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  1. Collin bolted home from the school bus, tossing his backpack aside at the door and kicking his shoes off haphazardly before scampering upstairs to his room. His father poked his head out of the kitchen and shouted at Collin's back as he ran upstairs. "Not even a hi?"
  2. The boy opened his door and made a beeline for his computer, turning it on and booting up his favorite game. It was an open world game called Marooned about an astronaut that crashes on a distant planet and has to learn to survive in his new environment. Part Minecraft, part Breath of the Wild, it was all fun for the fifth grader. The graphics were clean and stunning, there was always something new to do each day and new places to explore! To say that the boy was addicted would be an understatement.
  4. While Collin was starting to gather up supplies around a massive field, his door opened up. His papa peeked in and said, "Collin, baby? Your daddy said hello."
  5. "Oh?" Collin said, pulling an earbud out. "Uh...tell him I said hi." He replied without taking his eyes off the screen.
  7. His papa watched him for a moment with a look of concern and disappointment. "Collin...Maybe it's time you take a break from that game, huh? Have you done your homework yet?"
  9. "I'll do it after I'm done! Just an hour! Half an hour!" Collin said loudly, almost defensively.
  11. His papa's face continued to reflect a deep sense of disappointment but he nodded. "Alright...But we want to have a word with you tonight about how much you've been playing that game."
  13. Collin didn't respond, only continuing to explore the extraterrestrial terrain.
  14. His papa sighed and left, closing the door quietly behind him. As he did, Collin jumped to a new level of the game, a little cavern he'd never explored until just now. In fact, had he even seen that particular cave before? It almost seemed new to him but he couldn't recall.
  17. Strabimon wasn't entirely sure where he was. He'd been stumbling around this cave system for days now. He was pretty sure he'd walked into a portal at some point. The air just... smelled wrong. Plus it had been at least 36 hours since he'd had to fight, rape or run away from a random Digimon. It was starting to get not scary but rather boring. And he was just plain pent up. then he walked around a corner and found himself blinded. Air. The outside! A chance to get found! He didn't really need water. He could recycle his own piss as many times as needed. Plus it was just plain tastier. But scat had gotten increasingly harder to recycle as the constipation set in.
  19. So he'd found an exist. But before he went out, he'd decided to take care of himself. He wanted his head as clear as reasonably possible, and if that meant his chest would also be opposite of clear, beign coated in semen and all... well so be it. He'd undressed, throwing his pants and codpiece over a nearby boulder as he leaned down on his back and started stroking. He was hard before he'd finished undressing, so it didn't take much before he blasted his first time. Or his second. He was working on his third when he'd heard footsteps. He needed a moment to register them, so that when the figure turned around the boulder, he was still wildly stroking up and down his uncut length, on the verge of his third load.
  21. "Wha--" he exclaimed simultaneously with the... that was a game avatar. He knew it. He'd stumbled into some game. And now... dammit the player was disconnecting.
  23. Strabimon screamed as the portal opened by Collin logging out sucked him in right after the boy, then dumped him in the human's lap. He was naked and actually sending streaks of semen out. Collin was fully dressed and getting soaked in the fluids. The chair tipped over and sent them sprawling across the floor. The digimon rolled right to his feet like a champion gymnast and covered his cock that dribbled the last of his load.
  25. "Fuck fuck fuck, where's my clothes?" The universe promptly answered by having the pants and sweaty codpiece fly out of the portal in the computer screen and land right in Collin's face. The portal then closed, returning the room to a normal state, other than the cum that had spurted out or dribbled off Strabimon's messy frame, and the nervously shaking canine standing by the bed and staring at his clothing, unsure whether to reach out and grab them.
  28. Everything had happened so quickly that Collin had no idea what was happening. One minute he'd been getting ready to trek into a cave to explore and the next minute he was flat on his floor, too stunned to scream or cry out as this bizarre werewolf thing had suddenly materialized on his lap! He thought he'd seen something like it in the game just before the event happened though he had no idea what it was doing. Shaking or shivering or something! Having no idea what masturbation was and only having a vague idea what sex was from joking around with friends, he was completely naive to the fact that the werewolf thing was jerking off! Had he been older and wiser, he would have assumed that it was just some weirdo having programmed it into the game and ignored it.
