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Dec 31st, 2020
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  1. Date: 2020-12-31
  3. Features:
  4. Sound sliders in options menu now work.
  5. Minimap now hides stuff that shouldn't be seen. (like over mountains)
  6. Object map (bottom-left) blips now hide according to the minimap.
  7. Helicopter speeds have been now increased along with the player's/enemy's sight range.
  8. New rope behaviour. Rope now pulls back the pegasus if somehow the target is stuck.
  9. Some EJ values are now calculated from what debris the object is going to drop when destroyed.
  10. Ground unit production doors now have a nice opening/closing animation with sound.
  11. Added content lock for DEMO version. (good luck going further than 3 levels =) )
  12. All objects now play a sound on impact.
  13. Servers with no names are now omitted.
  14. Rewritten enemy weaponary behaviour. (no noticeable difference)
  15. Rewritten how some objectives work.
  16. Rewritten how entities on the war-room are shown.
  18. Fixes:
  19. Fixed some sounds not stopping in Escape menu.
  20. Fixed weapon recharge UI disappearing when the game is resized.
  21. Fixed some objectives not appearing in level 3
  22. Fixed bug where on pegasus death, roped target does not lose the springy component. This should finally solve the targets orbiting around pegasus fiasco...
  23. Fixed one objective text not fitting into the objectives box.
  24. Fixed the ability for the player to grab a single debris with multiple Pegasi.
  25. Fixed pegasus rope slingshot abuse. No more space programs!
  26. Fixed Soul AI not being able to operate a longbow.
  27. Fixed M1A1 debris not having collision.
  29. Known bugs:
  30. Player's unit GUI, weapon recharge glitches out (disappears) when changing weapons and changing back to scalpel.
  31. Energy UI is not seperate from unit's GUI.
  32. When selecting a unit for switching to it, the game lags a bit.
  33. Factories can't produce multiple units.
  34. In multiplayer co-op landed units like Recon chopper do not have "landed" variable enabled.
  35. In construction room when an animation plays and you quit the room it will stay locked when you go back in.
  36. Only in single-player the krusty Antaeus is sparking. Oh and the horns move, but they shouldn't....
  37. Mission blips are not blinking.
  38. You can sometimes hear a clang when you return to the game.
  39. Selection UI shows up in after level complete/fail screen.
  40. On level2 objective "defend the carrier" shows up too quickly.
  41. After quiting to the main menu and launching deathmatch, the bays still remain the same. (Good thing is you can't move those icons)
  42. Antaeus beam stays when the target goes out of range.
  43. On multi-player some objective briefings do not play.
  44. M1A1, Recon chopper, Machine gun(50mm cannon) still don't have bits, I mean cmon how long do we have to wait???
  46. Date: 2020-10-17
  48. Scarab’s beam now is hidden on target.
  49. When targeting spinning bits now move.(for example Cabal chopper blades)
  50. All debris now floats.
  51. Enemy helicopters now take off.
  52. Small and tall lamps now have collisions and can be broken.
  53. Laser pointers now do not show up in the construction room.
  54. Spawning locations in Deathmatch are now a bit more reasonable.
  55. In Skirmish Carriers now can sample stuff properly.
  56. AAA no longer can shoot down EMP balls.
  57. Pegasus now cannot pick up enemy units in Skirmish.
  58. The tank limiter in multiplayer (Ground unit production) now works properly.
  59. Built M1 now should move forward properly.
  60. Fixed pressing F1 and F2 in the ESC menu.
  61. Fixed Scarab beam not disappearing after turning away.
  62. Fixed in Multiplayer Scarab and Behemoth debris not having the proper colours.
  63. Every friendly unit now has debris and bits.
  64. Scarab and Behemoth scavenging in multiplayer is now more optimized.
  65. Fixed war room cursor snap-back.
  66. Added Day/Night cycle with the moon.
  67. When targeting disabled units now have “DISABLED” text written on the target UI.
  68. Puma’s wheels now spin and front wheels now rotate left and right. (still needs a lot of work though)
  69. In Skirmish team selection it now shows how many players are in each team.
  70. In Multiplayer when targeting a player now you can see the player’s name.
  71. Multiplayer chat is now scrollable.
  72. When switching units now you can see static fade out.
  73. In chat now you can see a message when a person joins, leaves, gets kicked out or banned.(Not fully tested though)
  74. Soul AI now can be ordered to go to the sampler.
  75. Chat font is now mono-spaced for easier coding.
  76. Chat controls are now more comprehensible.
  77. No more moving about when the chat window is open.
  78. Units in multiplayer deathmatch now should spawn on land and not underground.
  79. Sentinel now can drown.
  80. Added cloaking. (not sure if fully works in multiplayer though)
  81. Puma now cannot rotate when not moving.
  82. Fixed main menu music high pitched noise on loop.(but there are still some audio files with the same problem. Mainly voicelines)
  83. Fixed not able to quit when on restart screen.
  84. Optimized war room Soul AI commands a bit more.(There is still a lot of work to do with soul AI)
  85. Main menu now has click sounds on some buttons.
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