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happy day with Yuuka 6

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Nov 16th, 2020
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  1. Life at Mugenkan was an eternal spring. The weather was temperate year round, with just enough rain to allow the flora to grow beautifully. There were no seasons, no cycles of death and rebirth, simply endless growth. Needless to say, Yuuka preferred spring the most out of all the seasons, so this was ideal for her. However, your children were starting to get curious about the other seasons. Summer beaches, falling leaves, snowfall. From the stories you read them each night, tales of far out places, you began to feel a bit guilty for sheltering them in the massive mansion. A vacation must be in order by now, before they grow old and lose that childlike wonder. From the Tengu newspaper delivered to the house every week, you learned of a great snowfall in Gensokyo this winter, with ski lodges being offered for rental on some mountains near the Misty Lake. You decide to bring it up at the dinner table today, knowing the presence of the children will make the case much more compelling to Yuuka.
  2. A hard-working woman to a fault, your wife continued to insist on preparing meals. The fairies were decent cooks, but they were much better at following instruction than acting independently. Yuuka ran a tight ship in the kitchen, ordering around her minions mercilessly. I need these vegetables chopped right away! Not too much salt in the broth! No, too much heat you're going to ruin it! A perfectionist, she wouldn't allow anything less than her best effort to pass through even for something as simple as an evening meal. You walk into the kitchen to kill some time, and give your wife a well deserved hand. Her hair in a long ponytail, wearing a cute pink apron, whisking away forcefully at some sort of dessert, you felt great joy in the sight as always. Focused in her work, she doesn't notice you sneaking up behind her and moving for a hug.
  3. Ahh! Right on target, she drops her bowl onto the table, and shrieks for her life. Before you can be berated, you shut up her up with a forceful kiss, paying no mind to the gawks and gazes of the maids all around you. Hehe...thank you, but I'm busy right now what is it? You tell her that you want to help out, and she graciously accepts with a smile. You've become something of a chef yourself, with your study of alchemy giving you some transferrable job experience. Both you and Yuuka could go without food if need be, and your full-blooded youkai children likely did not need any either, but food as a pleasure and hobby kept both of you at it. It also offered an opportunity to spend more time together, which you took advantage of right now. You finish up all the remaining tasks with Yuuka and call the kids down for dinner. The family had now grown to six, the oldest well into her 6th year now, with yet another newborn joining the swarm. Growing a little older, you started to better understand their temperaments - how similar yet different they were in character to their mother. The oldest seemed the closest to Yuuka. Calm usually, but with an unrestrained wild side. Confident in herself, but also a bit needy and possessive at heart. Also had a mischievous streak that came out when she needed a little attention. The second eldest seemed to be very sharp-witted for her age, rather precocious academically, with a fondness for using big words. She didn't get in trouble as much as the older one, and she liked to rub it in sometimes - a sibling rivalry in the making. Your four year old however, was a lovable little ball of pure love, seemingly always in good spirits, smiling and laughing, though somewhat awkward and clumsy. Her two older sisters competed to influence her, striving to be the one she looked up to. As for the younger ones, it remained to be seen, but you had nothing but the highest hopes for all.
  4. Always looking forward to Yuuka's concoction of the day, they fly down in a stampede. Though there was a far larger dining hall within the mansion, you all typically ate in the outdoor terrace near the kitchen - smaller, but with a more casual atmosphere. Wasting no time on pleasantries, they inhaled their food savagely. Their compliments of the cooking used to be even more glowing, but unfortunately Yuuka has had to compete with Ran nowadays, which has been a fierce competition at every gathering. Regardless, they dig in happily tonight. Yuuka thanks you again for your help, grateful for the love she has shared and received in turn.
  5. After everyone finished dinner, you ask the family if they'd like to go on a little vacation to Gensokyo and enjoy the snow. Unsurprisingly, all the children are ecstatic from the prospect, waiting eagerly to hear Yuuka's opinion. Please mama, please? I've been wanting to my whole entire life ever since I was born! the oldest puts on quite the show. Yes, I believe such an expedition would help our edumuhcation a lot. Your 5 year old almost nails that one perfectly.
  6. Isn't the idea to escape the snow, Yuuka says. All that grey, the frigid cold, all the flowers dying off, what's so fun about that?
  7. Skiing! Building a snowman! Snowball fights! Hot chocolate! Festivals! The kids go on and on, until Yuuka can no longer deny the mounting evidence.
  8. Alright, as long as it's for you guys, I'm fine with it. Have you found a nice location, darling? I'm not very picky, as long as there's not too many people in the area.
