Ileleste Jrnl 1

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  1. I woke up in a way I wasn’t sure was possible. Somehow I had been put under the thrall of some mage, and the shadow stuff, the darkness, had taken me over. My saviors stood over me. They were odd, demanding folk, and put off by my appearance, not that that is anything new to me. Regardless they seemed to take to me and offered me to travel with them as they explored the area we were in. I’m still not sure exactly where I am, what town or city, or where in the planes this place exists. I will have to ask at a more appropriate time about these things. Despite all that, I am relieved to be alive and well again, and have a chance at life again.
  2. I decided to travel with them, and found them mostly capable at handling themselves, though maybe a bit brash and full of themselves. One of them, a monk named Randidily, was prone to rushing off ahead and setting off traps and alerting foes of our presence. The foes I might add seem to be zombies and other creatures of some sort afflicted by the darkness, and are quite resistant to my spells. I am quite pleased to know that their fate was not mine. The others in the group were a small gnome called Beans, and woman named Liliana, a man named Brooks and a creature that seemed bound to him Blossom, and one more named Rozar.
  3. Beans proved to have extensive knowledge of the creatures we encountered, and had a seemingly encyclopedic memory. The man Brooks appears to be a mage of sorts himself, and a shapechanger at that, though his specific talents otherwise have yet to reveal themselves. Rozar, I think he may be a paladin or champion of some holy god, did not seem to take to me well, as the creature Blossom did not either. Both are likely befuddled by the appearance I am left from my parentage. A shame that such perceptions still exist but perhaps in time they will see past it. Liliana did not stand out to me as well either, but I feel that was perhaps her own reserved nature. I got the feeling she may be more comforted by the shadows than stepping into the forefront.
  4. After an extensive fight and nearly losing one of our own, Rozar, we headed back to the town to recoup and rest. I found a few of the members at a tavern and decided to join them, receiving some answers to my questions, though not all. I still have no idea how much time has passed since I lost myself in this place. Another upside was I was given some of my possession back. My beloved Shiftweave, a cloak and a wand. Not much, but a good start.
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