Derepo Deremail Translations

Apr 8th, 2021 (edited)
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  1. Nana 06/25/2020
  4. Nana: Be-beep. I just received some "DereMail". So, today, good ol' Nana here will answer them. Straight from Planet Usamin, Marc Marc Min Min!
  5. >Tofu Recipe
  6. Nana: Nana recommends "Momen Tofu Karaage"! #DereMail
  7. [ ]
  8. Nana: It's healthy and nutrious. And more than anything else, it's quite filling! It really helped me a lot!
  9. >I hope to know your preferred time when boiling pasta
  10. Nana: The pasta I had at home was done in 7 minutes!
  11. Nana: But, since it's scary to overcook it, we end up turning it off early, right?
  12. >Usamin, hello!
  13. >I'm sorry if this turned out to be some life counselling but I'm torn about giving up on pursuing my dream I had ever since I was young and finally settle down. I don't want to make my parents worry anymore so I'm starting to think that this is it for me.
  14. >I would like to hear some advice from you, Usamin. Thank you for your time.
  15. Nana: I think chasing after one's dreams and learning when to let go are both equally important.
  16. Nana: Chasing after a dream makes one encounter all sorts of worries and difficulties, so I cannot just haphazardly endorse support for one going after this path; but even so,
  17. Nana: I think that as one continues living, their dreams continue to change shape as well.
  18. Nana: I believe that goes the same for looking for a life partner. Prioritizing one now doesn't mean that you'll abandon the other.
  19. Nana: Look for that someone who'll support your dream and grab that dream with all you've got together! Isn't that wonderful!
  20. Nana: Oh, looks like my Carrot Ride has come so that would be it for today. I'll be waiting for more of your mails!
  22. ===========
  24. Frederica 07/08/2020
  27. Frederica: Funfunfufuun! Fre-Mail! Here goes!
  28. >Je t'aime! S'il vous plait?? Macaron, bavarois?
  29. Frederica: Awesome! Pasta Salad? Mint Ice Cream? Chocolate Cookie! #DereMail
  30. >Hmm? Fre-chan... Did you grow up?
  31. Frederica: Oh! That got out, huh. Actually, Fre-chan is now Freederiicaa.
  32. >What is Fre-chan's body currently made of?
  33. Frederica: Probably, the pasta from dinner and the ice cream after the bath. #DereMail
  34. >I've been always supporting the ever so cute Fre-chan!! What is your favorite French word? Mine's "Bonjour"! That's all I know!!
  35. Frederica: "Bonjour" is really nice, isn't it. After all, it's a bon with a jo and ur! Fre-chan simply adores it! #DereMail
  36. Fredeica: And that was Miyamoto Frederica! Mer mer merci!
  38. ==========
  40. Kiyomi 07/18/2020
  43. Kiyomi: In order to uphold the discipline here on DereMail, I'll show a proper example on how to answer these questions today!
  44. >Please share your favorite Yojijukugo
  45. [
  48. ]
  49. Kiyomi: "整理整頓 (seiriseiton = keeping things tidy and in order)". I have written it down on paper and then posted. It makes me want to see things in organized every time I see it. #DereMail
  50. Kiyomi I like "品行方正 (hinkouhousei = no-nonsense demeanor)", "清廉潔白 (seirenkeppaku = pure in heart and with a clean conscience)", "勧善懲悪 (kanzenchouaku = rewarding good and punishing evil)" too. Yojijukugo have a unique beauty to them which is why I like them.
  51. >What is your favorite ingredient for miso soup?
  52. Kiyomi: Tofu. Its white color and cube form is good, plus it nice to dice them. #DereMail
  53. >If you didn't become an idol, what kind of job do you think you will be in the future?
  54. Kiyomi: A lawyer, perhaps. Becoming a police officer or even a teacher are good choices too. #DereMail
  55. Kiyomi: After all, I do want to uphold the morals of our society. And I do think those occupations are perfect from a Elite Disciplinary Committee such as myself.
  56. >I'm not really good in waking up early... Could you give me some sort of encouragement so that I'll be up and ready for tomorrow morning?
  57. Kiyomi: I see. Okay, here goes. #DereMail
  58. Kiyomi: RISE AND SHINE! WAKE UP!!!
  59. Kiyomi: That shout include my wishes for you to lead an orderly life. I have high hopes for you when tomorrow's morning comes.
  60. Kiyomi: That will be it for today. I hope that my fellow idols would follow my lead and give sincere answers in the future!
  62. ========
  64. Miku 08/03/2020
  67. Miku: Nya-nyaan! Thank you for sending all those letters! And Miku's going to answer some of them today!
  68. >Miku-chan, please share what your morning routine is!
  69. Miku: Miku's an early riser! Miku cleans up, grooms herself and then proceeds to have her breakfast! #DereMail
  70. Miku: Some oversleepers are hard to wake up! And for those who don't seem to wake up at all, have a cat punch!
  71. >Please tell us the guidelines when going to a cat cafe!!!
  72. Miku: Kitty cats are delicate creatures so if you suddenly get close to them, they'll get startled and run away. #DereMail
  73. Miku: Swing those toys and those kitties will come towards to you.
  74. Miku: Kitty cats are whimsical but that part of them are just adorable. Hope you'll enjoy playing those sweet games with them.
  75. >It's about my cat. When I try to cuddle with her, she gets upset. I just don't get how a maidenly cat feels.
  76. Miku: Nyaa~. Not being honest, huh. That is so cute that I almost feel jealous. #DereMail
  77. Miku: I'm sure that your love has reached her. Be sure to always get along with her!
  78. Miku: Oh, but she'll get upset if you disturb said kitty while she's resting or playing, so be mindful of that!
  79. >Shake hand!
  80. Miku: Nyaa. With that display, come on and com all! Nyafufu This is a whim of a kitty cat. #DereMail
  81. Miku: Hope you'd all go after and catch the whimsical Miku. I'll be waiting for more of your letters.
  82. Miku: The other girls that Miku's worked with a while ago said that they'll be replying soon. Look forward to that, okay?
  84. ==========
  86. Aki 08/07/2020
  89. Aki: Yamato Aki here! Moving in to position! Will now proceed to engage the questions!
  90. >Aki-san, you are always cheerful and your smile is wonderful. But have you been down or sad before? During those times, how do you get back to the swing of things?
  91. >Also, thank you for always cheering me up. I always have and always will love that.
  92. Aki: Thank for such kind words! I do have times when I'm down. When that happens... #DereMail
  93. Aki: That would be great time for some work-out! When you move around your body, you'll be able to sort out the things on your mind.
  94. Aki: It's surprisingly refreshing to keep your body busy to the point of not thinking of anything else.
  95. >Do you feel happy when being told that you're cute?
  96. Aki: It is only natural to be happy when being praised for the things born out of the efforts you put in each day.
  97. Aki: It's important to the morale to give positive remarks to one another. And I intend to keep doing this with everyone.
  98. Aki: But, how should I put this... I'm not really used to that. So, I get embarrassed when told upfront.
  99. Aki: And with that, I'll be resuming my obje! To all those who have sent those messages, I salute to you!
  100. Aki <Ayame *smokebombs*>
  102. ==========
  104. Tomo 08/16/2020
  107. Tomo: Welcome to Fujii Tomo's Happiness Consultation Service! Here goes!
  108. >If you win the lottery, what will you use your prize for?
  109. [ ]
  110. Tomo: This really calls for a divination! When you have trouble on deciding on something, then divination could be of help! #DereMail
  111. Tomo: What would I use it for, huh... This has to be a once-in-a-lifetime divination!
  112. Tomo: Oh but... It'd be nice to keep it on display. Like doesn't it have such amazing power?
  113. >Just like you, I love fortune-telling and regular check my horoscope. However, there are many times that mentioned lucky item are hard to get. When you really want to get your hands on the lucky item for that time, how do you always handle that, Tomo-chan?
  114. Tomo: It's exactly during those times when your insight gets pushed! Try broadening your choices! #DereMail
  115. Tomo: What is that item referring to you personally? And it doesn't have to be exactly that thing, right?
  116. Tomo: There's a lot of thought behind the words. After all, horoscopes are advices and suggestions to make you happy!
  117. >What is the lucky item for this week?
  118. Tomo: To you reading Derepo, your lucky item this week is "Honey"! #DereMail
  119. Tomo: And that's all! There's no doubt that all of you are going to be lucky! That was such a wonderful time we spent together!
  120. Tomo: If you feel like you still need more luck, I will send some luck power on your way! "Hope everyone becomes happy!"
  122. =========
  124. Nanami 08/17/2020
  127. Nanami: We have quite a haul of letters! Thank you so shoal much!
  128. [ From 感謝感激雨あられ roughly translates to "Thanks a million/bunch/etc" but with ヒレウロコ (fins/scales) instead of 雨あられ (rain/shower) ]
  129. >What have you caught lately?
  130. Nanami: It's Kisu! I enjoyed casting and fishing them. Catching kisu is quite easy. #DereMail
  131. [鱚-japanese-whiting ]
  132. Nanami: I caught hamachi too! It goes after the lure so anyone could catch it.
  133. [ ]
  134. Nanami: Fishing on back is fun! Summer makes the seas warm so it's the season where fishes are brimming with life!
  135. >Please share your recommended fish for this season
  136. Nanami: First would have to be the aji! A fresh sashimi with it is delicious! And aji in summer is full of flavor.
  137. [ ]
  138. Nanami: Ayu is good too! Be it grilled, as tempure or cooked with rice, it's quite delicious!
  139. [ ]
  140. Nanami: Karei no nitsuke (Simmered Flounder), tachiuo no shioyaki (Grilled Catlass Fish)... Fishes like katsuo (Skipjack Tuna) and iwashi (Sardine) are delicious during autumn.
  141. [
  146. ]
  147. Nanami: I think I haven't answered enough but I got hunry so that will be it for today.
  148. Nanami: I'll come back and answer some more again! Fish!
  150. ============
  152. Miria 09/04/2020
  155. Miria: I'll give answering Deremails a shot too!
  156. >I'm a little bad when talking to people. Please teach me some tricks on how to make conversations more fun like you do, Miria-chan!
  157. Miria: Well, you really don't need to talk a lot so it'll be just fine! #DereMail
  158. Miria: As long as you're with them, you can have conversation. Just like me, it's fun having them around!
  159. >What's a nice thing that happened to you recently?
  160. Miria: When the show I was in aired on TV, my family was watching it and my little sister seemed to really enjoy it! #DereMail
  161. Miria: And that made me so happy! Our house were filled with songs and dances then!
  162. Miria: Oh, there's also one thing that makes me happy! And that is reading the mails all of you sent! Ehehe
  163. Miria: I'll waiting for more and more of those happy mails, okay!
  164. Many thanks,
  165. Miria
  167. =====
  169. Arisu 09/09/2020
  172. Arisu: Tachibana here and I never fail to check my mail regularly. Since I have some time tonight, I think I'll answer a few of your questions.
  173. >Even when I'm studying, I get distracted easily. Could you please teach me a trick on how to improve my concentration.
  174. Arisu: First of all, it appears that the human brain could only concentrate up to 15 minutes at a time. Which means, what you're experiencing is just normal. #DereMail
  175. Arisu: In order to supplement concentration, let's focus on how to deliver nutrients to the brain. I believe that a moderate amount of sugar would do good.
  176. Arisu: I think that this scientific approach would help in solving your problem.
  177. >What is your favorite strawberry sweet?
  178. Arisu: It is quite hard for me to answer which one is my favorite. #DereMail
  179. Arisu: Not to mention, there are a lot of desserts that use strawberries. Allow me to introduce to you some of them.
  180. Arisu: A jumbo parfait is quite visually overwhelming. But, this is best to be eaten with a company.
  181. Arisu: A mille-feuille is a luxurious treat. It would fill you with happiness once you savor the slices of strawberries in it.
  182. Arisu: A large tart is also nice. And it's even more gorgeous if it has a lot of strawberries.
  183. Arisu: But if we're going after for the most ideal, it has to be one that is hand-made. I myself have a preference for that.
  184. Arisu: Strawberries also contain a lot of nutrients. Seeing that it is also good for one's beauty and health, I strongly urge everyone to find the one that would suit their taste.
  185. Arisu: I also encouraged that person I met at the office today to respond to Deremail too. Please do look forward to it.
  187. ==========
  189. Fumika 09/10/2020
  192. Fumika: Arisu-chan has passed the baton to me. I too will now respond to the mails sent in.
  193. >At most, how many hours did you spend reading a book?
  194. Fumika: That is quite a philosophical question. This is because I'm not really aware of other things while I'm reading. #DereMail
  195. Fumika: If we are talking about how many hours I spent reading books one after the other, it might have been a long time ago.
  196. Fumika: And during that time, I didn't realize that I have fallen asleep so I really have no idea...
  197. >I don't have any more rom for new books in my bookshelf. What should I do?
  198. Fumika: I believe this is also a philosophical question. Ever since books have come to existencem people have been dealing with this problem.
  199. Fumika: But, we have the proliferation of "electronic books" some time ago. I think that they are both convenient and wonderful. However...
  200. Fumika: The book that you are deeply attached to is the one that holds the most memories. The experience felt through reading is more than just the sensation of bound paper and the words you see.
  201. Fumika: Since we seem to have arrived at a conclusion, I believe that we wouldn't have to restrict it to the bookshelf.
  202. Fumika: That will be all for now. It would make us happy if you send more mails.
  204. =========
  206. Wakaba 09/16/2020
  209. Wakaba: It's time for DereMail! Today, I will be answering your question you sent in.
  210. >Wakaba-chan, you drink a lot of milk but what food do you think goes well with milk?
  211. Wakaba: There are so many of them so I'm torn... Cakes, donuts, chocolate... Squishy ones are good too. #DereMail
  212. Wakaba: Having chocolate in your mouth and drinking some milk or dunking the cookie into the milk before eating it... Ah, I just couldn't stop myself.
  213. >What do you think an "adult" is?
  214. Wakaba: I think an "adult" is someone who has his act together, responsible and reliable. #DereMail
  215. Wakaba: Regardless of height and age, I feel that it's all about the heart.
  216. Wakaba: I hope that I'll become someone like that. But it would make me even happier if I'll be able to grow taller too.
  217. Wakaba: Oh, I got too absorbed with that! That will be all for today. Thank you for all those wonderful questions.
  219. =======
  221. Nina 09/19/2020
  224. Nina: Time for DereMail! I will take care all of your questions!
  225. >What have you been playing lately?
  226. Nina: Umm... Playing the "channeling the feelings of the same animal" with everyone, soccer and video games. #DereMail
  227. Nina: Whenever I play, it was turns to dark right away so I wish that mister sun would always be up there!
  228. >I want to be Nina!
  229. Nina: Nina! You want to channel Nina's feelings! NINA! #DereMail
  230. < にな here sounds like いいな ("nice"). Maybe "viva" for an English equivalent? >
  231. Nina: Let's all put on different kinds of kigurumi and have fun just like me! Everyone, let's all be Nina!
  232. Nina: That would be all for today! We'll do this again some time, okay!
  233. Nina: By the way, one of my friends said that she'll answer next time! Please look forward to it!
  234. Nina <Miku "Zzz...">
  236. =====
  238. Suzuho 09/24/2020
  241. Suzuho: Alrighty folks, here's what you've been waiting for! Time for Ueda Suzuho to shine! I'll answer all of your questions!
  242. >I love your kigurumi skills, Suzuho-chan! In regards to that, when do you come up with ideas for your kigurumi?
  243. Suzuho: I guess when the "This is it!" moment comes. Like when traveling, during class, in the bath, taking lesson, etc! There's so many! #DereMail
  244. Suzuho: Also, no matter how small it is, I make sure to remember it! I'm sure that it'll be part of an even bigger idea!
  245. >What is your favorite season?
  246. Suzuho: Hmm... This is a difficult question. Which season do I like the most... I do have some attachement towards winter! #DereMail
  247. Suzuho: Winter is cold so everyone huddles together. And that's where I come in! Laughter makes both the body and soul warm!
  248. Suzuho: Also, when speaking of winter, it has to be the foods! Motsunabe, ramen, oden... oops, got me drooling there... Hehe
  249. [ ]
  250. >It's so wonderful that you care so much for your grandmother, Suzuho-chan! I'd like to hear a memory of her.
  251. Suzuho: This was when I was little. My grandma was sewing and she licked the thread before slipping it through the needle.
  252. Suzuho: Seeing that, I thought threads could be eaten and I was liking it like candy for a while.
  253. Suzuho: This really tickled my grandma's funny bone that it still makes her laugh hard to this day. Me silently licking the thread!
