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  1. import logging
  2. #enables the logging used by yapsy
  3. logging.basicConfig(level=logging.DEBUG)
  4. from yapsy.PluginManager import PluginManager
  5. var = PluginManager()
  6. #location where your plugin resides in
  7. var.setPluginPlaces(['C:/Users/wouter/Documents/workspace/mysite/src/mysite/fingerprinting/plugins/osplugins'])
  8. var.locatePlugins()
  9. var.loadPlugins()
  10. #category is determined by the object your plugins it inherit from
  11. #Default means that everything from yapsy.IPlugin.IPlugin is accepted
  12. #can be changed by adding parameter to the declaration of the pluginmanager
  13. #
  14. #the list contains Plugininfo objects
  15. #
  16. list = var.getPluginsOfCategory("Default")
  17. print list
  19. for item in list:
  20.     print "item:"
  21.     print item
  22.     #the pluginobject itself can be retrieved from PluginInfo
  23.     #with .plugin_object
  24.     pluginobject = item.plugin_object
  25.     #now you can call the methods from your plugin
  26.     pluginobject.test()
  28. #get the plugin by name this returns the plugin (not the info)
  29. #for the PluginInfo object -->getPluginByName("yournamehere")
  30. plugin = var.activatePluginByName("WindowsScanner")
  31. #again methods can be called
  32. plugin.test()
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