Tridacna Box Loresong, a Lost Ashrim Treasure in GemStoneIV

Feb 20th, 2018
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  1. a silver-lined tridacna box
  3. >look box
  4. Silver foil softens the edges of the rich plum-hued box and create durable hinges that bind both sections of the enormous bivalve mollusk. Six deep folds decorate the upper lid and match with corresponding ones on the bottom, while lips curl back from the edges to display zebra-like stripes of cerulean and cobalt blues. A tiny heart-shaped silver lock is nestled in the central fold.
  6. Loresong:
  8. As you sing to the tridacna box, your vision shimmers with glittering sunlight and you have a sense of looking at the world through crystal clear tropical waters. Sunlight disappears, and you watch as the world around you becomes more colorful as the moonlight brings to light hidden hues in the coral that surrounds you. The world shifts, and you watch as day after day, night after night, the peaceful aquatic world transitions. Slowly, the vision fades.
  10. Your song touches upon the tridacna box, and your vision is filled with the image of a humanoid figure swimming towards you through the sea. You feel a strange sensation as you are separated from the bed of coral that is your home. Rising up through the sea, you marvel that this must be what it is like to swim and, breaking through the gently lapping waves, feel air and sunlight for the first time. The elation of discovery dims as it dawns on you that that you can't breathe, and your vision blackens.
  12. As you sing to the tridacna box, your vision shifts and swirls. You find yourself perched upon the banister of a terrace, your vision bisected by a view of a sprawling elven city surrounded by glittering cobalt blue seas and that of a terracotta tiled floor that leads into a white bungalow fitted with dozens of windows. Someone nearby is calling out a name, which draws the presence of a young elf to your side.
  14. "Oh, Malcom," she breaths as she admires you. "It is lovely." Slowly, your vision fades.
  16. Time slips before your eyes as you sing to the box, and you watch as night after night and day after day passes over the elven city. One night, fiery orbs burst from the hitherto peaceful harbor, destroying nearly everything in your field of vision. Chaos surrounds you, and you find yourself dropped into a dark enclosure. A long time passes, but eventually the sound of wood being torn asunder fills the air around you, and you find yourself, once again, back home in the sea.
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