Gatorbait - Pregnant Ponies

May 1st, 2014
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  1. The artist's paste:
  3. Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Spitfire, Cloud Chaser & Flitter, and Vinyl Scratch
  6. Rainbow Dash
  8. >Clear skies for Ponyville.
  9. >Rainbow Dash glances down to the Cloudsdale Weather communication and then turns her eyes back to the skies.
  10. >Fluffy white clouds drift in lazy strokes across the sky, obscuring much of it from view.
  11. >With an unladylike grunt, the prismatic pegasus pushes herself onto her hooves and stalks about the command center.
  12. >"Hey! Cloudchaser, Snowflake... where are you guys, we've got a sky to clear!"
  13. >There's a slight note of distress in her voice, the reason obvious as her bowling ball belly bounces in time with her trotting.
  14. >Already a slight bit of perspiration is evident on her head, but she continues to search for some sign of her coworkers.
  15. >After checking all the rooms in the small office, Rainbow sighs and puffs out her cheeks.
  16. >"Jeez, where did those two run off to?"
  17. >Normally, Dash wouldn't even bother searching for them and would clear the skies herself.
  18. >But as her pregnancy advances, she finds herself more and more comfortable with her hooves on the ground.
  19. >Biting her lip, the winged pony glances out the window again.
  20. >Well, if no one else is around then it falls on her to take care of it.
  21. >There's a slight thrill as she thinks of taking to the air again, her wings fluttering in anticipation.
  22. >A gentle rumble in her belly causes Dash to tense up as the foal inside stretches and shifts.
  23. >For a moment, she can see the swell of her taut tummy bulge with the motion before the foal settles down.
  24. >"Just, just take it easy squirt; I'll have this knocked out in ten seconds flat."
  25. >Despite the familiar words, there's a level of uncertainty quivering in her voice.
  26. >Trotting outside, Rainbow eyes the skies, tracing her planned flight before leaping from the ground and flapping her wings.
  27. >Despite her grunting and groaning, the blue pegasus manages to get stuck hovering a few feet off the ground before slowly making her way upwards.
  28. >By the time she's fully clear of the ground, the promised ten seconds have passed, and Rainbow is already breathing harder than she would have liked.
  29. >Still, the pegasus perseveres and grunts her way up to the clouds, her bloated belly bouncing in an attempt to explore the new space.
  30. >The clearing of the skies takes a good twenty minutes, and as Rainbow Dash glances down she realizes that she's managed to build up quite a sizable following on the ground.
  31. >Ponies gape and stare at the gravid pegasus as she blushes furiously and hurries back to the weather center.
  32. >Dash's entire body heaves as she tries to settle back into a steady state after exerting herself.
  33. >At last her heart stops pounding about in her chest and Rainbow heaves a frustrated sigh.
  34. >"Well, I guess I'm not doing THAT again until the baby's born."
  35. >There's a stern kick from her stomach that causes the mare to wince.
  36. >"Why did I even agree to this in the first place..."
  37. >Despite the complaints, Dash gives a slight smile as the kicking renews in earnest and she makes her way back to her office, fully planning to give her underlings an earful when they show up again.
  41. Rarity
  43. >"Hmm..."
  44. >Rarity stands in front of a mirror, turning her head to the left and then to the right.
  45. >She pouts at her reflection then shifts her head in the other direction and repeats the process.
  46. >After several moments of staring, the marshmallow mare glances back at Opal and frowns.
  47. >"You don't think it's that noticeable, do you?"
  48. >The usually ferocious feline turns her head towards Rarity for a moment before yawning, making a show of how little she actually cares.
  49. >Huffing in frustration, the unicorn dons a gentle scowl and turns to admire her profile.
  50. >What's left of it, anyway.
  51. >The barest hint of a burgeoning belly from the front are quickly blown away as her swollen stomach stretches beyond her small frame.
  52. >Rarity bites the corner of her lip as her eyes flit down to the reflection of her distended bump.
  53. >"If I had known it would be this extreme..."
  54. >Her face colors as she remembers the invigorating night that led her to this moment.
  55. >With a shake of her head, Rarity attempts to knock loose any reservations.
  56. >And then, an idea strikes.
  57. >The mare's eyes light up as she glances towards her armoire.
