Item 62 Documentation

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  1. Subject: Item 62
  2. Author: Professor Alexander R. Krause
  3. Recipient: RTO
  6.     Item 62 is a coilgun of Ukrainian origin which fires ferromagnetic slugs comparable in size to the 12.7x108mm cartridge used in contemporary anti material rifles. The coilgun does not accept traditional batteries and instead uses fragments of an ionized glass to power the weapon’s firing mechanism. Upon being fired, the ferromagnetic slug leaves Cherenkov radiation in its flight path. It is unlikely that this radiation is being dispersed into the air by the projectile itself and will require further study to discern.
  8.     Item 62 initially arrived in our laboratory equipped with a magnified SUSAT optic with a lens magnification of 4x mounted on a picatinny rail system. Outside of this optic, the weapon possessed no other targeting aids. The anomalous battery sits inside the receiver of the weapon and the ferromagnetic slugs are fed into the weapon through a box magazine able to hold 8 rounds at a time. Loaded, the weapon weighs approximately 9 kilograms.
  10.     Penetration tests were performed on steel plates measured 400, 600, and 800 millimeters thick. The 400 and 600 millimeter plates were punctured with entry and exit points in-line with one another. Tests on the 800 millimeter steel resulted in the slug lodging itself inside of the plate and impressing a bulge on the backside of the target.
  12.     This weapon will soon be delivered to the RTO succeeding this document where further testing and reverse engineering will be carried out.
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