  254. Suzho: Okay, as much as I don't want this to end, that will be it for today's segment! Lots of thanks, everyone!
  256. ========
  258. Mai 09/27/2020
  261. Mai: Hello! Fukuyama Mai here. I'll try answering your questions today.
  262. >How do you spend your days off?
  263. Mai: During my days off, I do things that I can't usually do when I have work or school. #DereMail
  264. Mai: Like going out with my parents or cooking. And I went hiking the other day.
  265. Mai: There are a lot of times when I play outside with my friends at school and at the production. We all love to some exercises.
  266. Mai: Oh, I also take time to study. After all, school homework and idol lessons are very important.
  267. >If you take off your ponytail, how long is it? I want to see you with your hair down, Mai-chan!
  268. Mai: If I take off my ponytail... I think it would be around my hips now. It's quite long. #DereMail
  269. Mai: Which is why, I always ask my mom for help in taking care of this. It really feels good when she combs my hair.
  270. Mai: That will be all this time. Thank you for sending your messages to us.
  271. Mai: I'll come and answer some more in the future so please look forward to it. And that'll be all from Fukuyama Mai.
  273. =====
  275. Sae 10/03/2020
  278. Sae: Hello. This is Kobayakawa Sae. I'm really grateful for the many letters you sent in.
  279. >Please share some spots you'd recommend one go to when in Kyoto!
  280. Sae: It makes me happy that you're interested about Kyoto. I would say that every place in Kyoto is great but... Let me think... #DereMail
  281. Sae: I guess it has to be around Gion. I've always been going there even when I was young. I have so many memories there.
  282. [ ]
  283. Sae: Also, if you want to see famous temples or you're going this season, Arashiyama would also be nice.
  284. [
  287. ]
  288. >Don't you feel lonely living in a dorm? How have you been spending your time lately with your friends?
  289. Sae: I don't feel lonely at all. Although, there are times that I remember my parents and feel that way... #DereMail
  290. Sae: I also have my fellow idols at the dorm. It's always festive here whether during meal times and bath times so I don't have much time to feel lonely.
  291. Sae: We've also been playing some board games lately. I'm good when it comes to rolling dices.
  292. Sae: While the games I play here are different from the ones I play at home, each and every passing day is a brand new experience. And I'm really having fun doing so.
  293. Sae: That is all the time I have for replying to your letters. Thank you so much for spending this time with me. I hope we see each other again.
  295. =======
  297. Syuko 10/09/2020
  300. Syuko: Alrighty, Syuko-chan's here! And it's time to start DereMail!
  301. >Is it true that if you eat too much yatsuhashi, your skin will turn white?
  302. [ ]
  303. Syuko: Well, I wonder if that's true. They do say that the mystery of a white-skinned beauty is a well-kept secret. #DereMail
  304. Syuko: Well, to test this out, you could buy me some of Kyoto's yatsuhashi.
  305. >Are you a kitsune?
  306. Syuko: Kon kon. The human world isn't so bad. Just kidding. #DereMail
  307. [ "konkon" is a fox's cry ]
  308. Syuko: Anyways, let's just say that Syuko-chan's real identity is a secret.
  309. >Syuko-chan, what exactly does it mean to be "easygoing" for you?
  310. Syuko: Whimsical, like how clouds drift by and how the gentle breeze passes by. #DereMail
  311. Syuko: Doing whatever you like and not feeling you've been bogged down by something. Kinda like that, I guess?
  312. Syuko: Thanks a lot for those questions. See ya later.
  314. =====
  316. Miyako 10/17/2020
  319. Miyako: Alright, it's that time you've been waiting for! And today, I, Anzai Miyako, will be solving these cases sent our way!
  320. >Please share your detective rules, Anzai Miyako.
  321. Miyako: Hmm... Well then, allow me to share Anzai Miyako's Three Detective Rules! #DereMail
  322. Miyako:
  323. 1. I will always solve the mystery.
  324. 2. Those who are in need comes first.
  325. 3. Feel free to ask the people around for advice.
  326. >Besides the food related to detectives such as anpan and coffee, please share your other favorite food.
  327. [ ]
  328. Miyako: Pancakes, omurice, curry... chocolate, cookies, biscuits... Scones, strawberry au lait and cafe au lait too!
  329. Miyako: There are many others too so narrowing it down to just one would be quite difficult. Which is why I'm always having a hard time filling up those surveys.
  331. >ラすプれつられずまでイこおかかもさっとやうさんだですすみおこえんじいまき(9*4)
  332. Miyako: There is no code that a detective could not decipher! Arranging this string of letters into 4 rows of 9 characters will reveal the hidden message!
  333. ラすプれつられずま => ラ プ つ れ ま
  334. でイこおかかもさっ => イ お か さ
  335. とやうさんだですす => や さ だ す
  336. みおこえんじいまき => み こ ん い き
  338. ラ プ つ れ ま
  339. イ お か さ
  340. ----------
  341. や さ だ す
  342. み こ ん い き
  343. ##########
  344. ライブおつかれさま = Good work on the live.
  345. みやこさんだいすき = Miyako-san, I love you.
  346. Miyako: Everyone please try to figure it out, okay! Also, my answer to this message is "Thank you so much!".
  347. Miyako: That would be all for now! Like any good detective, I will solve your mystery next! Until then!
  349. ========
  351. Yuriko 10/27/2020
  354. Yuriko: Sorry to kept you all waiting! But here's Yuriyuri's Q&A time! Let's see if I could take care of this by myself or not!
  355. >Do you cook, Yuriko-chan? What kind of dishes can you make?
  356. Yuriko: I sure can cook, yes I can! Or rather, if I can't cook for myself, I would have trouble eating. Plus, it's cheaper! #DereMail
  357. Yuriko: I usually make those dishes I've seen from manga and stuff! Those really make me want to eat them, not to mention, that kind of support has a very special taste to it!
  358. >A-kun = Model student. Popular and well-liked but hides his private matters.
  359. >B-kun = Flirtatious. Because he seems to be light-hearted, people tend to avoid him but he's actually sensitive about that.
  360. >C-kun = Easygoing. Appears to be lazy but observes people well. Scheming.
  361. >D-kun = Possesses great confidence. Doesn't listen to others and no one seems to keep him company although he himself doesn't notice that.
  362. >If it's up to you, how you are going to pair them up?
  363. Yuriko: This question! Hmm, I see... #DereMail
  364. Yuriko: Are they classmates or in the same year but in different classes? Perhaps, a sempai-kouhai standing? Anyways, I detect this bond of childhood friends between B-kun and C-kun.
  365. Yuriko: Seeing that D-kun has great confidence, it's a given that he has some special emotion towards A-kun who's popular.
  366. Yuriko: D-kun stumbles upon the secret that A-kun's hiding and is about to spill the beans. This is where C-kun quickly figures things out.
  367. Yuriko: C-kun thinks of a way of how to use this to his advantage... which B-kun notices.
  368. Yuriko: This has to pain B-kun. This also doesn't sit well with the model student A-kun. And the self-conceited D-kun probably doesn't like it too.
  369. Yuriko: Rift forms between childhood friends. This, of course, leads to B-kun losing sleep for nights... Each of their intentions seems connected with one another...
  370. Yuriko: And now, we're at the much awaited moment when A-kun's secret is exposed! This is such a turning point. What the secret is, to whom this secret will be revealed...
  371. Yuriko: [WARNING] Yuyuri has been told to stop.
  372. Yuriko: Unfortunately, we have to end this for now. As for how this story proceeds, everyone, please make your own continuation! I'll be waiting for your questions!
  374. =====
  376. Tsukasa 11/03/2020
  379. Tsukasa: I'm going to answer some of the mails in DereMail. Thanks for sending all those questions.
  380. >This might come off as a surprise but what ingredients would you recommend in making delicious nukazuke?
  381. Tsukasa: A staple one would be avocado. Natto, chicken tenders and apple are also nice. There's some latent synergy potential when using something besides vegetables. #DereMail
  382. [ ]
  383. >Can you tell me an essential item you carry in your bag every day, Tsukasa-chan?
  384. Tsukasa: I have an idea pad with me lately. I can always look back at them and the ones you write in there don't get erased that easily, right? And that's good. #DereMail
  385. Tsukasa: Since they're ideas that suddenly flashed into the mind, a lot of them can't be used right away. Still, this is some sort of investment.
  386. >I'm currently a university entrance examinee this year. But, I have no idea on what I want to do in the future so I'm at a loss on what my future course should be. Can you give me any advice regarding this matter, Madam Tsukasa?
  387. Tsukasa: Thinking over your future course, huh... That is one big issue to tackle. I really appreciate that you asked me for advice. #DereMail
  388. Tsukasa: Doing self-analysis would just prove to be completely subjective. Which means, it would be better to ask for assessment from others.
  389. Tsukasa: While it's true that I don't know much about you, I understand that I'm someone whom you could turn to. And that is definitely one of your strengths.
  390. Tsukasa: It would be nice to try to awaken the dormant potentials inside you. It might even be something that you yourself aren't even aware of yet.
  391. Tsukasa: Also, I believe that now isn't that time to set every detail about your future.
  392. Tsukasa: In order to ascertain that this thing is what you really want to do, you have to first jump in and try it. That's one way to do it.
  393. Tsukasa: Let's all be flexible in our thinking. The future that lies ahead of ourselves have infinite possibilities.
  394. Tsukasa: I hate to do this but we're almost out of time. If there are still some needs that has yet to be fulfilled, I'll come back and answer to that. Until then.
  396. ===========
  398. Kanako 11/14/2020
  401. Kanako: Hello, Mimura Kanako here! Today, I'll be answering some of the questions you sent in.
  402. >I've been making pancakes at home a lot lately. What topping do you recommend for it?
  403. Kanako: Honey, butter, fruits, whipped cream and cream cheese. Also jam and nuts! It goes well with everything.
  404. Kanako: This is quite a difficult question... but if I were to recommend one thing, I think it has to be ice cream. It has different flavors. It also doesn't have the much calories.
  405. >If the world will end tomorrow, what would like to be your last meal?
  406. Kanako: Hmm, this is also a difficult question... End of the world, huh. I wonder what should I pick... There are so many I'd like to eat.
  407. Kanako: Crepes, cupcakes... There's also those from the stores whose food I haven't tried yet. I'd also want to make some of my own.
  408. Kanako: Oh, but it'd be really better to eat with some company. In that case, well...
  409. Kanako: Let's see... I can't just pick so I really don't want the world to end! Would that answer suffice? Ehehe
  410. >So, what's the trick in catching marshmallows?
  411. Kanako: I wonder if there was even one. I was just thinking of eating them so there might not be some sort of technique to it.
  412. Kanako: But, what to keep in mind... is that instinct that tells you where you should be at, I guess. "It will always be at this spot." Kinda like your "home position".
  413. Kanako: With that said, please try to remember this when you try to give marshmallow catching a shot.
  414. Kanako: We don't have any time so that will be it for now. We'll be waiting for your letters!
  416. =========
  418. Toko 11/20/2020
  421. Toko: Good evening. Today, I will be answering some DereMails. Thank you for sending in a lot of questions.
  422. >Toko-san, what is the beauty of tropical fishes?
  423. Toko: They are like a family to me, so I see them in a good light. I guess I'm like a doting parent but everything about them is beautiful. #DereMail
  424. Toko: Still, if I could say something to them, it's probably that they're soothing. Like watching them feels so inviting.
  425. >Hello, Toko-san! I always go for coffee milk after a dip in the onsen. What do you drink after getting out of the onsen?
  426. Toko: I wouldn't say that I always drink them but I drink coffee milk along with plain milk and yogurt. #DereMail
  427. Toko: The one drink the most is fruits au lait. It tastes similar to the beverage that I used to drink back at home that I really yearn for it.
  428. >I don't have any aim right now and I'm troubled by that. I don't know what I should strive for in my life or even what to think about should I spend some time doing so. Could you tell me what made you stand up again, Toko-san?
  429. >I'm really sorry for asking such an abstract question and thank you for your time reading my question.
  430. Toko: Thank you for asking that question. When you lose sight of your goal, you think that there's only darkness ahead of you and it feels scary. #DereMail
  431. Toko: I was able to stand up because I tried to believe in myself once more. That I decided to risk it all on myself.
  432. Toko: And it was all thanks to... having someone who was supporting me. I believe that how it all started.
  433. Toko: I might come off as being pushy by saying this but... I think that the time you spent worrying and being undecided is not in vain.
  434. Toko: "It's because I have that time that I have something that only I can do". That's how I see it.
  435. Toko: Which is why, I think that you really don't have to rush yourself to have a goal.
  436. Toko: When you happen to find that thing you want to do and an idol such as myself was able to give you the push you needed, that will make me so happy.
  437. Toko: That took quite a bit. And that will be it for today. We'll come back and answer some more. Good night.
  439. ==========
  441. Uzuki 11/29/2020
  444. Uzuki: Hello, my name is Shimamura Uzuki! And today, I will be answering DereMails.
  445. >What is your favorite Japanese breakfast so that you're off to a happy start?
  446. Uzuki: Hmm, that is quite hard. Mama's cooking are delicious so I love them all... #DereMail
  447. Uzuki: But, if I have to choose one, it has to be her dashimaki tamago. It's slightly sweet and delicious.
  448. [ ]
  449. >Please share a recent happening at the Shimamura household!
  450. Uzuki: This has just happened yesterday but the remote for the TV at the living room was missing. #DereMail
  451. Uzuki: My parents and I were looking for it but we couldn't find it... So, we decided to take a break.
  452. Uzuki: Then, the remote was inside the magazine at the table! It seems that Papa used it as a bookmark.
  453. Uzuki: None of us hadn't noticed it and the fact that it's even too big for a bookmark, so it was quite funny.
  454. >What is the longest call you ever had?
  455. Uzuki: As for my longest call, it was around two and a half hours not too long ago. But, I made a new record just recently! #DereMail
  456. Uzuki: It was when Rin-chan, Mio-chan and I had a group call... And that took 3 hours and 18 minutes!
  457. Uzuki: Mio-chan and I was little surprised about it but Rin-chan was the most surprised!
  458. Uzuki: That will be all for this time. Thank you, everyone! We'll be waiting for those you sent in!
  460. ======
  462. Sanae 12/03/2020
  465. Sanae: Sorry to kept you all waiting! I'm going to answer all those questions of yours today!
  466. >What snacks do you make when drinking at home?
  467. Sanae: I usually just buy some at the convenience store but it'd be things like wieners, hanpen bacon, or kimchi itame with cheese and egg! #DereMail
  468. Sanae: But when there some people coming over, I'll make something better like agemono! Quite homely, don't you say?
  469. [
  473. ]
  474. >Please share your secret into looking very young, Sanae-san
  475. Sanae: I always get asked that! And the answer is... "Enjoy the present"! #DereMail
  476. Sanae: I don't get bogged down by stuff like "I'm a grownup", "I'm already old", those around me or even by myself. I just do what I'd want to do and enjoy it!
  477. Sanae: However, going overboard is a guilty thign to do. Just keep things in moderation and you'll be able to rejuvenate your body and mind!
  478. >Yakitori: salt or tare
  479. [ ]
  480. Sanae: That depends on the meat. Not to mention, there are other things that you can eat it with. So, I can't give a definite answer.#DereMail
  481. Sanae: When that happens, "What goes well with the beer!", I guess?
  482. Sanae: Seems like I spilled some of my secrets there. We still have many questions so we'll be back to answer them!
  484. ==========
  486. Hijiri 12/09/2020
  489. Hijiri: Hello. My name is Mochizuki Hijiri. I will be the one replying to the DereMails today. Thank you for having me.
  490. >Are there any musical instruments you would like to play?
  491. Hijiri: I think it's nice to be able to sing while playing a musical instrument. So, it would be that kind. Actually, I learned to play the guitar a little. #DereMail
  492. Hijiri: There's also the piano and the organ. I'd also like to play different kinds too.
  493. >What's the filling of the croquettes you're into right now?
  494. Hijiri: I don't eat croquettes every day... but whenever I have some, it is usually kabocha croquettes. #DereMail
  495. [ ]
  496. Hjiri: The shopkeeper told me about it. Kabocha are in season now and they're delicious. And it really is. I recommend it.
  497. >Give praise please?
  498. Hijiri: I understand how you feel. Being praised really makes one happy, doesn't it? #DereMail
  499. Hijiri: Everyone, you are all amazing. You've been encouraging me a lot. Which is why, I wish you all well.
  500. >What exiciting thing that happened to you lately?
  501. Hijiri: I went camping as part of work. There, I was thrilled to see the sunrise. It was so beautiful and reassuring.