  9. You explain the offer in the newspaper, and with that you begin to discuss preparations.
  10. Packing together the few winter clothes you kept around was simple, but the kids insisted on bringing toys and various other mementos along with them, making the luggage load onerous. You realized they rarely ever left the dream world, save for the occasional sleepover at the Yakumos. While the homesickness might be challenging, it would definitely be healthy in the long run. Yuuka concurs, though expresses that you will both need to watch the girls more carefully. As always, a few additional fairy maids tag along to help out.
  11. Waving goodbye to the friendly gatekeeper, you emerge from the lake of blood back to where it all began. Your children are thoroughly confused from the bizarre journey. Uhhhh...we live in this lake mama? papa? Not exactly, Yuuka explains, it's just a scary doorway to keep people from wandering in. Yup that's right! Kurumi goes along with the simple explanation. You question if your arcane knowledge will ever be enough to understand how the whole thing works.
  12. Holding hands with everyone, you take flight through the air. Seeing the snow-blanketed world from up high gives you entirely new perspective on the lands you used to call your home. Passing above forests, farmland, mountains, you wonder how you used to live, being forced to trod on foot for hours on end. The human villagers looked like small little ants, walking around the village, forever stuck down there on earth, doomed to live short and unsatisfying lives. You thought seeing the sight would make you miss your normal life a little, but no such thing happens. Rather, you almost feel a little disgusted. All those people you used to call acquaintances down there, caught up in their petty little squabbles, tedious jobs, and their boring, loveless marriages. Who would you have married if not for Yuuka? What kind of miserable role would you have been shoehorned into? Preferring not to dwell on this train of thought any longer, you move your focus up ahead instead, to the wide open sky of possibility.
  13. Ahh, is this it? You arrive to a small eastern style winter cabin in seemingly, the middle of nowhere. A Tengu agent swoops in to collect the payment, and flies away happily. Yuuka and the maids quickly get to work making the place more homey while you watch the children as they play outside in the snow. Making snow angels on the ground, you notice small little flowers budding up all around them even through the ice. You wonder how Yuuka could transform the terrain if she truly used the extent of her powers, but for now you let snow be snow. You found yourself getting dragged into a vicious snowball fight, which your eldest daughter had a decisive advantage in due to her parasol. Unable to pierce the stout defense, you concede defeat and head inside. Feeling prouder than ever, she brags about her achievement to her mother, as the rest of you all walk in covered in snow. Everything neatly unpacked, the kids enjoy looking through the new rooms. You take a breather on a couch in the living room with Yuuka. Well they seem to be pretty happy, she says. When you're a child, everything seems so new...I don't remember my childhood much at all, but I'm sure I must have felt similar things. I hope they have lots of fun...Resting her head on your shoulder, she once again finds herself lost in memories. If I can give them even a fraction of the happiness you've given me, I'll consider my life redeemed. I've hurt a lot of people you know...I always felt like they deserved it, even now, but it still takes a bit of a toll...You think back to that internal dialogue you had passing over the human village, and you can relate to Yuuka on this one. Looking down on all those unpleasant and ignorant people, but also feeling like you should be doing more to make the world more beautiful. Perhaps she has rubbed off on you, or maybe you were always like this...
  14. As long as we can keep our family happy, we'll have done our part. Happiness is like a seed you can plant. Planting just six seeds may not seem like much, but once that plant grows, it too will spread its seeds and multiply in turn. All the more so if that plant was properly watched over and cared for. Now that was really corny...Yuuka says with a laugh. But I know what you mean. Yes, quality has just as much power as quantity. Though I wouldn't mind if you planted a few more seeds inside me either...Yuuka says in a quieter tone. Hmmm, six isn't enough of a challenge for you? No of course not! she says. I can raise an entire garden. You feel yourself quite excited from this exchange, but it's far too early in the day to go any further.
  15. You waste no time and begin your first activities in the afternoon - skiing to start. Boards already prepared complimentary by the lodging services, you fly up the mountain where you, Yuuka, and your three oldest daughters attempt to get a handle of the sport. Yuuka has bundled everyone up to the maximum, absolutely loathing the cold. Like an overstuffed penguin, watching her waddle around gave you quite the laugh, as well the little munchkins to her side. A few other youkai and humans were in the area skiing as well, a popular spot for couples. The sport proves to be a challenge, beyond even the scope of the great Yuuka Kazami. Falling over on her face more than a few times, you explain it would probably be easier if she took a layer or two off, but she refuses, shivering pathetically. Slowly but surely, you reach the end destination. At the bottom of the mountain overlooking the lake was a small shop selling refreshments, which Yuuka gladly took advantage of. Sitting on a bench in front of the fire, you've never seen the woman so exhausted and enfeebled before. This cold is simply brutal, she complains. A youkai must be responsible for this. I say we stop skiing for the day, find whoever caused this, and dispose of them promptly, she says as she sips her hot cocoa. Uhh, mama, I thought you said killing people was bad...your youngest says worriedly. Hmmm, you're right, Yuuka says. Instead, we should make this winter youkai go to the garden of the sun in summer and see how they like it. Make them do some gardening work. Hehe, heh, ahhhh...Yuuka seems somewhat relieved through these dark fantasies, so you decide to leave her be and tell the kids she's only joking.
