kTOS - 11/01/2018

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  1. 11/01/2018 - KTOS Live Maintenance
  3. * Multi-Hit damage display has been changed.
  4.     Old: Damage was varied when attacking with skills that do multiple hits in succession, the variety of range the numbers could have were random.  i.e (Up to 777,777 Damage & is divided by the number of hits, each damage stroke was a randomly calculated value.)
  5.     NEW: The multi-hit damage is calculated for each hit.(Dealing up to a maximum of 777,777 per hit.) The total value of an attack's outgoing damage is equally divided by the number of hits it can deal.
  7.     * If you are unable to see the Guild Quest Recruitment window, please change maps and try viewing it again.
  10.     ▣ Updates/Contents
  12.     【Changes/Additions】
  13. 1. Guild Events will have some changes:
  15. [Tasks]
  16.     Old: Guild Event / Guild Boss Hunt
  17.     NEW: Guild Quiest / Guild Boss Raid
  19. [Obtainable Tickets]
  20.     Old: 1 Per Guild Level.
  21.     NEW: 3, regardless of Guild Level.
  23. [Ticket Reset]
  24.     Old: Daily @ 6AM
  25.     NEW: Every Monday @ 6AM
  27. [Tickets Required]
  28.     Old: Varied depending on task
  29.     NEW: 1 Ticket Consumed
  31. [When Tickets are Consumed]
  32.     Old: Beggining of the Guild Quest
  33.     NEW: After obtaining rewards from a successful quest.
  35. [Quest Initiation Permissions]
  36.     Old: Guild Master Only
  37.     NEW: Guild Master & Guild Quest Authority Roles. (Roles can be assigned in the Guild Window)
  39. [Quest Types]
  40.     Old: Guild Boss 'Hunting / Mission/ Raid'
  41.     NEW: Guild Boss 'Raid / Mission'
  43.  [Entry Method]
  44.     Old: Start on the map where the event begins.
  45.     NEW: Talk to the NPC that appears at the starting point of the quest (Re-Entry is also possible by talking to the NPC again.)
  47. [Rewards]
  48.     Old: An Individual Item delivered to Guild Storage.
  49.     NEW: A box containing Basic & Additional Rewards are delivered to the Guild Storage
  51. ※ If you happen to acquire the same rewards as some rewards currently held in the Guild Warehouse after clearing a quest, please click the [Refresh] button to update the amount of items possessed.
  53. [New Guild Quest Reward Items]
  54. Guild Quest Reward: Hair Accessory Box:
  55.     -   Obtain 1 random hair accessory , There are 3 kinds of hair accessories that can be potentially obtained.
  56. Monster Card Album: Black :
  57.     -   A Monster Card Album available for players level 300 and above. Capable of summoning a general field boss, or even a high-ranking boss.
  58. Guild Quest Reward Coin: Bronze :
  59.     - An item used to increase Guild Experience.
  60. Guild Quest Reward Coin: Silver :
  61.     - An item used to increase Guild Experience.
  62. Guild Quest Reward Coin: Gold :
  63.     - An item used to increase  Guild Experience.
  65. 2.  The 'Roxona Underground Facility' Guild Quest has been revamped.
  68. 3. Guild's required EXP to level has been reduced.
  69.     - This may change the level of some guilds. (to become a higher level as a result)
  72. 4. Guild, Guild Quest, Guild Hangout Help tips have been updated.
  74. Challenge Mode Rewards:
  75. The rewards for [Challenge Mode] is now given out in level 100 sections, appropriate to the player's level.
  76.    * Existing [Challenge Cube]s will transform into [Lv 300 Challenge Cube]s.
  77.     Character Lv200 ~ Lv 299  == Lv200 Challenge Cube
  78.     Character Lv300 ~ Lv 399  == Lv300 Challenge Cube
  80. Hunting Grounds:
  81.     Inside  [Hunting Ground] maps, monsters now have a chance of dropping the following items,
  82.         -   Phydecium
  83.         -   Terranium
  85. Items:
  86. 6 New Bracelets have been added to the game.