  502. Hijiri: It made me realize just how warm sun is.
  503. Hijiri: Was I able to answer your questions properly? It'd make very happy if I was able to. Well then, I look forward to us being able to meet again.
  505. ======
  507. Eve 12/23/2020
  510. Eve: Good evening. To all those who have been good, I have an early gift for you.
  511. >If I ever get to meet Santa on Christmas Eve, what should I do?
  512. Eve: Chirstmas sure is festive, doesn't it? It's alright, please don't panic. #DereMail
  513. Eve: When that happens, it would be nice if you could say "Merry Christmas" with a smile.
  514. >I'd like to hear an memorable episode of Eve-chan and Blitzen!
  515. Eve: There are so many so I had hard time choosing between them. So, I'll share one story that left an impression on me. #DereMail
  516. Eve: When I was practicing riding the sled back in my home, I got carried away and went too fast. I fell sideways off the sled.
  517. Eve: I got burried deep in the snow but Blitzen pulled me out and let me ride on his back.
  518. Eve: When we got back home, he has this really sad look on his face as he was licking me. It felt like I had a little sister.
  519. Eve: The reason I didn't catch a cold then was due Blitzen warming me up. And even now, we keep each other warm.
  520. Eve: Well, that will be it for today. It was a small gift but I hope you are all happy with it.
  522. ========
  524. Kyoko 12/27/2020
  527. Kyoko: How are you doing, everyone? And today, I, Igarashi Kyoko, will be answering the questions sent in.
  528. >Have you eaten at a convenience store?
  529. Kyoko: Yes, I did. If there is little to no time during the onsite taping and work, convenience stores are quite a big help. #DereMail
  530. Kyoko: About the things I buy... I think I tend to buy lighter ones like onigiri and sandwiches more than a bento.
  531. Kyoko: They also have a lot of limited offerings and sweets so I'm excited going there even though I frequent them a lot.
  532. >Why do you draw images of animals?
  533. Kyoko: You're referring to the omurice, right? Well... I haven't really thought about the reason. It's because I always drew them. #DereMail
  534. Kyoko: It's fun drawing using the ketchup before eating it and it seems to tastes better.
  535. Kyoko: I tried thinking hard about this... But the main reason I think is that it is cute.
  536. >I clean during the weekends but I just couldn't work up the motivation to do so. I hope you could give me a hint on how to get motivated and finish this task right away.
  537. Kyoko: Let's see... Cleaning up could be a good exercise so how about thinking of as some sort of sport? #DereMail
  538. Kyoko: Both your room, your body and your soul will be refreshed after cleaning and the meal you'll be eating after it would taste great! There are so many good things about it!
  539. Kyoko: You could also trying rating yourself with things such as your execution or your stance while doing so! Please try doing some of these in your year-end cleaning.
  540. Kyoko: This will be the last session for this year. We'll hope that all of you would keep on sending more next year!
  542. =======
  544. Chizuru 01/02/2021
  547. Chizuru: Happy New Year to all of you. Allow me to answer some of the questions you sent in. Thank you for your support.
  548. >I want to ask Matsuo Chizuru whose hobby is calligraphy about the trick on how to write characters nicely.
  549. Chizuru: If I had to say something, then maybe to be mindful of the balance of the character. It is important to have an eye on how the entire thing would look like. #DereMail
  550. Chizuru: It is quite common to have one part to look very good only for it to be dragged down by the entire picture. Please try doing it when you write your first calligraphy of the year.
  551. >Could you share your memory regarding hair clips and the like?
  552. Chizuru: I don't have any particular incident about it... But still, accessories are quite easy to collect, aren't they? They're a little different from clothes and shoes. #DereMail
  553. Chizuru: With that said, long ago I sometimes... as in really sometimes, I couldn't help myself from buying the things that caught my eyes. Although, that seems to happen more often now than before...
  554. >I have been supporting you, Chizuru-chan. I really like how serious and cute you are. Which is why I'd like to hear your thoughts about something.
  555. >After being told that I'm too serious at my workplace, what should I do about this? Is someone boring if he's just serious?
  556. Chizuru: I understand your feelings of being caught up with that remark. However, I have come to realize that being serious is not a bad thing. #DereMail
  557. Chizuru: Being serious is just one facet of your personality. Isn't the important thing is how you express yourself, right?
  558. Chizuru: Honestly accepting that serious side and using it to interact with others. I'm still learning how to do that myself, so I really don't know what the proper way is.
  559. Chizuru: I believe that, tackle by being serious, we are able to really tackle this issue. Let's both do our best to work on it.
  560. >What is "cute" for you?
  561. Chizuru: This is... quite a difficult question. It's already quite hard to put that into words... And even then, the post limit would also pose a challenge... #DereMail
  562. Chizuru: Maybe "excitement"?
  563. Chizuru: We're all out of time so that will be it for now. And also... well, I hope that you'll keep on sending more.
  565. ===========
  567. Yuko 01/11/2021
  570. Yuko: Psychic Problem Fix! I mean, it's time for the Psychi-Questions!
  571. >I will send my question through Telepathy.
  572. >Mummummu mumun mumuu muunmunmun muuuuuun
  573. Yuko: I will give the answer you seek through Telepathy! Muun mumumun mumuun. Mumumu... mun! Muuuun! #DereMail
  574. >Please tell me how you usually study!
  575. Yuko: The most important thing is... Psychic Cramming the Night before the Test! #DereMail
  576. Yuko: I'v been taking notes so, it'd be like moving those images inside my head!
  577. >For Yuko-chan who has been secretly rumored to be quite fashionable in her casual clothes, what is your secret?
  578. Yuko: Thank you for that compliment! It's because I go shopping a lot! Whether just by myself or with friends! #DereMail
  579. Yuko: There, I always buy the things that triggers my just clicks with me. Meaning, the secret is... Psychic!
  580. Yuko: Okay, I have to go now! Everyone, let's all keep on polishing and harnessing our Psychic Power!
  582. ========
  584. Mirei 01/16/2021
  587. Mirei: Sorry to kepy you all waiting! I'll be the one who'd be handling DereMail today! I'm so gonna answer all of thse!
  589. Mirei: What's with that all of a sudden!?! But, that's the spirit! I won't get left behind! ROOAAAR!! #DereMail
  590. >Mirei-chan, I always admire your cute outfits. Is there an important thingto consider when choosing Western clothes? Please tell if there is!
  591. Mirei: You're making me blush for praising my fashion sense... Not that I mind though. Alright, I'll answer! #DereMail
  592. Mirei: When speaking of important thing, it has to be intuition! Those that really jibes right way with you is good! One that doesn't look good when you wear it is bad!
  593. Mirei: That's also the same when I found my favorite brand. It's like that. The one that clearly jibes with you! That a good way to go!
  594. Mirei: Also, the price too, I guess.
  595. >Do you sleep with your eyepatch on?
  596. Mirei: No. I do put it next to me, though. Getting a proper rest is also a struggle!
  597. >Mirei-san, have you experience trying to take off that dried rice only for you to accidentally stab yourself.
  598. Mirei; Aaah, I don't want to get hurt! Next, next question! You guys better be careful about that! #DereMail
  599. >I just love how cool and cute you are Mirei-chan. But, you don't seem to like being called "cute", do you?
  600. Mirei: Hmm... I wouldn't say that I don't like it. I like cute clothes too. #DereMail
  601. Mirei: However, what is cute to me and what is cute to others are not the same. And there seems those weak-looking cute.
  602. Mirei: Which is why, just being cute... There are so many that I'm getting giddy. Argh! Remember, everything in moderation!
  603. Mirei: Also, allow me to say this. I am cool, cute and strong! Don't you forget that!
  604. Mirei: That would be enough answers for now. We're still accepting questions! Looking forward for more!
  606. ========
  608. Reiko 01/29/2021
  611. Reiko: Hello. How are you doing? Tonight, I will be answering the DereMails you sent in.
  612. >How do you celebrate your birthday?
  613. Reiko: To put it briefly... That's the day when I can feel all the things I've experienced so far. #DereMail
  614. Reiko: Birthdays are something that the older oone gets, they more they forget to celebrate, doesn't it? However, I think that's a waste.
  615. Reiko: Just like how the quality of wine improves with aging, the charms of person also increases with age. Let's celebrate our own selves who have been giving our all through life!
  616. >What is the secret to beauty?
  617. Reiko: Never neglect your day-to-day efforts to be beautiful. Believe in your own beauty. And, you have to be proud of yourself. #DereMail
  618. Reiko: The only one who can make your beauty grow is your very own self. Don't let your own flower wither away. Nurture it and make it bloom beautifully.
  619. Reiko: Doing that will give you the confidence you want, right? Now, keep on polishing your beauty so that you can turn heads.
  620. Reiko: Well, that would be all for today. To know even more... Let's do it another time, okay? Being outed like this doesn't seem to be that bad.
  622. ======
  624. Asuka 02/05/2021
  627. Asuka: It appears that I would be talkative tonight. Those inquiries coming from you all... Perhaps, I'd like to shed some light on them.
  628. Asuka: Maybe it's the winder winds that urges me. After all, the existence of person has a different temperature to that of a coffee.
  629. Asuka: In any case... The night makes the spirit go wild. How about you and I enjoy this moment?
  630. >Is there anything to keep in mind when sending a letter to a radio show?
  631. Asuka: What a pure inquisitive mind. Question that suddenly spring up and realization often come deep in the recesses of the heart. #DereMail
  632. Asuka: How do others perceive the things I have perceived? That is quite fascinating. Is it heresy? Or perhaps...
  633. Asuka: And so, you who have pose this question to me and I, the two of us might be of same mind.
  634. >Smelling that aroma of coffee and then enjoying its bitter or perhaps sour taste in between gentle sips
  635. >But it's too hot to drink.
  636. >...So, please tell me what is a smart way to wait for it to cool down.
  637. Asuka: Sounds like a question for a radio project. I feel like this has actually been posted. First, let's imagine. #DereMail
  638. Asuka: By savoring the coffee in a smart way, you have unintentionally committed a basic mistake. And thus, you aim to resolve that.
  639. Asuka: I'm sure, that it will reflect on the coffee. That cool-headed face. If it were me, I would unconsciously break into a smile.
  640. Asuka: That brave facade which you unconsciously put up... If you are able to take a good and objective look of that, then the perhaps that time you spent doing so would be worthwhile.
  641. >It's been quite time since you left and then you suddenly realized that you have forgotten something back home. Is this the decision of the world or perhaps a fate you can't escape?
  642. Asuka: Even if it is indeed the decision of the world, there is no reason that you should just follow it, right? For example, you can go back and get it. #DereMail
  643. Asuka: To retrieve what was forgotten... Or perhaps do the opposite. To just close your eyes and resign yourself in this fate. Ultimately, the decision lies in your hands.
  644. Asuka: If you don't abandon your thinking, then that is not the decision of the world and it is the decision that you yourself have chosen. That is always the case.
  645. Asuka: This got longer than I expected. I guess let's call it a night. Well, until the next time we cross paths.
  647. =========
  649. Fueifuei 02/08/2021
  652. Fueifuei: And the one who would be answering the DereMails today is Fueifuei! Thank you for sending in so many questions.
  653. >Since the break was long, I started making sweets. It was quite hard... I heard that Fueifuei-chan is learning to cook, so is there anything you keep in mind when you're making something?
  654. Fueifuei: If you imagine the smile of the people who'd be eating your food, you would be able to put your heart in to it and do everything you can to make it. #DereMail
  655. Fueifuei: Working hard for smiles! That's just so Fueifuei!
  656. >When you styling your hair buns, how long does it take?
  657. Fueifuei: I haven't timed myself doing it before but, I could it right away! I'm used to it! #DereMail
  658. Fueifuei: Grandma taught me but it so fun and easy that everyone should try it!
  659. >What's your favorite oden ingredient? I really want to know.
  660. Fueifuei: I love chikuwa! #DereMail
  661. Fueifuei: There's also oden in the combini of Hong Kong. I saw it too in the combini of Japan.
  662. >When you first paseed the audition, who was the first one to know about the result?
  663. Fueifuei: Papa, Mama, and Grandma! They were so happy for me! #DereMail
  664. Fueifuei: They told me that I've finally made my dream come true but my dream is to be on the top of the world! I will give it my all to make that happen!
  665. Fueifuei: That would be all for today! Please feel free to write to us!
  667. ========
  669. Michiru 02/16/2021
  672. Michiru: Hello! Today, I will be answering the DereMail we got from you!
  673. >If your life ends tomorrow, what bread do you want to eat on your last day?
  674. Michiru: I will eat each and every type of bread! #DereMail
  675. >Michiru-chan, what is the most "surprising" bread you have eaten so far?
  676. Michiru: My family's bread that I ate for the very first time! #DereMail
  677. Michiru: It was so unbelievably delicious that I've been slave to bread ever since!
  678. >So, do you check the bread offerings of every combini?
  679. Michiru: I check out all the stores that have bread as soon as I find it!
  680. Michiru: I feel so moved when I drop by to a place after some time and their bread has became even more delicious!
  681. Michiru: Looks like I'm all out of bread energy so that will be it for today! Until next time!
  683. ========
  685. Mio 02/26/2021
  688. Mio: Yahoo! You guys are not feeling down with cold or something, right?
  689. Mio: Today, good ol' Mio-chan here will be answering these questions from you!
  690. Mio: Thanks a lot for the many questions you sent it! Okay, let's get to it.
  691. >I'm shy so I'm not very good with people I meet for the first time. Is there any trick to be good at getting along with people like you are, Mio-chan?
  692. Mio: Trick, huh. Don't be scared and initiate the conversation yourself! And also... Look for the good points of the person you're talking to! I guess? #DereMail
  693. >Mio-chan, whenever I look at you, you are always cheerful. But, when you go to the stage as an idol, do you do things like keep something in mind?
  694. Mio: No matter how large the venue I'm at, I make sure to make eye contact with each and every person who came! #DereMail
  695. >To settle things once and for all! What's the secret to Mio-chan's cheerfulness???
  696. Mio: I'll get right to the point! They are hearty, delicious meals and the smiles of everyone! #DereMail
  697. >When being congratulated, how would you like to be congratulated so that it'll make you the happiest?
  698. Mio: Just hearing "Congratulations" is enough. I'm satisfied with that. #DereMail
  699. Mio: Oh, but one thing! I'm more than happy to receive a fun surprise!
  700. >Did you look up to heroes?
  701. Mio: When I was young, my brother and I love to pretend that we're heroes. #DereMail
  702. Mio: Those allies of justice are just cool, right? Protecting the weak and taking on evildoers! Of course, I look up to them!
  703. Mio: And there we have it! That will be all for the answers Mio-chan could give this time! We'll be replying again so please wait for it, okay!
  705. ========
  707. Kaoru 03/04/2021
  710. Kaoru: Hello! Kaoru's gonna answer the DereMail today!
  711. >What is your most favorite subject?
  712. Kaoru: You mean what Kaoru likes to study at school? Music! #DereMail
  713. Kaoru: It's so much fun to do things like singing songs together or having a concert!
  714. Kaoru: Oh, Kaoru also likes PE! Can do racing, jump ropes, play with a ball, anything!
  715. Kaoru: On days that there's PE, everyone's so excited! Kaoru can't even wait to get to school right away!
  716. >What is the source of your cheerfulness and your smile that's as bright as the sun?
  717. Kaoru: Kaoru's like a sun? Eheheh? Umm, the source? Delicious food and the smiles of everyone! #DereMail
  718. Kaoru: When eating delicious food, everyone can't help but smile, right?
  719. Kaoru: Also, when everyone are smiling, Kaoru want to smile too!
  720. Kaoru: So, with everyone's smiles and eating food, Kaoru gets to be really cheerful!
  721. >What would you like as filling for your onigiri?
  722. Kaoru: Kaoru loves onigiri so there are lot of things she wants for her onigiri! #DereMail
  723. Kaoru: There's okaka, umeboshi, tuna mayonnaise, tarako, konbu... and many more!
  724. [ ]
  725. Kaoru: That will be it for today. Kaoru will be answering again in the future so please keep on sending those questions, okay? See you then!
  727. ======
  729. Ai 03/11/2021
  732. Ai: Hi everyone. Togo Ai here. The temperatur has finally become pleasant enought that it feels like spring, hasn't it?
  733. Ai: Thank you for sending in all those questions. And today, I'll be answering some of them. I hope you read these with a cup of coffee at hand.
  734. >What's a key point to consider when picking a necktie?
  735. Ai: Hmm. Neckties, huh. Basically, make sure to act appropriately for the circumstances of the place you're visiting. #DereMail
  736. Ai: While it's important to enjoy yourself, you have to be aware of the impression you're making to the people you'll be with.
