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  1. Kalvins weapons consist of dual shields that in their first form are as long as his forearms and hands, though can extend to halfway up his upper arm. The shields have a teardrop-esque shape, the tip toward his hand with the rounded side by his upper arm. The edges are sharpened, allpwing for clean cuts to be made with ease. There are master keys om the inside facing toward the point that load four shells of gravity dust at a time before needing to reload. These are for movement, rather than damage. The shiepf may also fold around his arms if he so desires.
  2. Aura: a forcefield of sorts around his body that protects him from any and all wounded as long as it is active, until it is drained completely. When activated it brvomes visible by am odd yellowish coloring on his skin flashing momentarily before returning to normal.
  3. Semblence, Kinetic Flow: this allows Kalvin to absorb any kinetic energy that is imparted to his body, and store a certain amount in himself. He can then use it as he pleases, to strengthen the speed and power in his attacks.
  4. 3 random facts: Kalvin is very curious in nature, and asks many questions. Half of those questions normally consist if "why?"
  5. He looks at things from a logical stand oount most of the time, to the point of annoyance
  6. He hates shellfish
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