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Drakensang Andermant Generator

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  1. Download And Details At: http://drakensangandermantgenerator.blogspot.com/
  2. Video Also At: http://drakensangandermantgenerator.blogspot.com/
  4. The time has come for a new order of warrior to step into battle and fight the terrifying dragons and savage monsters of the Anderworld. Join your comrades to wage a brutal war against evil in Drakensang Online, the epic new browser-based action RPG game. Prepare yourself for Drakensang Online:
  6.      Extraordinary 3D graphics and effects directly in your browser
  7.      Epic story with countless quests
  8.      Breathtaking range of landscapes filled with hostile monsters
  10.  With the Drakensang Online Andermant Generator, You can generate any random pack of Andermant listed on the generator per day free of cost.The reason why we made it limit to only 1 chance per day is that the users cannot spam on the generator and get the server overloaded.We ensure you that you will get any one of the pack depending on your luck on a particular day but we must enlist the percentage ratios of how the packs can be yours, please look below:
  12.     1,600 Andermant Pack      50%
  13.     4,000 Andermant Pack      25%
  14.     8,000 Andermant Pack      12%
  15.     16,000 Andermant Pack    6%
  16.     32,000 Andermant Pack    3%
  17.     64,000 Andermant Pack    1%
  18.     128,000 Andermant Pack  0.5%
  20. The generator is very user-friendly and easy to use, You have to just enter your Registered Account Name and press Generate and wait for the generation process to finish. After the process is finished check in game what pack you got out of it.
  22. You can download the generator at the official blog: http://drakensangandermantgenerator.blogspot.com/
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