  29. He stood up, wide eyed and bewildered as the creature got off of him and started looking around. Collin could see that who or whatever it was, it looked just as confused as he was. Certainly not malicious or ready to attack. Not sensing any danger or the fact that the creature was naked and had a whole dick out, he approached apprehensively and said, "Uh...Hi? Who are you?" While he wasn't immediately aware of the creature's arousal, he was aware that the smell in his room had definitely changed. It smelled strong and weird. He also felt the front of his shirt was wet, as well as his chin and lips, which he licked without even thinking.
  32. Realizing he was still holding the creatures clothes in his hands, he looked down to see what they were. They were definitely clothes and...something that looked like a cup? Some kind of... He leaned in and sniffed it, recoiling a bit at the strong, spicy smell held in the cloth. The creature was indeed naked and he tried not to look at the thing's crotch as he recognized that the creature was another boy like him. He blushed and apologized while the creature's stink lingered in his nose. The thought that he was just sniffing the thing's...underwear? Whatever it was, the thought of smelling it had stirred something inside him in his lower belly and groin. His little dicklet stuck up under his briefs painfully which he ignored. "So...Who are you? And how did you get in my room?"
  35. Strabimon used a hand to cover his crotch awkwardly, but he was hung enough that he couldn't cover his flaccid cock and balls completely. His fur, which reduced to a thin fuzz in the area, provided no assistance there and he was so viscerally opposed to the idea of pulling his tail between his legs that the idea of using it never even crossed his mind. His free hand reached forward toward Collin. Right now he was just so overwhelmed he never even thought of crouching on the other side of the bed to hide. He just wanted his clothes. Well, he also kinda wanted to go home, eat, clean up and all other sort of things, but that was all overshadowed by the fact someone else was holding onto his clothes... and sniffing them. Who was this human?!
  37. "Please... give them baaack..." he pleaded desperately. His voice actually sounded like a canine whine as he did that. Collin could see his maw and his tongue. they were not human, and not fake,. This was not a disguised human! The creature was about four feet tall, the size of a preteen, but far more advanced hormonally, clearly.
  39. Strabimon knew of humans. He knew digimon could even travel to the real world. He just... didn't expect it to happen to himself. At least, not like [i]this[/i], while he was so vulnerable. He blushed in embarrassment as he noticed a streak of semen was dangling off the side of the kid's hair.
  42. Collin wasn't sure exactly why he was surprised that the creature could speak. He supposed it was the sound of the thing's voice that startled him. It was human and english but the way it sounded was so off. The creature also looked to be about his height or at least the height of a slightly older kid. That made the thing seem far less imposing than when it had suddenly shown up on his lap. Though its sharp claws were certainly something to keep a close eye on.
  44. Just as he'd been holding the clothes out for the creature to take, he pulled them back with a playful smile. "Not until you tell me who you are and how you got in my room!" His eyes went back down to his shielded crotch and he wondered if he'd imagined seeing it as much bigger in his head than what it was. He was only familiar with his own size and had no reference for how big they were supposed to be. And if he remembered correctly, the thing was quite endowed!
  47. Strabimon swiped in an attempt to grab the clothes, only for Collin to pull them back. "Hey!" he protested, nervousness and fear suddenly replaced with irritation. He caught the boy's eyes travelling down to his crotch again. It was only now that he realized he'd been covering up. Normally he wouldn't give a shit about being exposed in front of a total stranger. heck, he wouldn't give a shit about having sex with a complete stranger. Normally, but this was no normal circumstances. He did not usually end up sucked through an interdimensional portal while naked, and without any warning. Still for some reason, the glance really got to him and he suddenly pulled his slimy, pre and cum-coated paw away.
  49. "Fine, there you go!" he announced, spitefully bringing his paw up and starting to lick it clean. "Why don't you come up and give it a kiss if you like it so much!" he added in a half growl.
  51. [17:39] [user]Collin Hooper[/user]: (How big is he? :3 And will he answer Collin's questions? ;3)
  52. [17:41] [user]Psychemon[/user]: [he will probably answer later, but right now he's just miffed at the cheekiness. and I'd imagine his being a shower, sizeable even when flaccid. A good 8 or nine inches when hard (which he is not right now). Big balls, the size of plums, I'd say. All the better to fill you, my child]
  55. The boy was completely thrown off guard by the creature's reply and he stepped back a bit as he eyed those claws a little nervously. He was worried that he'd agitated the thing too much in his quest for answers but his attention was quickly grabbed by the exposed lap.
