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inherit.py runtime output

rdrewd Mar 25th, 2013 48 Never
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  1. $ python inherit.py
  2. D.__dict__= {'__module__': '__main__', 'z': <function z at 0xffedd80c>, '__doc__
  3. ': None, '__init__': <function __init__ at 0xffedd7d4>}
  4. C.__dict__= {'__module__': '__main__', 'z': <function z at 0xffedd80c>, '__doc__
  5. ': None, '__init__': <function __init__ at 0xffedd7d4>}
  6. C.__dict__= {'__module__': '__main__', '__dict__': <attribute '__dict__' of 'C'
  7. objects>, 'y': <function y at 0xffedd764>, 'z': <function z at 0xffedd79c>, '__w
  8. eakref__': <attribute '__weakref__' of 'C' objects>, '__doc__': None, '__init__'
  9. : <function __init__ at 0xffedd72c>}
  10. C.__dict__= {'__setattr__': <slot wrapper '__setattr__' of 'object' objects>, '_
  11. _reduce_ex__': <method '__reduce_ex__' of 'object' objects>, '__new__': <built-i
  12. n method __new__ of type object at 0x5c9cc6a0>, '__reduce__': <method '__reduce_
  13. _' of 'object' objects>, '__str__': <slot wrapper '__str__' of 'object' objects>
  14. , '__format__': <method '__format__' of 'object' objects>, '__getattribute__': <
  15. slot wrapper '__getattribute__' of 'object' objects>, '__class__': <attribute '_
  16. _class__' of 'object' objects>, '__delattr__': <slot wrapper '__delattr__' of 'o
  17. bject' objects>, '__subclasshook__': <method '__subclasshook__' of 'object' obje
  18. cts>, '__repr__': <slot wrapper '__repr__' of 'object' objects>, '__hash__': <sl
  19. ot wrapper '__hash__' of 'object' objects>, '__sizeof__': <method '__sizeof__' o
  20. f 'object' objects>, '__doc__': 'The most base type', '__init__': <slot wrapper
  21. '__init__' of 'object' objects>}
  24. CPL[<type 'object'>]=[[<type 'object'>], []]
  25. 1 round: candidates...   <type 'object'>
  27. CPL[<class '__main__.C'>]=[[<class '__main__.C'>], [<type 'object'>], [<type 'ob
  28. ject'>]]
  29. 1 round: candidates...   <class '__main__.C'>
  30. 2 round: candidates...   <type 'object'> C.__dict__= {'y': <function y at 0xffed
  31. d6bc>, '__module__': '__main__', 'z': <function z at 0xffedd6f4>, '__doc__': Non
  32. e, '__init__': <function __init__ at 0xffedd684>}
  33. C.__dict__= {'__module__': '__main__', '__dict__': <attribute '__dict__' of 'A'
  34. objects>, 'y': <function y at 0xffedd614>, 'x': <function x at 0xffedd5dc>, 'z':
  35.  <function z at 0xffedd64c>, '__weakref__': <attribute '__weakref__' of 'A' obje
  36. cts>, '__doc__': None, '__init__': <function __init__ at 0xffedd5a4>}
  37. C.__dict__= {'__setattr__': <slot wrapper '__setattr__' of 'object' objects>, '_
  38. _reduce_ex__': <method '__reduce_ex__' of 'object' objects>, '__new__': <built-i
  39. n method __new__ of type object at 0x5c9cc6a0>, '__reduce__': <method '__reduce_
  40. _' of 'object' objects>, '__str__': <slot wrapper '__str__' of 'object' objects>
  41. , '__format__': <method '__format__' of 'object' objects>, '__getattribute__': <
  42. slot wrapper '__getattribute__' of 'object' objects>, '__class__': <attribute '_
  43. _class__' of 'object' objects>, '__delattr__': <slot wrapper '__delattr__' of 'o
  44. bject' objects>, '__subclasshook__': <method '__subclasshook__' of 'object' obje
  45. cts>, '__repr__': <slot wrapper '__repr__' of 'object' objects>, '__hash__': <sl
  46. ot wrapper '__hash__' of 'object' objects>, '__sizeof__': <method '__sizeof__' o
  47. f 'object' objects>, '__doc__': 'The most base type', '__init__': <slot wrapper
  48. '__init__' of 'object' objects>}
  51. CPL[<type 'object'>]=[[<type 'object'>], []]
  52. 1 round: candidates...   <type 'object'>
  54. CPL[<class '__main__.A'>]=[[<class '__main__.A'>], [<type 'object'>], [<type 'ob
  55. ject'>]]
  56. 1 round: candidates...   <class '__main__.A'>
  57. 2 round: candidates...   <type 'object'>
  59. CPL[<class '__main__.B'>]=[[<class '__main__.B'>], [<class '__main__.A'>, <type
  60. 'object'>], [<class '__main__.A'>]]
  61. 1 round: candidates...   <class '__main__.B'>
  62. 2 round: candidates...   <class '__main__.A'>
  63. 3 round: candidates...   <type 'object'>
  65. CPL[<class '__main__.D'>]=[[<class '__main__.D'>], [<class '__main__.C'>, <type
  66. 'object'>], [<class '__main__.B'>, <class '__main__.A'>, <type 'object'>], [<cla
  67. ss '__main__.C'>, <class '__main__.B'>]]
  68. 1 round: candidates...   <class '__main__.D'>
  69. 2 round: candidates...   <class '__main__.C'>
  70. 3 round: candidates...   <type 'object'>   <class '__main__.B'>
  71. 4 round: candidates...   <type 'object'>   <class '__main__.A'>
  72. 5 round: candidates...   <type 'object'>
  73. MRO[<class '__main__.D'>]=[<class '__main__.D'>, <class '__main__.C'>, <class '_
  74. _main__.B'>, <class '__main__.A'>, <type 'object'>]
  76. P22 MRO[<class '__main__.D'>]=[<class '__main__.D'>, <class '__main__.C'>, <clas
  77. s '__main__.B'>, <class '__main__.A'>, <type 'object'>]
  78. 2
  79. 3
  80. 5
  81. 6
  82. A.x
  83. C.y
  84. D.z
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