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20 Questions About.....StupidStudiosN #2.

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  1. Yeah, I know, it's been a while. Both this interview's subject, and my comp have been taking their sweet time in different ways; my comp in hovering in limbo, and N in.....taking his sweet time. :P
  3. Anyway, StupidStudiosN has been quite busy, busy and busy since the last time I interviewed him; if you see "Mega Man RPG Battlefield" down below, know that it's a game powered by RPG Maker VX Ace, but, otherwise created completely by N, himself. Read on:
  6. Community Q's:
  8. 1. What was your inspiration/reason for creating Mega Man RPG: Battlefield? [Retro Pikachu]
  9. N: "The original concept for the game originated from a joke I had concocted in RPG Maker VX Ace where I recolored Quick Man's CD data sprite blue, to match MegaBossMan's avatar on the Prototype's beta website, created that into an enemy, and gave him an attack that would generate the phrase "MegaBossMan used the law!" (Here's a link to the original image, by the way: http://imgur.com/B6Ycydc). After I posted it in the chat room, people began asking me if I was going to make this into a full-fledged game, which I had no intention on doing so, at the time, but I though "Ah, why not.", and I agreed to the idea."
  11. 2. Does SSJ4 know you have a crush on her? [ThatOneEnderMan]
  12. N: "Now, I'm going to give the short answer here. Yes, she's been well aware of my feelings towards her for a while, but she's already told me that she's not ready for a relationship quite yet, so I'm going to give her some space for the time being. And, to answer another question that most likely popped into your head, no, it's not awkward between us. We still hang out, and play games, crack jokes, the usual."
  14. Q3. Why do you love metors so much? [ThatOneEnderMan]
  15. "Spoilers For Those That Haven't Beaten The Demo Of "Mega Man RPG: Battlefield":
  16. The joke of "StupidStudiosN summoned a storm of meteors!" originated from the final battle of the game I'm working on (This specific part of the fight: http://i.imgur.com/ysTQwuY.png). As for why the joke kinda stuck to me, it's because of an incident where I left that specific attack on the player's character, so I could test out certain events without having to deal with the fights, but I forgot to take it out when I compressed the demo build. I eventually sent it to SSC2 and SSC3, they soon discovered the move, and they abused it to Hell and back. After I found this out, C3 developed it into a joke of me randomly summoning meteors whenever I felt like it, and I've just been carrying it along, since I find it to be funny."
  18. Q4. You've been hanging around MMRPG Chat quite often lately; have you any reason or do you just think we're all so cool? [MegaBossMan]
  19. N: "I honestly just really like you guys' company. You're all entertaining to be around, and I enjoy talking to you all, which is kinda why I still get on this website in the first place; for the forum games, hanging out with you guys, and trying my best to entertain you all in my own way."
  21. Q5. Do you ever plan on making a StupidStudios website and/or a Youtube Network? [ThatOneEnderMan]
  22. N: "Yeah, more likely than not, we'll have a website made in the future, due to SSK's amazing skills in web designing. As for a YouTube network, that's sort of our overarching goal. Once we become popular enough, though it might take years, in all honesty, we'll try to branch out and become a network."
  24. Q6. In the MMRPG Battlefield RPG (AKA RPG-ception), there was a hole in the chat. Who exactly made the hole? (My bet is on Ender.) [Beta Man]
  25. N: "Y-Yeah! It was totally Ender. Yeah, totally... Certainly wasn't me. I mean, why would you even suspect it was me in the first place, right...?"
  27. Q7. Why "StupidStudios"? Is it just catchy or is there some hidden meaning? [uraccountcrashed]
  28. N: "The name "StupidStudios" is really only meant to be catchy, since the original purpose for the name (Which hasn't been fully realized until recently) was to use it to garner attention from people on YouTube, since it's such an out there name."
