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  1. EE v6.0 BETA prerelease notes
  2. The beta 2 release
  4. Note that you will not be able to use your current, existing save
  5. file with new EE.
  7. Also note that the game is in DEBUG MODE. This means that it probably won't
  8. work at all on any emulators that don't support debug logging.
  10. New features made possible with latest code from dizzy eggg's battle engine:
  11. - Mega Evolution. All megas are in working form, and are also used by some NPCs
  12. - More move animations
  13. - Hidden Abilities
  15. New features made possible by dizzy eggg's pokemon expansion:
  16. - EE dex now has 643 mons in it. These were hand picked out of all gen 7 and lower
  17. mons. A full list is here:  If your favorite mons
  18. didn't make the cut, that's just too bad. I will not be accepting feature
  19. requests to add mons that were cut in this process. This game is still only
  20. Hoenn, and it's simply not possible to fit 808 mons in it.
  21. - Gen 4,5,6,7 battle items are in the game, these will be made accessible over
  22. time.
  23. Features from old EE that were completely overhauled for 6.0:
  24. - Training Center uses automatic scaling now, and is much smaller.
  25. - Randomized BGM has been overhauled. It's using a fully custom solution instead
  26. of the hacky map scripts I was using before. The music transitions are all
  27. much smoother now.
  28. - You can now choose between the old EE dark theme and the vanilla light theme
  29. in Options.
  30. - Nuzlocke mode has been restructured. You now have three pc uses per badge, they
  31. get refreshed on getting a new badge and they do not carry over. Kill Mon works
  32. now, and limbo was cut completely. If you fail nuzlocke, you will simply have
  33. no pokemon.
  34. - Because of the addition of Hidden Abilities, GCMS has been reconfigured to not
  35. swap abilities if you have the hidden one. This should prevent accidental
  36. deletes. How you get hidden abilities will change over time, but presently
  37. its in a new feature detailed below.
  38. - For those with access to Dev Mode: The dev menu has been restructured and
  39. contains new options.
  40. - If you use your partners for gym battles in old ee, you will find that in
  41. new EE, you can use them one tier earlier. Gym leaders now only have 4 sets
  42. but they all autoscale more accurately.
  43. NEW features exclusive to EE 6.0:
  44. - Most battle BG's have been changed to look more interesting.
  45. - The National Dex in EE goes up to 643, complete with proper pages.
  46. - New random boss wild encounter. You will know when one of these show up, it
  47. will have a sinister aura. When you capture these mons, they have 31 in
  48. every IV, as well as their Hidden Ability. The chance to encounter is
  49. currently 1 in 128.
  50. - New Boss Mode mechanics that will be utilised at a later date. This will make
  51. specific battles exponentially harder.
  52. - Species from gen 4, 5, 6, and 7 now populate Hoenn and it's trainers' parties.
  53. - When on beaches there is a 1/256 chance you will 'step' on a wild beach themed
  54. mon.
  55. Features rom Old EE that are not currently available in new ee:
  56. - Crystal Onix: I ran out of time, this will be added later.
  58. Currently known bugs in New EE:
  59. - The rival graphics will show the wrong sprite from time to time. Namely in
  60. Lilycove and Route 119. I am still investigating this issue.
  62. Note that these patch notes are NOT final and changes will be made leading
  63. up to the release of EE 6.0. There are probably things I forgot.
  65. EE v6.0 Beta 2
  66. - Money now autoscales the same way as exp on normal mode (12.5% more per badge
  67. - Fixed music not resuming after evolution, which also fixes a related crash.
  68. - Removed test trainer from route 103
  69. - Fixed dawn/brendan's route 103 movement
  70. - Fixed TM's not being permanent
  71. - Changed Trade evolutions (while holding items) to be Evolve at Daytime on Level up, while holding the original evolution item. Except porygon, this evolves at level 30 due to me using the up grade for the EXP drive.
  72. - Fixed being able to go south of littleroot without pokemon.
  73. - Disabled Debug mode. The game should now run better on unofficially supported emulators like My Boy! and OpenEmu
  75. EE v6.0 Beta 3
  76. - Attempted to fix slide in tiles being wierdly colored. I was only partially succesful, these may be removed entirely, the background slide in will remain.
  77. - Changed EXP scale on normal mode, it is now +25% per badge for a max scale of 3.0x experience, compared to +12.5% exp for a max of 2.0. This should reduce the grind as you make progress more smoothly.
  78. - Added evolution moves to the 3 hoenn starters. Awaiting reports on more.
  80. EE v6.0 Beta 4
  81. - Buffed Durant
  82. - Battle slide in tiles yeeted (Couldn't make em work)
  83. - Dawn's movement fixed on route 110 (How did it get offset by 5?)
  84. - Door tiles in norman's gym fixed(?)
  85. - Floor tiles in Desert Tomb 2f fixed
  86. - Reduced level requirements for deino and zweilous to evolve
  87. - Buffed Deino and Zweilous to be useful pre-evolution
  88. - Buffed ralts because the new game experience was terrible
  89. - Noibat and Noivern movesets updated
  90. - New cutscene beta feature included for most normal Dawn interactions
  91. - New Singles and Doubles battle ui in dark mode
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