  58. >"Ah, of course, why didn't I think of this before?"
  59. >Trotting over to the freestanding closet, the sides of her belly rubbing against her legs the entire way, Rarity throws open the doors with a blast from her horn and smiles at the expanse of clothes.
  60. >"It's certainly not as bad as it seems, and the clothes will prove it!"
  61. >Pursing her lips, the stylish mare begins pulling out various dresses, examining them one by one.
  62. >She murmurs to herself the entire while, about how to best accentuate her slightly less than slight form, before finally settling on the ensemble from her stay in Canterlot.
  63. >The turtleneck slips easily over her hooves and head, though it does get caught for a moment on her horn.
  64. >With a little squirming, Rarity manages to pull it down to the swell of her belly before freezing.
  65. >She wets her lips and takes a deep breath.
  66. >"All right now, you can do this. It's, just a little baby weight; nothing to be worried about."
  67. >Biting down on her lip again, Rarity's horn lights up, working to pull the tightly stitched fabric over her gravid form.
  68. >After a long, breathless moment, she feels the turtleneck go taut and lets out a quiet breath.
  69. >"See? Nothing to worry about. Now, lets have ourselves a look."
  70. >Affixing the beret onto her head, Rarity gives a quiet squeal of excitement as she trots over to examine her gorgeous form.
  71. >Any joy drains from her quickly as she catches sight of her reflection.
  72. >The turtleneck, once able to reach down all the way to her flank, now catches well before the widest swell of her belly.
  73. >As if in protest to the sudden tightness, a bulge from her shifting foal appears just under the hem of her shirt.
  74. >Beyond that, on closer inspection the shirt seems to make her flank seem even larger by compressing the fore of her body.
  75. >Tears well up in the clothiers eyes as she sits down on the floor and shoots an almost angry glare down at the tummy of torment.
  76. >"You certainly are more than I bargained for."
  77. >Another bump from inside in response.
  78. >Rarity sighs and glances at herself in the mirror again.
  79. >A few more side to side turns of the head and a quiet smile graces her lips.
  80. >"Well, I suppose that being slightly swollen is no reason not to pamper yourself."
  81. >With a gentle pat on her belly, she gets back onto her hooves and moves toward the work room.
  82. >"Come along my little darling, we're going to make motherhood beautiful."
  86. Spitfire
  88. >0540, Cloudsdale
  89. >The Wonderbolt Officer Barracks
  90. >An alarm begins to chirp the time
  91. >Spitfire groans and attempts to squirm deeper into the mess of blankets and sheets
  92. >The quiet sound begins to grow in volume until it becomes a steady beep, earning a throaty groan of protest from the Captain.
  93. >Spitfire's hoof appears from under the sheets, the mare groping blindly for the irritant.
  94. >After several unsuccessful pats on the bedside table, she gives an exasperated grunt and sweeps her hoof across the flat surface.
  95. >The alarm clatters to the ground, falling silent.
  96. >It's quickly followed by a lamp which doesn't go down that easily.
  97. >The cracking pop of the bulb causes the mare to jump out of her bed.
  98. >"Jeez!"
  99. >Quickly recovering from the sudden spooking, Spitfire slides her hoof up to the side of her head.
  100. >What an awful start to the morning, but no point in putting it off any longer.
  101. >Untangling herself from the sheets proves to be a challenge, as they've managed to become twisted all the way around her body thanks to her nighttime thrashing.
  102. >As she kicks loose the last of the blankets, she gets a good look at the cause of her nightly discomfort.
  103. >Now several months along in her pregnancy, Spitfire's swollen stomach spreads well past her athletic flanks, making hiding the offending orb a virtual impossibility.
  104. >Still, the mare's physical prowess doesn't seem to be hampered too much, though she does take care to flutter to the ground rather than simply leaping out of bed.
  105. >Her robust roundness rocks a short distance from the floor as she trots to the shower.
  106. >Squeezing into the stall proves difficult, and sudsing up even more so, but as she rubs the coat cleanser into her turgid tummy, she feels the eager push back from her foal.
  107. >"Foals"
  108. >she reminds herself with a gentle smile.
  109. >After several minutes of back and forth, the golden mare reluctantly continues cleaning herself and the movement subsides.