  57. So he hadn't imagined anything at all! It really was massive! Fat and thick juicy looking in his opinion. He'd only ever seen his own and it was nowhere close to that size! He was a bit confused and flustered that the creature was exposing himself like that, demanding his attention there for some reason. All he had asked was his name! The creature seemed annoyed and he wasn't sure what exactly he was expecting of him.
  59. "You want me to kiss it?" Collin asked, wrinkling his nose. "Like...your thing?" He asked, pointing down at the werewolf thing's pecker. He considered asking why he should kiss it but the creature didn't seem to be in the mood to answer questions. He knew about kissing wieners since there were kids at school that made fun of his dads for doing that sort of thing. Seeing as he wasn't going to get much in the way of answers and to placate the thing, as well as quell his own curiosity, he replied, "Well...I'll do it as long as you don't tell my daddy and papa! Uhm...where should I kiss?"
  62. Strabimon's penis, although flaccid, wasn't just juicy-[i]looking[/i]. Right now it was [i]literally[/i] juicy, too. The canine's crotch, stomach and chest were basically soaked in cum and pre. What hadn't dripped everywhere, anyway. Strabimon was taken aback a little at Collin's answer, and found himself speechless, which was all the better since it meant the kid didn't really notice how he'd surprised the other creature. He did his best to give a curt nod, to make it seem like that was exactly what he'd wanted from the start. Clearly this kid either was very naive, or just not the sharpest tool in the shed. Finding a rookie digimon that was a virgin was not necessarily hard (Strabimon got around enough that he'd deflowered his fair share in his time), but finding one that had no ideas about sex, that was unusual.
  64. "Wherever you want, slut. That's no smeg off my cock," he retorted, using the nastiest words he could think of as a way to test the water.
  67. The words might as well have been a completely different language with the lewd terms he was throwing at the boy. They rolled off him as if they were nothing though he would eventually grow to learn lots of things from the strange creature. He carefully approached the thing and dropped down to his knees, still looking over the creature's crotch. Up close, he could smell what he'd smelled in its codpiece and the weird stink was tenfold. He held his breath for a moment, only taking shallow sniffs as he got used to the creature's smell. He noticed how slick it looked as well though he didn't immediately tie it to the mess on his shirt, which he assumed was some kind of time-travelling gunk or something.
  69. He kissed <i>all</i> over the creatures dick. He started with a quick peck on the foreskin covered head and looked up to see the creatures expression for approval. He provided another kiss, then another. He pulled back the thing's foreskin to kiss the glans before kissing up the length of the shaft. He knew he could have stopped but he was starting to grow more fond of the smell. That and the warm, pulsing heat on his fingers and lips as he worshiped the strange creature's cock. His lips met the base and he started his way back down along the underside of his shaft. He even made sure to give those heavy, full balls a kiss as well all while looking up to see what the creature had to say.
  72. Strabimon awaited for Collin to make good on his "demand" with bated breath. He didn't miss out how Collin was also mostly holding in his breath. While the other was distracted, he observed around the room a little more. This sexual situation was something he was a lot more comfortable with now, so he had some attention to spare. It wasn't hard to guess why his scent was so fascinating to the boy: there was no other scent in the room. The humans lived in an environment that was, it would seem, far too sanitized for their own good. The room would probably forever smell of Strabimon now. Which was to say it would smell like home. He didn't know how, or even if he could get back to the digital world, so this place better make a good home.
  74. He gasped upon feeling the boy pull back his foreskin, Collin getting pre all over his fingers in the process. his cock gave a strong throb. By the time the boy was done with kissing the erection, it had gotten hard all the way again and was dribbling pre like a leaky faucet, He tried to make a haughty expression, but there was an unmistakable grin on his face and he failed to sound like a hard-to-please teacher: "That was almost acceptable." Even he realised his voice cracked halfway into it, and the nine inches of purple penis, the foreskin still pulled back to expose the sensitive skin, weren't helping. In an attempt to keep the other distracted, he pushed his luck further:
  76. "Y'know, if you ain't gonna give me back my clothes, the polite thing would be to not be all overdressed like that."