  30. Q8. Favorite Robot Masters? [MegaBossMan]
  31. N: "Now, I'm going to go on a limb here and assume that you're talking about all the main foes Mega Man has faced (Including Bass, Proto Man, Mega Man Killers, etc.), and say that overall, Ballade is my favorite, due to him having some really cool plot importance in his first appearance, being a predecessor to Bass as Mega Man's rival, having a really cool weapon, the Ballade Cracker (Which might as well be explosive Metal Blades without being overpowered), and for having my favorite composition in Mega Man 10, "Farewell To Ballade". Now, if you only mean the 8 bosses on the stage select, then it would be a three-way tie between Pharaoh Man, Solar Man, and Galaxy Man, for all having cool designs, great music, fun stages, and powerful weapons to use."
  33. Q9. Why did you create the StupidStudios in the first place? [MusicalKitty/ThatOneEnderMan]
  34. N: "StupidStudios was originally created by myself and two cousins, SSC and SSC2, when we were younger, as an idea for a YouTube gaming channel. Eventually, the idea never came to pass around that time frame, so I took matters into my own hands, and StupidStudiosW and I started a channel together... Which soon flopped into obscurity, as I realized that no one would like listening to two little kids play games with a shaky camcorder recording it. Then I tried the same method with StupidStudiosJ, as SSW had moved away. Again, it didn't turn out the way I had hoped, so I removed all the videos and kept the idea of opening it back up for a later date, which brings us to present day, where I've begun work on StupidStudios as a YouTube channel yet again, with no foreseeable reason to close it down this time."
  36. Q10. You've been working on Battlefield, but do you have plans for other fan-games in the future? Is Battlefield only a stepping point? [MegaBossMan]
  37. N: "While Battlefield is a stepping point, it's not going to be one leading in the direction of more fan-games. I intend to use what I've learned about RPG Maker from this game in my next project which will have nothing to do with existing IPs. Now, since I haven't done much work on this mystery project, I'm not going to spoil much, but here's a small teaser image I had SSC2 develop for me: http://i.imgur.com/hV7iLTf.png"
  40. Mikey's Q's:
  42. Q11. Time for the main event, now. For the people who don't know, tell everyone exactly what "MMRPG Battlefield" is, pleaseandthankyou?
  43. N: "Alright, well, MMRPG Battlefield is a game I'm developing in RPG Maker VX Ace, which takes place in a world surrounding the inhabitants of this community, and their quest to save a player who's mysteriously vanished. The game features 3 (4, counting the final story) stories each with slight changes, but overall the same plot."
  45. Q12. So, how's battlefield coming along?
  46. N: "Development has slowed down, mostly because I've found myself getting caught up in multiple other activities (Like Pokemon Go, for instance), but rest assured, I'm going to continue making the game. Currently, I'm working on the game's second story, being Proto Man's."
  48. Q13. What's your all-time favorite video game [and why]?
  49. N: "To make things simple for this question, I'll break up my favorite games in 3 categories: "RPG", "SRPG", and "Platformer", since those are the 3 main generes of games I play. Starting off, my favorite platformer is tied between 20XX and Mega Man X4. Both play simmilarly, have interesting special weapons that add a unique spin on the game, for X4 it's the first time where Zero is fully playable (Not counting X3, since you couldn't fight bosses as him), and 20XX has the randomly generated levels, making things different each time I try to beat it. As for my favorite RPG, I'm going to go ahead and say that it would be Tales of Symphonia, which hit a complete homerun for me, being a hybrid of a fighting game and a traditional RPG, having multiplayer, allowing for my friends to join along for fights, and having a really enjoyable story from what I've seen so far. And finally, as for my favorite SRPG (Strategy Role-Playing Game), I would have to say Fire Emblem: Fates (Birthright in particular, since it's the only one I've beaten so far), for having a pretty cool story, an interesting spin on the Fire Emblem gameplay (adding in different classes, and updating the weapons triangle), challenging stages, and waifus galore."
