Unnamed dandelion story; The afterstory

Dec 27th, 2013
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  1. >you are looking at yourself in the mirror
  2. >back at you stares a hardened man
  3. >long hair now shaven short and a face weary from the lack of your lotions and regular shaving
  4. >but you do have a much more manly look now
  5. >gone is the outlook of a hairless male model
  6. >the rural prison life has indeed changed the way you look a bit
  7. >you look more scruffy now
  8. >prison life itself was not that bad, not as violent as human prison life but still gray and dull
  9. >you sigh and finish up, and let the guardpony walk you
  10. >it's day getting out of prison in Equestria
  11. >you walk and listen to the calls the other inmates give to you as you walk the walk towards freedon
  12. >as you expected, Dandelion did not visit you even once
  13. >that's ok, you were not sporting high hopes to begin with
  14. >the rest of the process is over before you know it and soon you are dressed in your suit as you walk out of the gates
  15. >what greets you is a warm, sunny summer day
  16. >you enjoy the warmth of the sun on your free face and breathe in a long breath of freedom
  17. >no longer are your ears assaulted by the gray sounds of the prison courtyard, but the everyday sounds of ponies going on with their lives
  18. >but what now
  19. >you were locked away for some years and you have no idea what to do next
  20. >you dreamed of so many things to do on this day when you waited for it to happen, but now that it has happened it feels surreal and overwhelming
  21. >you turn your head and look at your surroundings
  22. >you spot a lone mare standing in the distance
  23. >she's wearing a purple summer dress, a large summer hat and sunglasses
  24. >the mare spots you staring at her
  25. >you turn your head away in shame, no mare would appreciate your stare
  26. >to your suprise the mare starts to run towards you
  27. >before you have any idea why this is happening she suddenly jumps and takes flight towards you
  28. >as she does that you realize that what you mistook as her dress is actually a pair of wings that were neatly folded to her side
  29. >she closes in on you fast and her hat drops off, revealing two antennae
  30. >it couldn't b-
  31. >she crashes into you and hugs you, sending the two of you to spin around in place as she holds onto you
  32. "Anonymous!"
  33. >that voice
  34. >it's more mature but there is no mistaking it
  35. >"D...Dandelion?"
  36. >Dandelion nods as the two of you stop spinning and you stare at her
  37. >"But I... I mean... You never came to visit"
  38. >Dandelion looks at you with moist eyes
  39. "I know. For a long time I wanted to but everyone told me that I couldn't. Then while growing up I learned the truth about you"
  40. >Dandelion shifts her gaze towards the ground
  41. "I was so angry and heartbroken, and decided I would forget you alltogether. But then after a long while I started to remember the fun I had with you, and realized you were not completely evil. I mean, you had so many chances to do things to me but you chose not to... Not to mention that there was no evidence suggesting you ever did molest anypony"
  42. >Dandelion lifts her head and looks at you in the eyes again
  43. "That was a few days ago and then I learned that you were getting out, and I figured out that you would not have anypony here to meet you, and I just wanted to see you again so... here I am..."
  44. >you feel your eyes starting to water up
  45. "I mean, I can understand if you want nothing to do with me anymore..."
  46. >you had all together given up on anyone wanting to socialize with you anymore
  47. >you were prepared to live the rest of your life in solitude
  48. >all of those years in oprison without any friends or anyone close to you, you were sure you could keep living on like that
  49. >so why does this mares words touch you so?
  50. >you hug her back and Dandelion gives a small yelp of suprise as you hold her close
  51. >halfly because of feels, halfly because you do not want her to see that single tear that rolls down your cheek as you force the rest of them back in
  52. >you quickly pull back and Dandeliopn gets onto the ground as well as you clear your throat
  53. >there is a silence between you
  54. >Dandelion is the first one to talk
  55. "So... want to go have something to eat and drink and catch up? Staying up during the day as a nocturnal pony is kind of hard without caffeine"
  56. >she rubs the back of her head with her hoof while avoiding your eyes
  57. >you smile and reply
  58. >"Yes, that would be perfect... Dandelion"
  59. >she looks back at you and smiles softly
  60. "Dandy'll do just fine"
  61. >you start to walk behind Dandelion as she leads the way and look up at the scorching sun
  62. >it almost looks like the sun is smiling at you
  63. >things might just be alright after all
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