  79. It took a moment for Collin to understand what the creature meant by being overdressed. His eyes widened and he said, "Oh! I'm sorry...This okay?" He asked as he stripped off his shirt and pants. He peeled off his underwear, revealing a tiny pink dicklet and a pair of marbles that had yet to drop. He was stiff as a nail as his pecker jutted up towards his belly. "I don't usually get naked with my friends or anything...But you're okay, I suppose. Um..." He frowned. He certainly thought that he'd done a pretty acceptable job of kissing his dick. He lost count of how many times he kissed over that thing and his lips still tasted like that weird sticky pee that was leaking from his tip. "Mmmm...What else should I do, uh...mister? Thing?"
  82. Strabimon stared in amazement as the boy just... casually got rid of every he had on save for his socks. He was hard. Which at this point, after how much time he'd just spent basically giving baby's first oral to the larger creature, wasn't too surprising. he either had a lot of self control or had never masturbated in his life. He wondered which one that was. Such a pathetic little length. The only males Strabimon had seen with things like that were rookies who had been dosed with some sexual hacks. Of course, this was mostly because although Strabimon knew what humans [i]were[/i], he didn't really know how they worked, much less that they grew over time, unlike digimon who evolved in bursts.
  84. He made a dismissive wave of his hand and walked around Collin. "Meh. You can kiss my ass, for all I care," he made his way to his clothing and bent over to grab them. He didn't realize his naturally raised tail exposed his butt. Of course, he was not actually expecting the kid to act on his proposal. A stupid mistake on everyone's part, really. Especially seeing as his tailhole was dirty with specks of dried scat in the surrounding fur, and a nasty scent. What could he say? As a canine, he could lick himself clean easily, but he'd decided to wait til he found water so as not to waste his spit.
  87. Collin wasn't sure if the creature had been kidding or not. He was a little gullible sometimes and he could easily fall for things or misunderstand or misread situations entirely. Without bothering to look before sticking his lips in a foreign location, he leaned down and pressed his lips right up against the creature's pucker. The smell was repulsive and he nearly pulled back in shock but he persisted. He kept his lips pressed right up against the weird creature's asshole before pulling back and seeing the surrounding filth. He felt his stomach turn a bit when he realized what he'd done but he kept close, mesmerized by the flexing pucker. "How was th-that?" He asked, getting a big lungful of ass stink from the creature.
  90. Strabimon froze, stiffening up in surprise, concern, then resolve. He could feel those lips not just on his ass, but right against his pucker. Filthy little boy was he, huh? He waited patiently. he was going to put his pants, or at the very least his codpiece on (even though his boner couldn't fit inside by any stretch of the imagination), but now... now he had some more interesting options. Maybe getting interrupted wasn't so bad. He reached down between his legs and grabbed his own cock, giving the thick length slow stroke that made small, slick noises.
  92. "Heeeh... You don't kiss an ass like you kiss a cock, brown-noser," he started with a smirk. He made his hole pucker lightly, the loose anus letting out a slow, wheezing fart in the process. "You see that hole? You gotta French it nice and proper. Gotta use that tongue of yours. Be fearless to reap your reward."
  95. The boy frowned and leaned forward, wrinkling his nose a bit at the breeze of foul air that barely ruffled his hair. "But...won't that make me sick though?" He asked. "I heard that if you play with your butt and poop, you could get really sick!" He was back down on his knees behind the strange creature, still sniffing at the pungent scent that came from the thing's ass. "I heard of Frenching. That's how they do it in movies right? They lick each other's tongues?" He inched forward, sniffing right at the pucker before giving the rim a tentative lick just to get a taste.
  98. "Hey, you're the one who wanted to know how to do it right. It's no shit off my ass if you decide not to make use of that knowledge~" Strabimon answered at first, which was not really an answer, really. "Listen, here, slutpuppy. I've kissed plenty of asses in my time, and way dirtier ones than this, too. And I've never gotten sick. If you're that scared, I should stop calling ya puppy and just call ya chicken, right?"
  100. He decided to put the boy even more on the spot. Collin was going to have to make his decision right there, right now, because without further ado, the canine male was stepping into his pants. Not wearing underwear meant he didn't have an extra step to given Collin time. the boy was going to not just decide whether to go ahead and really dig in, and that would imply actively keeping Strabimon naked. That would imply he wanted him to stay naked. THe Digimon couldn't wait to see how transgressive the kid was willing to get. A lick didn't even make him react. Though given the nastiness of the taste and smell, it might give the boy even more of a pause.
