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Letter to a Lover

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Nov 23rd, 2011
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  1. Dear Lover,
  3. You already know the things I am about to say here. They are dead
  4. obvious; but that’s the problem – they are dead obvious.
  6. You are not the best girlfriend in the world, I’ve seen better ones. Nor am I the best
  7. boyfriend in the world, you’ve seen better ones. None of us is the best person out there.
  8. But you know what? That’s irrelevant! Because we are best for each other.
  10. I have not seen anyone who brings out this best in me. We just fit in all of this
  11. perfectly well. I can hire an escort, you can hire a male stripper. But we cannot hire a
  12. life partner. There is no end to the ideas and inspiration that flows when I am with you.
  14. If someone was to tell me, “You suck!” – I might laugh and ignore, or just punch him in
  15. the face. But when you say it… hell you don’t even need to say it. I know when you’re
  16. thinking that. I appreciate so much this profound understanding and comfort-level that
  17. we’ve created.
  19. I appreciate having you – who can tell me on the face that it was just another excuse of
  20. mine to delay intimacy. I appreciate that we can be blunt with each other. Try doing that
  21. with your co-worker – she will kick you in the balls!
  23. It’s not about the relationship. Not at all! It’s about we being together and then something
  24. meaningful coming out of it. You know it, we’ve created amazing experiences together!
  26. When I am not a match to your vision (of me), don’t give up on me! Hope for me, call for
  27. me and except (sic) me. You will see me rise. If either of us give-up on the other one, we’ve
  28. failed ourselves. I appreciate you raising the bar every time we interact (and when we
  29. don’t). I appreciate you expecting more from me.
  31. When you’re not along, it seems impossible to dive-in and live this dream. It is such a
  32. relief to know that you will dive-in with me. I won’t walk the line alone.
  34. Do you think I can do this alone? Ha! I am so lazy that it takes me months to correct a
  35. mistake. Do you think you can do this alone? You can’t even eat a burger properly! Now,
  36. correcting mistakes and eating burgers has nothing to do with the relationship – but you know what
  37. I mean. In fact, only you know what I mean.
  39. Maybe we can do this alone, but with each other we will love doing it!
  41. I am flawed, so are you and that’s how we roll! Flaws are hinges that lock us together. If
  42. we were smooth as perfect – we’d slip past each other.
  44. This feels so perfect, effortless, inspiring and full of life. Like it is meant to be.
  45. Like it is inevitable. Let’s leave our big noses (ego) aside, and enjoy this lined-up
  46. life. Let’s be together… hell, when were we gone? Since very first time we met, to this
  47. date – we’ve been together.
  49. I admit it! I want to do this with you. How about you?
  51. Your lover,
  53. Blair.
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