  737. Ai: And also, if you know whom you're going with, perhaps try to match their outfit.
  738. >What are you thinking when you make a cup of coffee?
  739. Ai: It's a cliche but I'm thinking about whether or not the person drinking this cup would be happy or not. #DereMail
  740. Ai: Since I make them more for other people than for myself, it feels more rewarding that way.
  741. Ai: Also... I guess there are a lot of times when I don't think much.
  742. Ai: Watching the coffee to be served slowly being passed through the filter... That is quite a peaceful and relaxing time.
  743. >You are so cool and beautiful, Ai-san! During Valentines, etc, was there a time when you get chocolates and gifts instead?
  744. Ai: Thank you. I'm honored to receive such compliments. I will do my best not to betray that feelings of yours.
  745. Ai: Well, for Valentines, I'm quite grateful for my friends so we exchange chocolates then.
  746. Ai: Also, when I started this job, I've been getting them from fans. It's really great when I have it with coffee.
  747. Ai: In that sebse, you could say that I'm one of those who look forward to Valentines.
  748. Ai: That took quite some time. I enjoyed answering these. I'll reply again when I get the chance.
  750. ======
  752. Hinako 03/16/2021
  755. Hinako: Everyone, how is your daydreaming going? I'll be the one answering DereMail today.
  756. >There's this scene in shoujo manga where one is eating bread while running and then runs into an handsome guy! Are you fine or not with this kind of situation, Hinako-chan?
  757. Hinako: I'm fine with that. After all, the princes can suddenly appear while you're going with your daily life. #DereMail
  758. Hinako: That person I met by chance on that day... he might turn out to be my prince...
  759. Hinako: Just imagining makes my heart race! Mufufu
  760. >What is your most favorite fairy tale? It'd be really nice if you share your reason for it.
  761. Hinako: I love fairy tales, but I can't choose which one is my most favorite. #DereMail
  762. Hinako: When I was small, my mom always read me fairy tales.
  763. Hinako: I have attachment to all of them so I can't decide which of them would be my most favorite.
  764. Hinako: And all of those fairy tales were the source of my current daydreams. Mufufufu
  765. >Imagine a scenario based on the given theme
  766. >The theme: At the park on a rainy day
  767. Hinako: On one rainy day... I was on my way home after school. The weather couldn't be any worse. #DereMail
  768. Hinako: And then... I could hear something from the park I was passing by. It was the sound of the rain drops nor it was someone's voice. What could that be?
  769. Hinako: Curiosity got the better of me and I went to the park. What I found waiting for me there is a kitten in a cardboard box.
  770. Hinako: I thought to myself, "Oh no!". With haste, I carried the cardboard box to find a shelter.
  771. Hinako: Unfortunately, I could find a place like that in the park. I panicked. The rain has gotten even worse. Oh no, there's even the crack of thunder!
  772. Hinako: I'm now in a real bind... And at that exact moment! A white horse appeared by the entrance of the park! And the one riding it was no other than---
  773. Hinako: Hawuu!?! I got so caught up with my daydreaming that I've forgotten what I was posting. Sorry about that!
  774. Hinako: Thank you for spending such a long time with me. Until next time!
  776. ======
  778. Akane 03/29/2021
  781. Akane: Hello, everyone! My name is Hino Akane! I'll be replying to some of the many questions you sent in!
  782. Akane: Are you ready? Then let's go! DereMail, BOMBER!
  783. >I can! only eat! mild curry! How! can! I eat! spicy curry!
  784. Akane: Mild curry! Isn't that nice! Mild or spicy, curry is still curry! #DereMail
  785. Akane: While it's good that you want to challenge yourself, you shouldn't lose sight of one important thing! Curry is meant to be enjoyed!
  786. Akane: Eat the curry that you find delicious and love curry even more!
  787. >What does "bomber" mean?
  788. Akane: "Bomber" means "the heart"! There's one that's burning intensely inside of everyone, right? #DereMail
  789. Akane: Feel that burning intensity inside you! That is your own "bomber"!
  790. >If there is a Production Rugby Tournament, what position would you like to be in?
  791. Akane: Maybe scrum-half or wing! Unfortunately, I'm not that big! #DereMail
  792. Akane: I will be in position where my running and small body would contribute to our team's victory!
  793. Akane: There are still many question left but that will be it for now! We'll be back to answer some more!
  795. ========
  797. Yuka 04/06/2021
  800. Yuka: Osu! Nakano Yuka here! Thank you for all those questions you sent in!
  801. Yuka: I'll be the one who'll be answering them! I'll be doing these while I'm on a break in my training, but I hope you keep me company!
  802. >Yuka-chan, what are you doing in order to become cute?
  803. Yuka: I learned from everyone at the agency and I go over what I learned at home! #DereMail
  804. Yuka: There are so many fashion masters in the agency and there are many challenges each passing day! Aim to achieve full mastery!
  805. >Fight me!
  806. Yuka: I accept! What match should we do? Breaking tiles? Push-ups are fine too! #DereMail
  807. Yuka: Competing in cuteness? Umm... well, no, I'm not scared. I'll take on any challenge! Osu!
  808. >Osu! My time at home has been increasing and I don't seem to have to get exercise. Could you tell me any easy training that I could do at home?
  809. Yuka: Osu! How about practicing kata? That uses a lot of muscles!
  810. Yuka: I think it'd be a good workout when you're focusing on kata.
  811. Yuka: Also, if you're interested in karate, you may want to drop by a dojo!
  812. Yuka: How was my session? We'll try to make some time to answer some more! Thank you for your time!
  814. =========
  816. Kanna 04/09/2021
  819. Kanna: Hello, Ariura Kanna here. Today, I will replying to the letters filled with love that you sent in!
  820. >Did you sing today? Was it happy and fun?
  821. Kanna: I did sing! And I had fun! I got my fill of Love and Peace! #DereMail
  822. >So, what exactly is "love"?
  823. Kanna: It's "Love"!
  824. < Question uses the kanji 愛 while Kanna answered with the katakana ラブ >
  825. Kanna: In order for everyone to feel love, I'll keep doing giving my all and sing!
  826. >When you're feeling down, what do you do in order to get back that Love and Peace?
  827. Kanna: Sing a sing about Love and Peace!
  828. Kanna: Songs will save the world. Which is why it's able to save me. After all, I am also part of this world!
  829. >You seem to be the type who has a little brother, so have you taken care of younger children?
  830. Kanna: I did. Even children needs Love and Peace in their growth!
  831. Kanna: In one of my jobs, I played a song for a crying child who was lost, and that made him calm down.
  832. Kanna: After that, he was able to reunite with his mother and we happily part ways sharing smiles filled with Love and Peace.
  833. Kanna: Thank you for all these letters filled with Love! I'll be sharing Love and Peace another time!
  835. ========
  837. Mizuki 04/19/2021
  840. Mizuki: Hi! Morning, everyone! To start off the week, I'll gladly answer your questions!
  841. Mizuki: Thank you for sending this many. Mizuki's so happy that you're showing this much interest.
  842. >Please share your recent "luxury"
  843. Mizuki: I bought canned snacks that's better than the usual ones I get! And the alcohols tasted great too. #DereMail
  844. >What's the difference between an actual devil and an impish little devil?
  845. Mizuki: Charm! #DereMail
  846. >Are there times that you end up using the Osaka dialect?
  847. Mizuki: Well, it does come out whenever I talk to my friends back home over the phone. #DereMail
  848. Mizuki: I fixed my accent for work but I'm a Kansai woman. That's already engraved in my heart.
  849. >Hello, Kawashima-san!
  850. >My skin (especially around my fingertips) has been getting rougher lately. What would you suggest on how to take care of it?
  851. Mizuki: Skin problems are always nearby, aren't they? I wholly understand your situation. #DereMail
  852. Mizuki: It's hard to recommend a way to take care of your skin because it depends on your skin type... In any case, you shouldn't accumulate any more stress!
  853. Mizuki: A mind in mess leads to the mess of the body. Let's regularly de-stress and relax.
  854. Mizuki: As much as I want to answer more, that would be it for this time. That was Kawashima Mizuki and we will be seeing you all again soon.
  856. =======
  858. Ema 04/30/2021
  861. Ema: Thanks for all those questions! And the one who'll be the DereMails this time would be me!!!
  862. >Are there any things that you pay attention to take care of your throat?
  863. Ema: Masks and lozenges! I have a few with me! If you carry some, you could even distribute them, right? #DereMail
  864. Ena:And so! With everyone taking perfect care of their throats, let's all shout with all of our spirit!
  865. >To the always powerful Ema-san!
  866. >During times that you can't seem to cheer up no matter what, what do you do then?
  867. Ema: Listen to exciting music! You end up wanting to sing while listening to it, and when you're singing it, you feel cheery and excited!
  868. Ema: After that, you sing your heart out while keeping the energy!
  869. >I think I have a lot of accessories and make-up, but how do you make them safe?
  870. >I'm cheering for you, the ever fashionable in her own style Ema-chan!
  871. Ema: Thanks! I'm sticking to my usual style so I hope you keep on cheering me!
  872. Ema: Most of my accessories are silver, so I split them into small compartments! Kinda along those lines?
  873. Ema: Also, don't put things like make-up and accessories together. Gotta be careful of that!
  874. Ema: Woah, that will be it for now. We'll be back again, so keep sending those letters in!
  876. =======
  878. Miyuki 05/04/2021
  881. Miyuki: Good morning! Thanking for sending all those questions! So, I'll be answering them now.
  882. >What food from your hometown do you recommend?
  883. Miyuki: Crabs! They're as big as my smile! Also, they're really delicious! #DereMail
  884. Miyuki: Oh, but Hokkaido a lot of delicious foods! So, please do try a lot of them!
  885. >Did something good happen to you when you woke up early recently?
  886. Miyuki: Yes! Not to mention, it happened today! When I woke up early this morning, I took a walk. #DereMail
  887. Miyuki: In the middle of my walk, I met a cat! It talked to me, and it was so fun!
  888. >Miyuki-chan, you've been collecting stuffed toys so do you have a particular favorite among them?
  889. Miyuki: Hmm... I love them all, so all of them are my favorites! #DereMail
  890. Miyuki: Oh, that reminds me. I've taken good care of them the other day! Cleaning them and fixing them up a bit.
  891. Miyuki: Even this big bear that was bought for me when I was young and looks like a daddy one is now all fluffy and shiny!
  892. Miyuki: Did I answer properly the questions you sent it? We'll be back again to answer some more!
  894. ======
  896. Kirari 05/12/2021
  899. Kirari: Ossu ossu! The one that will be handling Derepo this time would be Kirari! Everyone, thankies so much for the DereMails!
  900. >Charge me up with Kirarin Power please.
  901. Kirari: Here goes! Kirarin Happy Happy DereMail Beam! Shubibibi! #DereMail
  902. >Kirari-chan, what is the source of your cheerfulness? Mine is definitely Kirari-chan!
  903. Kirari: Kirari's source is everyone too! Kirari's so happy to know that we're the same! #DereMail
  904. >Looking at you, Kirarin, makes my heart go warm and fuzzy, and I feel so happy-happy!
  905. >The days spent with Kirarin makes even the smallest things a happy one for me.
  906. >So, Kirarin, could you share a small piece of happiness that happened to you recently?
  907. Kirari: Uwehehe Reading the DereMail everyone sent makes Kirari's heart feel warm and fuzzy! So happy-happy!
  908. Kirari: As for what happened recently, it has to be hanging out with Anzu-chan! Although it's not small but a little big happiness!
  909. Kirari: The two of us went shopping and Aznu-chan wore lots of cutesy clothes!
  910. >I sent this on my birthday but I would like to hear my beloved Kirari-chan to say some happy-happy words to commemorate it.
  911. Kirari: Ukkya! Happy birthday! Kirari would also be happy if you keep on being happy-happy yourself!
  912. Kirari: It was fun answering these! We'll be back again, so please keep on sending those feelings of wanting to know more of us!
  914. ======
  916. Rina 05/17/2021
  919. Rina: Supsies! Today, Rinarina's gonna answer some DereMails! Props!
  920. >What's the best praise for you, Rina-chan?
  921. Rina: The words that the fans say after I did my best! #DereMail
  922. Rina: That really maxes out the spirits! Makes me feel good that I did my best!
  923. >What is that thing that you learned from your job that you still hold close to your heart to this day?
  924. Rina: Safety first!
  925. Rina: After all, if you get hurt, you won't feel happy even if you smile! So, safety first!
  926. >What is the combini sweets that you can't get enough of?
  927. Rina: Sweets that you can share! #DereMail
  928. Rina: Buying some refreshments for everyone and then happily eating them makes it tastes even better!
  929. Rina: Thanks for sending all those messages! It was so fun-poyo! Until next time, byesies!
  931. ======
  933. Kako 05/26/2021
  936. Kako: Hello there~. It's me, Takafuji Kako. Thank you for sending all those questions.
  937. Kako: I will answer them to the best that I can.
  938. >Lately, good things keep happening to me, but I'm a pessimist so the thought "Something bad will happen any time soon". Should I just be please about this?
  939. Kako: Of course!! #DereMail
  940. Kako: Even if something bad does happen, something good would come around right away. Which is why, enjoy those good things.
  941. >Eggplant?
  942. Kako: It's Kako~!
  943. [ Kako's name in kanji, 茄子, could also be read as ナス (nasu = eggplant) ]
  944. >Nibitashi? Agebitashi? Or maybe mabo?
  945. [
  949. ]
  950. Kako: I recommend having a nibitashi with a properly made dashi. #DereMail
  951. Kako: Oozing with dashi... It's just the best.
  952. >Kingyohime (Goldfish Princess) was so great!!!! Kako-san, have you tried goldfish scooping? I haven't successfully scooped one.
  953. Kako: Yes, I did~. It is quite difficult to keep the paper scooper from tearing apart.
  954. Kako: The secret is to wait for the goldfish to come to you then get close to it so that you can scoop it up.
  955. Kako: That will be all for today. Everyone, I hope you all have a nice day!
  957. =====
  959. Sora 06/01/2021
  962. Sora: GOODO MORNINGU EBURIIWAN! SANKYUU for sending all those mails! It's Sorachin's DereMail TAIMU!
  963. >HAPPY?
  964. Sora: AY'MU SO HAPPI, SANKYUU! #DereMail
  965. >Sorachin! Please share what's your recommnded meat dish!
  966. Sora: Of course, that'd be yakiniku! #DereMail
  967. Sora: Having some THOKINGU while everyone is happily grilling the meats together! It's so VERII VERII NAISU!
  968. >If you could fly, where would you go?
  969. Sora: Gonna do some FULAIYINGU anywhere! Going to share the Sorachin SUMAILU directly to the fans around the world!
  970. >I would like to have some RESSUN about Sora-nese but, could you share some LAANINGU POINTO?
  971. Sora: PASSHION ANDO FEELIINGU! Once you enjoyed talking, then you'd be like Sorachin too! RETTSU TORAI! #DereMail
  972. Sora: Guess that would be it for today? Everyone please keep on sending those mails for Sorachin!
  974. =====
  976. Minami 06/09/2021
  979. Minami: Good evening, everyone! I, Nitta Minami, will be answering the DereMails you sent in today!
  980. >Were you told before that you and your little brother look alike?
  981. Minami: People say that all the time! Like our eyes and looks are similar, but there's also how stubbon we are and hate to lose. #DereMail
  982. Minami: Back then, that would be the cause of our occasional fights...
  983. >I heard that Minami-chan's hobby is taking certifications but did those certifications you obtained so far has helped in your idoling?
  984. Minami: Hmm... It would be hard to say which one has helped in a special way... #DereMail
  985. Minami: However, during variety shows and the like, I think they have been brought up in coversations and talks.
  986. Minami: And also, when studying for certification, I set my own goals and planned for it. So, I believe that that experienced has helped me with my idoling.
  987. >Minami-chan, have you wished that you had a big sister or a big brother before?
  988. Minami: This question is a little embarrassing to answer... #DereMail
  989. Minami: But I would be lying if I say that I didn't think of it even once.
  990. Minami: After all, there are times that you'd want to be pampered and doted on by someone.
  991. Minami: And with that, we come to a close for today. Please keep on sending them, okay!
  993. =====
  995. Naho 06/19/2021
  998. Naho: Good evening, everyone. Today, I will be answering your DereMails.
  999. >Where do you start eating your taiyaki?
  1000. [ ]
  1001. Naho: I start eating it from the head. There's just so much anko in it. #DereMail
  1002. Naho: I slowly savor the taste of the sweet anko. After that, I eat the delicious crispy tail.
  1003. >Please share what kind of treats are well-received!
