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  1. Would this play skyrim with some graphics mods?
  2. I would like to think so yeah, are you playing it on another pc rn?
  3. I have a basic pc with no graphics card so it doesn't run on it. Why are you selling it?
  4. Ah, well I won this one one ebay by accident haha. It was ment to be for my sister but got her another one and was hoping someone would snipe this one on ebay
  5. also hopefully this gives you an idea
  7. Is that the graphics card that's in the one your selling? Do you have a pc yourself?
  8. yeah this is the card in the pc
  9. 1050ti
  10. ive got pretty similar pc with a 960 cpu is alot older though which only supports ddr3 ram
  11. Ok cool, I did have xbox but was looking to get into the pc gaming. I'm interested. What's your final price?
  12. 430 pretty much it tbh, its a steal at that.
  13. Aye I thought it was. I dont know too much about PCs. Is photoshop easy enough to install?
  14. I can put it on no worries yeah
  15. You happy to go for it at that,
  16. so i can remove from ebay and that
  17. I will need to wait until I'm paid on Friday morning?
  18. Yeah thats okay
  19. You wanting to get it Friday night?
  20. Yeah sure friday or Saturday is good. Is it windows 10?
  21. Yeah
  22. Do you want me to keep it unboxed so i can show you it working and that or you want it ready to go?
  23. Yeah you can show me it working that would be great. Are they easy to upgrade?
  24. Yeah a PC is essentially just circuit board (motherboard) and then the cpu, graphics card and ram are slot-ins.
  25. Best upgrade to do on this is to get an ssd for better load times
  26. What's that? 🤣
  27. solid state drive
  28. same thing as a hard drive just ALOT faster
  29. install windows on t and itll book in seconds
  30. theyre obviously more expensive and are typically smaller in storage though
  31. How much is that? So games would load faster?
  32. games installed on them are faster yeah
  33. looks like you can get a 250gb ssd for like 25£
  34. pretty decent actually
  35. So is the pc more powerful than the ps and xbox? £25 that's cheap.
  36. heaps more powerful
  37. maybe siimilar to like the x and the pro
  38. .yeah I just got fed up with the xbox you are limited to what you can do with them. Some guy I spoke to said his pc is more powerful than the ps5 and it's not even out yet.
  39. lmao
  40. Yeah theres quite a few of them
  41. I know a good but about pcs and a load of them are way overpriced here
  42. But I did read that you can make your pc really powerful if you want to. Yeah I use to have one years ago when age of empires first came out
  43. Aye some of them are crazy priced.
  44. People are still crazy for age of empires
  45. and yeah you can build some monster pcs if you have the cash
  46. just watch though because if you get into it then you should say goodbye to your wallet
  47. Haha aye as long as I can keep mine up to the same par as the new xbox and ps5 that will be fine for me.
  48. just photoshop you want?
  49. Yeah bud. As I say I dont know much about PCs
  50. np
  51. 11:51
  52. Arite bud I could pay and collect pc today?
  53. Shouldnt be a problem, ill be ready maybe 7 onward
  54. 13:59
  55. Can a xbox controller work on it?
  56. Any chance you can come to mine with it?
  57. Xbox 360 wired one will once you install a driver - dont know about anything else
  58. sorry not delivering
  59. 16:03
  60. Are you okay to get it still? - ive a few others messaging about it still
  61. It's ok bud I would have liked to have seen it at mine working on skyrim before I pay money, so if you cant deliver just sell it to some of the others. 👍
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