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Feb 10th, 2012
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  1. Dear citizens of the anonymous and free internet
  3. On february 12th the Dutch broadcasting channel SBS is going to air a show, based on false flag information, attacking the TOR network. Claiming the network is only used as pedophile heaven and for this reason should be banned from the Dutch internet.
  4. We, the people of the Netherlands, can not allow this false flag on the minds of our people.
  6. The combination of the now far reaching censorship laws, and the removal of online privacy, can be seen as the starting point for a completely controlled internet, and we, anonymous, do not approve of this.
  8. We ask you, fellow anonymous internet lovers, to join us in this epic battle. We ask all of you to rise up against the fascist oppressors trying to control our internet and minds.
  10. We are anonymous.
  11. We are legion.
  12. We do not forgive.
  13. We do not forget.
  14. If you media fags continue false flagging our people, you SHOULD expect us.
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