  1004. Naho: It has to be something that looks delicious and everyone would enjoy eating it! #DereMail
  1005. Naho: Something sweet and/or something delicious makes it easier to create a great atmosphere.
  1006. Naho: Also, senbei and okaki would make for a lively mood.
  1007. [ ]
  1008. >What kind of adult do you want to be?
  1009. Naho: That seems far away, although I really don't have a particular image yet. #DereMail
  1010. Naho: However, I'd like to be that familiar figure who can give everyone a gentle embrace.
  1011. Naho: Oh, it seems that we don't have much time. I'd like to answer again in the future, so please keep on sending your questions.
  1013. ====
  1015. Ranko 06/24/2021
  1018. Ranko: Drown in the darkness! The cries of those who dare stare into the abyss have reached my ears.
  1019. Ranko: In response to those strong wills, let us shed some light on a handful of darkness. Be sure to carve this into your soul!
  1020. >When did you start speaking those words of darkness?
  1021. Ranko: When did I start? That is a rather strange question. I have been a resident of the demon realm ever since I was born. #DereMail
  1022. Ranko: Therefore, the words of darkness have been branded onto my soul all the way from the moment I have graced this world.
  1023. >Drown in the darkness, Ranko-chan! I've always been supporting you.
  1024. >I have a question for you. You have always been wearing cute clothes but is there one thing that you can't compromise when it comes to them?
  1025. Ranko: Drown in the darkness! Some appreciative words is in order for such praise. I see that you possess a pair of good eyes. #DereMail
  1026. Ranko: Indeed, I am quite particular about my magical armaments for they represent the might of the demon lord. But, regardless...
  1027. Ranko: Splendor and exquisiteness is given the most preference. Something grand which fitting given that my soul is that of demon lord. That attribute should not be lacking.
  1028. >Ranko-chan, how many grimoires have you filled up by now?
  1029. Ranko: The grimoire is a book of secrets. An archive of my forbidden spells, so to speak. Disclosing it is equivalent of unveiling of my soul. #DereMail
  1030. Ranko: Which is why, it will be kept secret. Humans, you should be like me: do not let yourself be afraid of things that are kept secret from you.
  1031. Ranko: The gates of darkness are about to close. When time permits, I might allow you to once again steps into my abyss.
  1032. Ranko <Ranko "Drown in the darkness!">
  1034. ====
  1036. Haru 07/02/2021
  1039. Haru: Hey, Yuuki Haru here! I'll be the one handling DereMail this time!
  1040. >What do you do on your day-off?
  1041. Haru: Soccer, of course! Playing with my dad, brothers or the boys in the class! #DereMail
  1042. Haru: Sometimes, there are some guys who come just to play with us, and then they become my new friend!
  1043. >Here's a question for Haru-san who has this strong image of spending a lot of times outdoor happily running around or playing sccer: do you engage in indoor activities like reading manga or playing video games?
  1044. Haru: Sure! I do read manga and play video games with my brothers. Even watching a soccer game on TV! #DereMail
  1045. Haru: Although, I'm the type who can't just stay still, so I go out and play.
  1046. >Was there a time when you were like "Oh no!!!" at school?
  1047. Haru: Oh that... Like just the other day, I accidentally submitted my brother's notebook as my own. #DereMail
  1048. Haru: And my brother submitted mine. That was so nerve-wracking for both of us...
  1049. Haru: Well, that would be all for this time. Will be waiting more from all of you!
  1050. Haru: Oh, right. That slipped my mind! There will be a lot more than usual who'd be tackling DereMails this month and next month!
  1051. Haru: Summer has got to be exciting, right! With that said, be sure to check DereMail in summer!
  1053. ====
  1055. Koharu 07/04/2021
  1058. Koharu: Hello~. I'm be the one who'll be answering DereMail~. I will do my best with Hyou-kun~.
  1059. >Your clothes are really adorable, Koharu-chan. But, did you choose them or was it your mother?
  1060. Koharu: I'm with Mama when buying my clothes~. So, there are times that I'm the one picks them and there are times that Mama chooses for me~. #DereMail
  1061. Koharu: Oh, and recently, I've been picking clothes for Mama~. Thanks to the work I had, I become much more knowledgeable about clothes~.
  1062. >How's Hyou-kun doing lately?
  1063. Koharu: It was a clear weather the other day, so the two of us did some basking in the sun. And then, I dozed
  1064. off~... #DereMail
  1065. Koharu: Before I knew it, Hyou-kun's licking me to wake me up~. Isn't he so nice~!
  1066. >I wanna become a princess too. How could it be done?
  1067. Koharu: Let's see~. I think it's good if you cherish the princess inside you. #DereMail
  1068. Koharu: If you leave her alone, you might no be able to see her anymore. Let's both work hard to become wonderful princesses~!
  1069. Koharu: As much as I want to answer more DereMails, that will be it for today. I'll be waiting for them~.
  1072. =====
  1074. Risa 07/08/2021
  1077. Risa: To all those lolicons in the entire country and the whole world! Sorry to kept you waiting! I'll be answering your DereMails!
  1078. >Risa-chan, animals seem to love you and you get a lot of work involving close contact with animals. Do you have a favorite among them?
  1079. Risa: I'd like them as long as they're cool, cute and affectionate! #DereMail
  1080. Risa: The other day, I had this chance to meet and touch a big, white, fluffy dog. It was so hard to part ways with him...
  1081. >Aren't your clothes a little too bold? I can't help but feel fidgety seeing them.
  1082. Risa: Heheh Isn't it sexy? It even has Mama's seal of approval! Feel free to be more fidgety and excited! #DereMail
  1083. Risa: I'll let you pass if you fall head over heels on me!
  1084. >A word for all the lolicons in the world please!
  1085. Risa: Sheesh, you're all hopeless. Still, they do say that it's good to leave some carrot from time to time. Fine. #DereMail
  1086. Risa: All ready now? You pervert! Love me for the rest of your life!
  1087. Risa: Alright, that will be it for this. We'll be back to answer some more, we hope for your support.
  1088. Risa: And until then, be sure to send a lot of questions! You all got that? Bye!
  1090. =====
  1092. Mary 07/10/2021
  1095. Mary: Hello everyone! I, Mary, will be answering the DereMails now.
  1096. Mary: Thank you for sending all those questions. It makes me so happy to receive that many! Okay, I'll start now!
  1097. >Can you eat those with matcha flavor?
  1098. Mary: Of course! I'm starting to get to know it better. What do you think? Quite mature of me, isn't it? #DereMail
  1099. Mary: There are times that it tastes a little bitter... but those sweets made with matcha and milk are great!
  1100. >Is there any steps in improving feminine charms that you've doing lately? If there's one that you'd suggest for the fans to try out, I'd like to hear that!
  1101. Mary: Half body bathing! #DereMail
  1102. Mary: Bring a drink with you to the bath and detox with bath salts that smell good. It'll help you relax.
  1103. Mary: However, there are times that relaxing too much would lead into getting sleepy. Be mindful about that!
  1104. >How many ribbons do you have?
  1105. Mary: There are so many! I think I've even lost count of them.
  1106. Mary: Like you don't want to later regret not buying something, right? Which is why, if I liked it, I'd buy it right away.
  1107. Mary: Also, there are times that I bought something that fit a specific situation. So, I have a lot of ribbons now!
  1108. Mary: I guess that will be it for today. As much as I want to answer them all... a lady has to keep some secrets of her own, okay?
  1109. Mary: We'll come again to answer things that you want to know more of. See you next time!
  1111. =====
  1113. Yuuki 07/16/2021
  1116. Yuuki: Good evening. Thank you so much for sending those DereMails! I'll put my heart into answering these.
  1117. >Have you seen a figure of happiness, even a small one, when you're doing your laps?
  1118. >For example, a family who's been happily playing with each other.
  1119. Yuuki: I did. Like the flowers I see as I pass by or how the seasons can be felt from the decorations of the shop. #DereMail
  1120. Yuuki: I like how I go "Oh it's this season already" or "That's beautiful" when looking at them.
  1121. Yuuki: I also enjoy having conversations with people who are walking theirs dogs... that I sometimes end up taking quite a long time.
  1122. >Do you hang out with your fellow idols in the agency who's the same age as you are?
  1123. Yuuki: Yes! We coordinate our schedules to go shopping and look around various shops. #DereMail
  1124. Yuuki: Also, those who are around the same grade and I also hold study sessions at the library!
  1125. >What are you into lately?
  1126. Yuuki: Camera apps. Taking pictures with friends and tweaking them around. #DereMail
  1127. Yuuki: Like putting on make-up, animal ears or even antlers. It's like magic and it was so much fun!
  1128. Yuuki: As much as I want to answer some more, that will be it for now. We'll be back again to reply!
  1130. =====
  1132. Mutsumi 07/20/2021
  1135. Mutsumi: Hello, everyone. Allow me to join you in this trip! Let's go on an adventure for answers!
  1136. >A question for Mutsumi-chan the adventurer! I also like adventures, but since I've been spending more at home than outdoors lately, I couldn't go on new adventures.
  1137. >So, if you know of a way to have adventures at home, I'd like to know that!
  1138. Mustumi: How does challenging yourself into picking up a book, a movie or a hobby that you haven't done before sound? #DereMail
  1139. Mutsumi: Learning about things that you don't know before is a great adventure. And if you are able to expand your knowledge, I'm sure that it'll come in handy when you go off in an actual adventure!
  1140. Mutsumi: However, I can't recommend going on an adventure with foods!!
  1141. >Please share a thing that happened in your recent adventure! Love you, Mutsumi-chan, and I'll keep on cheering for you!
  1142. Mutsumi: Thank you for that! And I'll also keep on working hard! Let's see, something that happened recently, right? #DereMail
  1143. Mutsumi: In a recent adventure, I picked up a shiny glass bead under a tree. I thought to myself, "It's a treasure"...
  1144. Mutsumi: However, after that, I heard a loud cry of a bird above! It's like a sentinel guarding the treasure!
  1145. Mutsumi: It must've been something important. So, I put it back and went home. My heart was really raching.
  1146. >How do you decide if you're backing out from an adventure?
  1147. Mutsumi: Even when curiosity urges me to go on but I have to back out... The important factor when making that decision... It could only mean one thing! #DereMail
  1148. Mutsumi: Curfew!
  1149. Mutsumi: After all, it's dangerous when it gets dark! Not to mention, I'd be starving by then. I can't advice someone to go on an adventure with an empty stomach.
  1150. Mutsumi: While there are still questions waiting to be ventured into, it's almost time for me to head back. Let us meet again in the future!
  1152. =====
  1154. Yume 07/26/2021
  1157. Yume: Hello, my name is Narumiya Yume. Thank you for sending all those DereMails.
  1158. Yume: I will answering some of the questions you sent in and I hope you could keep me company.
  1159. >I heard that you are ambidextrous, but have you drawn using both of your hands?
  1160. Yume: Well.. Not much. While I could draw with either my hands, I can't draw as well doing so. #DereMail
  1161. Yume: However, I sometimes have a pencil on one hand and an eraser on the other. It's convenient not to change what you're holding in your hand.
  1162. >Is there something you want to do when you grow up?
  1163. Yume: When I grow up... Well, I think there are a lot of things. #DereMail
  1164. Yume: But, the one thing I want to do the most is to see the paintings all over the world.
  1165. Yume: Also, since I believe there are differences in paints from country to country, so maybe I'll try collecting some and try drying with them for comparison.
  1166. >What is that things that makes you happy when you see it in your packed lunch?
  1167. Yume: All of the food that Mama makes are delicious... but if I have to really choose one from them...
  1168. Yume: Oh. If there's an octopus wiener among them, it makes eating more fun.
  1169. Yume: I'm sorry to do this but I have to go to work now. We'll be back to answer some more!
  1171. =====
  1173. Shiori 07/31/2021
  1176. Shiori: Hello, everyone. Thank you for sending all those questions. And now, I'll be replying to them with all my heart.
  1177. >Do seas have differences depending on the region?
  1178. Shiori: That is correct. However, it's not the region, but perhaps it is more correct to say that it's the coastline. #DereMail
  1179. Shiori: Just like there are no two people who have exactly the same face and the same voice, the voices of the sea each have their own characteristics.
  1180. Shiori: When I get to feel those said characteristics, I end up forgetting how much time it has passed. Please do try to go out and visit different seas.
  1181. >Do you have a particular time of the day or view of the sea that you like?
  1182. Shiori: Well... I guess it depends on what I'm feeling and the situation at the time. #DereMail
  1183. Shiori: Like when I'm feeling happy, it's the dazzling waters and the bright view during the day. When I'm feeling down, it's the subtle scenery punctuated by the the rising sun.
  1184. Shiori: Each and every one of them feels special to me. In a way, I guess I just like all the expressions of the sea for different, special reasons.
  1185. >Just like you, Shiori-chan, I like looking at the sea but can't swim. The sound of the sea is nice, isn't it?
  1186. Shiori: Yes. The sound of the seas is nice. Looking at it is also great. #DereMail
  1187. Shiori: And also, you can feel the sea by just dipping your foot into it. It is also enjoyable to find things to enjoy it.
  1188. Shiori: I would also like to know how you enjoy the sea.
  1189. Shiori: Oh Fufu It looks like we've taken quite some time to get to this point. We'll be continuing this on some other time, and I'll be looking forward to you joining me again.
  1191. =====
  1193. Arisa 08/04/2021
  1196. Arisa: Hello, everyone. For this noon, I, Arisa-sensei, will be having your time. And today, I will be replying to the DereMails.
  1197. >Arisa-san, you always look wonderful with that hair tie. But, how do you find them?
  1198. Arisa: I buy what is sold at the stores that I frequent. #DereMail
  1199. Arisa: Some were from stores I learned from my friends and dresser, or from the magazines.
  1200. Arisa: It's like some sort of treasure hunt where everyone works together, so it's fun doing.
  1201. >Hello, Arisa-sensei! It's that time of the year where it's easy to feel dull, so I want to do something enjoyable. Is there something you're really into lately, Sensei?
  1202. Arisa: What I've really into... Well, I'm trying my hand at simple magic tricks. #DereMail
  1203. Arisa: When I show these tricks to the kinds, they were surprised and very happy about it.
  1204. >Is there a trick to be liked by a child?
  1205. Arisa: It's not that technical but... You should value that desire to "get along" with them. #DereMail
  1206. Arisa: Think about what they're thinking, and listen to what they are saying.
  1207. Arisa: After all, being able to hold a conversation makes anyone happy regardless of age. So, please keep those feelings alive, okay?
  1208. Arisa: While there are still many letters here, we'll be continuing that some other time. We'll be back to reply-usa~.
  1210. =====
  1212. Natsumi 08/06/2021
  1215. Natsumi: Attention please! My name is Natsumi and I will be your attendant for this DereMail! Here's hoping to you checking this out!
  1216. >I heard that you like to do some running, so where do you usually run?
  1217. Natsumi: That's a good question! I've been running on straight, flat courses which are easier to maintain my pace. #DereMail
  1218. Natsumi: There are also a lot of other people on this course that I don't get bored of it. Maybe you and I will cross paths someday.
  1219. >Good evening.
  1220. >Hello.
  1221. >I use a skin care cream for my skin.
  1222. >If you know of any good ways, please do
  1223. >Thank you.
  1224. Natsumi: Diet, exercise, hydration! Just keep doing all those. #DereMail
  1225. Natsumi: Skin care and dieting is all about making them your habits! Persistence pays off!
  1226. Natsumi: Of course, it's equally important to keep doing what you've been doing. The more work you have to do, the harder it will be... and that's where your spirit comes in!
  1227. Natsumi: Even an airplane has to go through many processes before it could take off the ground. Let's take the time and effort to make our selves soar high too!
  1228. >Please do share the happiest and the saddest thing to ever happen to you while being a flight attendant.
  1229. Natsumi: The happiest thing would be a little girl saying "I want to become a flight attendant!" #DereMail
  1230. Natsumi: Personally, I started working as a flight attendant because I admired how intelligent and beautiful they look. So, that made me really happy.
  1231. Natsumi: As for the sad thing... as a flight attendant, you all not being able to share a trip in our flight perhaps? Just kidding.
  1232. Natsumi: While there are still a lot to talk about, that will all the questions it for this time. Please do look forward to our next flight.
  1234. =====
  1236. Clarice 08/12/2021
  1239. Clarice: A pleasant day to all of you. We are so grateful for the amount of letters you all have sent our way.
  1240. Clarice: And while this might just be a relatively small number, I would like to answer some of them. I hope you keep me company for this time.
  1241. >I don't often go to the church and pray to God on a regular basis. When you are praying, what are you thinking and what do you pray for, Clarice-san?
