the suns rays.
  166. [22:48] <antoine> Finally Inquisitor Tellion pins a Imperial Guard Victory Star on Patriclus' chest, obviously he had been up to some mischief while you were away.
  167. 06[22:48] * Sinbad gives Patriclus a friendly nod in congratulations, before returning to attention
  168. 06[22:48] * Anselm looks up at the Watch Captain, surprised by the decoration.
  169. [22:49] <antoine> As you step back everyone present gives a sharp and sudden salute to all of you.
  170. 06[22:49] * Cadmus returns the salute.
  171. [22:50] <antoine> The Dark Sons Sergeant points to Sinbad and waves him over to the private Dark Sons group.
  172. 06[22:50] * Anselm fights, and fails against the urge to smile. He stamps his boot against the ground, and salutes the crowd.
  173. 06[22:50] * Sinbad again gives the sign for Patriclus to follow, and joins the Dark Sons
  174. 06[22:52] * Omniel salutes as well, his face betraying little emotion.
  175. 06[22:58] * Bellerophon trots off to talk to Tellion and Oeris about the pictrecorder and cartograph
  176. 06[22:58] * Arkias is the last to salute the crowd, fist clanging against the chest aquila. He is subdued, expression carefully controlled.
  177. 06[22:59] * Cadmus waits for an opportunity to discuss studying the Norn Queen samples he acquired.
  178. [22:59] <Cadmus> *with Rellion
  179. [22:59] <Cadmus> *Tellion
  180. 06[23:02] * Omniel approaches the Techpriestess soon after, hoping to inquire as to the Steel Talisman's status.
  181. [23:24] <antoine> That night after some of you perhaps having a go of Balmung's good Fenrisian ale you are summoned to a far more private matter. You stand in an gloomy abandoned warehouse where Inquisitor Tellion stands before you.
  182. 06[23:24] * Sinbad looks about from beneath his face-wrap
  183. [23:25] <Sinbad> "Greetings, this night, Lady Inquisitor.  What deserves our summons, Throne-blessing?
  184. 06[23:25] * Bellerophon rolls up to the afterparty with his beer helmet securely filled, strapped, and loaded
  185. 06[23:25] * Omniel scans the place idly with his augur array, appearing none too comfortable at such a location.
  186. [23:26] <Cadmus> "Has it something to do with the Tyranids?" Cadmus says as he has a seat on a large crate.
  187. 06[23:26] * Anselm silently enters, now free of his armor and wearing simple black robes covered by a white tabard, displaying his Chapter's black cross liberally.
  188. 02[23:27] * Arkias ( Quit (Ping timeout)
  189. [23:28] <antoine> "For once it does not. Plans are already underway for your next mission. This is your initial briefing on this matter."
  190. [23:29] <Bellerophon> "I will enjoy a mission where the foe is less than...copious."
  191. 06[23:30] * Sinbad nods in aggreement
  192. 03[23:30] * Ugolino ( has joined #XenosHunters
  193. [23:30] <Sinbad> "There is not glory or honor much in killing that which is thrown at us to be killed."
  194. [23:30] <Cadmus> "Agreed."
  195. [23:31] <Balmung> indeed
  196. [23:31] <Ugolino> "There is victory."
  197. 06[23:32] * Omniel nods as well. "Our skills will be put to good use. What then is the nature of this mission?"
  198. [23:32] <antoine> A man enters the room, he looks young, mid thirties at most he is wears a well fitted dark leather combat outfit but has no decoration on it. Inquisitor Tellion begins "This is an associate of mine, he will detail the new threat the Imperium has set its sights upon."
  199. [23:32] <Sinbad> "....May I presume a guess?"
  200. 06[23:32] * Ugolino looks down at the mortal youth skeptically, but with less contempt than he would normally show.
  201. [23:32] <Ugolino> *Arkias
  202. 03[23:33] * Ugolino is now known as Arkias
  203. [23:33] <antoine> "You may..."
  204. [23:33] <Sinbad> "Might you be the Lord I have heard in hearsay by the name of the ancient Terran constellation?"
  205. [23:36] <Bellerophon> "Let him speak.  His identity will either be revealed or unnessecary."
  206. 06[23:36] * Cadmus nods and remains silent, giving this mystery man a chance to being the briefing.
