Dorm Issues

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  1. I have a few concerns about the dorm room. I don’t mean to point fingers; I have done most of these things before. I’d like to address these points and how I’d like them fixed so they don’t get worse throughout the semester. If you think that these are unreasonable then I’d be okay with compromising.
  3. Dishes: When you’re done with a meal could you please clean up the dishes (and not just leave them in the sink)? There is currently a stack of pots and pans in the sink that are building up mold. Also, could we try to put away dishes once they’re dry? There is not any space on the counter to put clean dishes at the moment.
  5. Trash: If a bag of trash is full I’d like to have it out of the dorm. I’m pretty sure that’s been the reason that the dorm room smells so much. Any loose bits of trash don’t need to be laying around the dorm either.
  7. TP rolls: This isn’t as big of a deal, but I’d still like to bring it up. If you finish the roll of paper, could you throw away the center part? I had to take 4 out of the bathroom this afternoon.
  9. Sinks: The school maintenance just came to clear out black mold from the sink drain. From what I know the mold forms as a result of bacteria residue in the sink. If we are better about washing our spit, toothpaste, hair, etc. out of the sink there will be less chance that mold forms again.
  11. Quiet Hours: Some nights I have trouble sleeping because of the noise level (even with earplugs). Could we set up a period of time every day where everybody can be a bit more quiet? I’d like 11pm → 6am.
  13. Again, let me know if these are unreasonable. I hope that this doesn’t cause discord among us, I only want to bring these issues up so they don’t get worse.
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