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  1. “Yo, you guys doing alright?” The blonde man, wearing a cowboy hat for some reason (probably involving being a peculiar yet Awesome McCool police detective that can do whatever the hell he wants because hot damn, he has brought down crime syndicates single-handedly with methods that might or might not involve kung fu and roundhouse kicks) asked the biker-looking fellows who laid on the ground, their bodies apparently having been used to crack the concrete below them,  and what looked like…steam…rising from the points of impact.
  3. He was distracted as a bright light flashed behind him for a second.  Tucking his hand into his coat by reflex, he relaxed the grip of the pistol underneath as he saw who it was. “Oh, it’s you, Film Reel. Don’t surprise me like that.”
  5. “Psh, who else would you think it’d be, Braeburn? Still…” he crouched and snapped a few more shots “…isn’t this that biker gang slash jewelry thieves, the Diamond Dogs?”
  7. “Yeah, it’s them all right. Known to be highly dangerous…and yet here they are, the everloving crap beaten out of them by someone…or someONES outside of the force. I swear, not even the stories of the Solitary Vigilante I had heard back as a kid over at APPLEOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSA compare to this.” He poked the gang member nearest to him, who looked like the leader, as if trying to make sure he was alive. “I mean…there are at least 24 men here. And they’re all up in the clouds with the pegasi.”
  9. “The horse-face…” a faint voice came from the gang leader whom Braeburn was poking
  11. “Eh?”, Braeburn, taken by surprise, leaned closer to the subdued criminal.
  13. “The horse-face…did this to us…”
  15. “The…horse face?” Braeburn raised an eyebrow. “You guys weren’t into any funny business, were you?” He felt Film’s hand on his shoulder, and the newsman crouched besides him as well.
  17. “Ohoho…haven’t you heard, detective? About that urban legend that’s all the rage in the net nowadays?”  Film Reel broke into a wide grin. “I was pretty skeptical myself, but it seems I might have hit a big scoop here.”
  19. “Urban legend? What do you mean?”
  21. “A story about a defender of justice, fighting from the shadows…they call him…Gallop.”
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