  103. The creature used a lot of words he didn't understand and called him names that he wasn't quite sure if they were insulting or flattering. He'd just popped right out of his game and onto his lap and in spite of all the confusion, the boy was eager for the creature to stay. He didn't have many in the way of friends and if TV taught him anything it was that friends that magically appear out of nowhere always take you on the funnest adventures. And since he didn't want to insult or drive the creature away, he set aside his nervousness and said, "Wait!" He spread the creature's cheeks and gave it the best french kiss he could. He was sloppy, of course since he had never kissed anyone before. And Collin would be thankful that his first real kiss wasn't with a cute girl or boy but a raunchy, smelly asshole. He sucked and slobbered and licked all over the hole, the filth tasting bitter and tangy and sweet all at the same time. It wasn't like anything he'd ever tasted before but he didn't hate it! When the hole flexed and opened up, he plunged
  106. "See? Put a little love into it and you get there~" Strabimon moaned. His hole eagerly welcomed the tongue inside. loose and needy like the slut he was. Meanwhile His paw was starting to go a lot faster over his cock. "That's it, keep going, slutpuppy~" he encouraged Colin as another fart, this one especially nasty, escaped from his ass and directly into the boy's mouth. "Yeah, take it all in~ Appreciate the flavor~" the Canine groaned. At this point he was ordering the boy like Collin was an experienced little shitguzzler... something he might well become faster than expected if he kept doing such an enthusiastic job. Strabimon was too busy being horny and lost in his own pleasure to provide more than a rather cryptic warning. "Oh yeah.. Keep fishing for brown trout like that and you'll be [i]well rewarded[/i]..."
  109. The boy was extremely surprised by the sudden blast of warm, foul air that puffed out his cheeks and snuck down into his lungs and out his nose. He pulled away, coughing and wiping his mouth. The creature had farted in his mouth! He'd been getting more into making out with a butthole, how weird and dirty and exciting it was! He'd even been wondering if that's what his daddies did in the privacy of their bedroom when his thoughts were rudely interrupted. He smacked his lips. All he could smell and taste was the creature's rancid fart but he didn't retch or run to the potty to throw up. He hesitated a bit before going back and making out with the creatures ass. He pulled back again after hearing the ominous warning. "Are...Are you gonna poop?"
  112. Strabimon didn't answer at first. He was too far gone to spare the attention. Legs spread and paw stroking his cock in a bit of a blur, it was several seconds after Collin asked his question that Strabimon let out a very loud and unmistakably canine whimper of pleasure, his semen arching through the air to splatter on the floor. Twice, thrice, four times his cock throbbed and sent a spurge of seed to land on the floor, leaving the digimon panting happily. And still he didn't stop stroking, only his rhythm changing before he finally answered the boy. "What's the problem? You've been enjoying my nasty hole so much, I thought that was what you were hoping for at this point~" he shot Collin a smirk over his shoulders, then got down on all fours... and started to methodically lick his own cum off the floor, tail still raised and hole winking enticingly at the fast-learning kid. No sense letting it go to waste after all
  115. Collin wasn't sure what to do. Yes, he had been enjoying basically wiping the creature's ass with his tongue and he had no doubt that at least some of what he tasted was a little poopy. He knew it was full of germs and that he could get sick from doing it but...what if because it was a creature that came out of the computer he wouldn't get sick? They were probably different germs if any at all! He stared at the creatures ass for a moment, watching it wink and gape lightly before springing forward and latching his lips back onto it. He sucked hard and greedily at the ring.
  118. Strabimon wasn't even looking at Collin. Not because he was confident the boy would go ahead. He didn't care much about it anymore at this point. He had a nice load to swallow and... another to let out. What could Collin do about that? Seeing his approach to the problem would no doubt prove interesting! He didn't need to strain, though he did need to relax deeply, since it's harder to shit from an all-fours position than while crouching, and there was no way he was pulling his face away from that cum. Suddenly he felt lips on his ass and a tongue, a [i]very[/i] enthusiastic tongue going for his anus. Prying it open when he briefly clenched.
  120. "Thought so~" he slobbered, relaxing some more until, eventually, a log started to crawl closer and closer. It wasn't long before it encountered the invading organ, then started pushing it back, the ass-eating having made it that much easier for it to start sliding out until it actually pierced the rim of Strabimon's hole, the pungent, nasty, unforgettable first taste of a fresh log being inflicted upon the boy, and facing him with the decision: what to do with the solid substance? He would have to chew it before he could swallow, that much was clear.
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