Dark mistress's pet

Mar 18th, 2017
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  1. A collection of snippets about a defeated adventurer and his new mistress
  3. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. Me:
  5. >You will never lay your head across your mistress's lap, arms still bound behind you and mouth still gagged, yet nothing else adorning your body
  6. >She will never lightly stroke your hair as she holds court, leaving your nude body on display for her minions to your overgrowing shame, embarrassment, and arousal
  7. >When it finally adjourns she will never make sure to praise you, telling you what a good boy you're being, not even uttering a peep when her second in command came over and gave your ass a squeeze this time
  8. >She will never reward you by giving you an hour without the gag and moving your head between her thighs so you can show your appreciation
  10. Not Me:
  11. >being publicly flogged by my mistress as a demonstration of what happens to those who oppose her
  12. >she knows I love it
  13. >terrified that our observers will realize I'm moaning through my gag
  15. >one of her Lieutenants looks over at you
  16. >she notices how you aren't even flinching away
  17. >your arousal is easily seen from her position
  18. >as you shudder from pain & pleasure, you can make out the Lieutenant's sly smirk through your fluttering eyelids
  20. Me:
  21. >When you were defeated by her you were expecting death
  22. >Or worse
  23. >You got worse, you just didn't expect how much you would...enjoy it
  24. >And you can't deny you enjoy it, like your seemingly every present shame it's on display for all the world to see as she parades you naked around her palace, her city, and her kingdom as her whim suits her, your leash kept tightly in her hand like the collar around your neck, a sign of your status as little more than a pampered pet for those who once looked up to you to see
  25. >Or perhaps more like a living art piece, a trophy kept to show her victory over the last true threat to her rule, blindfolded and proudly placed on display, a living centerpiece for any banquet, ball, or party she holds, free to be admired, fondled, and squeezed by any servant, guest, or noble who attends
  26. >And you bear it, the shame and humiliation, the soft trailing fingers and the firm, forceful gropes, the laughter of amusement at your plight and the lust filled gazes you can feel even through your blindfold
  27. >And all for what?
  28. >All for a chaste kiss on your forehead each night as she ties you up, leaving you bound, gagged, and blindfolded on her bed, for being her perfect little "good boy" for her to cuddle with as she drifts off to sleep
  30. >>52235965
  31. >YFW your mistress steps back and lets said Lieutenant take over your "punishment"
  33. Not Me:
  34. >initially, some of her servants were reluctant to treat you like an object
  35. >they had some objections to joining in on what they viewed as torture
  36. >but as your mistress continued with your exhibitionism training and orgasm denial, you find that you can no longer hide your constant arousal
  37. >at every opportunity, mistress tries to find members of her staff that are still uncomfortable toying with you
  38. >she finds a maid, and insists the maid become more aquatinted with her pet
  39. >"See, it likes it when you pet it! Here, try caressing its neck while giving its butt a nice squeeze."
  40. >the maid's expression slowly turns from one of concern to fascination, and eventually a delighted grin as she becomes more comfortable
  41. >"Now remember, don't get it too excited! It has to earn that. And I think that reward is a long way off. If any of the other servants are worried about playing with my pet, just teach them what you've learned today, got it?"
  42. >"Yes, madam"
  43. >you whimper in frustration at your predicament, having become a chaste sex toy, constantly craving touch while everyone around you conspires to deny you what you want the most
  44. >you both look forward to and dread this evening, knowing you'll spend it in your mistress's embrace, feeling her warmth, and hoping she'll give you your most awaited award sooner than later
  46. >her lieutenant hates you
  47. >this isn't mistress's enjoyment of a defeated foe, she legitimately wants to murder you
  48. >mistress knows this, but doesn't care
  49. >as the scourge bites deeper, and blood streams from your back, mistress intercedes
  50. >murmuring to her lieutenant, she orders you hauled off to her chambers
  51. >the venom in her lieutenant's voice could kill a small city, but she acquiesces
  52. >as mistress tends your wounds personally, she smirks, knowing you'll thank her for all of this
  54. Me:
  55. >YFW your mistress hands your leash off to one of her lieutenants after she returns from a particularly successful campaign and leads the two of you to her throne room
  56. >YFW your mistress tells her lieutenant that she wishes to watch as she claims her reward and leads you before a small silk covered table
  57. >YFW the lieutenant slowly strips right in front of you, letting you and your mistress soak in the sight of her muscular body and tittering at your obvious arousal before she pulls away the cloth revealing a iron strapon
  58. >YFW you hear her mumbling an enchantment as she secures it in place, giving you a perfect view of the intimidating sight before circling around you
  59. >YFW she makes you wait for what seems like hours, the silence of the room agonizingly stretching on before she suddenly grabs you by the back of the neck and bending you over the table, forcing you to look straight ahead at your mistresses amused face
  60. >YFW you're barely able to stifle a gasp as without warning the uncomfortably hot metal is thrust into you, the almost burning girth stretching you apart in a agonizingly enjoyable manner, filling you to the brim before pulling out
  61. >YFW she thrusts back in, slowly building up speed as she mercilessly pounds your ass, driving you and the table forward inch by inch until you're at the foot of your mistress's throne
  62. >YFW despite your best efforts you're unable to keep from letting whimpers and moans slip, and as you look up you can tell by your mistress's cruel smirk she's thinking of how best to punish you for each "transgression"
  64. >Your mistress allows, and even encourages, her servants to use you as they see fit
  65. >Whether it's her maid's using you as a foot rest after a long day waiting on their Lady, the castle gaurdswomen taking turns ridding your face on their off hours, or a lieutenant bending you over the side of a parapet and pounding your ass with a a strapon, anyone in the castle can do anything they want to you as long as there's no permanent damage
  66. >Though there is one other rule, you are never allowed to cum unless your mistress permits it
  67. >And everyone knows it
  68. >Your mistress has implied it's even magically enforced, but you'd never test it, you're a good boy after all~
  70. >You sometimes find yourself thinking about before, of that dark time when you didn't know the love of your mistress, not often mind you, you don't like thinking about it
  71. >You think you traveled with some other people then, you think one was a young woman, a ...friend? of yours you think
  72. >Regardless it's not that important, you don't even know why you're thinking about her now
  73. >Just, your mistress has ordered a young woman to be gagged and chained to the wall of her bedroom tonight, she looks familiar but for the life of you you can't remember why
  74. >Regardless it's not your place to question your mistress, especially when she seems so eager to reward you tonight
  76. Not Me:
  77. >You're friend from your life before confronts the mistress about your whereabouts.
  78. >The smile and loving pat your mistress gives you as she informs your former friend that you are right where you belong, but you are free to go if you wish.
  79. >The look of pride on your mistresses face as after minutes of conversation your former party member finally realises the person next to your mistress is you, and she didn't recognize you for so long.
  80. >When she reaches out and calls your name, and instead you obediently follow your mistress out of the room after she forces her tongue down your throat in a display of victory.
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