  51. Q14. ...and your All-time more HATED video game [and why]?
  52. N: "Ohohoh... My least favorite game? It's actually a game from recent history, being "Paper Mario: Sticker Star. Sticker Star, for one, as a game following in the footsteps of games with such grand stories such as Thousand Year Door and Super Paper Mario, my first impression on this game's story was upsetting, to say the least. For one thing, the majority of RPG elements, such as EXP, were abandoned in favor for the titular stickers, making normal enemy encounters pointless. Next up, the game lacks the interesting characters past games featured, such as the seemingly emotionless computer, TEC XX, from TTDY, the Fawful-esque jester, Dimentio, from SPM, and even the quirky and seemingly invincible Tubba Blubba from the original Paper Mario. All of those interesting characters replaced by the same generic Toads, with no real personality whatsoever. Lastly, the battle system is extremely bland when compared to the past games, due to a lack of badges and party members, which allowed for variation in combat, and the previously mentioned lack of EXP makes it to where you aren't making any character progression aside from the occasional health upgrade scattered through the games."
  54. Q15. If it were up to you, the next person you'd have me interview [even if they've been done before] is...?
  55. N: "I think MegaBossMan deserves another interview. I think it's been a while since he was last interviewed."
  57. Q16. So, how's Stupid Studios Productions coming along? :P
  58. N: "At the moment, I'm working on getting the positions set in stone for the SS, such as moving SSJ into the role of being a YouTuber such as myself, working on planned series with SSC2 & C3, and planning for the future. So, overall, I would like to say that things are coming along nicely."
  60. Q17. How come you've been so insistent with making art for my Prototype Armageddon cards?
  61. N: "When it comes to trading cards, I believe that one of the main focuses should be the artwork, and to be blunt, the artwork you've done is really lackluster. As to why I believe artwork should be a main focus, well, when someone's looking at cards, artwork is usually the first thing we draw our attention to, and as someone who's been playing UFS recently with SSC3, I can confirm that he agrees with me on that point."
  63. Q18. So, time for a recap of the roll call of everyone at Stupid Studios. Care to do the honors?
  64. N: "With pleasure. Ahem.
  65. StupidStudiosN (Me), StupidStudiosN2, StupidStudiosJ, StupidStudiosJ2, StupidStudiosJ3, StupidStudiosJ4, StupidStudiosA, StupidStudiosA2 (Though, I wouldn't nessicarily consider Alto an official member), StupidStudiosC, StupidStudiosC2, StupidStudiosC3, StupidStudiosC4, StupidStudiosK, StupidStudiosK2, StupidStudiosW, StupidStudiosZ, and StupidStudiosH"
  67. Q19. What's your all-time greatest accomplishment?
  68. N: "Gaming-wise, I'm going to have to go with my second (and successful) fight against the first battle with Kratos Aurion in Tales of Symphonia (Here's the episode, for the curious: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=afjcsm-tF6I&index=28&list=PLgjggyMFgtl2gqchlYfoT_6IrIlc0JT1Y). As for my IRL greatest achievement... I dunno. I guess I got free frozen yogurt once a week for a year from winning a drawing a few years back. So that was cool, I guess."
  70. Q20. Y u so Stupid? xP
  71. N: "I would answer that question, buuut...
  72. (Cue Music: http://www.nospoiler.com/y/Ej-URuYkqRc)
  73. *StupidStudiosN summoned a storm of meteors*"
  75. OKOKOKOKOKOKOKOKOK! You don't have to answer it! I was kidding! Sheesh. xP
  77. Also, N had a last word: http://pastebin.com/gdU8cbds
  78. I've read it fully, and I still don't get it. :P
  82. Don't forget to check out [and subscribe to] N's Youtube Channel [it's VERY active]: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtihAQNKsKfmR5qWnZ0vJ4Q
  84. Also, if you wanna try out his RPG Maker-powered game, "Mega Man RPG Battlefield", click the download link here:
  85. https://www.dropbox.com/s/d5zmn4no330bnlp/Mega%20Man%20RPG%20Battlefield%20Demo.exe?dl=0
  87. Special thanks to StupidStudiosN for once again being a stellar subject.
  88. Additional special thanks HAVE go out to Beta Man, MegaBossMan, MusicalKitty, Retro Pikachu, ThatOneEnderMan and uraccountcrashed for their awesome suggestions; there was a lot to choose from, for once! xP
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