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  1. Secure, Contain and Protect. That is the name of our secret organization. All throughout history, many anomalies, both living and non living, have haunted this earth, giving great powers or causing horrible death. We at the SCP foundation are the answer. We secure it, finding it and deeming it quarantined from the rest of the world. We contain it, putting it in one of our many secure facilities, with protection built according to the anomalies' powers. We protect it, ensuring no one can get in or out of their containment cell, unless for testing, so they may no longer cause harm to the world. Research and personal are assigned clearance levels, from 0 to 5. 05-X commands are the head leaders and overseers of the SCP foundation. D-Class are death row inmates we gather, offer 1 month of service for their freedom, and use them for testing on the SCPs. We still do not know why these anomalies exist in our world, their purpose, how they came to be, or what they plan to do, but our job is to keep them away from the general public, both to help them, and to protect them.
  3. <b><size=30><allign="center">[<color=>RU]Server Desc SCP:SL</allign></size=40></b>
  4. This is a SCP server made for people to enjoy and have fun on!
  5. We also would like more staff for the server so if you would like to join our discord that would be great!
  7. If you are new to SCP then here is somethings to take note of.
  8. If you are a D-class your job is.
  9. 1. To escape
  10. 2. Dont let MTF or SCP's find you
  11. 3. Activate the Nuke
  13. If you are MTF your job is to
  14. 1. Capture the SCP's and D-class
  15. 2. Activate the Nuke
  17. If you are a SCP your job is to
  18. 1. Kill everyone
  19. 2. Let no one escape.
  20. 3. Dont die by the nuke
  22. Thats all, enjoy!
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