Spear Hero #008 - Problematic Geezer

Nov 24th, 2014
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  1. Translated by SILVERTONGUE00 (http://pastebin.com/SwumgdJm)
  2. Editted by Spiderhendrix (just fixed grammer)
  3. *************************************************
  4. 【Yari no Yuusha no Yarinaoshi】
  6. 『Chapter 8 / 417 - Problematic Geezer』
  7. === Loop 4 - Schild Welt Arc ===
  8. *************************************************
  10. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  11. TLNOTE:
  12. 1. Motoyasu use idiom that means when he felt any danger approaching, he should prevent it happening (attacking soldier) because nobody want to get in danger. If someone have better idiom than "Better bit first before get bitten" or "Bit before bitten" please tell me.
  13. pursue
  15. Solved, thanks to kind anon.
  16. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  18. We went to the palace garden after we broke out of the prison.
  20. "Now we're here, I know this place!" (Motoyasu)
  21. "Fugitive, stop right there!" (Soldier)
  23. Castle soldiers start making a ruckus when they see us leaving the prison.
  25. "You are……! Eclaire! So you conspire with the False Spear hero and betray the country!" (Soldier)
  27. Holding back my power is too much pain.
  28. I'll be generous by using a skill that won't destroy the castle.
  30. 「Meteor Spear!」 (Motoyasu)
  31. "Gua――"
  33. The soldiers that tried to attack us received my Meteor spear at point blank turning them into lumps of charcoal.
  34. Dear father's enemy is my enemy.
  35. I won't give any mercy to my enemy!
  37. "Wha……" (Éclair)
  39. Speechless, Éclair held her breath when she saw my skill.
  41. "What's wrong? Bit before bitten, right?" (Motoyasu) [TLNOTE 1]
  42. "……I understand. Still, I wish you could do this without killing them if it's possible." (Éclair)
  43. "If that's all you want. 「Brionac」!" (Motoyasu)
  45. I hold back my Brionac's power with all my might and blow away all the soldiers that try to capture us.
  47. "Come, we need to go to dear father's place as fast as we can!" (Motoyasu)
  49. I run to the castle.
  50. Dear father, where is he!
  51. I run straight to the dear father's room.
  52. Soldiers keep coming after us and I keep blowing them away.
  54. "Motoyasu! Stop it!" (Ren)
  55. "Motoyasu-san! What do you want by going on a rampage!?" (Itsuki)
  56. "Well well, isn't that Ren-kun and Itsuki-kun over there. Do you know where dear father is?" (Motoyasu)
  58. Ren and Itsuki came after noticing a commotion outside.
  59. I talk to them in a friendly manner, but for an unknown reason they make an expression like they are witnessing a lunatic on a rampage.
  60. Some random soldier tries to attack me but I throw him away by swinging my spear lightly. They hold their breath when they saw that.
  62. "Strong…… What's his level?" (Ren)
  63. "That strength…… That must be level 1's strength, right?" (Itsuki)
  64. "I already said it before, I came from the future. My level is high from the beginning." (Motoyasu)
  65. "Come again!? S-so all you said before was……" (Ren)
  66. "Are these people Sword Hero-dono and Bow Hero-dono? But where is Shield Hero-dono?" (Éclair)
  68. Éclair ask me after saw Ren and Itsuki.
  69. I agree with you, I didn't see dear father anywhere.
  70. Seriously, where did he go?
  72. "Motoyasu, why did you go on a rampage?" (Ren)
  73. "I was trapped and thrown into a pitfall, they did that to separate dear father from me." (Motoyasu)
  74. "Trapped!?" (Ren)
  75. "Yes. Trapped, thrown into a pitfall, then i fell underground. Luckily, I managed to dig my way out from underground." (Motoyasu)
  76. "Underground…… Are you serious……?" (Ren)
  78. When we were talking, Trash came out of nowhere and interrupt our conversation.
  80. "What is this commotion!" (Trash)
  81. "Your majesty!" (Ren)
  82. "Motoyasu-san said he was trapped then thrown into pitfall, is that true?" (Itsuki)
  83. "I will kill you depending on your answer, you know? Trash." (Motoyasu)
  84. "Trash!?" (Itsuki)
  86. Ren is speechless at my word.
  88. "Man, don't you think you're getting too cocky just because you are strong?" (Ren)
  89. "I don't give any damn to that. Now, start talking you Trash, my fuse is short. You know what will happen if you don't start talking, right?" (Motoyasu)
  91. Sparking light emitted from my spear signaling I can shoot Brionac any time.
  92. Even if you are the Star Hero, you will be finished in an instant if you received this fully reinforced Motoyasu's attack.