  110. >It's around 0610 by the time she exits the shower, just enough time to suit up and hit up the mess for a robust breakfast.
  111. >Feeling wonderfully fresh, Spitfire shakes wildly, sending her belly gyrating as she knocks loose the water clinging to her coat and mane.
  112. >Puffing a few strands out of her eyes, the Wonderbolt Captain grabs the elastic suit hanging on the back of her desk.
  113. >A point of pride for the flight team, the suit was able to support a pony of any size and shape without tearing.
  114. >It was an extreme claim, but considering her current state, Spitfire was pleasantly surprised to find that the statement ran true.
  115. >Of course, dressing seemed to take a lot longer now...
  116. >The hind legs, of course, were no problem, though as she worked her hindquarters into the uniform the Captain found herself experiencing a bit more resistance than usual
  117. >"Uff... c'mon you!"
  118. >Arching her back, Spitfire takes a deep breath and feels her flanks slip snugly into the uniform with a pleasant hiss.
  119. >After catching her breath, the gold mare pulls the top of the uniform up over her head before working her forelegs into the suit.
  120. >There's a certain delight in the persistent tightness, especially as it teases her nethers with a gentle pressure.
  121. >But enough of that, the most difficult part is yet to come.
  122. >The teeth of the zipper are already pressed firmly against the enormous expanse of her belly, providing the winged mare with very little room to maneuver.
  123. >Falling back onto her haunches, Spitfire tugs at the fabric with her hooves, pulling the still stretchy substance out and away from her body.
  124. >She continues this until the suit looks like it's about to tear, and then begins to work the zipper up.
  125. >Bit by bit, careful not to get stray tufts of her coat caught in the teeth, the Captain continues her mission with agonizing slowness.
  126. >Several times the suit begins to creak in protest while the zipper nearly escapes her grasp many times over.
  127. >At last however, the cool metal makes its way over her mommy mountain and slips up to her neck with relative ease.
  128. >Letting out a breath she didn't know she was holding, Spitfire takes a deep breath to heave a sigh of relief.
  129. >A sudden ping catches the Captain off guard as the zipper, unable to withstand the strain any longer, rockets off and hits the overturned lamp.
  130. >Time freezes for a moment as Spitfire eyes the underside of her suit.
  131. >An all too familiar creak echoes through the room.
  132. >At once, the teeth pop loose, ruining the suit as Spitfire's swollen stomach surges forward to freedom.
  133. >In seconds, the fabric follows suit, tearing along the lines of the teeth and displaying her belly more fully than before.
  134. >Huffing in frustration, Spitfire sets her lips in a scowl.
  135. >"Huh, indestructible my hoof!"
  136. >Grumbling, the Captain decides to set aside some time to chew out the deadbeats who were responsible for this.
  137. >Taking a look at the useless suit, Spitfire sighs and strips before marching to the closet.
  138. >"I guess its dress uniform today. I should probably go twice as hard on the cadets today to show them how serious I am."
  142. Flitter & Cloudchaser
  144. >The wind howls outside, but Cloudchaser pays it no mind.
  145. >Snoring away, she shifts her weight slightly to accommodate her burgeoning belly.
  146. >While certainly not robust and fit to pop, the sloping softness stands out in contrast to her athletic frame.
  147. >With a snort, the mare settles back into a doze, her mane shooting off wildly in all directions
  148. >However, as the wind continues to whip by the house, causing it to creak and groan, the pastel purple pony opens her eyes
  149. >Though it's not the wind that catches her ears, but the quiet whimpering coming from her door
  150. >With a tired grunt, Cloudchaser calls out to the darkness.
  151. >"Flitter? Is that you?"
  152. >Another helpless whimper as a shadow bobs up and down.
  153. >The younger of the pair sighs and rolls onto her side.
  154. >"It's just the wind, don't worry about it."
  155. >"B-but it's scary!"
  156. >Cloudchaser sighs and rolls her eyes as she moves onto her back, falling silent and hoping the straight-maned mare will catch the hint.
  157. >She doesn't, and begins clopping her hooves against the floor as she prances in place.
  158. >At last, the would-be Wonderbolt twists her head towards her sister.
  159. >"...All right, hop in."