  1242. Clarice: Nothing special or particular, really. Being grateful to Him is a given, but I also thank Him for many other things. #DereMail
  1243. Clarice: Like I am very thankful for everyone around me including the fans who are quite supportive.
  1244. Clarice: And I say my prayers with such gratitude and appreciation. After all, a prayer is an internal dialogue with one's self.
  1245. >Clarice-san, I have to confess something... Even though I made the resolution not to overeat this year, I've always fallen to the temptation of "All sizes costs the same" and ended up ordering the large size and pigging out...
  1246. Clarice: Your earnest confession have reached me. And that is alright. Do not put too much blame on yourself. #DereMail
  1247. Clarice: There are times that we are like helpless lambs in front of something too attractive.
  1248. Clarice: If you are willing to improve even by just one step at a time, the Lord will be there, watching over your progress.
  1249. >How do you like your pudding, soft or hard?
  1250. Clarice: Well, a thick pudding feels more satisfying to eat while a soft pudding has that nice feeling going down the throat. Each of them has their own uniqueness.
  1251. Clarice: Personally, I love them both. And so, I wish that please do give them the same amount of love.
  1252. Clarice: It appears that I have once again talked about myself. Fufu This is a little embarrassing.
  1253. Clarice: Well, everyone, we will meet again some other time. And may the Lord bless us all.
  1255. =====
  1257. Seira 08/15/2021
  1260. Seira: Good evening! Mizuki Seira here! I'll be answering the DereMails you sent to me!
  1261. >What's the talent of Wanko-kun?
  1262. Seira: Fufufu My dear Wanko's nice and smart. I guess he can do pretty much anything. #DereMail
  1263. Seira: Like the other day, I left my memo pad in the living room and Wanko brought it to me when I was leave by the door!
  1264. Seira: Wanko's really a nice boy! I patted him a lot for that!
  1265. >Do you like cats?
  1266. Seira: Yeah! Aren't they cute! And they're so soft, both their fur and their bodies! #DereMail
  1267. Seira: And I know how those people feel when they want to kiss cats. As in you'd want to kiss those cuties!
  1268. >Seira-san, I know you're good at dancing but can you do splits?
  1269. Seira: I sure can! Also, I've been able to do a steady I-balance position lately. #DereMail
  1270. Seira: It's better to have a flexible body! I'm going to keep my guard up and maintain my flexibility!
  1271. >How many pairs of shoes have you worn out for dancing?
  1272. Seira: I wonder. I don't recall that I have worn out that many. Or rather, maybe none? #DereMail
  1273. Seria: Like when I was just starting to dance, I'm not that good in doing the steps that I worn the soles out in weird ways. That sure brings back some memories.
  1274. Seira: Someone I know of keeps the laces of the shoes she has worn out. Maybe I should do that too?
  1275. Seira: There! That would be it for today! Thank you for sending so many questions! We'll be back to answer some more!
  1277. ====
  1279. Ibuki 08/17/2021
  1282. Ibuki: Yahoo, everyone! Thanks for all those DereMails! I'm so gonna answer them, so I hope you keep me company!
  1283. >You love romantic movies so please do share the kind of situation and developments that moves you!
  1284. Ibuki: It has to be that classic "confession after resolving their difference" that really touches me.
  1285. Ibuki: Like the amount of difficulties to overcome really makes the emotions all the more powerful. Which makes it all the sweeter... I guess?
  1286. Ibuki: And then, in the end, the lead smiles back is the best! Aah, what are these have I just said! I feel kinda embarrassed!
  1287. >What's the important thing when it comes to dancing?
  1288. Ibuki: Guts! #DereMail
  1289. >Do you feel any difference when dancing at the streets and dancing on the stage?
  1290. Ibuki: Hmm There seems a lot of differences. Like how the space are utilized... Oh, the biggest difference is probably the lighting.
  1291. Ibuki: So, like when doing the same dance, right? How the dance is seen changes depending on where's you're dancing, right?
  1292. Ibuki: However, in both case, the most important thing doesn't change and that is to mesmerize your audience!
  1293. Ibuki: Just like this! What do you think? Did I show you a good time? We'll be back again once we find some time, okay!
  1295. ====
  1297. Hina 08/21/2021
  1300. Hina: Hi. Araki Hina here. I'm going to answer some DereMails. I'll be taking this session slowly so I hope enjoy this too.
  1301. >Was there a time when you think to yourself "This manga I'm drawing seems boring!?!"? If so, what do you do in times like that?
  1302. Hina: "This went well! I might be a genius!" -> "Now that I take a good look at it, it isn't that good" and goes back again. And I want to make it better. #DereMail
  1303. Hina: When that happens, first I pat myself at the back for completing. And that's just fine, right?
  1304. Hina: An so I give praise to myself! "You were great drawing this manga! Well done!"
  1305. >When at a bookstore... if I were to stay there for long, I end up buying some. Which one do you prefer, Araki-san, online or actual?
  1306. Hina: I know... I really know how you feel. Trying to assess which book to get could easily go for 30 minutes, right? #DereMail
  1307. Hina: Both of them have their merits. You can definitely stumble upon new books at an actual bookstore. And the smell of the paper and ink are just great.
  1308. Hina: However, when you're looking for something more specific or more specialized, it's best to go online. Well, each of them has their uses.
  1309. >How many days before the deadline do you go "Oh no, it's almost time, this is bad"?
  1310. Hina: F-Fufufufu... #DereMail
  1311. Hina: That time right after the norma; deadline and you're in the extension is when the real battle starts, right?
  1312. >How's the work doing?
  1313. Hina: Ugh, my head... #DereMail
  1314. Hina: I-I guess that will be it for today?
  1315. Hina: It'd make me happy if you send in questions. With that said, thanks.
  1317. ====
  1319. Azuki 08/27/2021
  1322. Azuki: Good evening! Time to commence the Operation DereMail Reply!
  1323. >What's the trick in coming up of operation names?
  1324. Azuki: Easy to understand and what comes to mind at that moment! Basically, operation feelings! #DereMail
  1325. Azuki: It feels nice to come up with the perfect name and it seems easier to make the operation succeed.
  1326. >Do you have a favorite sweet treat right now?
  1327. Azuki: I'm liking cakes lately! Like when you're making cakes with friends then eating them together, it's so delicious that you can't really stop eating! #DereMail
  1328. Azuki: You're free to customize it to your preferences from its shape, the cute wrapping and the taste! It's an operation with infinite variations!
  1329. >Question, Azuki-chan! I like goldfish scooping, but I'm bad at it that the paper scooper breaks right away. Please share some tricks about it.
  1330. Azuki: That is a must during ennichi, isn't it! It is important to observe the goldfish and match your timing with it! #DereMail
  1331. [ ]
  1332. Azuki: The point to remember is not to try putting the goldfish on the paper scooper, but rather raise the goldfish with it! And thus, the Operation "Eagle-eyed Raising".
  1333. Azuki: Still, that doesn't change how hard it is! Should you happen to be scooping goldfish next to me, I'll share some with you.
  1334. Azuki: Maybe that'll be it for today? We'll be back soon to answer some more! Operation DereMail Reply has now ended!
  1336. ====
  1338. Sachiko 08/31/2021
  1341. Sachiko: Today is the end of August, isn't it. And that's where moi comes in!
  1342. Sachiko: The summer DereMails... and the one who would be putting the finishes touches to this finale is no other than the ever so cute me! Let's finish this summer in a cute way!
  1343. >What is the cutest thing in the world?
  1344. Sachiko: That is without a doubt your truly! #DereMail
  1345. >Do you have a particular way of compiling your notes?
  1346. Sachiko: It goes without saying that "cuteness" is part of it. I also make it a point that I should be able to understand everything there when I look back to it. #DereMail
  1347. Sachiko: When borrowing and lending notebooks, mine has the reputation of being cute and easy to understand.
  1348. >So, what's the secret to being cute?
  1349. Sachiko: Well, to be complimented and be loved!
  1350. Sachiko In order for everyone to call me cute and shower me with love, I'll become even cuter!
  1351. Sachiko: Go on, give praise to the ever so cute me! Let's see, I'll give you 10 minutes to do so! #PraiseMyCuteness #CuteChanceTime
  1352. Sachiko: As much as I want to show my cuteness, it seems like we don't have any time left. Well, let's see each other again sometime!
  1354. ====
  1356. Airi 09/02/2021
  1359. Airi: Good evening, I'm Totoki Airi. Thank you sending all those DereMails. I will be answering some of them today.
  1360. >Airi-chan! What time is it now?
  1361. Airi: It's 10 o'clock. #DereMail
  1362. [ Airi's surname, 十時 (Totoki), could also be read as "じゅうじ (juuji) which is 10 o'clock" ]
  1363. >Do you put on perfume? What kind of perfume do you like?
  1364. Airi: I love sweet smelling scents, not just perfume. Cinnamon, vanilla essence and the like. #DereMail
  1365. Airi: Maybe because I bake a lot that my friends tell me that I smell like sweets.
  1366. >It's about my college assignments and the time for their submission IS ALREADY OVER!!! WHAT AM I GOING TO DO!!!
  1367. Airi: If you tell your teachers, they might give you another assignment to make up for it.
  1368. Airi: And if you can't gather enough courage to do so, I'll be cheering you on. Please to try to talk to your teachers!
  1369. >I'm really happy that you are writing "I'm always grateful for your support." Was there like some impetus or motivation for writing like that?
  1370. Airi: When I was thinking of what my autograph will be, I remembered how much the fans were being so kind to me. #DereMail
  1371. Airi: So please do think of my autograph as my gratefulness.
  1372. Airi: This will be it for this time. I'll be coming back to answer again if everyone sends more.
  1374. ====
  1376. Shin 09/10/2021
  1379. Shin: To all the sweetie folks of this country! Today, sweet ol' Heart here has come to answer DereMails! Go on and be happy!
  1380. Shin: A woman is far more appealing by being mysterious, but it won't hurt to get a glance once in a while, right? Although, this is just a small peek.
  1381. >What is in your twin tails? Hopes and dreams?
  1382. Shin: My, what an embarrassing thing to ask! And for a pure maiden, that is her very, very treasured s-e-c-r-e-t. #DereMail
  1383. Shin: However, we're having this great big sale! What's inside them is something much sweeter than sugar and that is Heart's mesmerizing love. Kyaa!
  1384. Shin: Oh no, it will spell a lot of trouble if everyone falls in love with Heart, won't it?
  1385. >I'm a female fan of Sugar Heart but what does Sugar Heart think of her female fans?
  1386. Shin: Of course, you are more than welcome to be Sugar Heart's fans! It makes Heart all too happy! Feel free to support her more and more! #DereMail
  1387. Shin: That doesn't matter to those who are cheering us on, right! And Sugar Heart loves each and every one who are cheering her on!
  1388. >Do you think you have realized your dreams?
  1389. Shin: I believe that if you keep wishing for it, you are going to realize it. Whether the path it leads to is an easy one or not is something Heart doesn't know.
  1390. Shin: Being able to do it nicely without any failures is something out of a fantasy. What's important is those feelings of wanting to realize it despite what has happened.
  1391. Shin: At the very least, that is what Heart believes... No, that's exactly what I believe to be true. Even right now, I am still making my way towards my dream.
  1392. Shin: Oh my, was that a little too serious? Anyways, it's important to not give up even if you fail! Like always take a step forward.
  1393. Shin: Maybe that'll be it for now. While there are a lot of stuff to be revealed, knowing how to tease is an important technique.
  1394. Shin: Laters!
  1396. =====
  1398. Natalia 09/20/2021
  1401. Natalia: Ola! Natalia here! Thank you for sending all those questions. I'm going to answer them now!
  1402. Natalia: Even I can't wait to answer them! So, let's get going!
  1403. > Natalia-san, are you okay with sushi like the California Roll?
  1404. Natalia: That is colorful and fun to look at so I like it! And it's perfect for parties. #DereMail
  1405. Natalia: Making something delicious even more delicious... that is what sushi is! Its universe is expanding!
  1406. Natalia: Personally, I recommend Churrasco Sushi! Please do try it!
  1407. >Do you get homesick?
  1408. Natalia: Hmm, I do, but when that happens, I can always call them to talk so I'm just fine! #DereMail
  1409. Natalia: Even though I can't akways be with my family in brazil, our hearts are connected.
  1410. Natalia: Not to mention, as long as I have fans and everyone in the agency, I'm always busy that I don't feel lonely.
  1411. >Please share that difficult word you have recently learned!
  1412. Natalia: Well, I learned a sutra(?)! #DereMail
  1413. Natalia: That "jugemu jugemu gokou-no surikire~" one!
  1414. [
  1417. ]
  1418. Natalia: I want to answer some more but that will be for today! See you again!
  1420. =========
  1422. Layla 09/25/2021
  1425. Layla: Everyone, good evening to all of you. Today, Layla-san will answer the DereMail.
  1426. >How did you learn Japanese, Layla-san?
  1427. Layla: Maid-san taught Layla-san, Layla-san speak at the park, so she slowly learns it, yes. #DereMail
  1428. Layla: At first, Layla-san has been doing motions with her hands and moves her body a lot, which was very fun.
  1429. Layla: Now, Layla-san is taught by everyone to speak the words of the city, so she is in middle of paying everyone back, yes.
  1430. >Please share something that surprised you when you came to Japan
  1431. Layla: Kotatsu, yes. Winter is cold, but entering the kotatsu makes it just fine. #DereMail
  1432. Layla: Thanks to Japan, Layla-san has learned love coldness. So warm.
  1433. >What do Layla-san and Maid-san usually talk about? What kind of things do you do?
  1434. Layla: Layla-san and Maid-san talk work, what happened to day, and sometimes the city, yes. Layla-san also helps with chores too.
  1435. Layla: But we two thinking of money saving recipes is very great time.
  1436. Layla: Okay, that will be the end for this, yes. Thank you for the questions.
  1437. Layla: Layla-san will be waiting to hear from you all again, yes. So, goodbye for now.
  1439. ======
  1441. Chiaki 10/05/2021
  1444. Chiaki: Good that you all. I, Kurokawa Chiaki, will be the one to answer the questions sent in for DereMail.
  1445. Chiaki: As there maybe question that I may not be able to answer, I apologize in advance. Now, let's begin.
  1446. >Kurokawa-san, what is the best rival for you?
  1447. Chiaki: That would be the urge to procrastinate. It is quite annoying and formidable. And one must always struggle with it... Right?
  1448. >What do you do during bath time?
  1449. Chiaki: What I focus on usually changes depending on my condition for that day, but I guess taking care of my hair would be the main thing I do.
  1450. Chiaki: I received a lot of compliments for my hair, so I believe that that is one of my appeals.
  1451. >I'm preparing to take an entrance exam, but studying is so hard. Could you cheer me on? I want to become ladylike, stylish and splendid college student just like you, Chiaki-chan.
  1452. Chiaki: Fufu Thank you for those kind words. If you want to be like the woman you look up to, then you have to brace yourself for it.
  1453. Chiaki: Wondering if the efforts you put in would lead you towards reaching your goal or not... It is because you don't have a definite answer that makes the entrance exam even harder, isn't it?
  1454. Chiaki: However, you would do just fine. After all, you are modeling yourself after me, remember?
  1455. Chiaki: And also, you probably know this. About how to handle predicaments and struggling against anxiety.
  1456. Chiaki: I believe that I'll be hearing the news of your passing. I wish the best for you.
  1457. Chiaki: Well, that would be it for this time. I hope we meet again.
  1459. =======
  1461. Momoka 10/13/2021
  1464. Momoka: Good evening to all of you. Today, I will be answering the questions you sent to us.
  1465. >If you were able to turn into your adult self 10 years from now for a day, what would you do, Momoka-chan?
  1466. Momoka: I believe that I would have grown 20cm taller. I would like to wear a grown-up dress and be the hostess of a party. #DereMail
  1467. Momoka: Then, I would want to have a drink some wine with my parents and enjoy the foods for the grown-up palate such as those spicy and bitter ones.
  1468. Momoka: And most of all, staying up late at night. My grown-up self would be able to do it. I would read a book while gazing at the moon.
  1469. Momoka: There are so many things that I would like to do that I have ended up talking for so long. I will now proceed to the next question!
  1470. >Your wink is wonderful, Momoka-chan but did your winking come naturally to you? Or did you practice for it?
  1471. Momoka: Thank you so much for always watching me. Yes, winking did not come naturally to me. #DereMail
  1472. Momoka: I have been doing my best each day to become even more adorable in order to better suit these lovely dresses.
  1473. >I don't really drink tea because of its bitter taste. Is there a way to make it easier to drink?