  87.     -   Akiba Bracelet
  88.     -   Mirti Bracelet
  89.     -   Akrio Bracelet
  90.     -   Iskus Bracelet
  91.     -   Oval Pearl Bracelet
  92.     -   Piko Pearl Bracelet
  94. Certain Collections & Gimmicks will now reward players with emoticons.
  95. (TN: I've listed it as, Emote and which collection it's from underneath.)
  97. Emoticon: Kupole (TeeHee) :
  98.     - Collection: Sage Master's Bookmark
  100. Emoticon: Kupole (Nervous)
  101.     - Collection: Expeditioner's Discovery
  103. Emoticon: Kupole (Shock)
  104.     - Collection: Daegili's Gift
  106. Emoticon: Kupole (Smile)
  107.     - Obtained upon completing the Explorer's Gimmick 20 times.
  109. Emoticon: Kupole (Sigh)
  110.     - Obtained upon completing the Explorer's Gimmick 40 times.
  112. Items that can be acquired via fishing have been added.
  113.     - Torn Page
  115. The Green Rubblem Gem is going to be removed and replaced by the Confined Long-Branched Tree Gem.
  116. The effects of both gems have been made the same, and have been combined into the Confined Long-Branched Tree Gem.
  117.  Any currently equipped Green Rubblem Gem on weapons/armors have been removed, a Confined Long-Branched Tree Gem giving the same initial effect has been sent out to the player lodge as replacement.
  120. Gimmicks:
  121. 3 New gimmicks have been added.
  123.     * Adventurer's Gimmick
  124.         [How to Proceed]
  125.             1)  Speak to the Adventuer, Anastasia located in Fedimian.
  126.             2) Find the mysterious location that Anastatia tells you to serch in order to locate the 'Expeditioner's Mark'
  127.                 ※ The task can be taken once per day, resetting at midnight servertime, however if you attempt to hand over an Expeditioner's Mark after midnight, Anastasia will instead tell you to find a new location.
  130.     * Book Exchange Gimmick
  131.         [How to Proceed]
  132.             1) First, Collect 8 'Torn Page' which can be obtained through fishing and gimmicks.
  133.             2) Speak with the Sage Master in Knidos Jungle
  134.             3) Exchange Torn Pages with the Sage Master in order to obtain a random readable book item.
  136.     * Play with Daegili Gimmick
  137.         [How to Proceed]
  138.         1) Find the cat named 'Daegili' next to the Old Man in Klaipeda.
  139.         2) Pet Daegili & Play to be friendly with them.
  140.         3) Interact with Daegili and the other animals in Klaipeda a number of times.
  143. NPC:
  144. New NPCs have been added to Klaipeda and Orsha cities.
  145. The wandering merchant, Gerladas is expanding his family operated business.
  146.     * Klaipeda: [Kedoran Alliance Merchant] Geraldasia
  147.     * Orsha: [Kedoran Alliance Merchant] Geraldason
  150.     [How to use these NPCs]
  151. - These Npcs will now appear in Klaipeda, Fedimian and Orsha every 3 hours starting from midnight, typically lingering around for an hour before travelling away again.
  152. - If you give Silver to these NPCS you can get a Lv1~6 Gem that can be red/blue/green/yellow or white, and also a random monster gem from a pool totalling of 290 monster gems.
  153. - The exchange starts at 10,000 Silver, and increases by 5,000 every consecutive exchange made after that.
  154. Ex) 1x 10,000 Silver, 2x, 15,000 Silver, 3x 20,000 Silver, 10x 55,000 Silver
  155. - If you exchange an Old Golden Coin to these NPCs, Silver will NOT be consumed and will be exchanged for:
  156.     Random Lv 4~6 Gem that can be red/blue/green/white and also a random monster gem from a pool totalling of 290 monster gems. Please note however, this will still increase the cost for your next exchange.