  93. You always did that to dear father no matter how many times I looped, for once I will drill a big hole into your body.
  95. "S-seems like Spear Hero-dono misunderstood something." (Trash)
  97. Trash panicked and stuttered his word.
  99. "Misunderstand? Do you really think I will buy that crap?" (Motoyasu)
  100. "J-just now, Schild Welt's emissary came to take Shield Hero-dono. A-after that a Demi-human came disguised as a soldier and infiltrated our castle. For political reason, they want to erase Spear Hero-dono by trapping you in our own castle." (Trash)
  102. One demi-human soldier was brought here.
  103. Correction, a demi-human soldier's corpse.
  105. "After this person trapped Spear Hero-dono, he attempt to murder Sword and Bow Hero-dono. He then commited suicide upon capture." (Trash)
  106. "Such a thing like that……" (Ren)
  107. "Before Naofumi-san went off he was looking for you, Motoyasu-san. He looked for you because you were gone for quite a long-time." (Itsuki)
  109. ……this is too suspicious, too much inconsistency.
  110. Nevertheless, everything in this world is suspicious.
  111. No need to say it, I trust dear father and Firo-tan's word above everything else.
  112. No way in the world can I trust people who fucked with dear father countless times.
  113. [TLNOTE: yeah, Motoyasu said 'fucked' or 'trapped' in this line. He is very pissed.]
  115. "Once again, do you really think I will buy your crap?" (Motoyasu)
  117. I boost Brionac's power to maximum and take firing stance.
  118. Considering everything he said, dear father already departed to Schild Welt using a wagon some times ago.
  119. What is that nonsense about Schild Welt's emissary was came disguised as a soldier trapping me then committing suicide when captured.
  120. Not to mention that flustered soldier attacked us out of nowhere……
  122. "Your majesty, I think your words are not persuasive enough, not even for slightest!" (Éclair)
  124. Éclair steped forward and stated her honest opinion.
  126. "Hah!? Seatto's daughter, you should be in prison right now! Why are you here! Did you escape!?" (Trash)
  127. "I'm here together with Kitamura-dono, he heard my plea to let me ascertain the truth myself! Your majesty, now isn't too late. Please stop disgracing Shield Hero-dono. Disgracing a Hero is barbarism, the Queen will never never forgive this behavior!" (Éclair)
  128. "M-my wive's thought is my thought, I represent her! Go back to prison right now, you criminal! Mind your manner when you talk to me!" (Trash)
  130. Éclair dropped her shoulder's in disappointment and glared at Trash deviantly.
  131. That man over there is the lowest Trash you'll ever see, leave him alone.
  132. He is just a problematic geezer that is not worthy of your trust and time, not even for a little bit.
  134. "I understand what's in your mind. But for now, I want to find Shield Hero-dono's where about's together with Kitamura-dono, the Spear Hero." (Éclair)
  135. "Stop there! Do you really think you can disobey my order!" (Trash)
  136. "I will accept any punishment later…… I will hear my convict from Queen herself. Until that time comes, I will move on my own following my belief!" (Éclair)
  138. Clanking sound reverberating from sword when she put her magic on it.
  140. "Enough of this pointless talking. Say your last words before you disappear from this world, Trash." (Motoyasu)
  141. "Wha-what are you doing!? Spear Hero wants to kill me!?" (Trash)
  143. I point Brionac to Trash.
  144. 'I said I would hear your story but I never said I won't kill you. - Naofumi Iwatani'
  145. This conversation technique learned from dear father's daily behavior.
  147. "Kitamura-dono, please stop it. You are known as Shield Hero-dono's ally. Shield Hero-dono will be in a dangerous position if you kill the King in this situation." (Éclair)
  148. "Nobody will know if I make everyone here disappear without any trace. the Seed of malice must be plucked before it can bloom." (Motoyasu)
  150. He is just a problematic geezer after all.
  151. No problem will arise if I erase him here.
  153. Feeling my killing intent, Ren and Itsuki step forward to protect Trash.
  154. They might accidentally be killed in this situation.
  155. Their death will invoke a time loop.
  157. Now it's getting more and more troublesome.
  158. Should I just kill them and start over from scratch to make things easier?
  159. In the next loop, I won't repeat this mistake for a second time so I can prevent this kind of disaster situation to some extent.