  1474. Momoka: How about you first try tea with milk? The tea leaves and the brewing time also affect the tartness, so starting with the mildest kind of tea leaves is also a good option.
  1475. Momoka: I believe that once you get used to the taste, you could slowly lessen the amount of sugar and milk, then even be able to drink tea plain in time!
  1476. Momoka: I used to add some sweetness to my cup of rose hip tea at first too.
  1477. Momoka: That would be all from me today. However, I would love to answer more of your questions again. Until then, have a nice day!
  1480. ======
  1482. Shiki 10/23/2021
  1485. Shiki: Hello, Shiki-chan here. These DereMails have been piling up so time to give them some answers.
  1486. Shiki: Looks like a lot of curious minds want to know more about me.
  1487. >What should I do when I wake up in the middle of the night?
  1488. Shiki: Nothing? Wake up! And once you get bored of being awake, go back to sleep. #DereMail
  1489. >Shiki-chan! What kind of experiment are you doing today?
  1490. Shiki: Oh, good question! About that... #DereMail
  1491. Shiki: Sorry. The agency did not give its approval. Let's do this again if this gets remembered, okay.
  1492. >Do you cook your own food, Shiki-san?
  1493. Shiki: Did one the other day! The best food that Shiki-chan prepared with all her might! I made noodles by putting hot water in its cup! #DereMail
  1494. Shiki: Guess that will do for now. Might come back to answer again if I feel like to, okay.
  1495. Shiki: Bye.
  1497. =====
  1499. Akiha 10/29/2021
  1502. Akiha: Hello, everyone. It is I, Ikebukuro Akiha! And today, I will be the one who'll be answering the DereMail!
  1503. >If you are able to create a time machine, what would you like to do with it?
  1504. Akiha: First of all, I'll go to the past! I would like to meet those famous historical figures and I want to see the dinosaurs! As for what robot I'll bring along with me... guess that's out of the question. #DereMail
  1505. Akiha: Also, there's this one person I want to meet back in my childhood. That particular moment that made the biggest impression on me which gave birth to my determination to build robots.
  1506. Akiha: "And I want to see what the future looks like with my own eyes!" is what I'd like to say... But, I'm curious about it, so maybe a peek won't hurt?
  1507. >For a robot transformation and combination, should it have it due to aesthetic merits while serving a practical purpose, or should it have it because it is what excites the spirit and sense of adventure?
  1508. >By the way, I'm on the side of "Because coolness is important!"
  1509. Akiha: I very much agree with your thoughts. After all, robots themselves evoke those dreams and sense of romanticism.
  1510. Akiha: Of course, having aesthetic merits while serving a practical purpose is a great notion. However!
  1511. Akiha: Giving a tangible form to dreams is what robotics is all about! There is no such thing as function that serves no purpose for a robot!
  1513. =====
  1515. Hayate 11/04/2021
  1518. Hayate: Good evening! Today, Haa would like to answer your questions!
  1519. Hayate: Haa would be so happy if you get to know her more!
  1520. >I would like some advice. I can't seem raise my spirits lately. Please tell me how you lift your mood, Haa-chan!
  1521. Hayate: Maybe looking at the things you like? Like Haa checks out the trendy clothes displayed at the shop. Then, she just buys them. #DereMail
  1522. Hayate: After doing that, Haa would be in a good mood. Although... uuh... the barrier imposed by the allowance is just too high...
  1523. >Luv ya, Haa
  1524. Hayate: Haa loves you too! Please say that more! #DereMail
  1525. Hayate <Saya *kiss*>
  1526. >Is there anything you pay extra attention to when it comes to fashion?
  1527. Hayate: Let's see. The clothes should bring out Haa's individuality! #DereMail
  1528. Hayate: After all, when you're dressing up, you'd want to be as pretty and cute as much as you can.
  1529. Hayate: Also, Haa wants to be told things like "It's because you carry those clothes well that it looks great on you"!
  1530. Hayate: So? Now that you learned more about Haa, did you love Haa even more now?
  1531. Hayate: Haa will be back to answer some more, okay? Bye-bye!
  1533. =====
  1535. Rika 11/11/2021
  1538. Rika: Okay, eyes on me! It's time for my DereMail!
  1539. Rika: You guys wants to know a lot of things about about me~. Well, here goes!
  1540. >What kind of movie do you like?
  1541. Rika: It has to be romantic ones! I'm so into those "fall in love at first glance" kind! #DereMail
  1542. Rika: Also, the action ones are nice too! Like that cool hero who goes off to save the world! Then those that has a happy end!
  1543. >Please share what you spend your time on a rainy day, Rika-chan!
  1544. Rika: Looking at my sticker collection, reading magazines, checking out social media and maybe watching a fashion show! #DereMail
  1545. Rika: I also try out combinations of clothes that I haven't done before! Sometimes, I do it with Oneechan too!
  1546. Rika: Like the two of us think up of really exciting dress combinations!
  1547. >When you're taking a selfie, do you just use the built-in camera of you phone?
  1548. Rika: I guess I just use that normally or with the help of an app. I also try out those new ones or the ones that has been recommended to me! #DereMail
  1549. Rika: It's also fun to talk with others about about an app that could make you look prettier.
  1550. Rika: That's it for today! It is important for an idol to have this air of mystery to her, right!
  1551. Rika: We're still accepting all of your question. But, see you next time! This was brought to you by me, Jougasaki Rika!
  1553. ======
  1555. Sakura 11/20/2021
  1558. Sakura: Sakura here! It makes me happy to know that you have sent it a lot of letters! So, it's time to answer them~! Let's go!
  1559. >You are always cute, Sakura-chan, but what is the secret to your cuteness?
  1560. Sakura: Thank you for those words. My secret is that I am always smiling! #DereMail
  1561. >If you have a little sister or a little brother, what kind of big sister do you think you will be to them?
  1562. Sakura: I think I will be a responsible big sister! I would like to give pat their heads and dote on them. #DereMail
  1563. >I get a lot of energy and motivation by seeing the ever so cute Sakura-chan! Thank you so much for that!
  1564. >I'm not really good at making conversation and I haven't really gotten used to the people in my class. I would like to get along with people like you do, Sakura-chan, so what thing should I do first to achieve that?
  1565. Sakura: First, you have to smile! That'll be fine even if you can't make conversations.
  1566. Sakura: If you smile a lot, I think you'll be able to become friends with your classmates! After all, being around a person who smiles is nice.
  1567. >Good evening, Sakura-chan. There's something I'd like to ask you.
  1568. >You mentioned before about your father being family-oriented and your mom being relatively stricter. So, was there like a special episode or memory you could share? I would like to hear more about your family!
  1569. Sakura: That one time, Papa made a sunny-side up and it was so delicious! The salad alo had a lot of tomatoes in it. #DereMail
  1570. Sakura: We were really enjoying the meal and taking our time to savor them. Then Mama got angry since we were about to get late.
  1571. Sakura: Still, she was so nice seeing that she already had prepared our socks and shoes. Ehehe
  1572. Sakura: Wait. That doesn't sound like a special memory, right? Ehehe
  1573. Sakura: We'll be waiting for more of your letters! And we'll answer more again!
  1575. ======
  1577. Ako 11/21/2021
  1580. Ako: Hello! Tsuchiya Ako here! You all have been sending quite a lot of letters!
  1581. Ako: Which is why, I'm going to be generous with the answers too! Can't afford myself to be left behind by Sakura~!
  1582. >Please what your recommended way to economize, Ako-chan!
  1583. Ako: "Economize on what you're about to buy"! When planning to buy something, you put some money to the piggy bank. #DereMail
  1584. Ako: The more you put, the heavier it gets and the more your heart feels fulfulled! Aah, that feels so nice~.
  1585. >When you're told "You can only spend up to XXX Yen for snacks!", do you really try to spend it down up to the very possible yen?
  1586. Ako: Sure am! That shows what Ako-chan is really made of! Even going as much to many different stores! Really makes my brain and legs working full time! #DereMail
  1587. Ako: Even when my friends ask me! Whether it is matching with what I got or having some to trade with. The possibilities are just endless!
  1588. >Are you trying to get rich quick? Or are you the type to save little by little?
  1589. Ako: Fufufu I'm both! Is there even someone who could decided just one between them? #DereMail
  1590. Ako: There are so many ways to save money! I really don't think that it's that bad to be greedy!
  1591. >Could you tell me what are the foods to eat while in Osaka?
  1592. Ako: There are so many delicious food in Osaka! There's takoyaki, kuchikatsu--- hold on, who are you assuming from Osaka!! #DereMail
  1593. [ ]
  1594. Ako: And there you have it, a large heaping of answers! And it's free! Be sure to mail in some more, okay~!
  1595. Ako: The next one is definitely the brains of our group, although I wonder if she'll be giving some brainy answers... Whops, didn't mean to slip that preview.
  1597. ======
  1599. Izumi 11/23/2021
  1602. Izumi: I'm one day behind Ako and Sakura but I'll now be answering the mails you sent it. Thank you so much.
  1603. [ 11/23 could be read as "Nice Izumi" (11 ii , 2 = tsu/zu, 3 = mi) ]
  1604. >Izumin seems to be the role model honor student but please do secretly share a recent mistake you did.
  1605. Izumi: I went to the school kitchen classroom by mistake and waited there for a while... until someone came to pick me up. #DereMail
  1606. Izumi: I may look like an honor student, I do commit a lot of mistakes.
  1607. >I'm studying to get a certification but I really can't manage to concentrate.
  1608. >Is there a way to study or increase one's concentration that you can recommend?
  1609. Izumi: Maybe try imagining the looks of the people who would be happy to see you pass. Then, encourage yourself to do this.
  1610. Izumi: You are not alone in this. I'm also cheering you on for this, so please do your best!
  1611. >What are the important points to consider when picking a computer?
  1612. >...Aside from cost.
  1613. Izumi: For a laptop, I think it's good if I could do some programming on it. I guess the focus would be on how powerful it is.
  1614. Izumi: Lately, I want to do more involving videos. It is because there are a lot of things that I want to capture. One should also be particular about the CPU and the memory.
  1615. Izumi: There are a lot of things that I want. Like I want to check how easy it is to use its keyboard. And if I have a place to put a tower case PC...
  1616. Izumi: Oh right, having a cute appearance is nice too. Like if Sakura says that it's cute, then it's good for me too.
  1617. Izumi: It makes me happy that you want to know me. I'll keep on doing my best so I hope that you would continue supporting me.
  1619. ======
  1621. Itsuki 12/05/2021
  1624. Itsuki: Hello! Manabe Itsuki here! Today, I'll be answering the DereMails you sent in!
  1625. >How many hours in a day do you spend exercising?
  1626. Itsuki: If I have some free time, then I probably won't be able to count them! #DereMail
  1627. Itsuki: However, in order to properly train, I guess I do it around 1~2 hours!
  1628. Itsuki: Doing it more than that has the opposite effect. So, everyone, be mindful of that, okay!
  1629. >Please share what kind of stretching you recommend one do when they're tired!
  1630. Itsuki: Something that lets you relax, right? Let's see. #DereMail
  1631. Itsuki: I think making a pose similar to a cat stretching where you put your arms together as your raise your upper body would feel nice.
  1632. >I sweat a lot and I'm worried about that. When you exercise, Itsuki-chan, how do you deal with sweat?
  1633. Itsuki: I know how you feel! After all, I sweat a lot myself! I really understand your predicament~! And that also adds to the baggage we have to lug around. #DereMail
  1634. Itsuki: But, when exercising, you shouldn't pay much attention to sweating! Or rather, you could also think of it that you sweat a lot because you're moving a lot.
  1635. Itsuki: As in, all those damp clothes from the workout are like badges of honor! Oh, but be sure to have a change of clothes and not to let your body get too cold.
  1636. Itsuki: As much as I want to reply more, that will be all for today! Until next time!
  1638. ========
  1640. Yoko 12/12/2021
  1643. Yoko: Hello, everyone! Today, I'm the one who's going to answer some DereMails.
  1644. >What do you do when you're half body bathing?
  1645. Yoko: Massaging myself, spacing out, singing and also thinking of things, I guess. #DereMail
  1646. Yoko: I could say that I've been thinking about fashion more. Like having a fashion show in my mind.
  1647. >What's your favorite season?
  1648. Yoko: All of them! And that includes winter! But since it is the season where it's easy to dry out, one has to take good care of herself more. #DereMail
  1649. Yoko: But, thanks to that, there are new ways that are being thought up and a lot of new products to encounter.
  1650. Yoko: Feels like a season with more discoveries. Yes... that includes spending...
  1651. >You seem like someone who can't hold their own against alcohol
  1652. Yoko: I-I'm not that weak~. It's just so happens that I have no recollection of the things before from time to time... But I can hold myself against alcohol... probably... #DereMail
  1653. Yoko: It's just when I drink something strong, I get wasted... But that's the same with everyone, right?
  1654. Yoko: I might strayed a little for that last one, but I really appreciate you all for asking!
  1655. Yoko: I'll be back again to answer some more, so just keep on sending those additional mails! And that's your promise with Yoko-san! See you then~!
  1657. ========
  1659. Riamu 12/24/2021
  1662. Riamu: You otakus! Don't you dare tell me you're living the life or something this Christmas!?! Here's a gift from the Yamu Santa!
  1663. Riamu: With that said, time for DereMail. Let's get this shit going!
  1664. >When did you start as an otaku?
  1665. Riamu: Riamu-chan thwee yeaws old! She doesn't have any memowies befowe becoming an otaku! V! #DereMail
  1666. >Tell a scary story
  1667. Riamu: The one you're looking at right now is the most horrific. #DereMail
  1668. >Riamu-tan, what's your recommended midnight snack??? Don't mind the calories since I'm planning to eat it on 2 am!!! Come at me!
  1669. Riamu: I eat some cup noodles. Live. Maybe I should put that eating sound as ASMR? Otakus eat that shit up right. #DereMail
  1670. Riamu: Just kidding and sorry about that. It's the middle of the night so I got carried away. Please no flaming~!
  1672. Riamu: This ain't over yet! Don't close this even if you got bored of it! Let's get into overtime, fellow otaku brethrens!!!
  1673. >How many questions now?
  1674. Riamu: This is just the 4th one. What is this even? A question for Riamu-chan! Capiche! #DereMail
  1675. Riamu: What was that? The date has changed? Well, Holy Night Riamu-chan's gonna explode on the scene. I so want to live life as one cute baby.
  1676. >What is the must have item when heading out!?!
  1677. Riamu: Maybe be sure to buy 22 pen lights? Also, get your brain ready... I mean, I would like to have my memories be saved in Cloud!
  1678. >NOTICE ME???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  1680. Riamu: And I did!!!!!! Love me even more!! Give me more like this!!! #DereMail
  1681. Riamu: But I also notice those who are flaming me... Yeah... I know...
  1682. >Where is your favorite place, Riamu?
  1683. Riamu: Maybe underground. It is my spiritual birth place. Maybe I should go home for a visit. Not that I was born nor raised there.
  1684. >I don't want to find a job but what exactly should I do?
  1685. Riamu: Why are you asking me for some life advice? Did you send this to the wrong person? Still, I'll answer! #DereMail
  1686. Riamu: Become a NEET!!!! That will solve everything!! You don't have to do your best or anything.
  1687. Riamu: [Sad News] Riamu-chan got reprimanded.
  1688. Riamu: DereMail is nice... a really nice culture. Regularly love me, praise me and give me attention...
  1689. Riamu: What should I do if I got some notification from someone. I want to be swept away without anyone seeing. My Christmas ~END~
  1691. ======
  1693. Yoshino 01/02/2022
  1696. Yoshino: Everyone, happy new year to all of you. It is time for Yorita Yoshino's DereMail.
  1697. Yoshino: With sembei and tea in hand, make yourself comfortable while enjoying this.
  1698. >Where do you think you could relax the most?
  1699. Yoshino: The place could be anywhere. If you want to relaxe, then arrange the place so that you can. #DereMail
  1700. Yoshino: For example, let us make this place a relaxing one for you.
  1701. Yoshino: *gentle whisper*
  1702. >I am having a difficult time on which path I should take for my life. How should I proceed?
  1703. Yoshino: Follow what your heart tells you to take. The one who makes the path of your life is no other than you yourself. #DereMail
  1704. Yoshino: Even if you have chosen once before, if your heart wishes for it, you could always makes changes to your path. That is the good thing about life.
  1705. Yoshino: For example, in this right moment, I am deciding what path I should take based on whether I should reach for another sembei or not.
  1706. >Have you succumb to the temptations while in the combini?