  157. - The Old Golden Coin can be obtained from killing monsters in all Hunting Ground locations.
  160. ※ Notice
  161. - The consecutive exchange counter applies on a 'team' basis, and only characters who are above level 100 can acquire gems from these NPCs.
  162. - The exchange counter resets every day at 6AM server time.
  164. Collection:
  165. 7 New Collections have been added.
  167. 1) Treasure Chests found on maps
  168.     -   Epherotao Coast
  169.     -   Narvas Temple
  171. 2) Upon Completing ALL quests in these maps you can receieve a collection from an NPC on the same map
  172.     -   Former Fantasy Library Maps
  173.     -   Lanko Waters Maps
  175. 3)  Collections that can be obtained from an NPC after getting a certain amount of progress with gimmicks.
  176.     - Sage Master's Bookmark
  177.     - Expeditioner's Discovery
  178.     - Daegili's Gift
  180.     The Collection Button (F11) has be en removed from the system menu.
  181.     - Collection can now no longer be opened via the F11 Hotkey
  182.     - Collections can be seen on the Exploration tab of the Adventure Journal.
  184. Equipment Slots:
  185.     - The 'Effect Costume' Slot has been added.
  187. Statues:
  188.     - A '1st Player' statue buff has been added.
  189.     - By paying a certain amount of silver to the statue, the player can temporarily gain a looting chance buff.
  190.     - The buff does not stack with itself when re-applied and will only reset the buff's timer, and can last up to 30minutes.
  192. Summons/Pets:
  193.     -   The number of targets that an individual Summon/Pet can hold aggro on will be changed.
  194.             EXAMPLE) A [Bokor] Summons 2 Zombies inside a dungeon and then draws their attention in a room, the most monsters that the Bokor can pull at once is 24 targets (equaliing to 8 mobs per target, including the character)
  195.         General Fields: 5 Targets
  196.         Dungeons: 8 Targets
  198.     The attack property of Marnox's attacks have been changed.
  199.     Skill 1: Melee
  200.     Skill 2: Melee
  201.     Skill 3: Magic
  203. Saalus Convent:
  204. 1. If you kill a re-incarnated boss inside Saalus Convent, you can only acquire additional Blessed Cubes.
  205. (Additional Saalus Mission cubes will not drop)
  208. 2. The way rewards are given to players will be changed.
  209.     - Once a mission has been cleared, the Blessed Cubes will immedietly be rewarded first, the Saalus cubes will be delivered with a 3 second interval after obtaining the Blessed Cubes.
  210.     ※ If you immedietly leave the area immedietly after clearing, you will not obtain the Saalus Cubes. Please ensure you have obtained the cubes before leavig the area and then leave afterwards.
  212. Player Shops:
  213. The way that the Player Shops are opened will be changed.
  214. When you log out of a character with a player shop that is currently open, only the most recently opened store will remain online,
  215. If you are currently logged in you can open an additional player store in addition to the one that is currently selling in your team.
  216. In-game Help tips can also teach you about how to use your personal shop function.
  218. UI:
  219. The 1:1 Trading window has been updated.
  220. The amount of available transactions will be displayed in the window, at 0, it states 0 Available transactions in red font. (which means the items will become untradable if the deal goes through)
  221. The number of remaining trades will affect the ability to maintain the free tradability of items being traded.
  222. Items traded when the amount of remaining trades is 0 results in the traded items being unable to be stored in the Team Warehouse, and also being used for Trading.
  225.  The Game's Error Message Panel has been improved.
  226.  When an error occurs when executing the game, a guide window will pop-up  guiding the appropriate action necesary against the error in question.
  227.  We will continue to improve this feature.
  229.  【Skills】
  230. Templar:
  231.     Guild Tower:
  232.         - Skill description has been updated. (Changing names to Guild Quests)
  234.  【Events】
  235. Brainstorm Conference   -   (11/01/2018 - 31/01/2018) New Ideas Conference? Tell us your Unique Builds and strategies in the Special Bulletin !