  16. You take a walk by the lake after finishing your drinks, as fairies played all around. Your children quickly made friends with a few of them, though you made certain to watch with Yuuka to ensure no accidents happened. They built snowmen, chased each around in a game of tag, played hide and seek, and it all seemed to warm up Yuuka's heart well. The fun was ruined though when a certain tomboyish fairy entered the area. Recognizing Yuuka from some encounter in the past, she screamed and told all the other fairies to run away immediately.
  17. Ehe, sorry girls, she must have mistaken me for someone else... You pat Yuuka on the head, and continue your walk home.
  18. Once home, you warmed up a small pond behind your house using pyro magic, allowing it to serve as something of a hot sauna. You relaxed with your wife and family in the warm waters, Yuuka particularly enjoying the sensations. Thank you so much, dear. A little slice of home... Yuuka called the maids out to bring soap and shampoo, treating everyone to a thorough bath to wash off all the dirt they accumulated. Everyone relaxed, recovered, and clean, you all flew quickly back inside to enjoy a nice hot dinner. Reflecting a bit more on the long day you had, the kids went further and discussed what they'd like to do tomorrow. Visit Moriya Shrine! Play with the fairies again! Ice skating! Oh dear, seems they haven't had their fill of snow yet...Yuuka sighed to herself. We'll do all of it, don't you worry everyone. You've been such good girls, I just can't say no. Yuuka played strict, but she really loved to spoil them deep down, pushing herself to the limit at times even to do so.
  19. You tuck all the kids into bed, and return to the master bedroom with Yuuka. The bed sadly can't compare to the one back home, and the view is dismal, but as long as Yuuka is by your side, that hardly seems to matter. You cuddle up against the fireplace with her once again, to continue the conversation from earlier today.
  20. Thanks Yuuka for going along with this, it really means the world to them, you say. Heh, you're giving me too much credit, it was your idea after all...and it wasn't all that bad. Hey, can I talk to you about something? Of course, anything Yuuka, you say. Now I don't usually put stock into what others say or think of me, but when my girls weren't able to play with those fairies today...that hurt me a bit, you know? What kind of mother scares off their children's friends like that? Hah...a really pathetic showing...
  21. You are unsure how to tackle this one really, especially when you don't know exactly what Yuuka did to the fairy to warrant such a reaction. But regardless, you try your best.
  22. Yuuka, I don't know what happened in the past between you and that fairy, but what I've seen in the last 6 years is the best show of motherhood I've ever witnessed. I hardly even registered that comment, because there's no doubt in my mind that you've done a near flawless job at raising them. They're clever, strong, adventurous, and the apple cannot possibly fall that far from the tree. Your girls love you so much Yuuka, they see you as a perfect role model. I love you. Other people will never know us like we know each other, so what do their opinions matter?
  23.'re right. How foolish of me. I'm growing older, but I'm acting more like a young girl every day. Heh, I used to always say to hell with everyone else, but I've softened up. It's all your better take responsibility for that...and with that Yuuka moves in for a kiss. You carry her to the bed, make out a little harder, ready to unzip your fully erect cock and then--
  24. You hear a knock on the door. Mama? Papa? Can I come in please? Ahh, that could've been whispered to Yuuka. Oh well, make up for it when we get home please, she says. Yes, you can come in sweetie. Your daughter walks in, clutching her teddy bear close, and seems to be in distress. I can't sleep mama, papa, my room feels scary...Perhaps because Yuuka is homesick too, she hoists her into the bed, placing her right in between you and herself. Ahhh, thanks so much! The noise attracted the rest of your family as well. Aside from the two newborns in cradles, you now lay in bed with Yuuka and your three daughters, packed together closely for heat. Soft breath against your chest, you hold them close, stroking their luscious green hair like you would for Yuuka. Not much sleeping takes place as they enjoy asking mom and dad millions of silly questions, one of which included "where do babies come from". You both settle for "the ground, they come from plants". Well, partially true in this case. You met with Yuuka over flowers after all. Slowly you drift away to the sound of bitter, howling wind outside, feeling warm on the inside and the outside.
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