  207. [23:37] <antoine> "I am Oriel, Orion is an alias to be used with outsiders. However you are no longer outsiders to my plans."
  208. 06[23:37] * Sinbad bows from the hip in greeting
  209. 06[23:37] * Anselm folds his arms.
  210. 06[23:38] * Arkias is uncharacteristically silent, watching and waiting.
  211. [23:39] <antoine> "While we have been preventing the Canis Salient of the The Achilus Crusade from falling to the Tyranids a more conventional foe has been continuing to gain strength. The Tau continue to take worlds from us and we have been content to allow their empire to grow while we deal with greater threats. That indifference has come at a price which I no longer wish to pay."
  212. [23:40] <Bellerophon> "We are to exterminate an ethereal, then?"
  213. [23:41] <Cadmus> "We shall show the Tau that their 'Greater Good' is as a speck of dust before the Imperium."
  214. [23:41] <Balmung> "I believe Sinbad we have found a foe worthy of your blade"
  215. [23:41] <Bellerophon> "I am familiar with the tau, on a more primitive.  I have encountered them only rarely."
  216. [23:41] <antoine> "Carthoga, a world further spinward of us is no longer paying its tithes. The Tau have begun settlement and their influence spreads. Capture of Elimination of an Ethereal is one of my objectives, also, sabotage, misdirection and wearing down of the foe is also within my plans."
  217. 06[23:41] * Sinbad makes a gruff snicker in agreement with Balmung
  218. [23:42] <Arkias> "You consider these...Tau to be a threat equal to the Hive fleet?" Arkias questions. "As a conventional foe, surely their advance would be easier to counter."
  219. [23:42] <Bellerophon> "An ethereal?  Are there several?"
  220. [23:43] <Balmung> "So your plan is to go down to the planet and cause as much havok as we want?"
  221. [23:43] <Omniel> "It may also prove a good opportunity to capture some of their crude Xeno technology."
  222. [23:43] <Balmung> "I like this plan!"
  223. [23:43] <Cadmus> "The Tau can be insidious. They exploit the weaker of the Imperium's servants to gain footholds on worlds before taking over."
  224. [23:44] <Balmung> "We'll just have to stomp on that foot then wont we?"
  225. [23:44] <Bellerophon> "They are a threat to the minds of the Imperium, if perhaps not their bodies."
  226. 06[23:44] * Balmung grins broadly
  227. [23:44] <antoine> "I do not Arkias, but with the elimination of the splinter fleet here they are confined to the Orpheus Salient now. We have exhausted ourselves holding Rahas so we cannot project our military strength onto Carthoga. Instead you will be inserted to stall their capture of the planet."
  228. [23:44] <Cadmus> "Agreed, Brother." Cadmus says, sharing Balmung's grin.
  229. [23:44] <Sinbad> "Shall we smash into them, or shall we be more targeted in our approach, Lord?"
  230. 06[23:44] * Arkias finally nods. "Understood."
  231. [23:44] <Omniel> "We shall do our utmost, of course."
  232. [23:45] <Cadmus> "And stall it we shall, with extreme predjuice."
  233. [23:45] <Bellerophon> "A light touch will be required, early one."
  234. [23:45] <Bellerophon> "We cannot scare the ethereal until we are in a position to finish the mission."
  235. [23:45] <Balmung> "Surely there must be a pro-imperium resistence down there."
  236. [23:46] <Cadmus> "There always is."
  237. [23:46] <antoine> "I will be masquerading as a Imperial Diplomat to pressure the planets leader into Imperial service once more. My arrival is however just a front to get you onto the planet. I am uploading the planets information to you via data-slate now.""
  238. [23:47] <Arkias> "You place too much trust in the faith of the weak, Brother Cadmus."
  239. [23:48] <Balmung> "And I think you trust them too little Brother"
  240. [23:48] <Arkias> "For their world to fall to the xenos means they have already failed in their duty and oaths. What can you expect of such men?"
  241. [23:48] <Sinbad> "Enough, we are in company, Brothers."
  242. [23:48] <Sinbad> "Faith shall be judged by the fires of war and the light of the Throne in due time.   Ours is the former, this moment."
  243. 06[23:48] * Arkias takes the admonition in stride, nodding to the other Marine and falling silent.
  244. 06[23:48] * Balmung shrugs at Sinbad "A debate for another time then?"