  1707. Yoshino: I have not succumb to the temptations. I was merely following the voice that calls out to me.
  1708. Yoshino: I believe it is normal to answer to the call of someone.
  1709. Yoshino: That would be all for today. May we meet again some day. *buooo*
  1711. =======
  1713. Tsubaki 01/11/2022
  1716. Tsubaki: Hello, I am Egami Tsubaki. And today, I will be answering the questions you sent in.
  1717. >What should I bear in mind when taking pictures?
  1718. >There really is a difference between taking pictures of people, sceneries and food, isn't it?
  1719. Tsubaki: It's not intentional but... I try to take pictures which conveys things like the feelings of the subject or the time the picture was taken. #DereMail
  1720. Tsubaki: Skills do play an important part, but the most significant thing would be how you approach it, I guess. Oh, but this is just my own thinking, okay?
  1721. >Have you used words that you thought to be standard Japanese but was actually a local dialect?
  1722. Tsubaki: Something like "あいよー <ai yo>" perhaps. It means "はーい <hai (yes)", so it's not that different to the standard Japanese. #DereMail
  1723. Tsubaki: When I was just starting out as an idol, I was using it normally and ended up surprising those around me... It's an old but fond memory.
  1724. >For mochi, do you prefer sato shoyu? Or kinako?
  1725. [
  1728. ]
  1729. Tsubaki: Both of them are recommended by many people. I love both sato shoyu and kinako. Both of them go well with the cooked mochi. #DereMail
  1730. Tsubaki: Also, in my hometown of Niigata, mochi is boiled in the end. Perhaps it's that soup taste that seems nostalgic for me?
  1731. [ ]
  1732. Tsubaki: That would be all for today. Thank you for all those questions. We will be answering some more in the future.
  1734. ======
  1737. Marina 01/20/2022
  1740. Marina: Yahoo, it's your Marina-oneesan here. And today, I will be answering the DereMails! Thank you for sending all those questions!
  1741. >What big wave of the trendy things have you ridden recently?
  1742. Marina: Let's see. I've jumped in quite a few of them, but if we're talking about recent ones, I guess it has to be that. #DereMail
  1743. Marina: At this spa I went to, they have this strong jet bath spa... So strong that I was shaking after getting out of it.
  1744. >What was the most fun part-time job you did and which one that you won't do it again?
  1745. Marina: I think all of them were fun. Like "all's well that ends well" kind of thing? #DereMail
  1746. Marina: Although, going for a short trip to do some surfing, taking the night bus home and then heading to the part-time job and working the entire day...
  1747. Marina: When's all that is done, going surfing again with just a little sleep. That is a little hard.
  1748. Marina: I don't remember the details on how I managed to pull off such endeavor. Youth gives you unlimited power, doesn't it?
  1749. >Where do you want to go now? Besides the beach and the sea that is!!!
  1750. Marina: Beauty salon! #DereMail
  1751. Marina: I need to go to one and make skin smooth and revitalized soon.
  1752. Marina: And after talking about it, I can't wait to get back! I even already made a reservation!
  1753. Marina: I'll be going now to make myself more beautiful. Until next time!
  1755. =====
  1757. Sarina 01/27/2022
  1760. Sarina: Okay, here's a somewhat late tea time! While I'm at it, maybe I'll answer some of your questions.
  1761. >Winter.
  1762. >The period where one takes on weight on parts not seen much.
  1763. >Like regular thighs becoming thunder thighs...
  1764. >How do you spend winter, Sarina-chan?
  1765. [ 太もも (futomomo = thighs), 太いもも (futoi momo = thick thighs) ]
  1766. Sarina: Nabe and alcohol are both great, aren't they? I do know those worries of getting the thunder thighs. #DereMail
  1767. Sarina: But, if you don't want to give up the nabe and alcohol, then exercise as much as you consume! A beautiful woman isn't made just by holding one's self back.
  1768. >What is the trick in taming animals?
  1769. Sarina: Hmm. I don't know what to answer. You see, I wasn't really trying to tame them or anything. I just wanted to play with them. #DereMail
  1770. Sarina: I guess, it has to be sexiness, perhaps? Sexiness just transcends all living things and they all understand it.
  1771. >What is the business hours of your sexy delivery?
  1772. Sarina: Twenty-four hours a day all year round with no breaks in between ever! All you need to do is just imagine my figure! #DereMail
  1773. Sarina: Oh, looks like we're all out of time! I better head to work now! I'll drop by again to give some answers!
  1775. =====
  1777. Saki 02/05/2022
  1780. Saki: Alright, work's been taken care of now. So, I'll be answering your questions.
  1781. >After seeing the level of those around me being so high, I grew afraid of drawing and eventually lost the ability to do so.
  1782. >I would like to draw once more... While I do have the desire, please do share any trick to make drawing enjoyable.
  1783. Saki: Hmm, let's see. The first one would be "Don't force yourself", I guess? #DereMail
  1784. Saki: If you keep on focusing on "I need to draw this well", you wouldn't be able to say that you're doing good. Like you might end up limiting yourself with the lines and colors.
  1785. Saki: While the drive to improve one's self could empower someone... I'm sure that drawing comfortably suits my personality more.
  1786. Saki: Which is why, you first have to drop the tough act... and try to draw with a more relaxed mindset.
  1787. >What's your favorite color?
  1788. Saki: If I must choose... "The first color on the canvas", I guess? #DereMail
  1789. Saki: It's that first color that catches my heart after wondering what color I should put into this blank canvass.
  1790. Saki: Guess that came off me trying too hard to be cool.
  1791. >I really like you for always being creative, Saki-chan. But I guess there are times that you have this sort of slump or writer's block.
  1792. >When that happens, what do you do for a change of pace?
  1793. Saki: In my case, I have lots of fun before I even get to worry. #DereMail
  1794. Saki: But, if that would help one relax whether is by having fun or taking a nap, then that's all good, I think.
  1795. Saki: The most important takeaway would be if you don't have any ideas then you wouldn't be able to face the canvass.
  1796. Saki: After all, if you create a situation where you have this pressure to draw, then you probably won't be able to enjoy it, right?
  1797. Saki: Oh, guess that'll be it for now, okay? I sure like to receive some more questions. So, until then!
  1799. =====
  1801. Mika 02/14/2022
  1804. Mika: Yahoo! Happy Valentines! It's me, Jougasaki Mika!
  1805. Mika: I'm here to answer the DereMail but since it is Valentines, this will be my gift to everyone!
  1806. >Mika-chan, I love you!
  1807. Mika: Thank you! I love you too! #DereMail
  1808. >What should one do to become confident about themselves?
  1809. Mika: Let's see. How about trying to excel on something? #DereMail
  1810. Mika: It's fine even if it's something simle. Like filling your eyebrow perfectly everyday or having a great volume eyelashes!
  1811. Mika: If you did it, then give yourself a pat in the back by telling yourself "Way to go, me!".
  1812. Mika: And there, just like that! You now got confidence!
  1813. >Mika-nee, what kind of date would you want to have with someone you like!?!
  1814. Mika: Of course, something fitting for a Charisma Gal, a stylish and mature date! #DereMail
  1815. Mika: For this time of the year... Nope! Not gonna say anything! That'll be like embarassing!
  1816. >What's the most important thing for a gal?
  1817. Mika: Well... A heart that loves fashion and sticks to one's own ways! #DereMail
  1818. >Mika-nee! I'm worried about my dry skin so please teach me how to pick a good makeup base!
  1819. Mika: It maybe just a base, but anyways, start with moisturizing! Use toner, lotion and serum to the fullest! Even in a makeup base, moisturizing power should be prioritized!
  1820. Mika: After that, it's all about adjustments to get what you want and what suits your skin, I guess.
  1821. Mika: Like you want to have a glossy skin look or having something less to worry by going with the matte look. There's also the color. Although, the foundation you use is important too.
  1822. Mika: But for dry skin, I think I'll go with the glossy skin look.
  1823. Mika: That would be it for today! We're still accepting questions so please keep them coming, okay! Until next time!
  1825. =======
  1828. Rumi 02/18/2022
  1832. Rumi: Hello. I'm Wakui Rumi. Thank you for sending all those DereMails. I will now be answering them right away.
  1833. >Meow
  1834. Rumi: Meow. Actually, I'm quite happy to receive a question like this. #DereMail
  1835. Rumi: This is something that you won't send to someone you're not close, right? I must've gotten a little softer now.
  1836. >How many pictures of cats are in you smart phone?
  1837. Rumi: Well, let's see. I must've used up its capacity that I've been notified about it. #DereMail
  1838. Rumi: I'm sorry that I can't give an exact answer. It was too many that I can't recall.
  1839. >Where would you like to go if you were given a chance to travel?
  1840. Rumi: Please give me a moment to think. #DereMail
  1841. Rumi: I got it. A place where I can relax myself without getting all too worked up.
  1842. Rumi: "When on break, I have to take a break and rest"... is what my thoughts end up with, as pointed to me by others. And I want to fix that.
  1843. Rumi: As for the best place for that... perhaps, the hot springs? Yes, I would like to go to a hot spring. Let's go with that.
  1844. Rumi: That would be all for today. We will come back again to answer some more. See you then.
  1846. =====
  1848. Chie 02/25/2022
  1851. Chie: Hello. This is Sasaki Chie. Thank you for sending all those DereMails.
  1852. Chie: Since we have so many, I am thinking of answering some of them today.
  1853. >Is there something that you would like to try or challenge yourself with?
  1854. Chie: I am surrounded by many wonderful older sister figures that I'm thinking of trying things that they are good at. #DereMail
  1855. Chie: Excels in studying, draws well, great in exercising and many more. Also... how to show off mature charms among other things!
  1856. >What do you want to be the most: Teasing, Sexy or Cool beauty?
  1857. Chie: I believe that I'm lacking in all of those, so I'm a bit envious. If I grew up, will I become all of those? #DereMail
  1858. Chie: I'll give my all in any work that comes my way so that I can become all of those!
  1859. >What are you thinking while you're sewing?
  1860. Chie: It affects a little on what I'm working on but, I imagine the face of the person who'll be using it. Like it would be nice if they were smiling as they use it. #DereMail
  1861. Chie: Whether it is for your own or for someone else's... Once you could you the smiles, you'll end up with something really nice.
  1862. Chie: I better go to my lesson now. As for the other question, we'll come back again. Thank you for your time.
  1864. =====
  1866. Shiho 03/02/2022
  1869. Shiho: Hello! I was able to make some time, so I'll be answering your questions!
  1870. >Is there a parfait you would recommend during winter?
  1871. Shiho: There are a lot that are delicious during winter that it is hard to pick among them... I guess those with seasonal fruits. #DereMail
  1872. Shiho: Especially strawberries that are used in high-class one that appeared in limited offerings! Makes me want to have one myself!
  1873. >Have you broken plates during your time as a waitress?
  1874. Shiho: Before, I knocked over a tray and completely broke three plates and two glasses... #DereMail
  1875. Shiho: It was a story when I was working, but when I dropped by at my old workplace, it seems that it has become a story there. Kinda embarrassing, isn't it?
  1876. >Please tell the virtue of parfaits!
  1877. Shiho: Virtue... Ley's see... "Parfait is the ingredient of smile"! #DereMail
  1878. Shiho: Whether you eat it during happy times or sad times, parfaits will put a smile on you!
  1879. Shiho: It seems like the recording is about to start, so that will be it for now! We'll be back to answer some more!
  1881. =====
  1883. Nene 03/09/2022
  1886. Nene: Good morning. I'm here to answer the DereMails.
  1887. Nene: And to do that, I have already made all the necessary preparations. Without any further ado, let's get going.
  1888. >Do you have a vegetable that you like or would recommend to others? I would also like to know your favorite way to eat them!
  1889. Nene: Recently... or maybe not since it was last year, but I had a white eggplant thick sauce and it was really delicious! #DereMail
  1890. [ ]
  1891. Nene: Compared to normal eggplants, it is sweet and juicy. It might even be good when added as an ingredient in making juices. Maybe I should try just that this year?
  1892. >I can't focus while studying! I would like your support!
  1893. Nene: If you find yourself losing focus, then take a break for the mean time! #DereMail
  1894. Nene: Enjoy a beverage, refresh yourself and resume your studying. Don't worry. You are definitely making some progress.
  1895. >I haven't gotten a good sleep these past few nights... What do you do when you can't sleep, Nene-chan?
  1896. Nene: Well, I just close my eyes and try to get some rest even for a little. #DereMail
  1897. Nene: But, when that happens, we tend to just think over a lot of things and end up feel very clearheaded, right?
  1898. Nene <Fumika *jazz hands*>
  1899. Nene: Since it's time for me to go to school, that would be it for today. Thank you for sending all those questions.
  1900. Nene: The remaining unanswered ones will be saved for later! Well, I better get going now!
  1903. ====
  1905. Mahiro 03/17/2022
  1908. Mahiro: Shoot's over! Since there's some time before moving out, I'll be answering the questions you sent in!
  1909. >Mahiro-chan, you love track-and-field but did you like running ever since you were young?
  1910. Mahiro: Yup, I love it even back then! I've been told that I was running around even back in kindergarten. #DereMail
  1911. Mahiro: And that really helped in playing tag! I haven't lose there at all!
  1912. >In order to reduce stress and the lack of exercise, I've been jogging. However, running through the same course every night made it feel somewhat tedious. I would like some excitement for this routine... It'd be great if you could share some ideas...
  1913. Mahiro: How about doing your course but in the opposite direction? Also, you could change the time! #DereMail
  1914. Mahiro: There's also looking out for weird juices at the vending machines along the way or looking for strange buildings!
  1915. Mahiro: If you focus on things besides running, you might stumble upon something interesting! Please do give it a shot!
  1916. >Mahiro-chan, you have this image of eating custard pudding but which do you prefer a hard pudding or a syrupy one?
  1917. Mahiro: Both of them are good, aren't they! For dessert after a meal, I guess I go for a soft, syrupy one. But, when snacking, I think I might have gotten more of the hard ones?
  1918. Mahiro: Looks like we need to move out now, so unfortunately, that will be it for today! Let's continue this next time!
  1920. ====
  1922. Miyu 03/24/2022
  1926. Miyu: Good evening. I'm Mifune Miyu and I'm here to answer the DereMails you sent in.
  1927. Miyu: I'm a little worried about being able to properly answer you... Still, I hope that you would keep me company as I go through these.
  1928. >What have you been into lately, Miyu-san?
  1929. Miyu: I guess, letting a relaxing music video to help me lull to sleep. #DereMail
  1930. Miyu: When I listen to that while having a lit aroma candle, I feel like I am sleeping more soundly.
  1931. Miyu: If I feel a little indulgent, I would do the same when I'm taking my midday nap on a day-off.
  1932. >I would like to hear you way of enjoying a stroll during a rainy day.
  1933. Miyu: Enjoy the sound of the rain drops then have a cup of warm coffee at cafe. #DereMail
  1934. Miyu: If you bought a new umbrella or rain boots, you could go out while wearing them.
  1935. >After meeting you, I'm having a good time now. Thank you so much for that. Since you are around, I feel like I can keep up the good work the next day. Do you have your own moral support, Miyu-san?
  1936. Miyu: It may seem nothing out of the ordinary... But it's everyone at the agency who are always working hard alongside me and the fans who are cheering me on. #DereMail
  1937. Miyu: Which is why, I would like to show my appreciate. I am really grateful that I have met you all.
  1938. Miyu: How was it? I'm afraid that I haven't answered all of your questions but I would like to reply to them on another time once the opportunity presents itself.
  1939. Miyu: Until next time. Thank you again.
  1941. ====
  1943. Erika 04/04/2022
  1946. Erika: Currently making my way to the next location! With that said, I'll be answering YOUR-DE-RE-MAILS!
  1947. >As part of giving something to your fans, have you did a manzai with a fan before, Erika-chan? Or perhaps you want to do something like that?
  1948. Erika: During a handshake event in Osaka, there's was this girl around grade school level who dealt a swift "What the heck" tsukkomi! #DereMail
  1949. Erika: That sharp tsukkomi makes me think she has the potential~. Maybe even as a rival IN-THE-FU-TURE!
  1950. >Out of curiosity, which idol do you want to make as your partner?
  1951. Erika: To those who doesn't have any manzai experience yet, maybe Fre-chan~? Not sure if I could handle the tsukkomi.
  1952. >Question! Have you studied about laughter?
  1953. Erika: Well, the best would be to watch an ACTUAL-LIVE-ACT! #DereMail
  1954. Erika: Like it gets really interesting such as seeing someone had the same idea of laughs! One peek and you'll be in LAUGHING-IN-STITCHES!
  1955. Erika: Whoops, we have arrived at the place! I'll be doing my best for this upcoming gig. SEE-YOU-AGAIN! Bang!
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