  160. >Flitter makes a small delighted sound and quickly squirms her way under the sheets from the bottom of the bed.
  161. >After shifting and squirming to get comfortable, the two mares roll onto their sides and face one another.
  162. >Flitter is quick to shimmy into the grip of her twin sister's hooves, both wrapping the other in an embrace.
  163. >The sister's matching bumps press firmly into one another, leading to a quiet fit of giggles as the two again try to find some measure of comfort.
  164. >At last the two settle down, faces only a few inches apart, pushing back and forth on one another as they breathe in time.
  165. >CC gives her sister a smile and shakes her head.
  166. >"Who ever heard of a pegasus pony who's scared of storms?"
  167. >Flitter puffs out her cheeks and gives a mock scowl.
  168. >"I guess the same people who don't know that some pegasus ponies can't preen themselves very well."
  169. >A moment of silence, then the quiet laughter begins again, in earnest.
  170. >Flitter gives a tired sigh and makes a noble, but futile, effort to get closer to her sister.
  171. >The wind picks up outside, but the mare with the straight mane seems to have settled down at last.
  172. >In the silence, both ponies begin to drift off before Flitter gives a tired whisper.
  173. >"Chase...?"
  174. >"Hnng..."
  175. >Quite the informal grunt.
  176. >Flitter bites her lip to keep from laughing as she collects herself to continue.
  177. >"I'm glad that our foals are going to have each other..."
  178. >Cloudchaser doesn't respond, leading her sister to squirm against the mattress.
  179. >Before she can drift off, Flitter feels a gentle peck against her muzzle
  180. >"Me too. They'll never be alone, just like us."
  181. >Both mares can feel the thudding hearts of the other, but leave things at that.
  182. >Closing their eyes, they ride out the storm together.
  183. >Like they always have.
  187. Vinyl Scratch
  189. >Vinyl felt it before she saw it
  190. >The firm pressure of a hoof from behind her swollen stomach straining to escape
  191. >She gives a throaty chuckle and sits back on her haunches, giving the hoof a gentle push
  192. >All too quickly the sensation retreats, leaving the DJ feeling a little disappointed, but it soon returns in a different
  193. >Smiling, the soon-to-be-mother pursues her curious foal's explorations with her hoof
  194. >This back and forth continues for several minutes before Vinyl begins to feel tired from the constant chase
  195. >Unfortunately, the foal doesn't feel the same way, and as the unicorn mare attempts to go about her business, continues to kick and bounce, causing her robust roundness to wiggle from one side to the next
  196. >Vinyl swerves to avoid crashing into a wall as her center of balance is thrown off yet again.
  197. >"Man, you're a feisty one, aren't you?"
  198. >Despite the teasing words, there's an obvious sense of exhaustion in her tone
  199. >This was getting out of hoof far too quickly, she had to find a way to stop the party in her paunch
  200. >And then it strikes her.
  201. >Grinning, Vinyl trots her pillowy plumpness to her room and grabs her studio headphones and a portable music player
  202. >After scrolling through her music, she finds a suitably gentle song and flops backward onto her bed
  203. >Biting her lip, she situates the headphones over her broad baby bump and gives her monstrous middle a warning glance
  204. >"Now remember kid, I don't want you telling people that I listen to this stuff, okay?"
  205. >With an excited smile, she turns on the music, the robust rumbling sounds of Gustav Colst's 'The Planets' causing her burgeoning belly to quiver in response
  206. >At last, the excitable foal seems to calm, despite the enthusiastic music
  207. >Settling in to a simple bouncing routine, the unborn foal is quick to tire itself out, settling into a gentle slumber by the end of the second movement.
  208. >With a sigh of relief, Vinyl moves to take the headphones off of her turgid tummy, but pauses as the strings hit a particularly wonderful note that sends her nethers quivering in delight.
  209. >With a shaky sigh of delight, the musical mare settles in for a few more minutes of riding the gentle reverberations
  210. >Like a long lost lover, the notes still know how to tickle her in just the right ways
  211. >With a breathless sigh, Vinyl giggles up at the ceiling
  212. >"I'll... have to remember this for next time..."
  213. >Smiling broadly, she closes her eyes and accompanies her foal on a pleasant journey through the soundscape.
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