  161. "Ren-kun, Itsuki-kun. Listen to me and never forget it. Only painful thing awaits if you trust this country. Especially beware of Red Pig's action." (Motoyasu)
  163. Maybe re-looping is an easier option, but I will never give up to save dear father until my last breath.
  164. This mistake isn't irrecoverable.
  165. Every single second is necessary if I want to find dear father as soon as possible.
  166. I deactivate Brionac and lower my spear.
  168. "Well then, let's go Éclair!" (Motoyasu)
  169. "Wrong! I'm Eclaire!" (Éclair)
  170. "Wait!" (Soldier)
  171. "Let them go! If you chase them, he will kill everyone in his sight!" (Trash)
  173. Trash stoped Ren, Itsuki, and castle the soldiers that try to chase us.
  174. I leave the castle as fast as I can, time is short.
  176. Melromarc castletown very lively even in the night.
  177. Where did dear father go…… This liveliness is the least thing I want if I want to find him quickly.
  178. Castletown's backstreet, public road, or secret road……? I dont have the slightest idea where his wagon could have gone.
  180. One thing I know for sure, Schild Welt's emissary Trash said before is Melromarc's soldier in disguise.
  181. Oblivious, dear father didn't know he was tricked into believing he is being escorted to Schild Welt, when in fact he is getting kidnapped.
  182. I can't throw away the possibility that they will close the gate they used to take him outside and open another gate as a bait.
  184. "Kitamura-dono! We have good information in our hand!" (Éclair)
  185. "About what?" (Motoyasu)
  186. "Seems like a wagon left castletown using the gate over there, it was open a while ago." (Éclair)
  187. "Understood,there is a big chance dear father is in that wagon." (Motoyasu)
  189. I begin running to castletown's gate.
  190. I don't know what kind of wagon they used, pursuing them by running is too difficult and unreliable. ……What should I do?
  192. "It's been in my mind for a while, why does Kitamura-dono always call Shield Hero-dono as 'dear father'?" (Éclair)
  193. "Because dear father is Firo-tan's father." (Motoyasu)
  194. "That girl is your loved one?" (Éclair)
  195. "You're right. Firo-tan is an angel descended from heaven! She is a supreme existence that heals my heart." (Motoyasu)
  196. "I, I see…… So Shield Hero-dono is a middle-aged man." (Éclair)
  197. "He is 20 years old." (Motoyasu)
  198. "Now I can't figure out who is Kitamura-dono's loved one!" (Éclair)
  200. She is a motormouth despite her outward appearance.
  201. Leaving that aside, now we're outside castletown, which means……
  203. 「Portal Spear!」 (Motoyasu)
  205. I use Portal Spear to confirm a recorded save point and place I can go.
  206. It appears that looping won't reset saved destination point. This is good discovery.
  207. Set destination: nearest village outside castle…… I need Éclair to do something before teleporting.
  209. "Éclair, join my party." (Motoyasu)
  210. "I said my name is not Éclair, it's Eclaire!" (Éclair)
  211. "That trivial thing is not worth worrying about." (Motoyasu)
  212. "Not worth worrying…… *sigh* Alright then, party accepted." (Éclair)
  214. Right away after Éclair accept the party invitation,and we teleported to the nearest village.
  216. "Wha――!? Let me say something, Kitamura-dono you keep giving me surprise after surprise since we first met." (Éclair)
  217. "Stop talking and start searching, it's harder to find a moving wagon at night then noon!" (Motoyasu)
  219. We asked villagers but no one saw a passing wagon come from the castletown.
  220. Still, this sudden devoid of information after we came this far is……
  222. "Where did they take him!" (Éclair)
  224. Éclair punched the wall to vent her anger.
  226. "Let's go back to the castletown gate." (Motoyasu)
  227. "What could we do back there?" (Éclair)
  228. "We could following the wagon's trail from there." (Motoyasu)
  229. "That's a good idea!" (Éclair)
  231. We found a wagon trail come from the castletown's gate.
  232. Direction…… The trail went to the southwest, its the complete opposite direction of Schild Welt and the village we visited.
  233. Next, I must check the horse's footprints…… Judging the trail's freshness, less than 10 minutes?
  234. If we replace all the time we lost within a mere 10 minutes……
  236. "Kuh…… Why didn't I prepare any vehicle beforehand!" (Éclair)
  237. "Éclair, I'm going first. You catch up with me later." (Motoyasu)
  238. "!? Understood. I leave it to you, Kitamura-dono!" (Éclair)
  240. I put strength into my feet and start running as fast as I can.
  241. This foot trained with philorial-sama! Not to mention my level and status enhancement heighten it further……
  242. This is all or nothinggggggggggg!
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