  245. [23:48] <Sinbad> "Indeed."
  246. 06[23:49] * Sinbad returns the shrug to both parties
  247. [23:49] <Arkias> "Another time, Spa...Brother."
  248. [23:49] <Bellerophon> "Who will lead this mission?"
  249. [23:50] <antoine> "Your Kill Team will be in charge of its own activities on the planet. Decimus and Oeris will be part of my bodyguard."
  250. 06[23:50] * Cadmus nods befor saying "How will we keep in contact with your group?"
  251. [23:51] <Bellerophon> "Through vox, I imagine."
  252. [23:51] <Bellerophon> "We will be planetside."
  253. 06[23:53] * Arkias 's eyes narrow, but he remains still, boltgun cradled in his arms.
  254. 06[23:53] * Cadmus raises an eyebrow before looking at Oriel and saying "A warning would have bee appreciated."
  255. [23:53] <Cadmus> *been
  256. [23:55] <Omniel> "When are we to embark?"
  257. [23:55] <antoine> "Warnings are not in my nature Apothecary, I am not one to announce myself or my abilities openly."
  258. [23:56] <Cadmus> "Fair enough. At least you didn't reveal that in the middle of combat." Cadmus says with a sigh.
  259. [23:57] <antoine> "I suggest you shift your focus from complete and utter destruction to a more subtle approach while operating on Carthoga. If that is everything I bid you a good evening."
  260. 02[23:58] * Arkias ( Quit (Quit: Arkias)
  261. 03[23:58] * Ugolino ( has joined #XenosHunters
  262. [23:58] <Balmung> "When you say subtle what do you mean?"
  263. 03[23:58] * Ugolino is now known as Arkias
  264. [23:58] <Arkias> "Noted." Arkias rumbles, a warning note in his voice.
  265. [23:59] <Cadmus> "Sabotage, selective destruction. That sort of thing."
  266. 06[23:59] * Anselm nods, and leaves, stopping outside to wait.
  267. [23:59] <Balmung> "Alright"
  268. Session Time: Sun Jul 31 00:00:00 2011
  269. [00:00] <antoine> The man laughs as he turns and walks away into the night. "Until we depart contact should be made through Inquisitor Tellion."
  270. 06[00:00] * Sinbad gives his battle brothers a good night, and heads off into the night, camo-cloak whipping
  271. 06[00:01] * Anselm motions to Cadmus from outside the warehouse.
  272. 06[00:02] * Cadmus stands and joins Anselm outside the warehouse.
  273. 01[00:02] <Anselm> "Brother," the Knight greets. "I... had a favore I wished to ask of you."
  274. [00:03] <Cadmus> "Name it Brother Anselm, and i'll see what i can do."
  275. 01[00:03] <Anselm> "In the event of my death... I ask you do not return my geneseed to my Chapter."
  276. [00:03] <Cadmus> "Why would you ask me to do such a thing?!"
  277. 06[00:04] * Anselm frowns and sways. "My Chapter is... shamed. Decadent. I don't want my legacy to be passed on to one who will simply decorate himself and decry good warriors such as you."
  278. 03[00:05] * Retrieving #XenosHunters modes...
  279. 06[00:05] * Arkias moves away and into the streets, hood now glowing faintly as he strides down a side alley. His eyes glint, and he cradles a battered, charred staff in his hands as he murmurs to himself.
  280. [00:06] <Cadmus> "What would you have me do with it then? Nothing will keep me from retrieving your progenoids should you fall, Brother."
  281. 01[00:07] <Anselm> "I'm not sure. Direct it to a Keeper." Anselm stares off blankly into space. "As it stands... I don't think I will return to Prosson. I feel my place is with the Deathwatch, hence-forth."
  282. [00:09] <Cadmus> "Understood, i would imagine the Deathwatch has facilities for occasions such as this."
  283. 06[00:10] * Anselm pats the Dark Angel. "I thank you sincerely," he says. "I must go now. I have things to discuss with Captain Oeris..."
  284. 01[00:10] <Anselm> And with that, the Knight steps off into the night.
  285. 06[00:10] * Arkias grips the staff more tightly, the metal and wood groaning under his grip, before relaxing a moment later. The Librarian continues on their way, their expression betraying none of their inner turmoil and confusion.
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