  236.  2Day's Festival    -    This event has ended.
  238. 【TP Item: Premium Snowflake Package】
  239. These packages are on sale til the 25th of January.
  240. Package Prices: 239 TP
  242. Premium Snowflake Package (M)
  243.     - Premium Snowflake Costume (M)
  244.     - Premium Snowflake Crown
  246. Premium Snowflake Package (F)
  247.     - Premium Snowflake Costume (M)
  248.     - Premium Snowflake Crown
  250. 【TP Item: Goddess' Blessed Cube】
  251. The items inside the Goddess' Blessed Cube has been updated.
  252. The rates of obtaining items have been adjusted in accordance with the new items.
  253. The rates of obtaining items from Goddess' Blessed Cubes can be subject to change at irregular times.
  255. New Additions to Goddess' Blessed Cubes:
  256. (Rates can be seen:
  257.     -   White Snowflake Unicorn Horn
  258.     -   White Snowflake Glasses
  259.     -   White Snowflake Crystal
  262. ▣ Bug Fixes
  264. 【Skill Fixes】
  265. Bokor:
  266.     Effigy: Blind (Attribute) :
  267.         - Fixed an issue where this attribute was not applying at all.
  269. 【Monster Fixes】
  270. Fixed the issue where the following mobs were knocking back characters
  271.     -   Boogey Box
  272.     -   Drooper
  273.     -   Levada
  274.     -   Yak Druid
  275.     -   Varle Anchor
  276.     -   Nightshadow Fox Wizard
  277.     -   Wiz
  278.     -   White Beetow (They copied it in twice by mistake on the table)
  279.     -   Nightshadow Fox Warrior
  280.     -   Bush Beetle
  281.     -   Yak Mambo
  282.     -   Yakmap
  283.     -   Beur
  284.     -   Oscuro
  285.     -   Luna Angel
  286.     -   Archless Angel
  287.     -   Nimrah Duke
  289. 【Item Fixes】
  290. Challenge Cube:
  291.     - Fixed an issue where the cube was  discard-able.
  293. Masinios Mace:
  294.     - Korean item description typo fixing.
  295.         (great >  used for)
  297. 【Graphic/Sound/UI】
  298. Fixed an issue where the companion's icon would linger in the Guild Hideout when removing Guinea Pigs.
  299. Fixed an issue where the face would melt after using Plague Doctor's [Incinerate] skill while wearing the [Natural Ponytail Hair]
  300. Fixed an issue where the cleric's shoulders would expand when sitting in the rest-mode posture.
  301. Fixed issue with Cleric's shoulders becoming inflated when Left & Right arms were swollen via [Swell Left/Right Arm]
  302. Fixed an issue where Taoist's shoulders would temporarily break when using skills.
  303. Fixed the wrong level of 'difficulty' displayed in the Adventure Journal for the Castle Dungeon.
  304. Fixed the issue where the screeenw ould go black when travelling between areas in Demon Prison Districts 1,2,3 and 5.
  306. 【Other Changes】
  307. Fixed an issue where the Guild's Taming attribute level didn't increase the amount of companions that could be raised.
  308. Fixed issue where if you do not complete the tasks in a specific order, the hidden questline wouldn't work when trying to complete the Matador's Quest.
  309. Fixed an issue with Asana not progressing the Nak Muay hidden-class quest line.
  310. Fixed an issue where players who formed a party after creating a base camp were unable to teleport to their base camps.
  311. Fixed an issue where the skill window would open itself when changing to an instance dungeon map.
  312.  Fixed issue with error messages appearing in the Unique Raid Stage 6's counter.
  313.  Fixed an issue where items are locked or unlocked before auto-matching is completed, and then the item is re-locked after being matched.
  314. Fixed an issue where players could not interact with Dice while riding a companion in the Saalus Castle Mission.
  315. Fixed an issue where if the storage was full, you were unable to store additional quantities of items that are already stored.
  318. Source Post:
  319. Translation by Gwenyth @TOS Forums.
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